(2016) Lucy Crying (Lockwood and Co Fan Art)

Okay, this one is important because I actually tried to make a background!  I spent an absurd amount of time on it.  It’s not quite right, but I’m giving myself points for effort.

Also, I LOOOOOVE Jonathan Stroud’s Lockwood and Co!!!  Please read!!!  So great!!!

anonymous asked:

Can you do my babe Holly for the thing?

First impression

Didn’t really like her, she seemed snippy and annoying, but of course quickly realized I only didn’t like her because Lucy is the definition of an unreliable narrator.

Impression now

I LOVE HER. She’s a soft, beautiful Gay and I love her and she’s so smart and competent and put together and I want her to be my gf ok

Favorite moment


“Someone at Portland Row really missed you, you know” (because we allllll know what she meant)


“Gun-toting, wild-haired madwoman” (for obvious reasons)

(both from TCS)

Idea for a story

munlyle coffee shop au. honestly i would just. die. i would be dead and killed and buried in my grave.

Unpopular opinion

Uh none really. I mean I don’t really know how popular Munlyle is, cause I ship it, but I wouldn’t really call it unpopular. (But I do ship it very very much)

Favorite relationship

I love how her and Lucy’s relationship grows and develops over the last two books, but as I’ve said before, I just get strong potential brOTP vibes from her and George

    Favorite headcanon

    Holly with natural hair

    Whenever I buy a new book I just want to show it off to the whole world. Look how pretty my paper package of pain and tears is. So shiny.


    Damn, I’ve met unexpectedly a translation issue in the dialogue. I couldn’t imagine that Lucy’s swearing was actually “Jolly good!” in the original version. Which was rather like a “Good god” or “Goodness!” in french (Bon sang !)

    Anyway, I attempted to make a graphic novel adaptation of Lockwood and co : the screaming staircase. As the project just failed, I thought it could be nice to share with you the few pages I’ve made. For those who’ve read the book, may noticed my free interpretation of the scene. As it was recommended to show not more than 5 pages to convince the publishers, I choose to make it entertaining and dynamic in a short lapse of time. So I put forward the gloomy atmosphere, the scary ghost and Lockwood’s fencing skill :’D.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! 

    Being in fandoms are great but being in book fandoms are even better because people already know you’re a bookworm so when you’re reading fanfic at a family gathering they don’t even question it when you say you’re reading an ebook

    Ok so Lockwood and co might be getting a TV series and well it better not turn out like Percy Jackson

    My requirements:
    -George has to be chubby
    -if George ended up being some hot guy guy who’s a snob I’m not gonna be ok
    -lucy can’t be a perfect model
    -but she still needs some elegance and beauty, but like I said NOT A MODEL
    -Lockwood has to be tall
    -and hot
    -very charming
    -and jawline please
    -the skull better have good animation
    -as well as any of the other ghosts
    -but like not toooo scary, cause like then I’d be to scared to watch the show..
    -I’d also like the skull to have Ryan Reynolds with a British accent
    -and the skull better the sassy and sarcastic ghost he is
    -you gotta start the series with the annoying snobby kipps that we all used to hate
    -but then later on show his soft side (like ok the books)
    -Holly better be pretty (cause like she is)
    -we need like to have parts where you can here Lucy Narrating (like the intro to each episode maybe??)
    -then we also need the perspective of Lockwood and George when lucy first talks with skully
    -when lucy is experiencing a psychic thingy we need those creepy flash back things
    -but then again, not to scary
    -actress of Kat needs to have a Pointy chin ok
    -and flo
    -flo gotta have white teeth
    -and she gotta have her blue puffer jacket
    -and Barnes has to be like Barnes

    Ok guys add on if u like: