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While on the subject of wildly misinterpreting what people say, is that person saying that a character can be the most perfect representation of females ever, but as soon as they enter a situation where they could be in any way sexualized by a /man/ it means they're worthless regardless of anything that could have come before? Because that sounds pretty fucking sexist lol.

And that bothers the hell out of me!

Why are these people so terrified of female sexuality?  Why does that somehow devalue a woman’s worth?  Bayonetta was created and designed by a woman as a female power fantasy, yet she’s constantly disregarded because she’s “too sexy”.  In any outfit, she looks awesome.  What’s so wrong about that??? 

Like, I literally only started leveling the “dancer” job in Final Fantasy XI because the artifact armor is cute as hell.  In the process, I discovered that it’s one of the most badass jobs in the entire game.  Now that the game has the “lockstyle” feature that enables you to set your gear to look like whatever outfit you want, my elvaan has been living in a pink heart apron, and frilly pink accessories.  I will tank an NM and keep my entire party full on HP in a pink apron, I ain’t even give a fuck.

Honestly, the more arguments I see about this, the more the naysayers look like a  bunch of bitter, resentful, lonely women that don’t know how to love, accept, and find the beauty in themselves.