Juvia is a Gajevy Shipper
  • Juvia:Gajeel-kun, you're Juvia's brotherly-figure, yes?
  • Gajeel:Hah? I guess...we've been buds for so long.
  • Juvia:Does Gajeel-kun consider Juvia like a sister?
  • Gajeel:Sure.
  • Juvia:So can Juvia be the auntie of your children with Levy??
  • Gajeel:WHAT?
  • Juvia:Juvia wants to be an auntie, and since Gajeel-kun is so bold with Levy, she is waiting for when little Gajeel or Levy babies waddle around for Juvia to spoil!
  • Gajeel:OH MY GOD.

Natsu Dragneel Chapter 443

He was so hot in this weeks chapter ⁽⁽ପ( •ु﹃ •ु)​.⑅*♡

Fairy Tail Review: chapter 443

Omg the cover:

Color page, thank you Mashima:

I love this levy and Juvia interaction:

what the hell is Ichiya doing here:

Laxus and the thunder legion are in Blue Pegasus:

Cana and Mira’s reaction:

Ichiya totally ruined Gajeel’s suprise:

omg I think Elfman is now traumitized too:

Gajeel and levy moment:

Juvia’s right, levy:

In a good way, may I add

my babies look so scared:

Omg Natsu is going to ripe his bandage off and I feel like this:

but also like this:

But he doesn’t do it and I feel like:

and also like this:

the bandage just gives me a lot of mixed feeling, okay.

This lady is scaring the crap out of me:

Makarov is still alive:

She let the whole freaking island disappear:

The fucking side note: 


Guys I need theories over Natsu’s bandage, so if you have a nice theorie. Please tell me, because I really want to know what you think and that I am not the only one who’s thinking about it.

huggs and kisses,