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What was the moment that made you start shipping gruvia? P.s love your blog😁.

Thank you! That makes me very happy to hear! <3 

As for the moment that I started shipping it, I’ve actually mentioned it before, but I’ve always wanted to do a gif reaction set, and I think this story is appropriate for that, so I’ll run down the exact moments, and my personal realization of the beauty that is Gruvia with gifs included this time lol. ^^

It happened during the fight between Juvia and Meredy. At first, I was like, woah… Juvia is really strong! I forgot she was one of the elite mages of Phantom Lord! Holy crap! Yeah, you kick that pink-haired girl’s butt!! 

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Then I wondered to myself, why the author was especially highlighting the fact that, no, this isn’t a silly crush, Juvia really and truly LOVES Gray. Because up until then, I didn’t think of Juvia as important, and I thought her feelings for him were just a running gag, that Gray himself would never realize existed, nor would he ever address, let alone reciprocate them. 

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Then, when Gray and Juvia were connected via the sensory link, and things got even more intense, I started to really ask myself why on earth the author would put Juvia through all of this, and even bother to write such a fight, if her love would forever be unrequited.

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And I quickly realized, he wouldn’t…

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Then the fight ended, and it was beautiful, and Juvia saved the day by being all selfless and lovely, and making a friend, and she instantly became my fav character. 

But the THOUGHT of Gray and Juvia eventually becoming canon was one I’ve been sure of since then. And the ANTICIPATION of the JOURNEY that had to happen for Gray to reciprocate Juvia’s love one day, made me beyond excited. And so I shipped them. HARD.

And then later on in the arc Gray came in and saved Juvia from Ultear in the most badass way, and I knew I was right. And that they were perfection.

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But it wasn’t until the GMG arc, where Lyon fell for Juvia, making this hilarious love triangle, that Gruvia became my OTP, because I realized the only reason Mashima would do something like that, was to push along GRAY’S FEELINGS!

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And thus Gruvia has been my OTP ever since. ^-^

If the characters of FT were cats, these would be their “cat names” (I think)...

Nya-tsu (or Katsu/Catsu) Catneel 

Lucy/Mew-cy Nekofilia/Catfilia/Pawfilia/Purrfilia

Gray Fullbust-purr/Pawbuster

Juv-nya Locks-purr/Catser

Jellal Fur-nandes/Purr-nandes

Purr-za Scarlet 

Cat-jeel Redpaws 

Levy McMeowden/McNeko/McKitten

Wendy Meow-vell

Sting Mewcliffe

…and Millia-nya (or Meowianna).

So i was tagged by @onoheiwa (who writes fantastic “Snow White With the Red Hair” fics!) to name ten favorite characters from ten fandoms and then tag ten people. Oh golly where do i even begin? In no particular order…

1. Juvia Lockser (Fairy tail)

2. Mitsuhide Rouen (Snow White With the Red Hair)

3. Hiccup Haddock (HTTYD)

4. Jellal Fernandes (Fairy Tail)

5. Obi (Snow White With the Red Hair)

6. Dagur the Deranged (Dragons: Race to the Edge)

7. Julian Albert (The Flash)

8. Captain Hook/Killian Jones (Once Upon a Time)

9. Captain Cold/Leonard Snart (The Flash/Legends of Tomorrow)

10. Yurio Plisetsky (Yuri On Ice)

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If any of you guys want to. :)


Disney crossovers

Yes! Another collaboration with the beautiful @unisonraidd!