What appliances are they

Natsu is the heater
Lucy is the notebook
Gray is your local ice machine
Juvia is the water fountain
Levy is spellcheck and grammar check
Gajeel is the tool box
Jellal is that one thing you lose but find it 50 million years later and then you lose it again
Erza is your knife set
Laxus is a generator

Wendy is an air conditioner

“She is water. Powerful enough to drown him, Soft enough to cleanse him. Deep enough to save him”

Another Gruvia edit. Consider this to be “part 2” of my previous short animation.

Water and Ice

#fairytail507 made me so happy. I’m so glad that Natsu and Gray stopped fighting. The ending of chapter 507 makes me feel like Mashima isn’t done playing with our emotions 😫

anonymous asked:

Have you written any nalu fics about how a reunion rn between Lucy and Natsu(believing she's dead) would be? If not, can you write one .w. ?

This is a little late, since I wanted to write about it before they met up… but I forgot that this request was in my inbox. Oops.

Enjoy of what I thought would happen!


“Gray!” Natsu yelled with a growl, swiping at his guildmate. He was overcome with something with END’s feelings and thoughts, and nothing was to stop him. He needed to fight for Lucy. His thoughts flashed back to seeing her dead, and he became even more enraged.

Natsu’s claws hooked on Gray’s side, and Gray cried out in pain. He pushed his fist to his hand and pushed Natsu away in an ice geyser.

“Natsu, you bastard!” Gray yelled, “You’re END, and my father told me to defeat you! I promised him I would, and I don’t back down on promises!”

The two launched attacks at each other, their battle slowly becoming more intense by the moment. Gray had frozen Natsu’s right arm, and Natsu’s howl of pain echoed in the wind. Natsu’s fire had scorched Gray’s legs and singed his hair, and Gray practically growled when the flames licked higher.

“Stop!” A voice came from a distance, and Natsu whirled around.

“Lu…cy?” He said, confused. She looked beautiful in an outfit reminiscent of the one they first met in, and already he felt his flames already starting to go out. Natsu felt a weight at his back suddenly, and heard her voice come in sobs.

“It’s okay. I’m alive. You can stop now,” she told him, and his flames went out quickly as he fell to the floor with her holding him. The two sighed as they held each other.

The world was alright now for the two of them, but Gray looked out to where he came. Juvia was still dead, and Gray would never get over that.

He never got to say goodbye. All he has told her was that he would take her feelings more seriously now, but she had died.

“Juvia…,” he sighed, tears dropping out of his eyes. He had lost her for the last time.

But Juvia was not lost. She came supported by Erza and Wendy after the healing took place, and Gray ran into her arms and lifted her up in the air, kissing her. Juvia almost melted into a puddle on the spot, and Gray’s flush could be seen from where Natsu and Lucy were resting.

“Juvia finally got her kiss,” Lucy said forlornly, and Natsu looked at her.

“Do ya want one of those, Luce?” he asked her with a cheeky grin.

“What? No! I mean, yes, it would be nice, but… mmph!” Lucy was cut off by Natsu’s lips meeting with her own.

Their kisses were sweet. The demon and devil slayer were reunited with their lovers, and there was no way they were letting them out of their sight now.


This was a little rushed, but I enjoyed writing it. Thank you for the request! ❤️

Requests are open! 😘

Happy birthday to myself!

Today is my birthday and since I don’t know if I will be getting presents…at least from my family (I know my friends are preparing something…..:S) i decided to give a present to myself and all the people that follow me for whatever the reason it is. So, ahead of Halloween…I drew this beautiful witch Juvia. Hope you guys like it as much as I do :D