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Juvia would probably sometimes wake up in the middle of the night to find Cana just randomly cuddling her since they both live in Fairy Hills and she doesn't mind and actually enjoys it and so she will cuddle back. (Bonus: Gray is actually holding Juvia when Cana literally steals Juvia's cuddles away) Moral part of this: I like cuddles...

Moral part of this: Cuddles are very important.

Juvia really adores being cuddled, especially with Cana. Minus the stingy scent of alcohol at times when Cana would (break) into her apartment in the middle of the night, Juvia loves being cuddled by Cana. Cana is definitely the big spoon and treats Juvia like a treasured teddy bear; making sure she doesn’t get squished when she rolls over, not to smack her face with her hands or accidentally headbutt her and will occasionally nuzzle her head against Juvia’s when the blue haired lady wakes up in the middle of the night.

Eventually, when Juvia and Gray began dating and shared a bed together, that never really stopped Cana from going to their apartment (or either Juvia/Gray’s place when they took turns) and take Juvia away. Since Juvia is so used to both Cana and Gray’s hold on her, she normally doesn’t wake up.

But she does wake up to Gray getting seriously pissed off that Cana stole Juvia from him and actually broke into his/their apartment. Gray seriously hates the idea of sharing Juvia’s cuddles unless she was sleeping in that oven of a sleeping bag.