locks on bridge

Blood for the Blood God

This is my contribution for the awesome TWD Story Cube Challenge by @superprincesspea.

This is my very first time writing fanfiction, so please be gentle! Just kidding, if this is stupid, boring, or badly written or all of this, just give it to me straight. Do consider though, that English is not my first language. It’s technically not even my second language, so there you go…

Summary: You take up a new hobby and Negan is not impressed

Cubes: Alien, Chaos Star, Dice, Tree, Fountain, Bridge, Lock, Flashlight, House

Pairing: Negan X Reader (sort of)

Warnings: It’s Negan, but a very tame one

Life as one of Negan’s lieutenants was fucking boring.

Scavenging runs weren’t scheduled a lot, with the Hilltop and Kingdom providing you with supplies and patrol duty rotated between the six of you. You weren’t allowed to help out in construction, the kitchen, or the gardens, because others needed the points. You had read every book and played every board and card game until it became as boring as staring at the Sanctuary’s grey walls. You had even taken up knitting for a short time, which had resulted in a very crooked scarf that Negan had insisted had looked a lot like a wooly penis.

So when you had found the little figurines in a long dead boy’s bedroom on one of your runs, you had been thrilled. Remembering hours of another life in your ex-boyfriend’s basement, you packed up the miniatures, the dices, codices and rule books in a cardboard box and brought them home to the Sanctuary. Your boss was less than thrilled, of course, asking why these “alien figurines are taking up space in the fucking truck”.

“It’s called Warhammer 40K. It’s a game. You build an army out of these figurines and then you fight against each oth…”

Negan interrupted your explanation with his biggest, fakest yawn. “That’s the most boring fucking shit that has ever come out of your pretty mouth.”

You glowered at him, a little hurt by his lack of interest. “Well, can I at least keep this boring shit, or do I have to give it up to commissary?”

You knew he would let you keep it. You might have declined his repeated proposals of becoming a wife, but that didn’t mean you didn’t enjoy the occasional benefits that came with your boss having a raging hard-on for you.

“Pffft… I don’t give a fuck. Keep it. I doubt anyone besides you would want this nerdy crap, anyway.”

And so you had kept it. You set up a small workshop in a corner of the rec room, asked construction for a wooden board, paint, glue and tools and you went out into the woods to find sticks, rocks, moss and other materials to build your terrain table. Not only did your little project keep you busy, it also attracted some of your fellow lieutenants to help you and play the occasional campaign together, much to Negan’s displeasure, since you were A) proving him wrong and B) giving him a lot less attention than he was used to.

Connor had happily exclaimed “You found a fucking 40K set? Fuck yeah! I used to play Chaos Marines. Blood for the Blood God!”, and he was a challenging, but enthusiastic opponent on the miniature battlefield.

Dwight turned out to be exceptionally talented when it came to building and painting the terrain. While you were struggling with the dilapidated ruin of a house made out of cardboard, he constructed little trees, roads, a bridge and even a small fountain, complete with water effects made out of dried glue and a plastic bag.

The only thing dampening your happiness over your new-found hobby was the running commentary coming from the direction of a very bored and very obnoxious Savior’s leader. Negan did not miss an opportunity to declare this game “fucking lame” and you and your fellow players “fucking nerds”, until one day you had enough and told him you would shove one of the Tyranid Broodlords up his ass if he didn’t stop. He was quick to interpret your outburst as some “kinky fuckery”, but he got the message that his criticism wasn’t welcome and turned to silently observing you play.

Apparently though, Negan didn’t appreciate you threatening him with anal punishment, which was probably the reason that you found yourself on the dreaded nightshift patrolling the Sanctuary the next day.

You had just turned around what seemed to be the five hundred and forty-fourth corner, when you stopped in your tracks. There were sounds coming out of the rec room, which was unusual, since you were absolutely sure that you had locked the door after the last person had left for the night. You gripped your flashlight tighter and unsheathed the knife on your belt just in case and slowly sneaked up to the door, which stood slightly ajar. You couldn’t decide what you preferred to find in there. Something dead, or a fellow lieutenant who had chosen the rec room for a little nighttime ping pong of some kind.

Since you were expecting to find something either deadly, or highly awkward, you were more than a little shocked when you heard a familiar voice mumbling what sounded suspiciously like “Blood for the Blood God!”

You opened the door, only to find the big bad leader of the Saviors hunched over your Warhammer 40K table, a Chaos Sorcerer in one hand and a rule book in the other.

“What the fuck Negan?”

He spun around and looked at you like a teenage boy that had been caught in his parents’ porn collection.

“Uuuuhh… hi there. I was just messing around with your miniatures a little. I promise I’ll put them back later.”

You raised one eyebrow at him. “You’re messing around with the fucking lame game for fucking lame nerds?”

“Well, I figured, since you like it that fucking much, I might as well learn how to play. You know… so you don’t have to play with Stupid and Boring all the time.”

You couldn’t help but smile at his confession. “Alright then. I took you for a Chaos guy. Tell me what you’ve learned so far!”

You talked and practiced until morning and Negan took to the game’s strategic nature like a fish to water. The next night in the rec room, you couldn’t decide what you were happier about: Dwight’s jaw nearly hitting the floor when Negan obliterated Connor’s army, or the soft kiss goodbye your leader had sneakily placed on your cheek after your first night playing Warhammer 40K together.


- ¿Esto qué es?
- Dicen que, que si una pareja cierra un candado, lo deja atado al puente y luego tira la llave al agua, no habrá manera de que se vuelvan a separar.

-Cuidado mítico, que esto es para siempre. No hay vuelta atrás… No hagas nada de lo que te puedas arrepentir.

PCT Day 125: Cascade Locks

Again, the surreality of my path merging with one that is well-trod by people going about their daily lives: jogging, dog-walking, engaging in recreation. Foreign concepts, all, even here at the last few thousand feet of trail in Oregon.

I wound my way down into a parking lot, and then up a short paved forest trail punctuated by informational trail markers. Every (planned) single-digit mile day is a good one, and I was in high spirits as I picked blackberries from brambles on the trailside and tried not to stick myself on the thorns. The price of simple pleasure. 

Running my hand along a chain-link fence demarcating a car campground from the rest of the park I was exiting, I caught my first glimpse of the place I was headed: The town of Cascade Locks, Oregon, sitting on a wide blue bend of the Columbia River. The smell of the water as soon as the trees began to thin was overpowering. It was as though I could feel it pulling me onward toward a restful day in a town with meals I wouldn’t have to cook myself. 

And then I was spat out on the side of a highway–speaking of disconcerting–and I was strolling past a sign for the town and staring at the Bridge of the Gods, where PCT hikers cross over into Washington above the Columbia. I’d done it, really and truly. I’d walked the height of two states. Across the water seemed infinite promise: home. Barely 500 miles to go on this winding and crazy adventure.

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cute things your otp can do (pt. II)
  • buy a dog together
  • “that’s my girl.”
  • paint a room (with added “whoops, your looking a little pasty, let’s give you a bit of colour in your face”)
  • water balloon fight
  • train-hopping across new york
  • breakfast in bed
  • pillow fight
  • ‘super-serious’ chess game 
  • cupcake orientated apologies
  • “i am professional so stop laughing- im important i have to be serious shush.”
  • build a snowman (and call it a cute name like petunia or edith)
  • high-five(!)
  • lipsync battles
  • go sledging in the snow
  • sort out each others collars
  • “no, i’ll do your tie for you shut up.”
  • peddle-boating
  • midnight picnic-king
  • sharpie tattoos
  • showing each other around their hometowns
  • hide the body together  (◡‿◡✿)
  • build-a-bear
  • adopt a goldfish together
  • put a lock on the lock bridge in Paris together
  • go to a food festival together
  • share nachos
  • watch eurovision (and then bicker over whose country is going to win)
  • “please stop ignoring me, i don’t like it when i can’t hear your beautiful voice”
  • polaroid photoshoot
  • snapchat conversations
  • baby animals (again)
  • high-pitched helium balloon singing
  • hidden gifts for each other all around the house
  • glittery birthday cards
  • draw portraits of each other (but neither of you can draw so they’re pretty bad whoops)
  • “if you don’t get me ice cream im unswiping you on tinder”
  • old-school vinyls + vodka = drunk dancing
  • homemade hangover remedies
  • try on funny hats in a market
  • “holy shit there’s a spider- get it aWAY from ME”
  • awkward random birthday presents
  • share an ice cream sundae
  • “hey like, what if this was all like it is in the truman show right now?”

Paris: Part 1

Paris…I don’t even know where to begin.

Let me start off by saying that the flight there from Italy over the Alpes is so freaking beautiful I could have cried. If you’re ever flying between France and Italy, please get a window seat. It’s incredible…I probably took a million photos of the amazing view.

I had no idea I was going to love Paris as much as I do now. I mean I was excited to go, but it wasn’t like this huge bucket list thing for me to do (besides see Versailles). But holy moly…Paris is beautiful. And there is SO much to do and see. Even though it rained pretty much the whole time I was there and my feet hurt like they never have in my entire life (on the verge of tears at one point), I fell in love.

We fit basically everything you can do that’s touristy in Paris in two days…besides see the catacombs. We saw the Arc de Triomphe and climbed to the top, went to the top of the Eiffel Tower (even in the rain haha), spent an afternoon in the Louvre, went to Laduree (HEAVEN), went to Versailles, walked on the Love Lock Bridge, saw the Van Gogh and Monet paintings in Musee d'Orsay, went to Notre Dame, and saw The Thinker. If we had more time there we could have done more, but honestly? That’s really impressive for two days. PLUS I pretty much mastered the metro and I’m seriously proud of myself for that haha.

Since Paris was so amazing, I’m going to break it down into two more posts specifically about my two favorite places: the Louvre and Versailles.

BUT before then, let me talk about my overall experience a little more.

We stayed in an adorable Air BnB apartment, which I seriously recommend. Having an apartment for the 3.5 days we spent there was perfect because it really lets you experience the city like you would if you actually lived there. We were right down the street from the Gambetta Metro station (East side of Paris) which was great because we had easy access to the rest of the city.

Right across the street from us was an awesome bakery that we stopped in almost every morning to get pastries and quiches for our ride on the metro. Above you can see my tattered (and deeply loved) metro map. Shoutout to this piece of paper for helping us explore this amazing city. You were a live saver…and being in possession of this map basically made me the human form of Google Maps for the trip haha. Pretty sure I’m gonna frame it for my apartment in the states…no joke.


  1. Get a metro pass for however long you’re staying there because it will save you so much money on taxis/buying a new pass every day
  2. Get a museum pass because it gets you everywhere important in Paris (including Versailles) and lets you skip the line! Except at Versailles…but if you go in the morning there isn’t even a line so no worries.
  3. BRING COMFY SHOES. Because you will spend the whole day walking (we walked around 15 miles each day) and you will regret wearing boots trying to be cute. I was in so much pain at one point I couldn’t even enjoy the fact that I was in Paris. I ended up buying Nikes…which I needed anyway but don’t be dumb like me. Lol.

Food: Macarons at Laduree, Lobster Risotto at Le Coq, and gyros/greek beer at Le Gyros.

Must see: Versailles (try to pick a weekday because weekends are super busy), the Louvre (plan to spend a whole afternoon there…it’s huge), the top of the Arc de Triomphe during the day and the top of Eiffel Tower at night.

Stay tuned for details about Versailles and the Louvre….

You Should Be Singing

subway songs
sung by unsung singers
there’s a hero
there locked inside
bravery in bridges
choruses chimed with courage
how can a stranger
get so deep inside
I feel you…
every line and verse
it pays to rehearse
when you sing for your living
untold joy you are giving
uniting unrelated random people
to one another
never underestimate
the power of your voice
armed with music
you’ve got a weapon of mass seduction
so get out here
if you’ve got a song
you should be singing

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