There’s no way I’m finishing this fic tonight, but have the opening scene of the AU I’d hoped would be my entry for @g00week ‘s Day 4- 04 (Interim)

Lasse crosses to the door and knocks rhythmically with the duh duh dududuh duh duh that Lockon has come to expect from him.

He waits outside the cabin, head bowed, listening for tell-tale signs of movement inside, but everything is quiet and still, and Lasse wonders if Lockon is actually asleep. It wouldn’t be all that surprising, given that most of the crew was currently slumbering peacefully in their bunks, but Lockon hadn’t necessarily readjusted well to the constant flux of time orbit, and was wide awake in the middle of the night more often than not. Lasse realizes now that had been counting on that fact when he knocked.

But there is no answer from Lockon and Lasse doesn’t want to disturb him if he isn’t already awake. He decides that it may be better this way, after all, and he nods to himself as he decides to continue on alone.

Just as he begins walking away, however, the door begins to beep beside him. Lasse turns back as it unlocks and then hisses open.

Haro must have interfaced with the keypad, because Lockon is still sitting in bed, peering up in his direction as the blanket pools around his knees.

“You awake?” Lasse asks needlessly.

Lockon groans and rubs the heel of one hand over his eyes, rubbing out the grit before trailing over the outlines of the scars that cover nearly half his face. It has been nearly three years since Fallen Angels, but the angry reddened skin is still starkly highlighted by the light streaming in from the hallway, and Lasse wonders if he will ever grow used to the jagged additions on his friend’s face.

As soon as Lockon realizes what he’s doing, he snatches his hand away, hoping to draw attention away from the action by rubbing both hands down his face.

“Sure,” he finally murmurs, voice muffled as it comes through his fingers.

Lasse stares at him for a moment before leaning against the door frame. Clearing his throat, he asks, “Wanna take a walk?”

He winces, sure that the question did not come out nearly as casually as he’d meant it to, but if Lockon heard it, he doesn’t let on. “What time is it?” he asks instead, voice hoarse but not groggy.

Haro, used to fielding this question at all hours of the day, instantly whirrs to life in his corner. His wings begin to flap as he responds, “0420! 0420!”

Lockon’s face scrunches up at that. “You’re up early,” he comments.

Lasse shrugs noncommittally and turns to stare at Haro instead, as he rocks back and forth on the table, eyes flashing at intervals in the darkness of the room.  

“Have something I wanted to do before everyone’s up,” he finally says.

Lockon blinks for a moment, lips twitching. “Secret mission, huh?” he asks dryly.

“Come with me and find out,” Lasse offers instead of elaborating further.

Lockon considers this for a moment. “There going to be coffee on this secret mission of yours?” he finally asks.

Lasse snorts, but agrees easily. “Sure.”

With that guaranteed, Lockon doesn’t need to think about it for long. “Alright,” he says, already pushing himself over the edge of his bunk. “Give me a minute.”