locking people up for profit

So there’s a post circulating around tumblr that essentially says we must vote for Clinton because people will die under a Trump presidency, and I can only assume that by “people” they specifically mean AMERICANS dying because of specific domestic policy decisions – obviously ignoring all the deaths Clinton would/will help cause abroad, considering her history of imperialism and backing dictatorial coups that murder indigenous rights activists. And, I mean, if we’re to expect more neoliberalism under her presidency (as we should, considering the trends and considering the policies she and her husband supported in the 90s), I wouldn’t be surprised to see gutted welfare, more deportations, and an expanded prison industrial complex locking up more people for private profit.

This is by no means an endorsement of Trump, just a rejection of Clinton. Vote for her in November if you want, but considering all the possibilities that can totally happen under, yes, a Clinton presidency, you should be helping us oppose her starting in January. Maybe the Left can be emboldened under a Clinton presidency, but that should only be done apart from her and apart from establishment liberalism and the Democrats. Enough of this American exceptionalism that treats “people dying” as AMERICAN PEOPLE DYING limited to a republican/Trump presidency – people have been dying abroad (and even domestically) en masse under the reign of democrats and republicans, and it’s our duty to oppose that (yes, even under democrats, liberals).