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I really like to think about Nureyev pulling of heists like a Scooby-Doo villain. Seriously, imagine him starting some local legend and then dressing up as an absurd monster. I think it gives him more depth as a character and also the implication that he has a storage locker of monster costumes on some outer rim planet.

Zootopia/Robin Hood fan fiction TAKE A STAND ch.24 Salut d’amour

(AN/ Hi Folks it’s Garouge / Crewefox here with another chapter of Take a Stand, thank you to everyone who liked, followed, faved, reviewed and reblogged the last chapter. Not going to lie folks, I cried a lot writing this one so get your tissues ready. So without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter…..)

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Chapter 24- Salut d’amour

It was just after 9am when Nick and Judy pulled into the parking lot of the storage locker place on the outskirts of Savannah central, Nick switched off the engine and the both of them got out of the audi convertible and scanned their surroundings to make sure they weren’t being spied upon. “Which locker did Skye said we need to go to?” Nick asked, sounding serious.

“86.” Judy replied, noticing the were stood in the 50 to 60s area. The duo followed the numbers to their desired location, most of these lockers were made with very large mammals in mind like Giraffes and Rhinos making Nick and Judy appear tiny, they finally reached locker 86 and Judy knocked twice on the metal shutter, almost instantly the small mammal sized hatch on the door opened with Jack beckoning them in.

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I got a great big secret written down somewhere
I got a rosary to protect us both from harm
I got a storage locker full of cow figurines
And a laundry list of grievances longer than my arm
And I am never going back to Cincinnati
All those bridges have burned down to the ground
I got the jet pack strapped to my back
And I’m waiting for you to come around

Yeah, put on your Chairman Mao coat
And let me clear my throat
Let’s turn this whole place upside-down, yes
And shake it ‘til the coins come falling out of its pockets
Yeah put on your Che Guevara pin
Call the troops on in
We’re gonna sail through the night sky like a pair of bottle rockets

from Devil in the Shortwave (2002)


Backcountry Van Boondocking in Big Bend

For a $12 permit you are allowed up to 14 days of camping at a variety of off-road backcountry campsites throughout Big Bend National Park. My experience staying at the end of Grapevine Hills was excellent. If you are looking for peace and quiet, great wide open views of the desert, including the chance of an amazing sunset and night sky, then I would highly recommend this experience. The sites are primitive so you will need to bring everything in and out, with the exception of a food-locker to use for storage. The gravel road was about 6 miles long, and mostly washboard including some decent erosion and potholes that might not work well with low clearance vehicles. This was the van’s first official test going off-road and I’m pleased with how things went. I stayed for only 1 night (regretfully) but I had enough time to make some good meals and enjoy the quiet while I stared in awe at the surrounding skies.

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I imagine if Mace in the Unfuckening verse could be convinced to keep Dooku on the Light side, it would be bc Dooku is the only one who can commiserate w Mace over Qui-Gon. Depa thinks it's hilarious; Yoda calls it cosmic justice for being such a secretive bastard, but Dooku overhears Mace complaining "when will the bracelets stop" and just takes him to a storage locker full of overflowing boxes of friendship bracelets. "It was his teenage rebellious phase" while Mace screams


note, though, how Dooku apparently SAVED all these friendship bracelets, so maybe he’s not as staunch an ally as Mace was hoping for. >> 

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best frank scenes? best laurel scenes?



  • that entire montage in 2x05 when he cons the fuck out of wes with that storage locker and plants the suitcase there and convinces all the others he’s crazy i LIVED
  • the dirty talk scene in 2x02??? need i say more
  • whatever scene it is where he talks about his junk inverting
  • the one where he convinces asher he’s in the mob (i think it was in 1x10 or 11)
  • when he cooks laurel dinner in 2x08 & lets her taste his sauce and then proceeds to eat her out 😏 😏
  • basically every scene where he has his fuckin beard


  • that funeral scene this week holy SHIT it was so good
  • her first kiss w frank in 1x05 when she just sasses the hell out of him
  • the scene with michaela in 1x15 when she tells her she took the ring
  • the scene (i can’t remember the ep but its in s2) where she manipulates that doorman and tricks him into going to court
  • her car scene with wes in ohio (minus the kiss ofc). karla’s acting in that was so goOD
  • ‘back off, she’s mine’ in 2x05

speaking of yang’s bike where’d she keep it. She uses in in v2, yet her home is at patch, an entirely separate island from beacon and vale, meaning if she doesnt keep it at school she has to take a plane to patch, run home, lug her bike from home to the air port, take a plane back to vale, do her driving, at the end of the day lug her bike back to the air port, fly to patch, lug her bike back home, run to the airport and then fly back to beacon.

so logically she’d have it at beacon somewhere, as they’ve never alluded to yang keeping it inside a storage locker in vale, which isnt too unbelievable buuuuut what about at the end of v3.

The schools fucked, yang’s bleeding out, everyone’s dying, people are being transported but she doesnt have her bike, and i have a hard time beliving someone risked their life for her shitty bike. She has it at the end of v4 but beacon and vale are both still dangerous grimm infested fuck houses and, again, who’d risk their life on a suicide mission for her bike. 


“I’m that guy in that one movie”

“There’s a Time Machine and, like, a storage locker”

“You know the one, it was a little Indie. It got a lot of critical acclaim”

So after the new episode aired I got a little curious about Benson’s costume (b/c it does look like he just put on something he found in his closet *lmao) and did a little bit of googling and it looks like he’s supposed to be a character from this movie called ‘Primer’. 

I’ve never heard of it before but it looks pretty good.  

Yup! Definitely adding this to my “Movie Watch-List”~! *haha ♥♥♥

So last night one of my FWBs offered me a line of coke that he got from a stranger/rapper he helped to find the bathroom. I was super close to doing it, but then I thought I would rather my first experience be a Rock Dude™ doing lines off my tits or ass then offering me some. In a really ritzy hotel room, not in a dingy storage locker/makeshift band practice place…I’m a glam metal groupie not a grunge groupie tf…

  • prompt: Rachel wrote a list of the ten things she wanted in her future husband when she was about seven eight. Jesse found it one day, ticked them off, and smugly framed it.

It’s their second day in their new home – a brownstone, like Rachel always dreamed of – and Jesse’s done about 90% of the heavy lifting.  While he lugs in box after box, Rachel skips passed him with small items, a vase, some books, a bag of clothes. A smug smirk, too.

Some would say he’s whipped. Those who wouldn’t would be wrong.

His main task of the day has been to go to Rachel’s storage locker – which she’s had since she returned to New York – to pick up all the things from her childhood home. Her apartment was never big enough to fit her entire life into, but now that they have three floors and seemingly endless space, she’s decided it’s time to bring back the obnoxious yellow and unnecessary amounts of glitter.

Jesse is just thrilled.

Two and a half years into their relationship and a mere six months away from getting married, now seems like the perfect time to upgrade from their old apartment. Rachel moved in with him eighteen months ago, officially, and about two years ago in reality, and Jesse’s decided that his place just isn’t big enough to house the two of them and his Tony Award.

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Somewhere during this period, I came across another small, telling anecdote that reveals more about the spirit of the destroyer’s crew. After the bombing in the Flores Sea, Houston lost not only her number three turret, cold storage locker, and crew’s head as well as three searchlights and two motor launches; her laundry was also destroyed. At that point the men of Edsall volunteered to provide laundry service for the cruiser. Bob Fulton told me that the last time he saw Edsall was when his clothes were being lowered over the port side of Houston’s quarterdeck to the destroyer. As he put it, “I don’t know where that brave ship is today, but wherever she is, my clothes are still aboard.”
—  A Blue Sea Of Blood: Deciphering the Mysterious Fate of the USS Edsall, by Donald M. Kehn
Frank Castle Hc

Because I find myself thinking about this manic instead of sleeping, have some headcanons:

  • Probably listens to classic rock
  • Drives with the windows down, has one hand resting on the steering wheel, the other on the gear shift
  • Probably loved to bbq
  • Visits the shooting range for fun
  • Diligently cleans his weapons because it’s calming helps him relax
  • Loves cheap black coffee
  • Baths in the blood of his enemies
  • Doesn’t like wearing white blood is a bitch to get out
  • Always smells like leather and gunpowder
  • Knows every fact and statistic of every weapon smarty pants
  • Very protective of those he loves
  • Hates animal violence
  • Probably owned/owns a motorcycle
  • Drinks cheap beer
  • Always the guy in the corner of the bar/at the end of the bar drinking alone that some drunk always wants to fight (the drunk loses)
  • Has various lockers and storage locations for his weapons throughout the city
  • All his safe houses have weapons stashed throughout the residence and everything is booby trapped
  • Alway has a plan
  • When things don’t go according to plan, he wings it, usually by shooting everything and everyone
  • Shoots first asks questions later
  • Except when the objective is to get information, then its beat to a bloody pulp, get answers, then shoot,
  • Barely sleeps, when he does he has nightmares that have him soaked in sweat
  • Probably named the pit bull he took from the Irish something like Ruger, Rambo, Trigger, or Cujo because he thought it would be funny though for all we know its something cute 
  • Knows there’s no redemption for himself
  • Goes all out when taking care of the crime in the city called the punisher for a reason