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Jackson x Reader

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“It’s terrifying, he turned up at my house to give her roses, like I don’t even know how he found her!” Stiles sighed and Scott let out a low laugh.

“Not as bad as the practise you were late for, she cheered for him and he tripped, ploughed right into Greenburg.” They both laughed as they hurried over to your locker to find you attempting to stuffed bears and roses back into your locker.

“Can I burn these, is that bad… maybe I can give them to people.” You yelped and shoved a bear into the arms of a passing student.

“I think school prohibits setting fires in your locker.” Stiles mumbled as you gave up and let everything pool out on the floor.

“You just gonna leave that there?” Scott asked as you grabbed your bag and started walking to class.

“Yup.” You called back, smiling when Stiles scooted everything away from your locker to one a little way down the corridor.

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Exercise is good for you.

Fluffy Smutty oneshot by Ladyoftheteaandblood

Yey me!

The whole gym session done, and I may have looked like a drowned rat but I did it.

Me, the un-fittest girl in the west.

Now for the good bit the shower, the standing under the water knowing you deserve this time of reflection, this time of pure joy before some prat tells you, you still look fat! Just get my stuff out my locker and shower room here I come.

Which is when my head came into contact with the feet!  Bare, long, nice looking and nice smelling, male feet which is rare for a gym.

You don’t expect to get hit in the head by feet hanging down from the top of your locker. So I followed them all the way up the long, jean clad legs, to the butt sitting on the top. This carried on to a torso of honed muscles, covered in an old black T and a face that had mischief written all over it. It was also drop dead gorgeous.

“Hello Darling” said the sexy voice from the awesome frame.

Hey maybe this was the prize for finishing your first gym session? Came my hopeful thought.

“Do you want to get into your locker?” and the feet went up and he sat, legs stretch out straight along the top of the metal cabinets, peering over to me.

I decided he wasn’t my prize and before I made a Dick of myself, I removed my clothes and towel for the locker and went to go.

“Oh going so soon” the locker King asked.

“Um… well yes, I need to shower and…. go do,….stuff” I stuttered.

“OK I’ve got to ask, Why the HELL are you up there?” I said curiosity getting the better of me.

“Tell you what, have your shower then go for a coffee with me and I’ll tell you, I’ll wait here for you” and no more was said.

I didn’t really expect him to be still up there when I came out of the shower, much less take me for coffee but there he was still, sitting along the top of the lockers, smiling happily down at me.

He got down with amazing grace for a lanky guy. Grabbed some canvas shoes from the corner he’d thrown them in, pulled them on and then took my arm.

“Coming?”  And off we walked.

He didn’t stop talking all the way to the coffee shop.

His name was Tom, he was an actor, not a famous one yet but that was not important. He just wanted to act and have enough to live on.

He loved Shakespeare, he told me that at least three times so I’m guessing it was true. He just filmed a big movie but had no idea if others would like it, He had two sisters and he’d been to Cambridge. I think he meant the Uni. He just talked. I didn’t get to say very much except, yes, and no, and oh really!

In the coffee shop I did get to say what coffee I’d like, before he sat me down and strutted off to get them. He came back with two coffee Latte’s and two huge pieces of Victoria Sandwich, complete with butter icing and large dollops of jam inside.

“Cake?” I got the feeling if I’d said no he’d happily have eaten both bits and still look lean and toned.

“Well it sort of makes a joke of me going to the gym to lose weight” I told him.

“Why do you need to lose weight? You’re lovely, all the right curves in all the right places and a smile to die for”

At this point I decided I loved him and would do forever. Most people I know had told me for years, I was not as I should be. Whether it was my height, shape, or hairstyle, or what I wanted to do in life or any other decisions I cared to have the cheek to make for myself.

This guy with one little line had made me feel so up, it was unreal.

Needless to say I eat the cake. We talked and talked, and when I talked he actually listened, eyes on me as he munched his cake.

He was such a positive happy soul; I don’t think he said a bad word about anyone or anything.

Coffee finished and the staff now trying to get our table, he dabbed up the last few crumbs off the plate with a finger, licked it like a contented Pooh Bear and said,

“Coming?” holding out a hand

Now I’m not the kind of girl who normally goes back to guys flats on a first date but Tom just made me feel safe. So off I trotted and I do mean trotted, cos he could walk at a speed that Usain Bolt would have been proud of!

His flat was neat, tidy and clean. There was not a lot of furniture and most of that were shelves, which were covered in books. Except one which was stacked with DVDs, I peruses these while he made more coffee.

Sitting down together on an old, tatty sofa that had seen better days and possibly lots of action, who knew? His arm went round me and without thinking I snuggled into him. The smell of him alone could do things to a girl, so when he tipped my head up to mine with gentle hands, how could I refuse his mouth’s warm soft kisses.

The kiss turned into a happy, fact finding snog. I discovered he tasted nice and he found out I love kissing.

“You don’t have to go any further you know but if you would like to, I’d love to” he told me, his beautiful blue eyes looking straight into mine. I mumbled something in the affirmative and he took my hand and led me to the bedroom.

Even here he didn’t rush me, slowly with care and caresses he removed my clothes, kissing each piece of skin as it was exposed. Following his lead I did the same for him, to find a body most men would kill for and most women would kill to hold.

Lying side by side on the bed he continued to stroke my skin, before pulling me tight against him, to kiss me again and rolled over to cover me. The kissing continued all down my body with teasing, sucking on my nipples that made me arch my back and moan. Tom moved further down till I could feel that hot breath on my mound and his hands carefully pushing my legs apart. Before going any further he looked up at me and seeing my all too willing expression, went on with his task.

A warm wet, exploring tongue, found a warm wet clit and an aching for his touch. Starting with long, oh so painfully slow strokes he had me moaning loudly and my hips bucking. Speeding up his movements my mind got lost in Carmel want, leaving my body to lead the way and fall into the happy, explosive, abyss of orgasm.

I felt him move back up me and his hard cock was against my thigh, only briefly before he pushed my legs apart with a roll of his hips, allowing him to enter me with a fulfilling thrust.

Resting himself up on his elbows, he looked into my eyes again as he took up a slow rhythm, as he had done with his tongue. He waited till he could feel me build to my second cumming before pounding me into his mattress and only allowed himself to cum as I did, so the collected moan rang round the room.

Naked, side by side, still tightly pressed together, he was soon back chatting again. Did this guy ever run out of steam?

I just wanted to sleep but looking at the time I realised I had to go, part time jobs don’t do themselves. I sadly told him I had to leave and left the bed to make myself presentable for work.

I expected nothing more than this one happy afternoon of sheer bliss with a guy to good to exist. He however had other plans and handed me a piece of paper with his number on.

“I’d like to see you again, but it’s your choice” he said looking kind of shy and bashful. Which frankly made him all the hotter.

“Oh….OK…..I’ll call you” he grinned and insisted, once dressed on walking me to my bus stop.

As I got on the number 73 I remember something and yelled back.

“Why were you on the lockers?”

“Mouse, thought I saw one…Hate them!”

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