locker room celebration


Ohio State celebrates the Notre Dame win in the locker room! GO BUCKS!

My Drabble has turned out quite lengthy lol but here’s a preview of it to see what you guys think so far!!

(sense8!au ziam)

He can’t get used to the feeling though, he isn’t sure it is a feeling one can get used to. The sharing of minds, bodies, the sudden appearance of people that live thousands of miles away. Zayn tries not to think about it too hard, because then his mind hurts with confusion and questions that no one in his cluster has the answers to. And he tries not to think too much about it because everytime he thinks about his cluster, he thinks about Liam.

And every time he thinks about Liam, Liam is suddenly there.

Not that Zayn doesn’t want to see Liam, he just hates how his backstabbing body starts sweating and his chest thumps too heavily in his chest. He has no idea if Liam can feel it or not, but he knows he can feel when Liam is nervous or scared. And look of boredom he has worked hard to achieve can’t win over whatever it is that causes the two of them and the other six people in their cluster to feel each other.

Zayn stares at Ned across from him, wishing he could tell his best mate about it. He can’t find the words to even begin. ‘My mind is connected to seven other people, long story but I have the hots for this one bloke in the States and he is here right now.’

Zayn stills with his drink half lifted to his lips. Liam looks as he always does, a little lost for a moment before his eyes swipe over Zayn. His skin is flushed and glistening with sweat. Or no, maybe with water. He can’t tell, and it doesn’t seem to matter the moment his eyes rake over the bare of his torso. He has seen the ink on the back of Liam’s hands and crawling up his forearms, but he is a bit surprised to see how it continues all the way to his shoulders.

Liam lifts a hand, fingers wiggling in a quick wave before he cups them over the back of his neck. “Hey.”

Zayn nudges a chin towards him and suddenly he finds himself standing in a locker room. He can smell the body odor and the cologne, he can feel the cool of the metal lockers against his back. It feels all so real, and a bit dizzying sometimes being in two places at once. He is still learning how to talk to Liam where Liam is without talking to himself where he is. But with Ned there, he can’t take any chances.

He gets up from where he sits in the back sectioned off part of the bar they are in in London and walks through the crowd while he walks past the lockers. Liam doesn’t look away from him as he follows, his face shadowed by the dark lights of the bar and glowing from the too bright of lights in the American locker room.

“Celebrating?” Liam finally asks as he indicates the busy bar around them.

“Ned’s birthday,” Zayn says as he pushes open the bar’s bathroom door. The graffitied walls and the messy floor is a sharp contrast to the sparkling checkered tiles and bare walls of the locker room’s showers.

“Happy birthday Ned.”

The softness of Liam’s voice makes a breath stick in Zayn’s throat but he doesn’t show it until he feels the rough pad of Liam’s thumb over his cheek.

It is all in his head, but it feels so real.

Zayn catches Liam’s hand to drag his own thumb over the scarred knuckles and the gold metal he knows is wrapped around his finger.

“Shouldn’t you be getting ready for your celebration? Not at the gym for the what? Second time today?”

Liam’s soft smile shifts into something uncomfortable as he pulls his hand away. Zayn doesn’t let go, but lets his fingers rest over the faint pulse on the underside of Liam’s wrist. Real.

“Er, called it off. Um, the engagement.”

This time the breath doesn’t stick in his throat but pulls out of his lungs and threatens to flood over Liam’s face, only a few inches away from his own.

Zayn rests his back against the edge of the chipped broken sink and soaks in the warm moisture leftover on the wall from a hot shower. He keeps hold of Liam, wanting him to move closer if he wants to.

“Why are you wearing the ring then?”

Liam flexes his hand suddenly, until his fingers are slipping over the inside of Zayn’s palm. It tickles, but he can feel the way Liam’s fingertips feel against his skin at the same time and it is overwhelming. A feeling he has never felt before, and never wants to stop feeling.

“I need to figure out all the answers to my own questions before I start having to answer others’ questions.”

“What questions do you have?”

Liam slips his fingers in the spaces between Zayn’s and Zayn squeezes because he feels that Liam needs it.

“Don’t you have questions?”

Zayn quirks a brow. “Doesn’t everyone have questions?”

Liam pulls his hand away and stares at it for a long moment like he is trying to convince himself this is all real like Zayn does.

“I am standing in a bar in London,” Liam starts slowly, “I have never been to London.”

“You should visit some time.”

Liam lifts his eyes finally and Zayn is pleased to see the sparkle in his dark brown eyes even though his lips attempt to fight off his smile. “I have know Jade for a long time, and you a short time.”

A sound shatters Liam’s pause between words, dragging their attention away from each other. It takes Zayn a moment to realize it is coming from his side before the bathroom door shoves open.

Liam moves away from Zayn as the drunken man stumbles between them. “Some of my questions are what is this feeling and why is it so much… more than anything I’ve ever felt with Jade? Why does my heart do the thing?”

Zayn pushes away from the sink, uncaring about their company. But Liam is gone before he can take a step forward and suddenly he is only in London, wondering what the hell the thing is.

Braun being tag team partners with his wife Would Include...

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Requested by Anon 

✭ Braun being aware of your whereabouts all the time 

✭ Braun’s being more protective of you (if that’s possible)

✭ Braun smacking your ass as you get into the ring

✭ Always looking smug whenever Braun gets into the ring because you know the person is not going to stand a chance. 

✭ Shouting words of encouragement to Braun, whenever he gets to Tag with you, he really goes all out. Why? Because he wants to look good for his lady that’s why. 

✭ When Braun tags you in, he’s watching your every move, he looks back towards the WWE Universe pointing at you. He’s such a proud husband, he will tell anyone who listens to him how lucky he is. 

✭ Cheering when you hit any of your signature moves. 

✭ Flinching when he sees you get hurt. 

✭ Attacking anyone who tries to interrupt the match. He always has your back.

✭ Doing your finishers together

✭ Braun or you counting the pin. 

✭ Cutting excellent promo’s together. 

✭ Being unstoppable 

✭ Braun losing his temper if you get hurt. 

✭ Scoping you up and carrying you to the back. 

✭ Braun wrapping his arms around you once you win. He picks you up so he can briefly kiss you, but the promises of more resound in the kiss 

✭ Walking towards the back hand in hand. 

✭ You and Braun quickly heading to the hotel/car or his locker room to celebrate your win…

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15 and patater please

Ohhhh, Patater! My boys! Yasss! Thanks for sending this one in, it’s totally my jam *_____*

#15 (A Hope We Don’t Get Caught Kiss) + Patater (NSFW! This got way out of hand and way more dirty than I ever planned.)

Kent can’t believe he’s here. He can’t believe he’s in this situation, again. 

He’d always thought he’s way too old to make out in a broom closet after a game, high on adrenalin but well, here he is, humping Tater’s thigh like his life depends on it, chasing his high. 

“Fuck, Alexei, you have to be quiet. If they find us we’ll never live it down,” he whispers in his ear as Tater lets out a loud moan that echos against the walls of the closet.

“Can’t. Is too hot. You too sexy, can’t keep voice in,” Tater mumbles against his skin before he bites down hard and Kent hisses.

He rakes his fingers through Tater’s hair, forces the taller man’s lips away from the skin of his neck and right against his own lips. The kiss is sloppy and wet and normally Kent doesn’t like those kind of kisses but today is different. This is different. 

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this is my favorite locker room celebration picture  


for one you have the veteran faces of cap and boxxy just peeking out from the back

then you have arod alex and kelley, their goggles and their incredible faces

you’ve got carli in the front who you know is low-key smug af holding her world cup

then there’s HAO and moe who are completely smudged out which just signifies how crazy everyone got 

you have kriegs who’s celebrating like it’s 1999 in just her sports bra

pinoe over on the right right in the process of popping another bottle

then you’ve got kling over on the left who looks like she just peed into that powerade bottle

and lastly you have syd, hair protected and chugging straight from the bottle