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Trump administration lifts Obama’s guidance protecting transgender students

  • On Wednesday, President Donald Trump lifted former President Barack Obama’s historic Title IX guidance, which compelled public schools to allow students to use restrooms matching their gender identity. 
  • Trump administration rescinded Obama’s guidance, claiming it caused “significant litigation regarding school restrooms and locker rooms.”
  • The letter sent to U.S. public schools from the Department of Justice and the Department of Education, available in full at BuzzFeed, says the Trump administration has “decided to withdraw and rescind the above-referenced guidance documents in order to further and more completely consider the legal issues involved. The Departments thus will not rely on the views expressed within them." Read more (2/22/17 8 PM)
NCT Click and Drag; Valentine’s Day


1. The day before, you cuddled with him in your bed

2. He somehow left flirty post-it notes all over your house where he knew you would see them

3.  He, your male school representative, kissed you in front of your class

4. He placed chocolates/flowers on your desk in every class you had 

5. Your class went to a Cooking Program, and you got partnered with him, who showered you with kisses while you cooked and hugged you from behind

6. He was called to the principal’s office after getting caught downloading porn onto the laptop used for assemblies

7. He stuffed your locker with sweet letters and a huge teddy bear (how did he fit that in there - but how does he know your locker code? You’ll never know~)

8. (Pick 2) #1 wanted to walk you home, but before you could say anything, #2 grabbed you by your arm and pulled you to the local restaurant he reserved for the two of you

9.  Unfortunately, #2 had to leave, so the Restaurant owner closed it up and decided to take you for a Library date

10.  After an hour at the library, you got bored and made an excuse to run away, and found him waiting for you outside to take you shopping at the new mall that opened up

11. (Pick 3)  After shopping he took you home, and when you opened the door you found a rose petal trail that lead to your bedroom.  You found your three  two best friends laying there with rose petals sprawled all over the bed.You ended up watching movies and cuddling with them, with small kisses from both of them here and there

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bad boy ; taeyong

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pairing: badboy!taeyong & you
genre: fluff
credit: ♡  
a/n: this is @jinmeowie & this was my previous writing for jb of got7, i just found this kind of fits taeyong so i edited a bit :)

You sighed once you opened your locker, love letters scattered before you in abundance. You bent down to collect them and kept them in a small box. You never read them. But you wouldn’t want to throw them away too. Not getting your crush to like you back, it hurts enough. Just like the situation of yours, you turn heads wherever you go, but this means nothing to you when he never takes a glance at you, or so you thought.

As you walked down the corridor with your group of friends, you passed by 3-1B, the classroom which must be passed by when you go to cafeteria a.k.a his class. As in on cue, the boys in your group pulled the hair elastic off your hair and ran off laughing before you can response, “Aish! My hair…” Pouting, you whined and tried to neaten up before chasing them.

His laid-back, feet up position shifted a little as he tried to get a better view of you, it has been his daily routine ― waiting for you to pass by his class so he can take a glance at you without any suspiciousness. He then gasped, he didn’t know that you could be more attractive than the way you were. He stared as you shook your head lightly; your hair was no longer confined, falling perfectly on your shoulder.

His friend, Jaehyun gave him a nudge in the ribs, bringing him back to reality, “Yah, stop staring and start talking to her.” He glared at him and Jaehyun shrugged, “your choice.” He exhaled heavily, he didn’t know why couldn’t he just talk to you, he is the rebellious Lee Tae Yong after all. But every single movement of yours made him feel weak, your smile, frown, pout, laugh & even just breathing. Putting his feet back on the ground, he stood up and went up to the rooftop, trying to ease his mind.

You were now on the rooftop too, after him. “Why do you like him?” your friends asked for countless times. You don’t really know that for yourself. Everyone is afraid of him, students or teachers. Many thinks that he is scary but you find him confident; they said he is arrogant but to you, he is not afraid to say what’s exactly on his mind; he is not an All Ace student, but he gets the highest mark in his best subjects; he doesn’t have a lot of friends but his close buddies will do anything for him. But then again, do you really need a reason to like someone? You doubted, maybe you just fell for him naturally without you knowing when did the feeling start to sprout.

You sighed for the umpteenth time today as you walked towards the edge and put your elbows on it. Deep inhaling, you close your eyes, and letting your hair to flow with wind.

The view was pure beautiful to him. His heart started to race at the sight of you. He leaned his back against the wall trying to steel himself but can’t stop himself from risking a peek of you at the same time. As he was too immersed looking at you, he accidentally kicked something and subconsciously cursed, “fuck.” He mentally slapped himself, he just revealed that he was on the rooftop too.

You turned back right away, the next thing you see is what you’d least expected ― Lee Tae Yong walking towards you. You quickly bowed and muttered a ‘sorry’ before attempting to run away. “Y/N!” he called and your heart skipped a beat, he knew your name. You slowly turned back with your head hang low, “I-I’m sorry Tae Yong-si, I will get going n-now.” You didn’t know what was the exact the reason that you were so terrified, is it because he is the Lee Tae Yong that everyone scared of? or is it because he is the one you like?

Before you can attempt to leave again, he held you back with a word, “Don’t.” You looked up at him confusingly, but all you can see in his eyes is hurt. Looking at your terrified figure before him is what hurts him the most, this is why he never talks to you because you will be afraid of him and he didn’t want to see that. He wanted to protect you, showering you with love, holding you tight in his arms. And no, he won’t let you run away from him this time.

In a blink of an eye, you were already pushed against the wall with him crashing lips to yours. You felt electric impulses bounce on every part of your body, your blood vessels dilate, your pulses quicken and cheeks flush. He tastes so sweet that you felt weak in the knees. He slowly leaned back for both of you to catch breath, stroking your hair softly, he whispered, “Mianhe…”

You weren’t sure the meaning of his apology. Why did he apologize?

“I just can’t control myself when it comes to you…” You were once again puzzled.

He lowered his head avoiding your gaze, he feels small in front of you. To him, he doesn’t deserve a good girl like you. But he was oblivious of one thing, you like him, just as much as he falls for you.

“W-what do you mean?” You managed to ask after sharing a head spinning kiss with your crush.

He lost it again.

He pulled you into his arms, one arm wrapping around your waist, another hand on the back of your head. You close your eyes as you inhaled his cologne, you feel safe and comfortable, your worries and fears instantly vanished in his warm embrace.

Tae Yong started, “Please don’t be afraid of me, I never want to hurt you..” You wanted to pull back and look at him but he tightened the hug, he is afraid that he can’t let his feeling out if he looks at you. “I never like to come to school, but if I don’t, I don’t know where I can see you again, I never like to stay awake during break time, but if I don’t, I can’t see you playing and laughing with your friends when you pass by my class, I never like to walk to school, but if I don’t, I’m afraid that I’m not there to protect you if anything happens to you…I’ve fallen so hard, what am I going to do with you…”

You froze, all the things that he did for you…

“I’m so sorry…but please don’t run away from me, it hurts…” You felt tears forming in your eyes.

“Just five more minutes, I promise I will let go after that…” Your face in his chest, tears soaked his uniform.

As he felt the wet of your tears, he pulled back and his eyes widened at the sight of you crying, “Y/N, what’d happened?” He cupped his palms on your cheeks, wiping your tears away with his thumbs, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry if I scared you, please don’t cry..”

You tried to ease your weeping before speaking, “Please don’t say sorry anymore…”

You can’t bring yourself to say anything as you start weeping again, you want to let him know how much you like him, let him know that he is perfect the way he is now, let him know that he holds an important position in your heart.

You buried your face in his chest and hugged him tight. He was surprised by your action but hugged you and tenderly stroking your head. “Y/N, wha-”

Deciding to let the action speaks, you pulled from the hug and tiptoed to give him a peck on the lip. He blinked a couple of times before realizing you just kissed him. Wait, you kissed him, does that mean that-RINGGGG

The bell rang and you tried to seize the opportunity to escape but he held you back again, hugging you from behind, “Yah, you can’t leave me hanging like that.“

You leaned back and stayed in his embrace, smiling.

He is not that bad after all.

Imagine this scenario.

Hide is pretty popular with his classmates and his peer, even his senpais are drawn to him. He’s a fun guy to be around, and he’s hilarious. He’s like a light and everyone else is a moth. But things started to change halfway through high school after a certain incident occurred. 

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Missing (Part One)

note: this is part 1 of (some number i havent picked yet)!

pairing: thomas jefferson x reader

word count: 1700

warnings: lots of swearing, sex mention, more swearing, kidnapping mention, teasing

summary: alexander hamilton has gone missing, and you had spent an entire week trying to decipher what happened when a familiar face showed up on your doorstep, suggesting the two of you work together to find out where he has gone. 

a/n: i really, really hope you like this fic. enjoy! <3

Part One – November 8th, 5:05 pm

Alexander Hamilton had been missing for one week.

On October the 31st, he was supposed to be at Elizabeth Schuyler’s Halloween party. Yes, they had broken up two weeks previous, but he still intended on going. For his friends, maybe to see Angelica, who he had been close with for a long time and hadn’t spoken with since the break-up, but also just to… take a break. Relax from his writing; get his mind off of things. Except he hadn’t shown up. When his best friend, John Laurens, went back to their apartment to try and see if Alexander had fallen asleep, it turned out that he was missing. His keys, phone, and wallet were still sitting on his bedside table, the computer was still on, and the only thing wrong about the scene was that his desk chair had been knocked over. As if a powerful force had moved it – or removed someone from it.

The next two weeks had flown by in a flurry of police interviews (and fights with the police), moving John to Lafayette and Hercules’s apartment, and tears. Lots and lots of tears; from Eliza, from Peggy, from Alexander’s close friends themselves – hell, even Aaron Burr, Alexander’s childhood friend and also enemy, shed a couple of tears. George Washington had been furious to know that his adopted son had been kidnapped, and actually shoved a police officer who wasn’t answering his questions down to the ground in rage, and James Madison even found himself missing the infuriating ponytail-clad man.

You hadn’t heard from Thomas Jefferson until now.

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Pairing: Kagehina
Show: Haikyuu!! 

Hinata is really, really good at remembering birthdays.

He’s not so good at remembering much, honestly, but he knows all the birthdays of all the people that matter: his mum, Natsu, Izumi and Kouji, every character in his favourite tv show, Sugawara and Daichi, Nishinoya and Tanaka…it’s a very, impossibly long list.

So it’s…odd, embarrassing, really, that at no point on that very, impossibly long list, does it remind him that Kageyama’s birthday is on the twenty second of December, or that the twenty second of December is today.

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anonymous asked:

Yachi, Kiyoko, Saeko and Alisa confessing to their crush

Yachi: She thinks that this needs to happen face-to-face, despite her incredible nerves. She writes down what she’d like to say and how she’d like to say it, but when she’s called her crush out and they’re gazing at them, her plan flies out of the window. “I-I I really like you! Like a lot!”

Kiyoko: She takes inspiration from all those who’ve confessed to her and writes down her feelings in a letter which she then leaves in her crush’s locker. The letter requests that they meet her behind the gym if they return her feelings. I’ve found myself unable to look away from you, to stop thinking about you when we’re apart. I love you.  

Saeko: She has no self-control and frequently yells ‘I love you’ at her crush but it was always seen as more of a friendship thing, so she has to pull out the big guns. Despite her confidence, she’d be pretty bummed out if she was turned down in person so she texts them. I know I say I love you a lot to you, but I really mean it. And not in just a friendship way either, I want something more intimate than friendship.

Alisa: This girl confesses way early but as her crush doesn’t speak a word of Russian it went unnoticed. When the time comes for her to confess properly, she provides her crush with a list of Russian vocab and at the bottom, she adds in Ya lyublyu tebya means I love you and I really do love you (your name).

Burn- Solangelo AU One Shot

I’m supposed to be on hiatus but…. eh. This encompasses like six Hamilton songs lolololol. 

*Trigger-warning: cheating/angst but also lots of fluff and hope? Idk. Let me know what you think :) 

A crème colored envelope with Nico’s name in elegant script waited for him when he got home. “A letter?” he questioned. His father shrugged and continued cooking.

“Who’s it from?” Hazel asked as he and Bianca peeked over his shoulder, setting his backpack down.

“I don’t know. It doesn’t have a name besides mine.” He furrowed his eyebrows and bit his lip. There was only one name that came to mind, but… a letter? In this century? “Excuse me,” he said, gripping the envelope as he went to his room.

He took a breath and slid his finger under the flap of the envelope and across, opening it carefully. He took out the sheet of paper that was inside, covered in looping inked letters.

Dear Nico, I told you I could be cheesy didn’t I? Letters are a lost form of art, and I believe they represent a closeness we’ve long lost as a society. I like them though. I hope you do too. It saves me from the embarrassment of gushing over you over a text, waiting anxiously for you to answer. Though I do wish I could see your face as you read this. I can imagine the blush flooding your cheeks, and I can imagine your dark eyes widening as you realize I’m right but try to deny it even to yourself. Am I right?

To Nico’s dismay, he was.

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all these years and i still think of brucas and the “what could have been”

For @haleinski24!  I hope this high school AU fluffiness is to your liking! Happy Valentine’s Day <3

Because That’s Love

Derek hated carrots. Derek hated a lot of things Stiles liked. But none of that stopped Mr. Popularity from asking Stiles out.

Stiles had originally thought it was a joke, becoming another punch line of another joke for the popular crowd to laugh at. So, Stiles may have panicked and practically ran away from Derek when he approached him in the hallway while Scott was invested in staring longingly at Kira as she spoke with Allison and Lydia.

Derek was left in the hallway to stare after Stiles, a slightly confused and bewildered look falling over his features. He looked at Scott for a helpful hint, getting nothing more than a confused look before Scott realized what happened and ran after Stiles. However, he didn’t give up.

Derek had always been a bit of an attention whore when it came to showing off. He did backflips to the cheers of the crowd when warming up before a basketball game. He flashed a charming smile when running for class president, beating Lydia Martin by only a few votes—which didn’t matter because Derek and Lydia entered into a pact to being each other’s vice president, despite the results. He helped to arrange a drive for charity by having rallying the basketball team into posing for a calendar—all classy photos, PG enough for the PTA and school board to not petition.

In short, sitting down next to Stiles at lunch wasn’t that big of a deal to Derek. Derek offered a nod to the others, registering that he wasn’t a threat.

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The Email

Word count: 1500-ish

Sam X Reader

Summary: Reader’s closest friend was brutally murdered and there was only one person she could turn to, her best friend-Sam. But here’s the twist, she has never seen Sam. For 15 years now she has been writing and receiving letters/ Emails from her best friend without knowing what he does or even looks like. Does she like him? Maybe. But what happens when she finds herself falling for this other beautiful man she has just met?

A/N:This is something I had been thinking of writing for a while now. I Hope you guys like it

Warning: Graphic, Death

Originally posted by sam-and-dean-winchesters

You couldn’t get to the computer fast enough.

It had been a brutal day. The sort of day that makes you want to crawl into your bed, bury yourself beneath the blankets, howl with misery and just never come out. Ever. It was getting worse with every passing second. You could still smell the blood and it made you faint but what you remembered most distinctly was the look in Ella’s eyes as she lay dead on the lobby floor- pure terror. Your world had come to a standstill. It couldn’t be, not her.

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valdangelo/leico fic rec
Live Before We Die (1,634 words); they slow-dance and have their first kiss
Pomegranate (1,997 words); nico never liked sweet things before leo
Christmas Crackers (2,404 words); they kiss on a fire escape and it’s cute
You Can Call Me Bad Boy Supreme (1,768 words); leo thought he didn’t have a soulmate bc he didn’t have words but…
Locker Letter (2,150 words); nico puts a note in leo’s locker and there’s a misunderstanding followed by a date
Sit Down, You’re Rocking the Boat (1,354 words); leo carries nico to bed and comforts him after a nightmare
Together, We Make 85 (1,965 words); they visit their dead moms together and then kiss at the camp bonfire
Of All People, You (3,453 words); leo and nico hang out together and fall for each other
Morse Code (2,917 words); they communicate through Morse code, save Calypso, and punch Percy Jackson
Too Cold for Angels to Fly (8,421 words); leo starts as a Percy replacement but they end up in love for real
The Ballad of Sad Wingmen (13,098 words); frat house and college!au that makes my heart sing y'all

Follow Through
Gavin DeGraw

SONG OF THE DAY QUATRE CENTS QUARANTE TROIS:  Follow Through by Gavin DeGraw (Chariot, 2003)

This reminds me of: BJ, writing letters, lockers, sentimentality

Favorite line: “The words you say to me are unlike anything that’s ever been said/and what you do to me is unlike anything that’s ever been." 

Why: This is how you know you’re falling in love. 

Love letter - Jungkook

Request : @bapsaesaavy :  Hey, I’ve been feeling a little down lately, could you (if you want to) make a really fluffy Jungkook scenario?

Word count : 950

Genre : Fluff

A/N : Ahhh finally a new scenario, even if it’s a short one I hope you’ll like it ! And omg i’m so sorry my endings are so bad lol. (as usual feedback is always appreciated)

I apologize for any grammatical or mistake in general, please keep in mind that English isn’t my first language

“I’ve been staying awake at nights, wondering if I should tell you, but then again I’m wondering if you even know my name. I want to be with you, it is as simple and as complicated as this. If you love someone, tell him they say, forget about the rules or the fear of being ridiculous. What is truly ridiculous is passing up on an opportunity to tell someone that your heart is invested in him. I wish it was that easy, I really wish. Because I’m just too shy to tell you how I feel, so I hide behind timid smiles and soft hellos. I’m afraid if I ask you ‘what do you think of me?’ your answer will just be 'I don’t’.

Not even the entire English language could explain the rush I get in my veins when I hear someone say your name. So yeah… I’m not that pretty, i’m not that smart, I’m clumsy and messy and i’m sure there’s a tons of girls better than me, but I like you, and I just can’t shake you out of my head and this was the best way I found to finally confess… So please just don’t show this to your friends, the last thing I need right now is a bunch of boys making fun of me. The best thing to do is to crush this piece of paper and throw it away and forget everything, just like I will try to forget you.

Thank you for reading this all the way Jungkook.


Here I was, in front of my desk, re-reading this stupid letter over and over again. Is it really what I want ? Do I really want to risk it ? Is it worth it ? Hell I don’t know, but I just can’t look at him from afar anymore, it just hurts so much. It must sound stupid, but sometimes in the hallway I see him hugging this girl, Jiyeon, he looks rather awkward but doesn’t tell her to stop or anything, so she does it over and over again, sometimes she seats next to him in class, try on his glasses when he brings them, and they just laugh together. It just really hurts.

Am I really going to give it to him ? Probably. How ? Certainly not directly, I will just put it in his locker like in those cheesy movies, who knows maybe it’ll work and no one will see me ?

Ah… there’s nothing more in the world than thinking you have a chance when you really don't…

Monday, noon.

This was my chance, the hallways were empty, everyone went to the cafeteria to eat lunch so no one would bother me.

I slowly made my way to his locker, the small letter in my shaky hands, still thinking I was completely crazy for doing this.

I took a deep breath once I was standing in front of the metallic locker, and let the letter slide through the little slots.

“What are you doing in front of my locker ?”

I froze. This voice, it was him. This normally never happens in movies…

I slowly turned around and bowed a few times before apologizing and trying to go away as soon as possible, the last thing I wanted was to be there when he finds that stupid letter. But I didn’t get very far because of Jungkook’s hand wrapped around my forearm.

“Wait up Y/N”

He gently released my arm, and by what I was hearing, he was opening his locker.

I was standing there in front of him, cheeks burning, with shaking hands. I wanted to say something to stop him from opening the letter, but I at the moment it was like I forgot how to speak.

His eyebrows frowned and went up a few times while he was reading the piece of paper, which wasn’t really helping my poor heart who was about to explode.

“Y/N- I..’

“Please don't” I cut him mid sentence. “The last thing I want is your pity or something similar, I’ll just go, and like it’s written, please just forget this ever happened”

I tried to go away, but once again I got stopped by Jungkook’s hand.

“Y/N will you stop and listen to me for a second ?” he asked with a slight annoyed tone.

I breathed in and out slowly, before once again, facing his smirking face.

“So you’re telling me that the girl I’ve been secretly liked, secretly liked me too ?”

I think my heart just skipped a beat. What the heck is he saying ?

“Well what a pleasant surprise really, I’m sorry, I didn’t have the guts to ask you out, I was kinda scared you would refuse plus I didn’t want to have Jiyeon’s jealousy splashed all over me…”

“I-I’m really confused now, are you saying you like me too ? As in like like ?” I asked in disbelief

“Yes Y/N, I like you as in like like. And it was a really cute way to confess I admit, I didn’t think it was possible but this just made me like you even more !”

Jungkook delicately re folded the letter and hid it inside one of his books before holding my hand. He started walking as if everything was normal.

“So Y/N, or should I start calling you jagiya ? Should we go and share our first meal together ?” he asked totally confidently.

I just stared at him, completely shocked, not realizing what the heck just happened and didn’t answer.

He just laughed it off and squeezed my hand a little bit.

“Ahah Y/N you’re really the cutest”

Admin K

KNK as highschoolers

Youjin: Volunteers at daycare centers after school, good grades, tsundere af, but like softcore so he won’t hurt your feelings. Gets all the attention (but doesn’t want it.) Voted Prom King by the student body without campaigning at all. Wears the latest fashion trends. Very sweet and squishy when spoken to. You think he’s not the kind to drag but if he’s got the receipts he will pull them out. Pins his hair back really cutely when he studies.

Seungjun: News stories are written about his looks. He retweets them and sends them to his family. Constantly giggling silently about something. Always has his earbuds in. Straight A student, head male cheerleader but cannot do flips to save his life so he’s always a base, has tons of friends because people give him gifts all the time so he considers them buddies, gives out compliments and shade at equal rates. Fights with Inseong over being the head teacher’s pet of their class.

Inseong: Has THE MOST secret admirers on White day. Every time he opens his locker, love letters fall out. Models in front of the mirror shirtless every morning, the best guy to go to for a pep talk or advice. Teachers love him too. Sings on command and loves it. Extremely sweet. Physically breaks up any fights he sees on campus. Seriously, if there was a hockey game and a fight broke out, he’s diving for the ice. Rumor has it, you can hear his laugh from every corner of the building if you close your eyes.

Jihun: Cracks!!! Jokes!!! Constantly!!! That one class clown that the teacher gets annoyed with but actually loves. Engages in silly dance battles with Inseong in the parking lot once a week. Will also drag you, but his reciepts are all muddy with his memory. Tries to keep up with fashion trends. Scared of everything. If the lights go out, that’s him panicking in the back.  If he sees a spider, he’ll call for Seungjun and they’ll scream together until Youjin curb stomps it. Dramatically passes out during gym class or any other high stress situation. Known to be super respectful, will do ANYTHING HE’S ASKED if it’ll be funny or cute. Ex: Horololo Halmeoni

Heejun: Known by the entire county as an underground comedian. SHADE MASTER, do not trip up in front of him he’s got the RECEIPTS. Extremely sweet to girls but will also drag them too (but it’ll be cute, he promises.)  Plays jokes on his friends all the time, beware your surroundings. Brings his guitar with him EVERYWHERE. Never goes home right after school, he sits on the front steps and takes song requests. (For a price, of course.)

Seokjin in Highschool (HS! Series)

Let’s start the new series with the visual of the group! - Admin RJ

- Gets the most confessions (from both genders)
- On Valentine’s Day, his locker is full of letters and chocolate
- Still the nicest guy you could ever meet
- Probably makes home made chocolate in return for all of them
- Every girl had a crush on him at some point
- Good grades and very respectuos
- Spends his free period in a quiet zone, like in a library or an empty classroom
- Class president or student council member
-Best at Home Economics( especially the cooking part)
- Has a small group of friends, but they are good friends
- Helps his classmates when they need help
- Always has his homework done
- Would let the others copy his homework
- Would protect a freshman from getting bullied by seniors
- Makes that uniform more fabulous by just wearing it
- His lunch is always a complex one
- Everyone is jealous of his lunch probably
- Every girl wants to be asked for prom by him
- The type to help his prom date pick a dress so it matches with his suit
- Everyone would remember him as the Angel Student

Adventures in English Class

Guy: Well there’s no proof that Oscar Wilde was actually gay. I mean, what if the trial really was just slander? I don’t believe he was a homo, he didn’t write about gay people in his stories.



Julie Anne and I sat on the swings in the middle of the park, a few blocks from her house and were silent for a while as we both swung ourselves back and forth. She didn’t ask me anything and I was glad she didn’t because I wouldn’t really have opened up anything to her. She was a stranger, regardless of the fact that we seem to hit it off whenever we see each other at Locker Letters. I didn’t really know her and she didn’t really know me. The shop was basically the only thing we have in common, for now. Yes, for now. I’m not shutting out the possibility that we could be friends. After all, I don’t really have girl friends. Well, I’ve never had a girlfriend, too, but that’s a totally different story, right there.

“Are you better now?”, Julie Anne suddenly asked as we stared ahead, not really looking at each other, swinging slowly back and forth.

I shrugged. “Define better”.

Julie giggled. “Okay, never mind that. Do you feel better now? Compared to how crappy you may have felt earlier?”, she asked.

I had to laugh at her giggle. It was too charming. “What made you think I was feeling crappy earlier?”, I teased, looking at her.

She frowned and turned to me. She kicked at me, and since I was out of her reach, she almost stumbled out of her swing in the process. I laughed.

“I’m trying to be nice here, Moses”, she told me, glaring at me.

I smiled. “I know. I was just testing how long your patience will be and how long you’ll last trying to be nice”, I said.

She sighed and looked away again, looked ahead, but remained silent. I must be starting to annoy her now. I retracted my sarcasm. I didn’t want to alienate her, just when we were only starting to be friends.

“Sorry”, I said quietly.

She looked back at me and raised her eyebrow. “Oh, you know how to apologize, don’t you?”, she teased.

I smiled. “From time to time, yes”.

She smiled, too. “Better than a no. Apology accepted, then”, she said to me.

We grew silent again. We could hear kids playing in the street a few meters behind us. Cars honking in the main street to our right filled the night air, as well. I looked to our left and watched a guy and a girl making out in a bench. I looked away.

“It’s just so serene, isn’t it?”, Julie suddenly asked. I looked at her, but she was looking at the sky. I looked up, too, but all I could see was the moon, and a few scattered stars. I guess she must be talking about them. I shrugged and looked at her.

“They’d look better if there were no streetlamps to overpower their light from down here”, I said.

She looked at me. “Just like you would probably feel better if you had less pessimism that overshadow your optimism. But that’s just my opinion”, she told me.

I was surprised by her honesty. I frowned at her. “How would you even know I’m a pessimist? You barely know me”, I said.

It was her turn to frown at me. “Of course, I do. We’ve been schoolmates since we were, like, 12. You’re just too busy being ‘emo’ in school, to probably notice”, she said.

I laughed at the term ‘emo’. I certainly feel like that, sometimes. “How come I never noticed you before?”, I asked.

“What would have been there to notice? I’m an average girl, I don’t do any extracurriculars, unless you count hanging out at the bleachers alone an extracurricular. But you? People know your name”, she replied with a chuckle.

I shook my head. “No. They know my brother and sister’s name, not mine. They just know I’m the younger brother”, I corrected her.

It was true. If I wasn’t Frank’s brother, I was Maxene’s brother. Or ‘that other Magalona boy’. At first, it was great to be recognized immediately, especially when I was just starting in high school. Eventually, though, it got too repetitive whenever people called me that, so I opted to stray from the shadow of my siblings. Even though I was really good at football, or soccer as most people called it, I didn’t try out for the team because Frank was already known for that. And even though I loved acting, drama was Maxene’s thing, so I steered clear of that, too. All that was left for me was my music, and even that I couldn’t even express that much. I mostly only play music in my room, which I almost always gets scolded for.

Julie stared at me and sighed. “Still, my point is you were popular, or still are. I’m not. So you may as well never really have met me if it hadn’t been for that one remark I made in Locker Letters that day we met”, she said.

I remembered that day, but I shook my head. “Well, not really. I already noticed you before that. The day I signed up for my locker, I checked it out and you were just coming out of the hallway while I was in line. I would’ve waved at you, but you looked down immediately”, I said.

Julie Anne laughed. “Oh yeah, I remember seeing you that day. That was also the first day I dropped my letter in my locker. But I don’t believe you. You never would’ve waved at me”, she said, shaking her head.

I raised my eyebrow. “Oh? And you’re sure of that because?”, I asked.

“It’s just too random. We didn’t know each other, at all. It’s not something a normal person would do”, she said.

I chuckled and shook my head. “Maybe I’m not normal”.

She laughed her head off at that, even though it wasn’t really that funny for me. But maybe it was, for her. “I’m beginning to think maybe you aren’t”, she teased.

I teased her back. “Being ‘judgy’ now, are we?”.

She shook her head and looked at me. “Just stating my opinion. I am free to do such, am I not?”, she teased back.

I nodded. “You are”.

We were silent again. I looked at my watch. It was almost 9:30 P.M. I stood up.

“Come on, I’ll walk you to your house”, I invited, offering my hand to her.

She looked at my hand, then up at me. She stood up, but she didn’t take my hand. “Sure”, she said. She led the way.

I put my hands in my pocket and fell into step with her. I wasn’t offended that she didn’t take my hand. It was a pretty random gesture, if I do say so myself. We really didn’t know each other anyway.

We arrived at the gate of her house. She turned to me and smiled. “I really hope you’re feeling better now, despite the fact that you won’t admit feeling crappy earlier”, she said.

I shrugged. “Fine, I felt crappy earlier. Happy? But I do feel slightly better now. We’ll see in the morning, though”, I told her.

She smiled wider. “Happy that you admitted it, but not happy that you felt that way. Anyway, I hope you’ll feel even better in the morning. See you around, Moses”, she said. She walked closer to me and gave me a light peck on the cheek.

I was taken aback, but I stood my ground. “Let’s hope I do feel better when I wake up tomorrow. What was that for?”, I asked frankly.

She shrugged. “A ‘thank you’ for letting my accompany you tonight. Not many people can tolerate my meddling. And while I didn’t really meddle—“

I snorted at this point. “Didn’t meddle?”

“I didn’t meddle… that much”, she said with a laugh. “Anyway, just, thanks for bearing with me tonight”, she added.

I laughed. “I should be thanking you for approaching such a pessimist like me”, I said.

“Thank you for allowing a weirdo to approach a pessimist like you. We definitely make an odd duo”, she joked.

I laughed. “Better odd than scary. I think”.

She laughed. I found her laugh very carefree. “Definitely. Anyway, you better get going. It’s getting late. See you around.. Elmo”, she said, finally calling me by my first name.

I laughed. “See you around, Julie”, I said. I turned around and walked back home.


Dear Me,

I agree about what you said regarding the lame jokes. I, for one, am actually suffering from scarcity. I might have to Google some, soon. The horror.

Anyway, I’m glad you could find amusement in my suffering, regarding my family. I hope you find it in yourself to feel remorse for laughing at the expense of other people’s suffering… hahaha I’m kidding! (In case you think I was serious) About your suggestion, I think giving them a chance is beyond me at the moment. I’m not one to give personal details to strangers (and we barely know each other), but let’s just say some horrible news landed on my lap tonight. It’s probably gonna take some time for me to have faith in the goodness of my family again, although my ‘rage’ is more towards my parents than my siblings, this time. How great for me, right? If it’s not about my siblings, it’s about my parents. It’s a good thing I don’t live with an extended family, like you, or I’ll have more choices with regards to disappointments. I do hope you don’t have a messed up family, like I do.

To answer you question, no, I’m not a serial killer. (Or am I?)

My favorite color’s blue (it’s probably obvious from the color of envelope I use in my letters just like yours is in orange). Although, I’m not an all-blue freak. You know, those people who mostly owns objects in their favorite colors. I just don’t want to look like a smurf, walking around with everything in blue: blue bag, blue shirt, blue pants, blue watch, blue hair… you get my point. I love cookies, specifically, Oreos! I can probably finish a big bag by myself. I know it sounds like I’m such a pig, but I’m not. I’m actually quite fit, I think. I try to run everyday, although I think my motivation is more of having some time for myself, away from my family, than actual fitness, but I think it’s still legit.

I have to go now. It’s getting late and I’m still feeling horrible about that news I received tonight. Thanks for bearing with my pseudo-depression. Feel free to back out while you’re still able. Hoping you don’t, though. Hope to hear from you again, soon.



I sealed my letter in a blue envelope, as usual, and put it in my bag to drop tomorrow before going to school. I lay down on my bed and fell asleep thinking about swings, the stars and a kiss on my cheek.