locker essentials

Okay with a couple of weeks left until school I thought I’d put out a post with some advice on everyday things I generally keep in my locker or my bag for easy access and generally to make my life easier.


- dehydration is bad, water combats it.

Healthy Snacks

- this both saves money, because things at school from vending machines, etc. tend to be more expensive, and also because you have more control over what you’re eating. 


- if you wear contacts, you’ll know that sometimes they get irritating and you’ll probably need these at some point.


- useful for when it’s cold (obviously), or when you spill something on yourself and have to get through the rest of the day.

Deodorant/Body Spray/Perfume

- life saver after PE and it’s good for just generally if you have to go somewhere after school.

Feminine Hygiene products

- periods are hell, but being prepared for them makes things easier. Keep pads and tampons at the ready (whatever you use really) because you never know when you or one of your friends will need one.


- I keep Colgate wisps in my bag because they’re always useful to have on hand, if you don’t want to carry around a full toothbrush.

Hair Stuff

- Clips/Bobbles/Travel Hairbrush/Dry Shampoo - okay I think these are useful for obvious reasons.


- if you wear it, spare makeup for touch ups is always good to have on you, I usually keep concealer, powder, mascara and a roll on perfume in my bag.

Suncream and Sunglasses

- if it’s sunny, or if you’re sensitive to sunburn/sun in general, these are always useful to have on you. I usually keep suncream in my locker year round, because I sunburn extremely easily and it’s just easier to have it on me.


- more weather-sensitive stuff - I live in perpetually rainy England, so this is a lifesaver because it basically always rains.

Spare stationery

- Spare pens/paper/a calculator/USB/Sticky notes/etc. - again, always useful to have around in case you’re caught short.

Hand Lotion/Lip Balm/Oil Blotting Sheets

Chewing Gum

- this isn’t the best for you, but it’s good for a little pick me up or breath freshening, or whatever.

Cough Sweets/Painkillers/Plasters

Phone/iPad/Laptop/Whatever Charger

Small Mirror/Nail File/Emery Board/Nail Scissors


- it’s always good to have some source of entertainment for breaks/cancelled classes

School materials

- Textbooks/Notebooks/Class Materials/Pencil Case - this is pretty obvious really.

BTS Supply List 2K17

I apologize if this kind of sucks but here are all the things I could think of for a school supply list.


  • Pens (Blue, Black and multicolored for note taking)
  • Pencils (Mechanical and Wood)
  • Highlighters
  • Erasers
  • Post-it notes
  • Index cards
  • Ruler
  • Glue sticks
  • White out (Liquid or Tape)
  • Tape
  • Calculator


  • Notebooks
  • Loose Leaf Paper
  • Graphing Paper or Graphing Notebook
  • Composition Notebook


  • Planner and/or Bullet Journal (optional)
  • Plastic Folders
  • Binders
  • Binder Dividers
  • Binder/paper clips
  • Hole punch
  • Pencil Case


  • Stickers or Washi Tape
  • Art Materials(Coloured Pencils, Markers etc)
  • Locker Essentials (Mirror, Shelf, Storage Cup)
  • Headphones
  • Flash Drive
  • Combination Lock
  • Emergency Kit (Ideas Here)
  • Backpack
  • Water Bottle
  • Lunch Bag

Phone Apps

  • Evernote (To Take Notes)
  • Wunderlist (To Do List)
  • (Dictionary obviously)
  • Spotify or Pandora (For study music, try Hans Zimmer playlist)
  • Pomodoro Timer (To Study and Work In Intervals)
  • Duolingo (To Lean A New Language)

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youtuber/vlogger jean

  • jean initially bought a camera so he could document the beauty of the nature and upload his videos on youtube. he would watch his videos as  a way to remind himself that he was free and that every thing was real.
  • but then, from those few short clips of everyday life, somehow it turned into clips of his team mates and friends
  • so after some months his videos became more of daily vlogs with the team
  • “good morning everyone, it’s thursday 6.45 am and oh… that’s jeremy with his oversized care bear pajama pants”
  • “so we just got on the bus after the match with penn state and this is my team, celebrating as if we already won the championship” jean points the camera to his team, jeremy and alvarez leading every one as they sing “we are the champions”
  • coach rhemann is at the background actually waving his arms, eyes closed and singing quietly
  • “okay so i got a lot of request, and these are my lockers essentials”
  • room mate tag with jeremy knox!!
  • dorm room tour! “i got this plastic organizer and aroma diffuser from muji” “this candle is my favourite, it smells like cinnamon” “my bed covers are from anthropologie” “so that’s my side of the room and this is jeremy’s”
  • “uh… it’s kinda messy.” “he has a stack of kpop albums. his favorite groups are apink and gfriend” “and that’s a stack of manga. i still don’t know how he managed to convince me to watch the new season of my hero academia” “and that mug… is from three days ago and he hasn’t washed it yet. JEREMY.” jeremy was forced to clean his side after that.
  • exy tips for beginners from usc’s captain and usc’s number one backliner “exy rules for first timers.” “how to choose you racket” “how to choose your position.” 
  • alvarezisthebestbackliner commented “uh excuse you moreau”
  • q&a with the team!!
  • “jeremy, how do u keep you teeth so white” jeremy shrugs “i don’t actually know? jean makes me use his toothpaste and make me brush my teeth after every meal.”
  • “alvarez, you’re always eating in the background on jean’s vlog. how do u maintain your figure?” alvarez smiles and puts her arm around laila, “we work out a lot in our free time.”
  • “jean, how do u balance college, exy and youtube?” “i keep a planner where i just write everything i have to do, it’s all about self control and knowing how to manage your time well.”
  • queenofexy2 commented, “those are cute pyjamas jeremy”
  • queenofexy2 commented, “i agree with your tips jeremy.”
  • queenofexy2 commented, “first comment! again! btw, i love ur outfit jeremy.”
  • queenofexy2 has turned on the notification for jeanmoreau’s channel. queenofexy2 is always the first to comment and hit the thumbs up as soon as the video is uploaded
  • kevin day is not ashemed
  • he gets his daily dose of jeremy knox
Locker Essentials

Apart from books and binders, there are a few things I keep in my locker every year to make sure I have everything I need throughout the day.

1) hand sanitizer

This is good because lots of people = lots of germs. It’s also important  if you’re prone to getting sick.

2) extra pens and pencils

I keep a mini pencil case in my locker just in case I forget my main one. This way if I forget it or if someone steals all my pens I have an extra.

3) feminine hygiene products

Because, you know.

4) pictures/mirror/white board

Just to add a personal touch.

5) perfume/body spray/ deodorant

For after PE or if you’re having a particularly smelly day. But please, for the love of god, go into the bathroom or outside to spray your perfume. You don’t know if the person with the locker next to you is allergic or not.

Inspiring Video Masterlist

I’ve had a YouTube account for almost a decade, and I’ve spent plenty of that time browsing and looking for life inspiration. Seeing how someone else lives or the tips they have are so crucial to the way I try and live my life. There’s an overwhelming amount of content on the web, so I made a huge list of videos I find inspiring, especially when I have rough days! 


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Boss Women: Anna Wintour
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anonymous asked:

Can you tell us more about your webcomic?

YESS! I don’t wanna tell a whole lot bc I did want this to be on the mystery side of things! I’ll explain the background a bit, the comic takes place in 1995, America. 

and so this is Clay,

he’s 18, horror movie enthusiast, and the biggest nerd to ever nerd basically. 

He goes to school with Rico.

Who is Clay’s bully essentially.  Locker shoving, wedgies you name all the cliche’s. But yeah, he’s got … issues… 

Keeping and Organizing Your Math Binder: How to not end up with one page of notes and a calculator at the end of the Year. 

I got a request for tips on how to organise and keep a math binder from dilligentartistic and so, here it is! 

Before we begin, my thoughts about choosing the right binder: 

  • I personally like plasticy, almost flexible binders because they’re less bulky than hardcover ones and I think they’re not so heavy, so that’s what I recommend you get, but zip up binders or even normal binders are fine. 
  • Remember, whatever it is, don’t buy a too big binder because it’ll be hell to carry around and chances are, it’ll end up squashed in the back of your locker. 

So, my essentials for a math binder!: 

  • 3x Notebooks- Okay, might seem like a lot, but I have a reasoning behind this. In my school, we’re allowed to bring in a single notebook during our math tests as a “cheat sheet” so one book is where I keep all my formulas and example questions. The second book is what I use to solve the problems my teacher sets me. The third is a “scribble book.” My teacher likes to write out notes for us on the board, but I like to write my own. This third notebook is just where I write down all the notes he gives us in class and when I get home, I sort out which ones I need and which ones I don’t, and those are the ones I write in my “cheat sheet” book. Even if your school doesn’t let you bring in cheat sheets, I suggest making one at home anyway (but don’t bring it for tests!) because it helps you condense what you’ve learned and will be a big help in the exam. 
  • A mini folder- Prefferably one with binder holes if you’re using a normal binder, but if you’re using a zip up one, any old folder will do. Most handouts you get from your teacher won’t come with punched holes for your binder, so they keep everything in one place. 
  • A bunch of loose leaf pages- I like to write down any questions or problems I need to ask about on these loose leaf pages so it’s easy to find them. 
  • A binder pencilcase- You don’t really need this, but it might be easier to have everything in one place. I only use pencils in math, so I put those in mind, a ruler, protractor, calculator, stuff you wouldn’t use for any class except math. That way, you’ll have all your stuff in one place and that’s less to carry. 
  • Some dividers- Really helpful if you have more than two things in your binder. Say you have your textbook in there, looseleaf pages, three notebooks and a handout folder, sectioning it off allows for easy and quick access. 
  • One final tip: Unclip stuff out of your binder when working-- Even though I have a math binder, it’s just to make sure I have everything I could possibly need with me. When I’m taking notes in class, I’ll usually just take out the three notebooks from my binder and put the rest in my bag, and I recommend you do that too. Binders can be really annoying and bulky when you’re trying to get work done so definitely unclip stuff out when you’re using them if it distracts you. 

So those are my tips to keeping and organising a math binder. I hope I helped you guys out!

The Moon, the Sun, and the Star Inbetween

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The Break

“When can I see him?”

“Soon, sweetheart. Very soon, I think.”

Rey strokes her son’s hair until he falls asleep. They might argue sometimes, or forget how to get along on the darkest days, but she hopes they will always be able to forgive each other. That they will always be close enough that they will never forget what the other looks like, or end up screaming at each across a table.

Leia had returned from that interview more pale and tired than Rey had ever seen her. She had turned into bed without bothering with supper and without uttering a word about what had happened after Rey had left her alone with Kylo. So Rey did not pry. Leia was not the kind of person who needed or wanted to talk about her troubles. Anyone naïve enough to try and invite themselves into her confidence would be treated to a very special glare that could wither even the most well-meaning soul.

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