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its 1 am so here’s a minato headcanon

its a good thing she ends up #lockedin w kushina pretty young, because before she is she’s a horrible heartbreaker. she flirts w everyone but next actually goes on any dates. this continues when her and kushina r open but thankfully kushina takes the initiative so they get a Third. its good

Time already passed like this
I try looking for your traces but they are erased
The last memories of you are locked
in the rims of my tears

Just end it, end me,
if you’re not going to be next to me
I’m sorry but I’ll leave now, following your footsteps
Following the road.. with no end as I wander to find you~
I’m afraid I will lose you and be sad.

Young boy, get out of my mind

Ollie grpaned, he hated this class; everything about it was so annoying and he didn’t get it. It’s not like he was stupid. This was just too difficult. He didn’t like school at all, but he really looked forward to his art class, because it was his favourite teacher’s class. He really liked the way he gave it and how he explained things, even if he was too grouchy sometimes.

Ollie sighed, drawing some lazy dooddles on his notebook as he yawned, being woken up by the bell ringing, announcing it was lunch time, Ollie was a very scial person but since he was just a freshamn he didn’t have lots of friends, not like the seniors at least, so he almost all the time ended up eating lunch alone. He bit his lip, going to his usual spot by the oak tree where he knew daisies grew and decided to make a flower crown today.

Ollie wasn’t like the other guys, maybe that was why people avoided him. he liked flowers, he liked to wear them on his curls, he also liked bows and he liked to wear them too. He used to steal the ones from his sister until his mother caught him and decided to buy him hi own, and since then Ollie wore bows and pretty flowers on his curls everyday, people at school did’t really like what he did, just because he was a boy, so he often got teased, but that didn’t stop him from smiling and trying to make friends.

Sometimes it did get too much, the teasing felt even worse when he was in a bad mood, so usually he could be found lockedin a bathroom tall and crying, but he never failed on wearing a smile, hoping he could bright someone’s day. And now here he was, finishing up his small flower crown as the bell rang, letting him know it was time for his favourite class.


I find a pinnacle in the skull of your name
The church of a cliff, a lagoon in the eye socket

This milkweed anatomy frothing between us
I am putting my lips to the crucifix of a neck hollow

The god snaking in the ellipsis of your eyebrow is
an alto-rilievo of a moth-sculpted soliloquy

If you unfold your arms, the pantheon will
Plummet from your flesh in a confetti of hymns

Your name is a hometown writhing under water
When the rain is a lunar magnet, a starved gravity

Shedding its needle stalk of a lightning bolt pendulum
Kindling 2 time-zones; your name is a wildfire’s sundial

I say your name – syllables hardening to cayenne peppered
Honey. I hear the ballet of my own tongue when I pronounce

The telephone-cord spirals of consonants, elbows 
locked in a coil of aureole; the rubythroat hint of vowels

Today the sun is a flood of adrenaline, a fracture
In the mandible of a pulse-strengthened memory

Today your name is more crimson than surgery
Today I am letting it cut me open as if a curved blade