What an nice addition these plushies are (I had to move three books because I wanted them next to eachother and this whole thing is just a giant mess lmao can you tell)

💣 Before, when Damian was new to the Manor, Bruce’s bedroom door was always locked. Damian told himself he did not care. He could get in other ways. 

He didn’t know why he checked the lock every day. 

Eskild: I’m at the store, anyone need anything?

Noora: There’s not any toilet paper left.

Eskild: Do you need anything, Isak?

Isak: Maybe a Fanta

Linn: I’ve also had my heart broken Isak. And it was awful. I locked myself inside my room and slept all day.

Noora: So you’re still heartbroken?

Linn: No?

First you’re just depressed*, sad and hurt. But then the hate kicks in

Isak: I’ll never hate Even

Linn: Just wait, it’s coming

Hate is a good thing. It means you’re starting to get over him.

And when you’re done with hate, you become icompletely indifferent and then you can fall in love with someone new

Then you’ll look back at the two of you as a nice experience and that’s it.

Eskild: Linn has never been so active in the chat before.

Noora: IK*. I think Isak hit a soft spot with the fanta.

(*I do not condone the use og the word “depressed” in this instance, but it’s what she wrote

IK =i know)

Translation: The Flat Chat (Kollektivet) - 04.12

Eskild: I’m shopping for groceries, anyone need anything?

Noora: There’s no more toilet paper.

Eskild: Isak, do you need anything?

Isak: Maybe a Fanta.

Linn: I’ve had heartache before, Isak. It was fucking awful. Locked myself in my room and slept all day.

Noora: So you still have heartache? 

Linn: No? At first you just feel down, sad and hurt. But then comes the hate.

Isak: I will never hate Even.

Linn: Just you wait. It will come. Hate is a good thing. It means that you’ll start getting over him. And when you’re done hating you become completely indifferent and then you’ll be able to fall in love with someone new. Then you’ll look back and see the two of you as an experience and that’s it.

Eskild: Linn has never been so active in the chat before.

Noora: Ik. I think Isak hit a soft spot with the Fanta.

Ik = I know.

Fanta = the soft drink

And Linn, you seriously need to chill the fuck down. Now is NOT the time.


“One thing I’ve had to work on is being really tough on myself. My mom says that when I was a kid she always felt bad punishing me because I always punished myself the worst when I made mistakes, locking myself in my room and feeling so bad I did something wrong or hurt someone. But when I’m writing, I can’t second-guess myself. You have to be confident enough to have ideas.”

  • me: i feel like being productive today, i'll finish all that stuff that I need to get done and i'll also keep on my language studies and then i'll go home and clean the whole house and also if you need me i can help you with anything you need, okay?
  • otp: lol remember that we exist
  • friend, removing one earbud: sorry, what did you say?
  • me: uuhh, nothing, i said that i'll go home and lock myself in my room and that nobody should bother me, okay?

E: I’m at the store, anyone want something?

N: we’re out of toilet paper

E: Isak, do you need anything?

I: maybe a Fanta (soda)

L: I’ve been heartbroken before, Isak. And it was total shit. Locked myself inside (my room) and slept the entire day.

N: so you’re still heartbroken?

L: no?
First you’re just depressed, sad and hurt. But then comes the hate

I: I will never hate Even

L: just wait, it will come
Hate is a good thing. It means you’re starting to get over him
And when you’re done with hating you get all indifferent and you’ll be able to fall in love with someone new
Then you’ll look back at you two as a nice experience and that’s it

E: Linn has never been so active in the chat before

N: ik. I think Isak hit a soft spot with the Fanta.

When May 2nd comes, I’ll turn off like any social media in existence, I will lock myself in my room with a bunch of snacks and water and just read. I feel like I won’t come out of my room the same person I was before. And that my friends is the power of Sarah J Maas’ books.


I’m excited to play a bioware game knowing absolutely nothing about the companions and having no preconceived notions or opinions from tumblr. As soon as it’s out, I’m blacklisting ME:A from my dash, locking myself in a room, and just playing it from start to finish with 100% my own desires and opinions and choices.  Completely fandom free, at least for a while. That’s what I’m excited for.


Part 2

Jughead Jones x Reader

I just want to thank everyone for the request of a second part. I really enjoyed writing it and really happy with the ending. Hope you’s all like and enjoy!

Attraction. I hate it. If I could never feel like this again, like I just lost the one person I need the most in my life, I would opt out of it. I do know that sometime in the future hopefully the near future, I’ll find someone that likes me back or someone that likes me maybe someone who I haven’t opened my eyes too yet.

After my little run in with Jughead on Friday, I left school early and locked myself away in my room listening to every heartbreak song possible which only tortured myself more. I had texts from the whole gang but I only replied to Archie, he’s been my rock this whole weekend. He spent most of Friday night and all day Saturday comforting me in my room and played me some of his new songs that sound amazing.

I knew Jughead was staying with Archie now and as much as I wanted to ask why, I willed myself to try and put that part of me caring about him and his wellbeing behind me but it’s a lot harder than I thought it would be. It’s not easy letting one of your closest and bestest friends go.

“Y/N” My mom shouted. Grudgingly getting off my bed, I made my way downstairs.

“Yes?” I shouted, ever so slowly walking down the staircase. “Archie’s at the door” Hearing those words made me smile slightly my pace picking up, jumping off the last two stairs and opening our door.

“Andrews” I smiled, opening my arms for a hug. “Fancy a milkshake?” He asked, accepting my hug. “You’ve been cooped up for two days now” He tried to persuade me which wasn’t difficult when it comes to Pops.

“I’ll just grab a jacket” Smiling before running back in to get my shoes and jacket, shouting a quick bye to my mom.

“I invited Ronnie and Kev, hope that’s okay?” He told me as we left my house, a look of uncertainty on his face. “Of course, their charm and whit will make me feel better” I laughed, bumping shoulders as we neared Pops.


The chime of the door brought Pops attention to Archie and me as we entered, drawing my attention to the booth that’s occupied with four people, two who I really don’t want to be around.

“Archie they’re here” I whispered, grabbing onto his arm making him stop in his tracks.

“I’m sorry Y/N. I didn’t know they would be here” Comfortingly rubbing my arms, not realising I had started shaking slightly from the panic. “We’ll leave” He nodded, escorting me back towards the door.

“Over here” Our footsteps stopping at the sound of Veronica’s voice. Both of us turning towards the booth. Those blue eyes staring straight at me, his arm instantly dropping from Betty’s shoulders. Archie’s, hand grabbing mine, squeezing it out of comfort or support, I wasn’t sure which. Betty, keeping her gaze either looking out of the window or staring straight at Veronica and Kevin, avoiding my stare.

“Actually guys we forgot Y/N and I have some homework to catch up on, another time” Archie lied with his excuse to get me out of there.

The stare between me and Jughead becoming too much, taking my hand from Arch, I ran out of Pops, gasping for breath once I was outside.It was like seeing him after my revelation, my lungs had no air, like I didn’t know how to breathe and that scared me. Hearing the door of Pops shutting I glanced seeing Archie jogging his way to the street of Pops.

“I’m so sorry” He apologised again. “It’s not your fault” I tried to smile, throwing myself into Archie’s arms.

“I’m so sorry you’re always the one comforting me” I tried to joke, looking up at him. “It’s what friends are for” He smiled at me, kissing my forehead lightly.

“Can we have a minute” The sound of Jugheads voice breaking our embrace. It was like dejavue, him coming out of nowhere.

“Are you okay with that?” Archie mumbled trying to make sure Jughead couldn’t hear him but I could hear him grunting from where he stood behind us.

“Yeah, I’ll get you when I’m done” I smiled, hugging him quickly before Jughead could interrupt. “I’ll get us milkshakes to go” Arch, called walking back into Pops. “Thank you” I shouted back.

There was a good couple of feet between us, not being able to stare at his face, afraid I would go into a panic again, I kept my eyes on the ground, my foot carelessly kicking a few stones around.

“I’m not trying to rub it in, if that’s what you think” He spoke trying to justify his actions or maybe trying to make me feel better, I’m not sure which.

“Jughead, we aren’t friends anymore so you really don’t owe me an explanation” I firmly but calmly spoke. “So that’s it?” His voice raising slightly, making me look at him in surprise. “Years of friendship and you’re willing to throw it away because I don’t reciprocate your feelings” He was fuming, his face and hand gestures said it all.

“No. That’s not it” My voice raising at his accusation. “I understand you don’t feel the same, that’s life” I shrugged, noticing the gang watching us from their booth, Archie included. “I just can’t be friends with you anymore Jug” My voice becoming almost inaudible. “It’s too hard! It literally feels like I forget how to breathe every time I look at you” I explained. “I can’t be around you or Betty as you’s try to hide your relationship in front of me for my benefit, it’s not fair!” I cried out, the tears building behind my eyes.

“What about if it was just you and me again” He tried, stepping closer to me. “No” raising my hand, stopping him from getting closer. “It’s too hard” Letting the tears freely fall. “I can’t go back to the girl sitting across from you in a booth pining after you, I wish I could take it all back and just go back to that but I stupidly let everything out and you heard and I’m sorry, I’m sorry” His arms wrapping me in a hug.

All the crying was making it difficult to breathe and I was too tired to fight against his comfort, emotionally and physically. “I’m not sure if I can just let you walk away” He mumbled, his hand rubbing circles on my back, my breathing slowly getting back to normal.

“I’m not willing to lose you, I can’t lose you” He almost demanded. “But I can give you time, as much as possible but I’m not giving up on our friendship it means too much” He vowed, making my heart fill with warmth at his determination.

“Got your favourite” Archie spoke walking up behind us, Jughead reluctantly letting me go. “Thank you” I smiled, using the sleeves of my jackets to dry my face.

“Time, as much as you need” Jug spoke looking directly at me. “I’ll be waiting” He whispered, I nodded giving a small smile watching as he walked backwards back into Pops not breaking eye contact until he was back in the diner and the door closed behind him.

“I’m so proud of you” Archie smiled, wrapping me in a hug, handing me my chocolate milkshake as we made our way back home, his arm around my shoulder resting comfortably and mine loosely wrapped around his waist.

Wow. You guys, I don’t normally talk about myself, but I have depression, and anxiety and a lot more issues, and today my sister told me that I mean nothing to her and that I should go lock myself in my room and go kill myself. She’s has a bunch of mental issues too, plus is a drug addict, and would abandon her four year old daughter to where me and my mom would have to take care of her. My sister is also messy and lazy, and literally stinks. Anyways, I mentioned some of this to here and she proceeded to tell me I am a fat loser who needs to get a life, and that my opinion doesn’t matter to her. I mentioned that she is a horrible mother and that she can’t even stay sober around her daughter, she then started making fun of my mental issues and all that. It makes me sick that she told me to kill myself since she’s always told me I can talk to her about my problems. She’s a disgusting human being and I am in constant fear of what’s gonna happen to my niece. Sorry for the sob story I just needed to talk about it. :/

but there are so many songs i wrote that i will never sing, so many unfinished poems and it’s not so bad after all. it’s not so terrible.
i used to lock myself in empty rooms like my own head, bar the windows and collapse against bath tubs. it was a secret i was never asked to tell. it wasn’t important back then. i haven’t cried like that in weeks, so maybe i’m getting better this time. and i know, i know it seemed like i was a broken record that would never play quite right again, but here i am. and i can breathe now, and i haven’t cried like that in weeks. it’s been weeks. i’ll get better again.

wOW 1k

its not that much but thanks for 1k. I will reward you tiny bit of people by some facts about me.

-my first name is Emily

-I’m meme

-not asian

-Born and raised canadian

-I lock myself in my room to watch kdramas

-I’m not an army or exo-l (wOW there gOes my followers)

-sadly i only have two other kpop friends

-I’m mamamoo trash


-don’t know a lot about tumblr so dont hate if i fuck something up

-ultimate bias girl: solar, mamamoo Boy: ten, nct

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okay so i was genuinely only intending to buy hidden figures + then amazon was all like ‘u can have 3 books for £10 if u want’ so ofc i’ve now ended up with 3 books instead

I’m allowed to get up and leave the room. I’m allowed to ask you to speak quieter. I am allowed to cover my ears, especially if I have asked you to speak softer and you have no listened. I’m allowed to get up and walk away without saying goodbye. Without having to explain why I need to leave. I’m allowed to lock myself in my room, to put head phones on, to not give a response if you tell me to stay, or follow me to ask what is wrong.

I’m allowed to set my boundaries. To deal with overload in whatever way I need to. To be angry and upset if people interfere with me trying to deal with overload. And I’m allowed to be nonverbal for as long as need be, without feeling guilty or ashamed.