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What it would be if Misaki/Saruhiko because of some strange strain's power feels horrible pain when they aren't near each other? (for example they are in different rooms and they feel like "Da fuck I'm going to die here" and they must be really close and then pain stops xD)

Once they figure out that they have to be near each other in order to not be in pain, I imagine there is a lot of arguing over whose fault this whole thing is (“This is what happens when you get in my way, Misaki. I would’ve caught that Strain fine without you interfering.” “Me? You’re the one who stopped doing his job just to come bug me.” “Tch. You shouldn’t have been in the way of an official investigation to begin with. We had the area blocked off for a reason, moron.” “The hell I’d let you stupid Blues tell me what I can and can’t do!” “I guess it’s pointless trying to explain official business to a useless thug, huh?” “Who are you calling a thug, bureaucrat? Anyway, you’re the one who pissed that Strain off anyway.” “Don’t pin this on me, Misaki. You attacked him before I did.” “Only because he was about to get the jump on you! You should be thanking me.” “I knew exactly where he was. Don;t lump me in with unobservant idiots like you.” “Oh yeah? Maybe the only reason that Strain used his power on us was because you were so fucking annoying that he wanted to get you out of the way.” “Loudmouth idiots don’t get to call other people annoying.” Imagine this continues for a good twenty minutes at least). Then they get into another argument about what to do next, since Fushimi wants to go back to Scepter 4 to research what’s going on and see if they’ve caught the Strain yet and Yata’s like “The fuck I’m going there let’s go back to Homra, we’ll track this guy down while you Blues are busy sitting at your fancy-ass computers doing nothing.” Fushimi’s definitely not going to do that, more arguing, at some point they probably try to walk away from each other and the pain hits and they’re stuck sitting back down next to each other like “Well, fuck.”

So eventually their respective clans notice that the two of them are missing and Fushimi gets a call from Awashima while Yata gets a call from Kusanagi and they both give their own special accounts to their respective bosses (“Yes, I’ve figured out what the Strain’s power is. I’ll be back at headquarters as soon as I can get rid of some useless excess baggage I’ve been saddled with.” “Yo, Kusanagi-san! Yeah, I got hit by some weird Strain power and now I’m stuck with the stupid monkey – hey! Who the hell are you calling ‘excess baggage,’ asshole?”). Luckily Kusanagi and Awashima are adults so they decide to work together to find a solution to all this and both clans are sent out to find the Strain. In the meantime Fushimi and Yata are sent to neutral ground (maybe a park or a cafe, or a nice small closet) and told to stay together. They continue to be unhappy about it. Fushimi probably plays with his PDA a lot, trying to ignore Yata’s presence. Yata gets annoyed with that pretty quickly. At some point I imagine he calls Kamamoto or someone just so he can complain very loudly about the rude jerk he’s stuck with until Kusanagi orders Kamamoto to get off the phone and tell Yata to deal with it. At some point Yata can’t take it anymore and starts trying to get Fushimi to tell him why he left and Fushimi deflects. Yata starts muttering about this kinda reminds him of when they were in middle school, just hanging out togther the two of them, and Fushimi sits there silently staring at his PDA. Then maybe Yata misremembers something and Fushimi very quietly corrects him and Yata’s head just shoots up, all hopeful, but Fushimi’s still staring away at his PDA. It basically continues like that, Yata reminiscing, Fushimi trying to act like he’s not listening when he totally is. Eventually the Strain is caught and they can separate again and Yata’s like “Well, I guess that wasn’t a totally terrible experience, see you later stupid monkey” and Fushimi just kinda grunts his reply but he stares after Yata for a long time, not saying a word.

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I always think when I watch the Whites that Chrissie is a much better character than Ratbecca, I wish they would invest more in her character. I don't particularly like Chrissie, especially 2016 onwards but she has more levels and she does have chemistry, her and Ross would have been interesting. They've wasted all this time and ruined (for many people) a fantastic couple for Bex. I always would have liked a scene of Rob & Chrissie having a truthful conversation eg. locked room scenario

Oh for sure! They missed a trick there, she is a much better character- despite what they’ve done to her recently. To have Chrissie and Robert have a real conversation about what happened to them and their past and everything would have been amazing, I would’ve loved for him to tell her it wasn’t her fault that the marriage was a sham, that she deserves someone who really loves her for who she is. I think that she could’ve been great, but they made her weak, it’s sad, but that’s Emmerdale!
To be fair Dog is a better more layered character than Ratbecca.

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Do you have any ideas on how to test out all the functions to see which ones are your dominant functions? Because i keep second guessing myself all the time and its getting really frustrating lol

Actually, you shouldn’t try and figure out your dominant function. If you’re an introvert, it’s going to be so unconscious in you that you’re not even really aware that you are using it. No, look for the area in which you are WEAKEST. That automatically indicates your inferior function, which gives you your dominant and then, presuming you know the functions in general, you have your type. 

Dominants are second nature to us. It’s where we live. Our lower functions are what fascinate us most, and what we tend to fixate on or use a lot, but we’re never that great at it.

I’ve said before that I suspect a great many fantasy novelists are ISXJs, because it’s a terrific exercise for inferior Ne – a way to abandon the mundane and explore new worlds devoid of any personal risk. Yet, that same fantasy writer will turn around and complain about how risky being a novelist is, because you cannot predict future trends in what will be popular in literature, and there’s no guarantee that by the time you’re finished writing this book, the genre it’s in is going to accept it! So what looks like HIGH Ne (creating entire worlds, pursuing new ideas, intense creativity and novelty and symbolism) is still turning up, IN THE AUTHOR, as inferior Ne – because it’s all “I hate this uncertainty… and I’m not sure if I should write THIS or THAT… and I wish I knew what the market was going to be like in five years…”

In short, inferior Ne generates anxiety about the future. Anxiety is a hallmark of ISXJ types. That is why we appear so rigid at times in our desire to avoid too much change. Change means UNKNOWN variables, unknown possibilities … it means making a choice and our inferior Ne tells us that ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN so it’s easier to just wait and let change come to you rather than instigate it. PLANS SHOULD NOT BE MADE, BECAUSE PLANS CHANGE. Making choices can leave us feeling trapped. It’s like… the thought of being a fantasy novelist ONLY freaks me out, because what if in five years, I don’t want to write fantasy? What if I get bored? What if I run out of ideas? I have run away from commitments that would have gotten me places, out of an inferior Ne thought of, “What if I don’t want this later on?” IE, ISXJs are prone to freak-outs.

Often, we fixate on our lower functions and start thinking they are higher than they actually are – so a lot of EXFJ types believe they are much more rational than their decisions actually are – many are intellectual, because they subconsciously sense a weakness in defending their arguments rationally with evidence (no Te) so they go out of their way to focus on intellectual things. IXTPs want validation and to be liked more than they care to admit, but suck at affirming other people and not offending them. ESXPs are lousy at thinking about how what they do now is going to impact their life in the future. This is how they get into messes. INXJs want to be sensory-oriented, but often that turns into “clumsy” (not physically) impulsiveness that means miscalculating their own physical abilities. ENXPs have a weird tendency for sentimentality that is totally removed from reality – like, they want to preserve their own past to such an extent that they form an intense attachment to some particular element of it, that symbolizes for them the entirety of where they have come from. EXTJs can become fixated on moral right and wrong, but botch it in thinking that if it’s important to THEM, everyone needs to care about it.

Many people think that finding out your personality type is an emboldening thing – actually, it is a humbling process, because it forces you to figure out the area in which you suck the most. That can BECOME emboldening because you can then take steps to improve that aspect of yourself, but it’s very humbling to realize – oh, I’m more emotional than I thought, or my people skills are zero, or I totally screw myself all the time by being impulsive, or I can’t finish anything, or I think about choosing a college major and start hyperventilating because I DON’T KNOW WHAT I WANT FOR MY LIFE.

As for testing the functions (these may be crap, but whatever)…

Te: come up with a full-blown marketing plan to sell something.

Ti: set yourself an impossible scenario and find a solution (locked room murder scenario… door sealed, windows sealed, no trapdoor, chimney flu locked; how did the murder happen?).

Fe: change someone’s mind about something by appealing to their emotions.

Fi: create something only for yourself, that no one else cares about or likes, and share it with no one else.

Se: drop everything and do something risky just for the experience.

Si: predict a future event, and defend it with evidence from the past.

Ne: choose any political topic and argue it from 6 sides.

Ni: imagine your life six years from now, and figure out how to make it reality.

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TateShot of Ryan Gander’s Locked Room Scenario in, around and away from a warehouse somewhere in Hoxton.

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so in horrificator did ladybug basically give away she went to that school (altho no one noticed)? i know in other eps her and chat try to act like they don't know anyone at the school so no one suspects anything, and ladybug knowing adrien's name is explained by the shoe scene, and chat knowing marinette's by the phone, but what about mylene? did someone mention her being missing earlier? I don't remember any explanation for ladybug knowing her name. thank you!!

lol not at all. And most importantly, they both work out that she’s the monster because they know she has feelings for Ivan. Thing is, they don’t question it! They just go with it!! Even the “locked room” scenario where Lady and Chat just happen to get to the school before the akuma seals it. If you’re following only the English dub, in a couple of weeks you’ll see a similar episode, and when Lady and Chat both show up at the scene they act very surprised. Yes guys, it’s a real surprise that you two always happen to be there. I wonder if it’s because your civilian forms hang out too…