lockdown: escape from furnace


[id: six small digital portraits featuring sir damien & quanyii from the penumbra podcast, merle highchurch from the adventure zone, simon rojo-flores from escape from furance, aradia megido from homestuck & lapis lazuli from steven universe. a second variation of their portraits where everything is the same except merle, quanyii, simon, aradia, and lapis are coloured in more natural human hair/skin tone palettes.]

just wanted to draw various characters ive decreed to have big filipino energy (tho definitely not the full roster i have in mind!)


Teen Thrillers: Escape From Furnace Series by Alexander Gordon Smith

“Beneath heaven is hell, boys, and beneath hell is Furnace. I hope you enjoy your stay.”

I’m rereading the Escape From Furnace series and I’m just gonna keep track of some great lines I find because these books are FULL OF THEM.

1. “It looks like everybody here knows my name… If I’d known there was a party here tonight, I would have brought cake.”

2. But this was no disco.

3. Not that I was stealing bread so that I coul stay alive. I’m no Oliver Twist.

4. “Well, that ain’t the half of it, boyo.”

5. “So, short of a revolution in the country or an act of God, you will die here. Not that God would ever mess with Furnace.”

6. “Mom was adamant that I was the last one, so she called me Zee.”

7. “Let me guess, you’re in here for piracy.”

8. “Wouldn’t say boo to a goose, as my gran used to say.” “I don’t blame him. I once got chased around a park by a goose.”

9. “I’m not doing this,” he said as he kicked the kid beneath me in the ribs.

10. “Furnace is a prison with no way out, you plank.”

11. “So you think you’ll just pop up in the girls’ showers at the local gym, then?” Donovan hounded. “‘Hello, ladies, don’t mind us, we’re just escaping from jail. By the way, you’ve missed a spot, allow me.’”


Escape from furnace but it’s a vine compilation