Lockdown Part 2

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Part One

The clubhouse was swarming with people when you arrived. Old ladies and family members and friends of the club filled the room and you carried Olly on your hip as Juice followed you carrying your bags.
You saw Gemma across the room watching you with a smirk on her face and you rolled your eyes as you moved through the crowd.
“Where are we staying?” You asked over your shoulder.
“My dorm.” Juice said and you nodded and headed to his room.
You were glad you were staying in his room and not one of the other members.
Juice kept his room spotless unlike the others and their rooms always smelt like weed and pussy.
You were relieved when you opened the door to Juices dorm and there was no sign of crow eaters. You might not be together but you still didn’t like the idea of Juice being with other girls.
Juice closed the door behind him and the sound of laughter from the clubhouse was drowned out.
You sat on the bed and laid Olly down next to you.
Juice dumped the bags and leant over him and tickled him and you smiled as you watched them laughing together.
“I have church soon.” Juice told you.
“Church!” Olly yelled and you both laughed.
“I go with daddy?” Olly asked and you smirked.
“You wanna be a prospect?” Juice asked him and Olly nodded with his big brown puppy dog eyes.
“No way.” You said and rolled your eyes.
Juice grinned and lifted his son.
You stood and followed them into the clubhouse.
They headed to the other members and you headed for the kitchen.

“Need a hand, Gem?” You asked.
She nodded and pointed her hand to the big pot of macaroni on the stove, a joint between her fingers.
You walked to the stove and stirred the pot.
“You staying in his room?” Gemma asked you and you rolled your eyes, knowing where this was heading.
“Yup.” You said.
She passed you the joint and you took a drag before handing it back to her.
You needed something to get you through this conversation.
You had always gotten along well with the queen b but she was persistent on you and Juice getting back together.
In her eyes, you were still his old lady.
You still had his crow on your sternum and you had no plans to get it removed. In a perfect world you would be with him, but this life of chaos was far from an ideal world and it was filled with complications.
“You know there’s something about lockdowns.” Gemma mused.
“And what’s that?” You asked, your voice thick with sarcasm.
“They bring people together.” She winked at you.
“Get back out there, I’ve got this.” She said and you sighed and left the kitchen.
You saw Wendy sitting at the bar and you went and sat next to her.
“What’s wrong babe?” She asked.
“I hate lockdown.” You said flatly.
Wendy laughed and handed you a beer.
“That makes two of us.” She said and raised her beer.
“To lockdowns, for fucking with our lives.” She said and you clinked your bottle with hers before taking a long drink.
You had just finished your second beer when Juice walked over and passed Olly to you.
“Church?” You asked and he nodded.
He pressed his lips against his sons head and pecked your cheek before he walked away.
You and Wendy sat and watched as the club and the boys you loved filed into Church and the doors closed behind them.

An hour later the club filed out of church. Your eyes were glued to
Juice as you watched them move to the front of the clubhouse.
The crowd fell silent and everyone watched in anticipation.
“Thank you everyone for being here. Each and every one of you are here because you are all family.” Clay said, his eyes glancing at the faces around the room.
“You are all family, and SAMCRO takes care of their own. Our club has some business to handle which could put  our members or anyone connected to us in.. unfriendly situations. As long as you are here, you are safe. No body leaves without an escort.
This will be over soon.” He told everyone before signalling to the crowd to carry on.
Juice walked over to you and pecked your cheek lightly.
“You guys heading out?” You asked.
Juice nodded and you sighed before nodding slowly too.
You followed Juice outside and the rest of the club headed towards their bikes.
Juice hung back and wrapped his arms around you and Olly, who you had clutched tightly in your arms.
“This will be over soon, I promise.” He whispered in your ear.
You nodded and he pulled away, his soft eyes focused on yours.
“Be safe, Juicy. We love you.”
Juice grinned at you and kissed Ollys forehead.
“Look after your mom, little man.”
Olly giggled and you both smiled.
Juice stroked your face with his thumb gently, his eyes never leaving yours.
You could hear the roar of engines surrounding you but you stood, your eyes glued on Juice.
“Come home, Juicy.” You said, your voice barely a whisper.
But Juice heard you and he nodded before pressing his lips to your cheek.
He walked to his bike and you watched as he brought the engine to life.
You went and stood next to Wendy, who held Thomas in her arms.
Abel stood in front of her and her hand rested in his soft blonde hair.
“This is the part I hate the most.” Wendy said to you.
You nodded and you both exchanged a sad smile.
Chucky pulled the gates open and Clay rode out, the boys moving into formation as they followed.
Olly waved his hands as Juice rode past you and you felt your chest tightening as you watched him ride out of the lot.
You sighed and turned towards the clubhouse, and mumbled “Fucking lockdowns.”

You had finally gotten Olly to sleep, after singing him lullabies for an hour he was out to it, sleeping peacefully in the bed next to Abel and Thomas.
You sat on the edge of the bed, watching your son sleep peacefully, his little eyelids flickering lightly as he dreamed.
You stood silently and lent over him and kissed his forehead softly, before sneaking quietly out of the room.
You walked to Juices dorm, drowning out the laughter and music of the clubroom.
The carpet was soft beneath your feet and you headed for the shower, turning the tap to hot before stripping.
The room filled with steam and you twisted your hair on top of your head before fastening it.
The water burnt your skin as you stepped under the stream but you welcomed it.
Your mind raced and you couldn’t help the worry that was pitted in your stomach.
You closed your eyes and let the water wash over you, hoping and praying that Juice would return.
All you wanted was for him to be back, to be safe. You knew what being in the club involved and it scared you. You didn’t care about the gun-running, or the crime. You only cared for his safety and your body was in knots, tied tightly with dread and worry.
You stayed in the shower for a good hour before your fingertips began to wrinkle and turned it off, wrapping a towel tightly around your body before stepping out.
You dried off quickly and walked out of the bathroom as steam rose of your hot skin.
You pulled on of Juices t-shirts over your head and pulled on your panties before turning off the light and sliding between the sheets.
You yanked the blankets around your neck and snuggled into them, comforted by Juices scent that you were drowning in.
You closed your eyes and thought about when you were pregnant, and Juice would whisper to your bump overnight. And you fell asleep with a smile on your face as you dreamt of happier times.
It was three in the morning when you woke to the sound of the door opening and you reached for the lamp next to the bed.
You flicked the switch and your eyes went to Juice, who stood in the doorway,  covered in blood.