Better Off Single Promo Clips

Gravitas Ventures has sent out two new currently unlisted and region-locked promo clips to entertainment sites. We’ve put them onto Vimeo for those who are not located in a region where they can be viewed, but please try the official YouTube links first before resorting to our Vimeo links, to contribute to viewcount in the case that you might be in a relevant region.

The Divorce Party: Official YouTube link | Region-free Vimeo link
NSFW - where Charlie and Co. watch an “asshole” friend celebrate at his divorce party with a lot of crude gesturing and language.

Jogging in Central Park: Official YouTube link | Region-free Vimeo link
Do not watch in polite company - where Charlie’s friend stops to take a leak as they jog through Central Park and Charlie reacts like a reasonable person. (If you only watch one watch this one, not the other one…)

Better Off Single releases 7th October 2016 in these select theatres, and on on-demand platforms such as iTunes (complete with cast commentary!).

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry you got terrified by sleep walkers. Once my brother got up in his sleep, walked to my bedroom door, and started banging his head on it. When I opened the door he was staring straight faced. I almost peed.