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Cas' death and inevitable return has got me thinking up all sorts of crazy scenarios for when they are reunited. I would love if Dean has a super romantic dream regarding Cas while Cas is still dead just for the extra dose of Man Pain. There's too many romantic ways this story could go and considering i already see it as romantic i can't wait until it like smothering me with the romance. do you have a wishlist for scenes you'd want to see?

I have so many wishes… I have a tag for it :p 

#season 13 wishlist. 

I also have a #season 14 wishlist already as… well you will see below, but this is my domestic destiel wishlist :p

The main ones being (this is without the reverting to old coping mechanisms thing or afterwards):

1. Dean opens up to Jody, she comforts him and it’s made clear his grief is extremely deep, romantic and on another level to any time before with Cas or with anyone else.

2. Dean opens up to Sam about this and other things e.g.:

- admits he likes music other than classic rock

- actually orders something other than a burger

- openly revealing his bisexuality

- treating Sam and Sam treating him like a brother and not a parent/child dynamic

- more parallels with canon romantic couples with doomed love / one being dead / gone

- a scene where they tell Claire that Cas is dead and she focuses on Dean, maybe Dean can’t cope and walks away, Claire asks Sam how he’s doing, the whole scene SCREAMS that Dean is romantically grieving and this leads to my favourite wish item, the Jody / Dean comforting scene.

- when they get Cas back it’s this scene from 7x21 but so much stronger now:

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- when Cas is back we get a build up of so much romantic tension that we are all losing our shit for the second half of the season and I fall off my skis and break a leg just thinking about it. I don’t care. It will be worth it.

- 13x23 gives us some kind of 99% canon Destiel so we flail all next summer in happiness rather than the angst of this hiatus and 14x01 opens with CANON DOMESTIC DESTIEL BECAUSE IT IS THEIR FREAKING 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY AND I CANNOT THINK OF A BETTER WAY TO DO THIS EVEN THOUGH YES IT MIGHT BE TOO EARLY AND I KNOW I ALWAYS SAY ENDGAME BUT IM JUST SPITBALLING AND I WANT IT:



Andrew’s good with kids (Andrew and Kids Part Four)


It’s been six months since he began coaching his youth team and amazingly, Andrew still wants a child of his own. He thought if anything would put him off, it would be a crowd of Exy-crazed, hyperactive youngsters, but apparently things will never be that simple for him. Every time one of them is too rowdy, gets too close to him, or turns on their teammates, his perfect memory can’t help but gift him flashbacks of sharing lemon sherbets with Clara on Dan and Matt’s sofa, finishing off entire tubs of ice cream in the hospital with Molly before the nurses could catch them, and most of all the careful, intuitive way both kids would act around him; Clara had offered a hug as opposed to giving one, and Molly had never taken anything for granted or assumed Andrew would have the same rules on each visit.

Molly had mentioned adoption once, asking Andrew if he and Neil would ever have kids. He didn’t think Neil had thought much of the question until Andrew had paused for a few seconds too long before answering, “we have cats.” He wondered if his oblivious partner was finally catching on, but was still reluctant to mention it. It didn’t seem like a realistic enough goal. He was almost hoping the adoption wish would just be a passing, fanciful phase, mainly so he wouldn’t have to bring it up with Neil.

Andrew feels something akin to guilt, when he considers this. He doesn’t keep things from Neil; this is the first thing he’s withheld in years. He wonders if it’s because he feels out of place, thinking about this. The idea of being a father feels wrong to him; he’s never done well in families he was forced into. This isn’t something he can plan; it has to be a combination of circumstances that leaves no room for debate. It was the same when Neil brought the cats home. They were dirty, flea-ridden and bedraggled, one of them missing an ear, but once Neil had made up his mind to take care of them, they became part of the household instantly. After a month, it was like they had been there forever.

It feels like that with Neil sometimes, in a way. It’s not that Andrew can forget his childhood, but the times after he met Neil are always clearer in his mind. He has never considered that they will ever part ways; Neil is a permanent fixture on whatever path he chooses. He always has a part in Andrew’s plans. 

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can you draw fiona and the gang reaction to jack/rhys. bonus point if they are super worried because it's HANDSOME JACK and MURDER and PSYCHOPATH but then they find out jack is a fucking sap when it comes to rhys.

Rhys is in his phone as ‘babycakes sugarloaf muffinlamb fuck’

‘Oh Sinnerman Where You Gonna Run To?’ - Model: Baptiste Giabiconi | Photographer: Jack Waterlot | Styling: Andrew Holden | Grooming: Ingeborg *Billy Reid,Emporio Armani,Dior Homme, John Varvatos, Lock&Co. London

Happy Birthday Sir John Tenniel! (28 February 1820 – 25 February 1914)

English illustrator, graphic humourist, and political cartoonist prominent in the second half of the 19th century. He was knighted for his artistic achievements in 1893. Tenniel is remembered especially as the principal political cartoonist for Punch magazine for over 50 years, and for his illustrations to Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865) and Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There (1871). (Wikipedia)

From our stacks: Illustration “The Sleeping Genie and the Lady. From “Dalziel’s Arabian Nights.” By Sir John Tenniel. By permission of Messrs. Ward, Lock & Co.” from The Brothers Dalziel. A Record of Fifty Years Work in Conjunction with Many of the Most Distinguished Artists of the Period 1840-1890. With Selected Pictures By, and Autograph Letters from Lord Leighton, P.R.A., Sir J.E. Millais, Bart., P.R.A., Sir E.J. Poynter, P.R.A., Holman Hunt, Dante G. Rossetti, Sir John Tenniel, Sir E. Burne-Jones, Bart., John Ruskin, and many others. London: Methuen and Co., 1901.

Gafou Old Hollywood/Tower of Terror AU

Hollywood, 1939. 

M. Gaston is a star- he’s the richest, hottest actor on the silver screen, and every director wants him (not to mention every woman). When a scandal breaks that he’s been seen locking lips with male co-star Adam Bête in his private residence, his fame skyrockets even more, even though his publicists quickly dispel the allegations as nothing more than tabloid gossip. 

M. Lefou is a revered film director, known for his sharp eye and public wit. Every actor or actress in Hollywood dreams of being in a film by him, but few get the opportunity. When Gaston’s scandal breaks, it intrigues Lefou, who is the only openly homosexual elite in Hollywood, and he wants to hire Gaston to star in his next film, as they have never had the chance to work together before. 

One stormy night, both are invited to the prestigious Tip Top Club in the Hollywood Tower Hotel for an extravagant gala. Lefou, Gaston, a reporter named Belle, a child star named Chip and his mother Mrs. Potts, and a bellhop named Chapeau enter through the doors of an elevator on their way up to the club.  

Little do Lefou and Gaston know, the elevator will plummet, and they will have all of eternity to get acquainted… 

First Friday Fairy Tales: August Edition (Art)

Below is a collection of art pieces and illustrations of The Princess and the Pea. All images are credited.

The Classic Treasury of Hans Christian Andersen, illustrated by Christian Birmingham, 2002

Golding, Harry, editor. Fairy Tales. Margaret Tarrant, illustrator. London: Ward, Lock & Co., 1915.

The Princess and the Pea illustrated by Janet & Anne Grahame Johnstone

Andersen, Hans Christian. The Snow Queen and Other Stories from Hans Andersen. Edmund Dulac, illustrator. London: Hodder & Stoughton 1911.

The Princess and the Pea, illustrated by Anton Lomaev

The Princess and the Pea, illustrated by Kay Nielsen

Princess and the Pea by Gennady Spirin.

The Princess and the Pea. From “Andersen’s Fairy Tales” illustrated by Artuš Scheiner

The Princess and the Pea by Patricia Brennan, 2007

The Princess and the Pea by Eugenio Recuenco

‘Oh Sinnerman Where You Gonna Run To?’ - Model: Baptiste Giabiconi | Photographer: Jack Waterlot | Styling: Andrew Holden | Grooming: Ingeborg

*Dior Homme, Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, Lock & Co. London, Tom Ford


Honour Among Men

i blame @norcumi and @thefreelancerdivision  and *this post*.  Bloody plot bunny grew fangs and bit on.  Rex/Obi-Wan, this is take 2 after the first one got eaten.

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In a Crowd of Thousands

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Fic request: John asks Sherlock about how being lost in his mind palace or deleting things affects his relationships. (Inspired by your fic The Wrong Idea Could So Easily Be the Right One and Whiskey and Words by Emmyjean) Sherlock explains that though the physical memory might be gone the emotional memory remains intact, he gives examples of things Molly (not naming her) has done over the years that have greater emotional weight than what actually occurred (maybe she overhears)

obviously you all must know what they are wearing. Also go listen to ‘A Crowd of Thousands’ from Anastasia the Broadway Musical coz that’s the song I wrote this to, the feelings and the music and memories behind it, and of course, @juldooz amazing prompt!!

“So what happens to memories? In your mind palace I mean. You ever get lost in there? End up deleting stuff?”

“I’m always ‘deleting stuff’,” Sherlock replied, hands still steepled under his chin. “The useless stuff, at any rate.”

“Yeah, but what about stuff you think is useless, but it’s actually pertinent to your relationships?” John asked “Like for instance we are always out of milk, because you take about half a carton in your tea, but somehow, every Monday, there’s another carton.”

“Is this about me doing more of the grocery shopping?”

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until we go down

So, the loml, @jeremykonx has her bday today and she loves Kevineil and coffeshop!au’s. So why not combine both?

I apologize in advance because this should’ve been just a one shot and I think it’s gonna be a multi-chaptered fic, thus making this chapter one. I still hope you like it! <33

Also shoutout @gangseyys who is the best beta in the world. <3

Dawn already settles outside and yet the queue doesn’t seem to get any shorter. Kevin feels himself getting grumpier, slacking slightly whilst writing names on the coffee cups and ignoring rants about how some people want a unicorn frappuccino, or whatever they call it.

He longs for his bed at home.

“Welcome to Starbucks, what’s your order?” he says, repeating this sentence for what must be the four hundredth time that day. He doesn’t get an immediate answer and lifts his head with a frown, examining the boy in front of him closer.

He’s not very tall, perhaps reaching Kevin’s chest. His hair is a dark shade of brown, uncannily similar to that of his eyes. He looks slightly nervous, constantly checking the door.

Kevin clears his throat impatiently. The guy snaps his head back to him and blinks a few times. “Um, just a coffee, please.”

“Which size?”

With that he stares at Kevin like a deer caught in the headlights.


With a sigh Kevin takes a cup. “To-go, right?”

He nods silently, glancing back to the doors again.

“Your name?”

“What?” the small boy asks, unnerved.

Kevin’s patience is clearly declining radically. “Your name? For the cup.” He lifts the pen in his hand and raises his brows.


Since Kevin is too tired to think of some witty way to change the name, he simply writes it onto the cup as it is. The exchange of the money is quiet, and as soon as Neil gets the cup, he vanishes to the back of the store, heading into the toilets. Kevin is suspicious, but hell, some customers are even weirder.

Once there was one who sat on the floor and wanted to tell people their future by touching their tummies. Not only did it put off other customers, but they were certainly in the way.

Kevin is quickly distracted by the next order, though this ‘Neil’ does not leave his mind.

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