lock the doors and close the blinds


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pairing: jimin x reader, jungkook x reader

genre: smut, angst / punk!jikook

word count: 17,335

note: inspired by the anime/manga “Nana” / music playlist

description: It was everything, from his tattoos, to his touches, to the way sweat rolled down his neck as he strummed into his guitar on stage; everything about him completely enthralled you. So why are you now, two and a half years later, on a train to Seoul, telling a complete stranger the recollection of how you became fated to forever have scars on all of your future hearts due to the happiness, but most of all the pain, that came along with falling in love with Jeon Jungkook.


The slight tremble in Jimin’s fingertips developed into a full-blown tremor as he closed the door to his studio, effectively leaving you behind — but it wasn’t that simple. It wasn’t that simple because he wasn’t just leaving you behind. He was leaving you behind with a guy that you were completely in love with… Which kind of blowed considering he was starting to fall for you himself.

The music from the party was reverberating inside of his chest and he knew that his ears should be ringing with anger, but instead he just felt numb. It was like he couldn’t hear anything; no music, no crowd, nothing. It was all one giant blur that didn’t seem to make sense to him, and all because his mind was screaming that nothing else mattered right now — nothing except for you.

Jimin knew very well what leaving you in that room with Jungkook meant. It meant every single feeling that the two of you had ever had for each other would inevitably rekindle, and compared to what Jimin had with you, even if he did consider it one of most amazing stints of time of his entire life, it didn’t hold a candle to what you and Jungkook had, and probably always would have.

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An anon asked for a Reid fic where the reader is British and he gets turned on by her accent.  The team teases him for it and he eventually has to explain to the reader why he gets so weird whenever she talks.  I love this request, I really hope you like it!  Added in here a classic Spencer Reid Quote, shout out to anyone who can find it!

It gets smutty!  Some fluff ensues at the end, it’s super cute!

UnBeta’d so sorry for any errors, also flood warning!

Originally posted by toyboxboy

“As soon as Agent Y/L/N gets here, we are going to start the briefing,” Hotch said to the team, who were all still sitting around at their desks before disappearing into his office.

“Ready for the new team member, pretty boy?” Derek teased from his seat with a smirk.

“What?” Spencer asked nonchalantly.  He knew Y/N was British.  She’d been in for numerous interviews and when she was in the training field, all the other trainees were talking about the ‘British Bombshell’ that was joining the BAU team.  

“You know what,” Derek replied.

“Does Reid have a thing for accents?” Prentiss asked.  She looked at the genius with playful eyes.

“No, he has a thing for British accents,” JJ said, shaking her head.

“I see,” Emily said with a smirk similar to Derek’s.

“I don’t know if I like the looks on your faces,” Rossi said as he walked up.  After inspecting the teasing smiles of the three agents, he clocked the blush on Reid’s face.  “What’s wrong with you, coffee catching up to you this morning?”

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Did Beverly Jarosz Predict Her Own Murder?

On the afternoon of Monday, December 28th, 1964, 16-year-old Beverly Jarosz was at her home in Garfield Heights- a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, getting ready to meet her friends, Barbara and Margie. She called her Mother before 1 PM to check-in. She wrote a message to her Father about a phone call he’d received- the name the caller gave later turned out to be a fake name- and she talked to her Grandma for a second before explaining she had to go, as her friend Barb was on her way.

Barbara showed up at the Jarosz house at 1:25 PM and found the side door was open. She knocked and rang the bell, but no one answered. She could hear a radio playing loudly inside, and then a loud thump coming from upstairs, like furniture being moved. She waited a few minutes, then left, as she thought she was being stood up. Her and Margie called Beverly’s Grandma, who told Beverly’s Father to leave work to check on his daughter. He was the one who found Beverly’s dead body upstairs in her bedroom at 4 PM. She had been strangled, and stabbed 42 times. Authorities believed her murder was not a random act, but a specifically planned “act of rage.” She had been surprised while changing. She was strangled with a rope, and stabbed. Her clothing had been yanked away from her body, but she had not been sexually assaulted. The police decided she probably knew her killer, as there was no sign of forced entry or anything out of place on the first place of the home, and she wouldn’t have let in anyone she didn’t know, or left the door unlocked. 

Before her death, she went to school at Marymount High School. She liked to write poetry, and wanted to be a teacher. She also had a stalker. Her mother and sister Carol mentioned she would get hang-up calls, sometimes 12 times a day. An anonymous person left a bracelet and ring on the back porch address “To Bev.” After this, she started carrying a brass letter open for protection. Beverly’s father came home one night to a man on the front lawn, staring up at the girls’ bedroom. He chased him down the block, but the man got away. Beverly was jumpy, checked in by phone constantly, and always locked the doors and closed the blinds. She often wrote poetry about death, and told her family she had a dark “foreboding” months before her murder. The top suspects were Beverly’s boyfriend, an ex-boyfriend, a college-aged neighbor, and a young door-to-door salesman who had a record of assaults on women. All the men were fingerprinted, and given lie detector tests, and they all had alibi’s. In another strange turn of events, seven years after her murder, the Jarosz home was broken into. All that was taken was a gold watch, but the strangest part was that the backing had been torn off of two prints hanging on the wall- two painting’s that were favorites of Beverly, given to her by her father. 

Beverly’s father kept the house as it was on the day of his daughter’s murder, just in case a suspect was charged, and the jury needed to visit in the future, but that never happened. The case is unsolved to this day.

Summer Boy || Jeon Jungkook pt.05

{ pt.06}

Jungkook x reader

Genre: Smut/Fluff-ish/slap in the face

Word Count: 4,643

~ SO sorry that it’s been forever since I last updated. So much been going on these past few weeks and this series is coming to an end soon. Hope you enjoy!♡

The days following Jungkook’s and I event on the beach, he messaged and called me excessively. At first, he tried to apologize, then began to dismiss the topic and was only trying to get my attention. I ignored all efforts to communicate and avoided unwanted encounters. After four days of rejection and silence on my side, he stopped trying completely; then by the sixth day, I began to miss him.

I had myself locked inside the house and sometimes only my room. My friends began to worry since I had failed to speak with them at all. I sometimes heard some of the guys over; mostly Jimin, Namjoon, and Hobi but never Jungkook. The days or nights I was cooped up in my room, I found myself peeking out my windows to look into his. My window was unlocked but the blinds were closed and I only ever saw the door to his room. The lights were off most of the time I checked and I wonder if he was in there in the dark like I was.

It was one of those nights I went to bed early, just as the sun was going down, but I really just laid there in bed. I drifted in and out of slumber when I eventually, I woke up to laughing and a cold sweat. My room was dark and the only crack of light came from under my door. Faint talking could be heard from the living room and I recognized Jin’s laugh instantly. I sighed, missing the good times we all spent together but I couldn’t find the courage to make the move to face them. I was too embarrassed with what I have become over the last week; when I normally wouldn’t care.

I decided to go back to sleep, pushing the covers off my sweaty neck down to my waist.

 "I don’t know. Jungkook said he would meet us here…“

I almost didn’t hear what Namjoon said. The drowsiness was scared out of my system as my heart stopped for a minute.

 "My Kookie has been unrecognizable lately, he’s never home and is out all hours of the night,” Jin said not long after.

 "Yeah, same with (Y/n)…I feel like I haven’t seen her in a week, and she hasn’t even left the house.“ The worry in Bitsy voice made me feel guilty.

 "Those two really need to talk things out. I wish they weren’t so stubborn.” Jimin said.

Hearing that Jungkook was also acting out fed to my guilt as well. Why was I being such a drama queen? I wasn’t acting like myself. I was never afraid to face a conflict, but things just felt different with Jungkook involved.

I grabbed my phone and looked through the old messages from him. I wanted to text him so he could come over but it’s been so long. What if he stopped texting me because he was over it already? Which would explain the behavior Jin was talking about.

Do you still wanna talk?

My head was beginning to ache with all my conflicting thoughts. Would he even text me back? I pulled my pillow into my chest, holding it tightly, while I closed my eyes. They were still talking but had changed the conversation. The last thing I remembered was staring at my phone screen and before knew it, I was asleep once again.

I woke up to a faint knocking sound, but as I came to my senses it was quite forceful. The room was still dark and it could have been nothing past midnight.

 “Go away, Coco…” I mumbled into my pillow.

The knocking continued regardless, not till l allowed the sound to ring in my head, did I realize it wasn’t knocking against wood but against the glass. I pushed the blankets of my legs and went to switch on the lights. Walking over to my window, I lifted up the blinds to find Jungkook standing on the other side of them.

I stood numbly looking at him; his face was different from the last time I had seen him, he looked a bit puffier but his cheeks were blushed. I was afraid to let him in regardless if the window was open. He had no specific expression on his face but it still held a gentle and unsure look. For a moment he looked away from me and back to reach into a book bag, I hadn’t even noticed he had on. My head tilted with my brows scrunched when he pulled out a full bottle of Jack Daniels, holding it up for me as if it was a way in. I bit the inside of me cheek still hesitating to let him in. Jungkook paused for a moment before once more reaching into his bag, this time pulling out a single can of coca cola with a slight shrug of his shoulders.

 “It’s open.” I turned away from him, walking to bed, and hearing the window open as I sat at the edge.

I rested my back against the headboard while I drank down all the water I had on my nightstand. Tapping my fingers against the now empty glass while Jungkook opens up the bottle of Jack. He scooted closer to me offering to pour me some and I stopped him halfway up the glass. I reached in his bag that was sitting between us for the can of coke and filling up the rest of my cup. I watch Jungkook take a swing straight from the bottle resetting it at the opposite side of the bed. I took a drink from my cup as well, the over sweet cola making the harsh whiskey more bearable.

 “(Y/n)…” My eyes shifted towards him. Jungkook was sitting with his knees spread and the bottle held between both hands. He was staring at the brown liquor sway in its glass prison. “I don’t know…what you think that was on the beach but-”

Jungkook stopped speaking for a moment, unsure of himself and what he wanted to say. I took another sip from my cup to find the strength to go through the conversation. “I just hate this wall you put between us before anything could even happen.”

His eyebrows were knitted, he was frustrated with the situation at hand. I didn’t know how to explain to him that it wasn’t anything personal, at least not at first. I couldn’t deny that my distance from him had grown from what I first intended it to be. I knew what he was feeling- how he was feeling.

 “You’re right.” I took a gulp of my drink allowing it to burn in my throat. “What I’m doing isn’t fair, and the last thing I wanted was for it to bother you so much.”

I could see that it was hard for Jungkook to be so honest about how he felt. I could see the hurt in his eye whether he tried to hide it.

 “I like you.”

I gulped at his sudden words, looking away from him at all costs. “Jungkook-”

“And the only reason I would ever have the balls to admit that; besides the fact I’m a little drunk, is because I think…you might like me too.”

I ran my hand over my forehead and temples. It was obvious he had been drinking before coming here, so that was giving him an unclear mind. If he was speaking the truth, that meant things would have to end.

 “Why are you trying to create something between us? This wasn’t my intention- there’s nothing between us.” I drank down what was left in my cup, trying to release some of the frustration.

 “I’m not saying that,” Jungkook mumbled faintly. He leaned over to pass me the bottle so I could refill my glass. “I know what this is.”

 “Jungkook, please.” I wanted to mask his words with the liquor in my cup. “All I know is there’s been a stigma around me. I have my reasons to keep my distance…”

He watches me drink straight from the bottle, where his lips had been just seconds before. “I don’t know what your reasons are but they can’t be that complicated.”

 “So what if they aren’t? You think you can fix them?”

 “Baby, if you’d let me, I wouldn’t hesitate.” He yanked the bottle from my hands just as I was about to go in for another gulp. “I could tell why you would doubt me.”

 “Enlighten me then.” I put my cup down on the nightstand and leaned on the headboard.

 “Well you aren’t the ‘single’ type,” Jungkook’s confidence was beginning to show. “The fact that you are trying so desperately to stay that way probably stems from a bad relationship.”

Normally, I would take offense for his first comment but the alcohol was buzzing my head. He was right regardless of what I thought.

 “How observant of you,” I said sarcastically. He shrugged and smirked my way. “I’m afraid it’s a little more complex than that, though.”

 “Why don’t you tell me about it then?” I laughed aloud intentionally. Jungkook was not easily offended to my luck. “Or should I keep guessing till I get it right?”

 “Try me.”

I was very aware that Jungkook would be up for the challenge but I couldn’t stop to see the wrong in this. My alcohol tolerance wasn’t strong and yet, I wasn’t as paranoid or dramatic. But I would surely do something I would regret in the morning.

 “You said you’ve only slept with two other people- I don’t necessarily believe that, though. I think you have actually only dated two people.” He was completely wrong but I was interested to know what he thought. “My guess is that you dated some asshole, who only slept with you for a couple months before he left. Then the second guy you liked after but he wasn’t interested in a serious relationship, which he probably never admitted, still, you devoted your time to him.”

Though he was wrong, Jungkook words brought back unwanted memories. Ones that flared anger in my heart and only feed my paranoia. I grabbed my drink and only wanted to bury myself in its poison. Jungkook spoke with confidence but when I failed to respond, he noticed the change on my face.

 “Do you think I’m that stupid?” I said with spite. I was that stupid but it angered me that he could see it. He saw the tears build in my eyes before I looked away from him.

 “No.” He said noticing his mistake. He placed the now half empty bottle to the floor, moving up the bed a bit more. “I think you’re strong.” I was keeping the tears on the brim of my eyes. “But you’re scared of your feelings cause of what he did to you.”

He sat on his knees beside me, hesitating to go any further. Jungkook was growing closer, wanting to comfort me but I rejected his affection in embarrassment. I was stubbornly full of pride; I hated others pity and sympathy for my stupid choices. My head was beginning to flutter with all different emotions. I was no longer crying about my ex but about everything else. How things with Jungkook would never work out; not a relationship, not even a friendship. I hated the fact that he wanted me in a different way than I was using him. But he was the reason I was thinking that I didn’t want to be so empty and hollow anymore.  

 “Jungkook, please…stop.” My voice cracked slightly under my hushed words. He tried to touch the hand on my lap but I moved it away to push some of my loose hairs back and regain my composer.

 “You don’t have to hide, I won’t do anything you don’t tell me too.” I sucked in a shaky breath, turning my head to face him and met him only inches away from me. His dark chocolate eyes were scanning my face for any signs of objection as he leaned in. My lashes were wet, sticking to each other as I looked up at him and watched his eyes shut softly. I allowed his wet lips to timidly graze mine and my mouth responding erotically by nature. But the kiss wasn’t hot, it was warm and comforting; it was loving in its most innocent form. He cupped my face as a way to relax and ease my immodest behavior. I melted into his touch feeling tense and unsure of what I was getting myself into. It was just like on the beach; Jungkook wasn’t trying to establish any dominance between us, it was simply adoration. “Tell me what to do…”

Jungkook tried to pull away to speak but I kept him close because his affection was stimulating. I grabbed the back of his neck, feeling his skin shiver under my hand. My tongue playfully brushed against his, bringing him to hover over me and continue what we had in mind. I pulled on the collar of his shirt, moving my exposed legs to rubbed against his, easing him on top of me. He pulled away once I struggled to breathe, our hot breaths hitting our lips with the smell of whiskey.

 “I don’t wanna be lonely anymore,” I whispered. Nudging my nose against his, I shut my eyes in hope that he would fulfill the aspiration I longed for. “I’m yours.”

There was so much more to say but nothing left to do. I gave myself over to him without a second thought. I wanted what he could give me; comfort, affection, and bliss. Despite what my emotions would be in the morning, this is what I need at the moment. A simple touch from him was enough to set me free.

Jungkook took his time savoring my lips, loving the taste of liquor and me in his mouth. His lips were so soft and just the right amount of moisture to let his tongue slip in. Jungkook leaned me down with my back against the bed. He hummed against my mouth as my hands slipped down his neck and chest. My hand rubbed under the material of his shirt, where his toned chest hid. Jungkook pulled on my waist arching my back off the mattress. His other hand ran up my leg and caressed the flesh of my thigh. He didn’t seem to mind the bit of stubble while he moved under my cotton shorts, feeling the warmth of my inner thigh. Goosebumps shivered down my spine and on my legs. Jungkook’s lips were traveling down my chin with softly pressed kisses. My hand followed the landscape that was his arms while he sucked lightly on my neck.

He paused for a moment to remove his shirt as he started to grow hot. I leaned up to attach my lips on his defined collar bones before he had even thrown the shirt behind him. Jungkook chuckled with a slight groan as his hands grabbed my waist and pushed up my thin shirt up to feel more of me. I followed in his action and removed my top. Jungkook was quick to attack my neck and chest, pushing me gently back onto the bed. His hands cupped and caressed my figure as he left a trail of kisses between the valley of my breasts.

His name left my mouth softly, he was the only thing playing in my mind. My legs tingled with the feathered kisses he left down my abdomen. He kept his eyes open the entire time, admiring my body on his way down to my navel. He stripped my of my shorts but left my damp panties on, kissing and teasing me through the fabric. I squirmed on the bed as his hot breath tickled over my clothed mound. Jungkook took his time running his hands over my thighs and hips.

 “I don’t know what you’re doing to me, (Y/n).” He whispered, barely enough for me to hear him. “But I want you,” Jungkook leaned in to kiss over the wet spot on my underwear. “all the goddamn time.”

His words like honey made me whimper and move my knee up, to allow him more area between my legs. I wanted him too. Way more than I was willing to admit to him and even myself. I picked myself up to get a better look at him before he started. His gorgeous face between my thighs was a sight that would be burned into my mind forever. Jungkook smiled up at me, hooking his hand around my leg and kiss the warmest part of my thigh, still, maintaining eye contact. I moved my hand over to him, pushing his dark hair out of his eyes.

I leaned back and watched him hook his fingers around the waistband of my panties, pulling them down my knees and off my feet. He could not keep his eyes off my core, he looked at me with such lust and hunger. I could feel my face and chest grew heated with a breath caught in my mouth, trapped under my bitten lip. His hot soft mouth kissed my lips, running his tongue over the soft flesh. Jungkook’s teasing lips curled into a smile as he peered a look my way. I moaned silently in my mouth while my legs tensed and threshed beside him. He brought out his tongue to brush pass the small bud sticking out from my soaked folds. My hips jerked as he flicked his tongue against my clit, using the wet muscle to stroke against the bundle of nerves that caused me so much pleasure. His mouth worked wonders against me, wanting to make my eyes shut and cry out. The satisfaction shivered and shook throughout my body, made my core rock in flames.   

 “Mmm.” His lips hummed against my core as he found my wetness lower at my entrance. He tongued over my entrance while his hand spread my folds gently. The lewdest sounds were coming from his mouth as he sucked at the arousal dripping over my skin. My cheeks heated and the rest of my body screamed for more and all of him. Whines left my lips each time he opened his mouth for anything. His free hand was rubbing on my thigh to keep my legs from closing around him. My own hands were grabbing on the sheets, not knowing what else to do with them and keep them from pulling his head any closer to me. He must have had a similar feeling because his hand left my thigh and grabbed a hold of mine; he locked his fingers with mine and allowed me to squeeze as hard as I wanted. His hold was welcoming and eased me into his mouth with enjoyment instead of storming through it.

 “Oh! My God…” I hissed as he licked back up my heat to wrapped his sweet lips over my clit. He groaned against my heat as he felt my hips press against him and move against his mouth. Jungkook kept his tongue out and mouth still to let me rock against his face; my abdomen tensed on and off as I tried to keep the beautiful rhythm up myself. His eyes watched me intently as I gasped for air and struggled to please myself.

I could see my wetness glisten over his lips and watched how he enjoyed licking them clean. He let go of my hand to take a hold on both of my thighs, letting my legs rest of his shoulders and beside his head. His face disappeared in between my thighs and a long moan fell past my lips. Jungkook added pressure to my heat and he lapped his mouth over it. My walls began to clench at the pleasure building over my core hoping to find my release soon. Jungkook was working just to that goal in mind when he began to quicken the motions of his tongue.

 “Jungkook! Yes, yes please.” I was losing my voice as it began to fade into no words but merely sounds of ecstasy. My stomach was tightening from the violently heavy pleasure, threatening to drown my body to its numbing point. My legs started to shake around Jungkook’s head and his hands tighten around my thighs, holding me close to his mouth. He brought his hand around to my clit, using the pads of his fingers to pressed shapes into it while his mouth slipped along the rest of my skin. My heels dug into his back as my voice grew louder and everything in my head was wiped clean; except the feeling of complete and utter bliss.

 “I want to wake up by your side.” Jungkook’s mumbled as he kissed up my stomach and rubbed my legs from the aftershocks of my orgasm. The pool of my heated blood was still running through my body as he came back up. I only got a quick glance of his dusky eyes before his head disappeared into the crook of my neck, kissing my clammy skin and taking my hands in his.  

 “Kiss me, Jungkook.” I whined softly. I found his lips with my own, cupping his strong jaw while he brushed his tongue past my lips. I could taste myself on his tongue and it only caused me to become further aroused. His denim covered hips pressed into the bare skin of my core, taking my breath away with each roll of his hips. He kissed my cheek after pulling away, watching how my eyes hazed in lust at our explicit contact. His neck veins showed through his skin when he tried to keep his groans in. He looked gorgeous with sweat forming on his face, giving him a soft glow in the light above us.

 “I’m going to make you mine, (Y/n).” While he continued to kiss me cheek, his hand was working on the buttons on his pants. My hips were bucking and squirming under him and he pushed the fabric down his legs. His length was already between my folds, lubricating himself with the juices he had caused. “Can I?”

I nodded frantically, pecking his sweet lips once more before locking eyes with him. “Yes.”

He pushed his head through my entrance, my tight walls wrapped around him and throbbed. Jungkook pressed his lips against mine breathing heavily as he pushed himself the rest of the way. I gasped into the kiss, my eyes shutting at the sensation of his length filling me. I still managed to keep our lips moving through the mild thrusts, there was a lot of tongue but it didn’t feel overwhelming. Our lips pressed passionately slow, the hunger of intimacy and endearment was something I had not yet experienced with any man.

My hips pushed into the mattress each time he pushed in, only to pull out and keep the sequence going. I felt the pleasure intense when he hit the deepest parts of me, causing strange noises to erupt from my throat. I felt as if there was a cloud of misty surrounding us, in which we could only feel each other and our connecting bodies. It was a pleasure that builds like no other, it took longer but more care when in it, making it more authentic.

 “I think you’re gorgeous.” Jungkook said faintly, causing my eyes to open slowly. His lids were half closed, trying to keep his eyes on me the entire way through. His bottom lip flushed red from his teeth biting into the soft flesh.

I wanted to keep kissing him but the moans leaving my mouth prohibited it. My legs caressed his while his hips pushed between my thighs. His thick brows and damped hair framed his lightly tanned skin. Jungkook’s gripped my hand at the same time he began to push into me harder. The sound of his skin hitting against mine joined the heavy breathing and moans in the room. With a single arm, he tugged at my lower back and brought my hips up to meet his. Our locked hands were resting pinned beside my head. I rocked my body against him the way he liked. My heat was becoming sore and raw from the friction between us but it only added to the pleasure. I could feel myself begin to sink into him emotionally, normally scared to, but now I only wanted to fall in deep.

Jungkook kissed along my jaw, lips pressing soft wet kisses as far as he could reach. My free hand was wrapped around his broad shoulders; only wanting to keep him and never let this end. Short on breath, he still managed to whisper sweet praises in my ear. Making me feel like I was the only women in the world for him. My legs shook on and my only response was to wrap them around his hips.

 “Fuck! Baby…” Jungkook groaned, shutting his eye for the first time. He took in a sharp breath between thrusts and swallowed hard. “You’re going to make me come.”

He pressed his entire body against me, hips to hips and chest to chest. His pelvis was grinding hard into my most sensitive skin and my breasts only moved along with his body each time.

 “Don’t stop…Jungkook, please.” My orgasm was approaching slowly but strongly. I couldn’t make words in my head much less speak them. My voice had turned into a symphony of crying pleasure as it snuck up my body. Soon I was moaning with every thrust and every second my body was at its highest point of stimulation and sensitivity. I held him close as I was coming to my end, as was he. My ankles locked around him and I kept him still in me with only minimal movement. Our cores connected and throbbed together was enough to lose ourselves in each other.

My mind was wiped clean and my body gave in to him, convulsing with bliss and delight. I could feel Jungkook spill his warm seed in me, a sensation I was not familiar with but enjoyed to its fullest.

My heart was beating fast against his chest, where he was surely doing the same. Our hands were still locked but the grip was loose as our bodies became numb. Jungkook’s face was hidden in the crook of my neck with almost his full weight on top of me. My body was burning up but I didn’t want him to move; he did, however, pull himself out of me, leaving only an empty feeling behind. I removed my hand from his and wrapped it over the other one.

 “Don’t leave me.” Tears were welling in my eyes as he lifted his face for me to see. I pushed his hair aside and caressed his delicate features.

 “You want me to stay?” Jungkook asked hoping he heard correctly. His eyes were tired but full of joy when I nodded my head. He kissed my lips, wrapping his arms around my body and pulled me on top of him as he rolled onto his back. I looked down at him with an embarrassing big smile on my face. Jungkook’s eyes creased at the corners, showing off his adorable bunny smile. I made myself comfortable in his arms and beside him as he pulled the sheets over us.

The last thing I remembered was that kiss before we said goodnight. The warmth and dampness of Jungkook’s naked skin against my own. I remember looking forward to waking up with him still asleep and his arms still holding me.

But when I did wake up and found him sleeping in my bed; the only feeling I was met with was remorse.

You’re the Boss

Pairing: Hotchner x Reader

Requested by anon: could you write imagine with Hotch,where the reader step-sister Penelope and helps her with her work (like an Intern).Once Hotch was asked to help the reader with something and she is trying to “quietly” seduce him.Aaron understands this and talks to her about it,but she continues to seduce him. Hotch tries to pull away,because she’s many years younger,but in the end loses,and it leads to hot sex in his office. Sorry if this is too much detail.Even if you do not accept,in any case, thank you :)

A/N:  When I talked about having a naughty dream, another anon asked for some rough sex with Hotch, and this only seemed fitting to the matter.  So major smut warning ahead.  Features a ‘sir’ kink and a bit of spanking in case anyone isn’t into that…

Originally posted by aarongregthomas

“I know it doesn’t sound that exciting, but my dearest pineapple, you have to start from somewhere,” Penelope said to her stepsister, handing her a stack of files.

“I know, I know.  Only way is up,” Y/N replied, grabbing the files and papers that she’d be instructed to organize in the filing cabinets.  Being an intern at the FBI may not have been the dream job, but it was going to look good on the resume and slowly but surely, she’d be able to climb the federal ladder.

“Garcia, do you have your debriefing paperwork?” Aaron Hotchner asked from his office door.  Y/N’s attention focused to the Unit Chief of the BAU.  The man had actually caught her attention since the minute she walked into the bullpen, his dark and stern gaze giving her goosebumps, the good kind.

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The Game

Pairing: Soulless!Sam x Reader

Word Count: 3.1k

Warnings: Language, tiny bit of humour, masturbation, phone sex, Sir!kink, dom!Sam, Soulless!Sam is a warning in itself.

A/N: Enjoy the fourth wall ;) This maaaay have a second part if everyone’s interested enough.This was also my first Soulless!Sam so I hope I did him justice.

Summary: You and the Winchesters investigate one of John’s cold cases, only forcing the tension between you and Sam to become dangerous.

Challenge: “You fainted…straight into my arms. If you wanted attention, you could’ve asked.” - Phone sex – My Bloody Valentine – #Lexie’s SPN Birthday Challenge @roxy-davenport

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Tuesday Afternoon

Investigating Cold Cases were one of your favourite things. Unfortunately, you also fucking hated them.

There was also a wild difference between cold cases in the real world, as you liked to call them, and cold cases in your world.

You were on one of John’s unsolved cases in Seattle with Sam and Dean, stepping out of Baby and heading straight for the bar to relax. Today had served absolutely no purpose. You had interviewed the relatives, the friends, and had investigated the newly dead bodies as well as gone over the old files from the case ten years ago. So far, you’d come up with nothing.

Sam was getting on your nerves, and Dean was just being Dean.

You needed a drink.

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Black Cupcakes (Negan x Reader) - For @strangersangel9′s JDM Birthday Celebration!

Word Count: 1,630
Genre: Smut
Fandoms: Negan, The Walking Dead, Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Pairings: Negan x Reader
Rating: Explicit
AO3 Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10696854
Warnings: Language. Oral Sex. Vaginal Sex. Mentions of zombies. Mentions of death.

Summary: Written for @strangersangel9’s JDM Birthday Celebration! It’s Negan’s birthday and you have baked him a batch of cupcakes complete with black-as-ink icing! When he takes you (and a cupcake) back to his bedroom, things get sweet and messy!

“Fuck, honey. What is this?” Negan entered the kitchen of the Sanctuary just as you put the finishing touch of black icing on his birthday cupcakes. It took just about every drop of food coloring that you could scrounge up from the pantry, but you knew he would appreciate the color scheme.

“Happy Birthday, Negan. I really hope you like them.”

A glimmer of sweetness flashed over his face as he made fleeting eye contact with you. It wasn’t like him to look away. He was more the type to invade your personal space and stare you down while he grilled you about one thing or another. But this gesture had him flattered yet uncomfortable. You wondered why.

You crossed to the other side of the counter and wrapped your arms around his waist, on top of his gray T-shirt but underneath his leather jacket. He felt warm and you snuggled into his coziness. “What’s the matter, Negan?”

“It’s nothing.” He cleared his throat, plastered a big smile on his face, and grabbed one of your yummy treats. “These look goddamn delicious!” He took a giant bite, nearly half the cupcake in one gobble, and came away from it with black frosting and pink cake crumbs all over his stubble.

You laughed at him and he laughed with you. He let you take a damp kitchen towel and wipe his face, and you followed that with a trail of soft kisses down the deep dimple on his cheek. He followed suit, trailing passionate kisses down your neck, attempting to dive lower into your cleavage.

“Ah-ah-ah,” you interrupted his plundering. “Not yet. Your dirty girl has got to get this kitchen cleaned up before we celebrate this bad boy’s birthday!”

“My princess will do no such thing. Hold on a second.” He walked over to the swinging doors of the kitchen and poked his head out. “Oh, Eugene! A little help in here?”

Eugene appeared a moment later, serious as ever. “How may I be of assistance, Negan?”

Negan rubbed his palms together with a smile. “Well, Eugene, as it happens, today is my birthday. My beautiful girl here has made me cupcakes, but those aren’t the only fucking cakes I’d like to get a firm grip on right now.”

You blushed. The man had a way with words.

Eugene’s expression remained unchanged. “Understood, Negan, but if you don’t mind my asking, what in the world does this have to do with me?”

Negan patted Eugene on the back. “Well, buddy boy, my girl wants a clean kitchen before I sweep her away to my private quarters. I don’t want her to tend to such menial tasks. And I certainly do not fucking want to clean up this mess myself. Especially not on my birthday.”

“Say no more, Negan. You two retire to your sleeping quarters and I will have this place hunky-dunky and fully operational ASAP.”

You and Negan both stifled laughs at Eugene’s wording, which was typical for him but still unusual to you. “Thank you, Eugene,” you told him with kindness and incredulousness mixed together.

“It’s no trouble. I cannot abide a reality where a sweet lady like yourself has to clean up this mess. Now let me get to it. Tick-tick-click, easy-peasy.” He began wiping the counter and then paused. “Are you going to eat these cupcakes?”

You giggled. “Help yourself, Eugene.”

“Actually,” Negan interrupted, “maybe just one.” He swiped one with one hand and grabbed your hand with the other, leading you out the double doors and down the hall to his black and gray lair.

You walked hand-in-hand, suppressing schoolgirl giddiness as he looked you up and down. Things were still quite new between you, and though you were just one of his many wives, you knew that each woman had a unique connection with him and you appreciated yours. You were good to each other and good for each other. The big bad wolf was pretty sweet when yours were the only eyes on him.

Back in his bedroom, he set the cupcake down on the nightstand, clicked the door shut, and bolted the lock. He leered at you playfully, palming the bulge in his pants, and then he walked over to the windows to draw the blinds closed. “We need complete fucking privacy for this little birthday party,” he said.

While he busied himself pouring a couple of glasses of scotch, still facing away from you, you slipped out of your dress to reveal a strappy black teddy that you could hardly wait for him to peel off of you.

You picked up the cupcake and held it like you were a model on a TV game show, as if the cupcake was his grand prize, though you knew that your body was his ultimate desire. You knew him well enough to know that he wanted to incorporate your sweet treats into the night’s lovemaking, so why not get the jump on him and surprise him with a little extra sugar?

He turned around with his mouth open, about to speak, but when he saw you standing there in your lingerie, his jaw simply dropped lower. Then he found his voice. “Jesus fucking Christ, you really know how to wish a guy a happy birthday!”

A smile spread across your face and you crossed the room to approach him, cupcake still in hand. “Sit on the couch and unzip your pants, birthday boy,” you commanded him. He complied immediately, pulling his engorged cock out and pumping it hard. But he needed no priming. He was ready to go. You got down on your knees in front of him. “You want me to blow out your candle?”

He visibly shuddered with pleasure at your suggestion, nodding his head and biting his lower lip. You dragged your finger through the black icing on the cupcake and smeared a thick dollop of it onto the head of his dick. “Ohhh, fuck,” he vocalized as you drew closer to it, ready to lick the frosting off.

As your tongue swirled around the tip and you took the frosting into your mouth along with the first several inches of his manhood, he threw his head back and moaned a low, guttural growl. You swallowed the whipped cream frosting and tasted its sugary sweetness mixed with his precum and sweat. “Mmm, you taste so good, Daddy.”

You bobbed your head up and down, taking his length nearly all the way, until he hit the back of your throat. He was grunting, frustrated. He wanted more. “I want to taste you.” He commanded you, “Get on the bed!”

Never one to disobey an order, you smiled and bounded over to his massive bed. You were thankful for his black sheets because he was headed toward you, cupcake in hand, and you knew things were about to get messy. “Mmm, let me unwrap my present,” he said as he slipped a finger beneath your black straps and pulled your lingerie off in one smooth movement. It took you an hour to get ready and it took him less than a second to have you naked.

You had used your finger to smear the icing on his naughty bits, but he took the direct route, pressing the top of the cupcake into your nipples and covering them with a thick coating of the black-as-ink frosting. He then dove in for a taste of the sweetness, sucking it off with gusto, leaving you moaning and breathless.

He traveled lower, taking a fingertip full of the frosting and rubbing it onto your swollen pink clit. He licked it off, twirling his tongue around your happy little bud, feeling your body bloom with pleasure. “Oh, baby doll, who needs cupcakes when you taste so sweet?” He smiled up at you, flashing those blinding white teeth. God, he was gorgeous.

He climbed up on top of you, positioning himself perfectly between your thighs. You beckoned him, “Please, Negan. Please fuck me. My pussy is your birthday present.” He groaned in pleasure at your words and he slipped inside so easily since you were dripping with wetness. He thrust hard into you, watching you writhe with sensual joy, hitting all the right spots until you hit your own high note of ecstasy.

Finally, after you were completely satisfied, he pulled out and looked you in the eye while he pumped his cock with his hand. “Where do you fucking want it, darling?”

Without hesitation, you answered, “In my mouth.”

He let go in a rush of warmth and contentment, filling your mouth with a generous amount of sweet but salty jizz. You loved the taste of him. The taste of his utter joy.

As he lay down next to you and you snuggled into his arms, you remembered his earlier hesitation when you presented him with the goodies you baked for his special day. “Negan, you didn’t mind that I baked for your birthday, did you? You seemed so quiet at first. And you are not a quiet man,” you laughed gently.

“Ah, no, darlin’. It was fuckin’ sweet of you. It just reminded me of the good old days with my wife, Lucille, before the walkers came and took her from me. You remind me a lot of her. You’ve made me very happy.”

A single tear rolled down his rough cheek and you kissed it away. Few people since the apocalypse had ever seen him this vulnerable and you felt fortunate that he let you get this close. You were tempted to say those three little words, but you knew it was much too soon, and he may never let you get that close. Just knowing he was happy tonight would have to be enough.

🖤Drug Lord E (Ethan x Reader)

Summary: Y/N boyfriend owes some money to a drug gang which Ethan happens to run. Y/N goes to pay off her boyfriend’s debt, but Ethan decides to keep her for himself.

Warnings FOR ENTIRE SERIES: Drugs/sexual assault/Violence

A/N: Twins are older in this. So I’ve never wrote anything about these subjects before and at any point if you are uncomfortable please stop reading! Also, requests are on hold until I finish the series! Still open, just won’t be posting! Now without further ado, I present Drug Lord Ethan

“Peace!” Grayson and I shout as we laughed lightly chuckled. I know this is wrong. I know what I do is wrong, but it’s who I am. I film youtube videos with my twin brother to throw the world off guard. I run one of the largest drug gangs in the world with Grayson as my right hand man. He always has the insight on things and makes sure everything runs smoothly and clears our tracks behind us. He always looks out for me and if something is wrong with the gang he is usually the first person to know about it and he deals with it.

“Dolan!” Grayson and I both look towards the doorway of my room and I see Nate, a member of the gang shouted. Soon he appeared in the doorway and was covered in blood to which Grayson and I jumped up and rushed over to him.

“Damn Garner what the fuck happened?” I growled as I see Alex rush in behind him.

“We went to go collect debt from Justin and he put up a helluva fight. Brought out a switchblade.” Nate states and looks to Alex.

“Did you pull your gun?” I asked and I balled up my fist in anger.

“No Dolan we know not to do that unless life or death. That’s the code.” Alex defends and I let out a sigh of relief. Grayson walks over next to me then he looks at the two boys. “He got away.” Alex says and I let out another sigh.

“Next time don’t let him get away. Now get yourselves cleaned up.” I stormed passed the bloodied boys and walked into the living room. Cameron was sitting on the couch as he was smoking a joint. I could see a block of cocaine peeking out from behind the sofa. I let out a frustrated groan. “If I wanted people to know we were a drug ring I wouldn’t be posting stupid fucking youtube videos trying to keep this a secret!” I shouted as I threw the block of cocaine at the wall which caused the block to burst leaving a white dust behind left in the air and a powder pile on the floor. The white dust was left behind on my fingers from poor packaging which I let out a sarcastic chuckle. “Wow who the hell taught you guys to pack your fucking cocaine? Your grandma?” I brushed my finger under my nose inhaling the drug which sends a chill throughout my body. For a second everything is just fine. I wasn’t in the drug ring. I was at home with Sam holding her in my arms. Grayson and Angie were planning their wedding as Sam was expecting our baby boy in the fall. I would fall asleep with her in my arms after she took our baby boy in his bassinet. It wasn’t just Grayson and I. Alone.

“Ethan.” I jumped at the slight whisper of Grayson’s voice. I could feel my heart start to race as I looked at a worried Grayson. “Damn your pupils are huge.” Grayson says looking me in my eyes. I inhaled deeply and I threw my head back. “Are you fucking high right now Ethan? Realy?” He seemed angry, but I just pushed him back.

“Hell yeah I am. These dumbasses can’t pack a fucking block of coke right.” I pointed towards the powder on the floor. “Teach them how to pack it or I’ll find a new brother.” I said shoving past Grayson to go back to my room. I slammed the door behind me and then I turned towards the wall. My head was pounding and my heart was racing. I could feel my stomach turning. I felt extremely hot as I knew these signs. I fell to my knees and lied on my back as I started to vomit all over myself as I was shaking and convulsing. I was drifting in and out of consciousness as I felt Grayson turn me on my side. I couldn’t hear him, but I knew he was screaming and probably crying. Soon everything seemed to grow soft and slow. I could hear Grayson’s screams get quieter. I felt my drool sticking to the side of my face, but I couldn’t move my arm to wipe it off. Then everything went black.


“I don’t know Cam it just happened.” I heard Grayson’s voice grow loud and soft as I was starting to wake up. I could feel a cool breeze on my bare chest. I felt extremely thirsty, hot, and sweaty. I slowly leaned up and opened my eyes. I was lying in my bed. Grayson and my sister Cam were talking and had their back towards me. Cam plays as our nurse since if we go to an actual hospital they have to report our injuries to the police. I then felt extremely nauseous and I leaned over.

“Shit.” Cam said as she grabs me a trash bucket as I vomit in the bucket hard. Cam holds the bucket until I finish and then her and Gray lie me down gently on my back. She then bends a straw in my mouth as I suck in some water. Grayson was sitting on a chair next to my bed. I was extremely dehydrated as I cleared the water from the glass in seconds. “What the hell happened?” Cam asked me as I leaned up some more.

“He snorted a little cocaine and I think he had a drug overdose or something.” Grayson hissed seeming irritated. “When he was having his seizure he kept mumbling about Sam. I’m sure she’s the reason why he snorted.” Grayson snapped which I jumped up. “He needs to learn to let her go!” He screams at me. Before I could retort Aaron came into the bedroom.

“Hey am I interrupting anything?” He asked shyly. We all shook our heads.

“No more than usual Carpenter.” I groaned which Grayson slapped my knee.

“You know that guy who owes us money? The one Garner and Aiono saw earlier today?” He asks and I nodded.

“Go on.” I demanded. “What’s wrong? Is he here? Tell him he’d better have my money or else if he’s just wasting my time–” He cut me off.

“He’s not here.” He paused. “His girlfriend is. She says she has the money to pay off his debt for you.” I cocked my head in confusion as I stood to my feet.

“E…” Grayson trails off, but I ignore him and I walk into the living room which I see her. Questions ran through my mind, but I only asked one.

“How did you know to come here? You boy toy doesn’t even know where we live.” I crossed my arms as her eyes linger on my shirtless body. She doesn’t say anything at first, but I smirked. “If you like what you see I’m sure we can work out an arrangement on you boy’s debt.” I said eyeing her body up and down. She was wearing a white crop top that had black horizontal stripes. Her hair was long and dark and I smiled to myself when I noticed she didn’t have much of an upper lip. She was wearing tight jeans which made her ass pop and white high top converses. She was extremely light and had dark brown eyes. I could see she had her belly button pierced which was pretty hot.

“Ew no. Here.” She held out a wad of cash in front of my eyes. “There should be roughly  eight thousand in there.” She added. I took the cash as I shoved the wad in my back pocket. Neither one of us say anything but I snapped my fingers signalling to shut the doors and the windows. Cameron and Nate lock the doors and close the blinds. She begins to look frightened and confused.

“The eight thousand is a nice gesture, but Mr. Kelley owes us more than just eight thousand.” I look to Grayson who was walking into the living room. “How much does Mr. Kelley owe us after not paying for almost three months?” I questioned Grayson.

“Well to start with he owed us 14 thousand and we tried to send him out to sell since he wanted to join our team. More drugs went missing then we got in profit. Then, counting interest and just because we’re assholes, let’s add some more thousands on there. In total Justin Kelley owes us a total of 22 thousand dollars and some change.” The girl’s eyes grew wide as her mouth hung open.

“We can’t afford that! I only have the eight thousand. He told you he was robbed and that’s more drugs went missing then in profit!” She screamed at me, but Nate grabbed her arms and held them behind her back.

“Well you two owe me about 14 thousand dollars and I know how we can work this out.” I look up to Nate and I nodded. He then picked up the girl and threw her over his shoulder and walked down the hall as she started shrieking which Nate muffled her screams as he took her to our spare room. I turn around to see Grayson and Cam looking at me.

“I’m leaving. Next time you have a drug overdose, don’t call me.” She says storming out, but she stops. “Just think, do you think Sam would want this?” She asked before slamming the door of the living room leaving Gray and I alone.

“Ethan…” He groaned sympathetically. I didn’t want to hear whatever he had to say. I turned on my heel and I wandered down the hall to get to know our new guest roommate who will be staying with us.

Part 2

Jughead’s Birthday-Reggie Mantle Imagine

Requested: No

Warnings: some dirty dancing and sensuality

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  “Are you guys insane?” Y/N blurted out. 

  She was sitting with her friends Archie, Veronica, Kevin, and Betty at their usual lunch table in the cafeteria. Things were going as normal as much as they could in light of Jason’s murder and their own investigation of it, when Betty had proposed the idea of throwing Jughead a surprise party. However, her outburst was met with the confused expressions of her friends.

   “What’s so insane about it?” Betty asked.

   “Betty, Jughead is an introverted, introspective, artistic emo kid who hates his birthday. He would probably rather be forced to go see Britney Spears’ Vegas show than have a birthday party.”

   “I’m with Y/N on this one, guys, he’ll just want to go to the movies like he does every year,” Archie said.

   “But this year is different. It would just be us, his friends,” Betty said.

   “And I would kill to start planning a party right around now,” Veronica added.

   “And he’ll kill all of us for planning this party,” Y/N said.

   Y/N was only slightly surprised that Betty wanted to throw Jughead a party. She was the sweet, bubbly girlfriend that would be a light in his life while Jughead was extremely comfortable being in the dark. She, Archie, and Y/N had known him the longest and were all too familiar with Jughead’s attitude towards his birthday. In fact, Y/N was about to continue arguing with her friends when her phone buzzed in her bag. She picked it up and her mouth went dry.

   R: Meet me in the common room now.

   Guilt began swelling up inside the seventeen year-old, but there was excitement mixed in it too. She and R never met in the common room before—-the locker room, under the bleachers, and the occasional empty classroom yes, but the common room never. Part of her wanted to hit R for being so stupid as to want to meet her in such a public place and the other part eagerly texted Ok before dropping the phone back in her bag.

   “I’ll be right back, guys,” Y/N muttered.  

  The rest of her friends nodded and didn’t pay any mind as Y/N stood and wandered out of the cafeteria. As she made her way towards the common room, she couldn’t help but check her hair, make sure her makeup was in order, and straighten out her long sleeved white button-down. Her body buzzed with excitement and anxiety when she finally reached the common room. Y/N took a deep breath before opening the door. Sitting on the couch was a smiling Reggie Mantle.

   “Took you long enough,” Reggie teased.

   “Shut up. Why did you want to meet here?” Y/N asked. “Anyone could see us.”

   “That’s exactly why I picked it.” 

   Reggie walked over to her slowly and Y/N hated herself for admiring how sexy he looked doing it. His short dark hair fell lightly against his tan forehead, his dark eyes were trained on her, and his football-chiseled muscles strained against the navy t-shirt and fitted jeans he wore with every step. When he finally got in front of her, Y/N pressed herself against the door, wondering why she wasn’t shoving away the person who bullied Jughead or gave the rest of them such a hard time. Then, she remembered their first kiss on the Fourth of July, when this all started. Though she and Betty had been hanging out, Reggie had approached them with the offer of beer. Betty politely rejected his offer while Y/N accepted, confused as to why Reggie was being so nice to them all of a sudden. One became three and three became five, and during the fireworks, she and Reggie had snuck away from Betty and the others to make out. The next day, Y/N had felt so hungover and guilty, but when she tried to avoid Reggie, he wouldn’t let her, and they wound up making out again. Then, it turned into a full on, clandestine fling. There were many times Y/N wanted to break it off, but she could never bring herself to and she didn’t know why.

   Y/N’s breath hitched when Reggie reached behind her to lock the door and close the blind in front of the narrow window. Then, he leaned down and kissed her. Slowly, Y/N kissed back as her eyes fluttered closed and she wrapped her arms around his neck. Reggie effortlessly lifted her into his arms and carried her over to the couch and lay her down without breaking the kiss. Y/N ran her hands through his hair, fighting a moan when he bit her lip. 

   “You’re so beautiful,” Reggie whispered as he began kissing his way from her jaw down to her neck.

   Y/N gasped not only because of Reggie’s amazing kissing skills but also because of his comment. Usually, he would call her “hot” or “gorgeous” along with a plethora of much dirtier words, but never did he call her beautiful.

    “Reggie,” Y/N whimpered.

    One of his hands slid down her body to the end of her shirt and he slid his hand underneath it, feeling the warm skin there. “Is this okay?”

   Y/N nodded. Though they had met up countless times, they never went all the way. Y/N knew Reggie was experienced thanks to the playbook she found with Veronica and Betty, but Reggie was the only person she’d ever done anything with. In fact, Y/N was shocked when Reggie didn’t make fun of her when she stopped him the first time he tried to go all the way with her.

   “I’m not a complete jerk, Y/N,” he had said.

   But it was true. That must’ve been part of the reason why Y/N had continued their secret affair.

   Y/N ran a hand through her hair as Reggie climbed back up her to kiss her jaw again. She couldn’t help but imagine her friends’ faces if they caught the two of them together. They would probably be in shock and Jughead would most likely never speak to her again—that was why Y/N usually felt awful when she and Reggie parted ways but would act normal in front of everyone else. However, he had stopped making fun of Jughead as much, but Y/N still felt a bit like a traitor.

    “Reggie,” she muttered.

    “All you have to say is my name? Really? You usually can’t shut up when you’re around your friends.”

    Y/N narrowed her eyes at him and sat up on her elbows to say something, but Reggie silenced her with a kiss. “I hate when you do that,” she said as they pulled away.

   “No, you don’t.”

   Y/N quickly lost track of time as they continued making out, loving the feeling of Reggie’s large, muscular arms around her waist and their hot embrace when she heard voices outside. 

   “What was that?” Y/N whispered.

   “Probably just some freshmen, don’t worry about it.” Reggie kissed her again, but the voices got louder because they were getting closer.

   Y/N panicked and shoved Reggie off of her as she tucked her shirt back into her black cigarette pants. “They’re trying to get in!”

   “So what if they do?” Reggie tried to pull her back into him but Y/N pushed him back.

   “They’ll tell people and it won’t take long before the whole school is talking about how Reggie Mantle, the head jock, scored with the nerd,” Y/N hissed in a whisper.

   “Would that be such a bad thing?” 

    Then, the voices stopped, meaning that they were gone and Reggie’s words sunk in. Reggie couldn’t be serious, he couldn’t actually want people to find out about them, could he?
    “If you wanted to keep your reputation, yeah.” Y/N stood. “Why? What were you thinking?”

    Reggie hesitated and then Y/N’s mind went to calculating and she quickly put two and two together. “I think we should be open about us.”

   “That’s why you wanted to meet in the common room, so that we could get caught. But you still locked the door?”

   “To throw you off.” Reggie sighed. “I’m tired of hiding you and sneaking around, Y/N. I want to be public about this.”

   “Why could you possibly want that, Reggie? It makes no sense.”

   Reggie maintained a straight, serious expression while looking at the y/h/c-ed girl. He never made that face when they were together and slowly, Y/N came to the startling realization. Immediately, she began shaking her head.

    “No, you can’t—”

    “But I do. I know this wasn’t supposed to be serious or anything, but I really like you, Y/N. I like how you speak up, I like the way you laugh, and whenever someone upsets you, I get upset too and I’m sick of the guys talking about you because they don’t know you’re mine.”


   “I’m not seeing anyone else and neither are you.”

   “You don’t know that.” Y/N folded her arms across her chest in a vain attempt to look sassy, but Reggie arched an eyebrow and she sighed. “Okay, you know that one, but it would be insane for us to tell people!”


   “For one thing, my friends hate your friends and vice versa. They would kill me if they knew about this.”

   “If they would kill you for being with me, then they aren’t real friends.” Reggie got up and stood in front of Y/N. “I like being with you, Y/N, and I know you like me too, even if you can’t admit that to yourself. Let’s just tell people about us.”

   Tears welled up in Y/N’s eyes as she shook her head and pulled away from Reggie. “I’m sorry, I have to go.”

    She tore away from Reggie and practically sprinted out of the room. It hurt but didn’t doing the right thing always hurt? Though she did have fun with Reggie, she couldn’t keep her friends disappointed faces out of her head nor could she seem to figure out her mixed up feelings about Reggie. On one hand, he was a stereotypical jock who was about as dumb as a doornail but on the other hand, he was very gentle and kind to her. And it pained her so much to think she had hurt him. Y/N couldn’t possibly…

   She cut off her train of thought as she pulled herself together and walked back into the cafeteria. Veronica, Betty, Kevin, and Archie were still talking when she sat down.

   “Oh good, you’re back! Archie’s on board with the party now,” Betty said carefully.

   Archie shrugged and Y/N pursed her lips.

   “What time should I be at your house tonight, Archie?”

   The others were surprised at Y/N’s response and they began to plan the party more. However, Y/N knew that she was using this party as an excuse to get incredibly intoxicated and forget about Reggie.

     A few hours later, Y/N was flexing her hands—-a nervous tick she developed at the ripe age of five—-in Archie’s foyer. Veronica, Ethel, and Betty had set up the decorations while Kevin and Archie figured out drinks.

    “Y/N, quit pacing, everything’s going to be fine,” Archie said.

    Y/N paused and narrowed her eyes at Archie. “You don’t know that. Jughead might implode from all of the emotions he’s been repressing for the last seventeen years or have a mental break down. He’ll kill us for agreeing to this.”

   “Oh, Y/N, you worry too much. Maybe you should have some of the punch,” Veronica said as she walked in.

    Veronica looked as pristine as always in a deep purple A-line dress with black pumps while Y/N felt ridiculous in a pink cropped sweatshirt, black leggings, and black ankle boots.

   “What am I even wearing? No one wears a sweatshirt to a party. I should just go.”

   “No way.” Veronica put her hands on Y/N’s shoulders. “Listen to me, Y/N, everything’s going to be fine.”

   “You don’t know that.”

   “They’re here!” Kevin announced.

   “I’ll take that drink now.”

   Veronica laughed a little as Kevin and Archie dimmed the lights while everyone else got into position. Then, Betty and Jughead entered to the small surprise party. Y/N closed her eyes as she sipped her first cup of punch. She slowly walked to where the rest of the group was to find a stunned Jughead and a beaming Betty.

    “What is this?” Jughead asked.

    “A surprise party for you, Juggie,” Betty said.

   “Happy birthday, Jughead,” Veronica said, handing Jughead his gift.

   Jughead glanced at it before looking up at Archie. “You knew about this?” He glanced at Y/N next. “Both of you?”

    “We just wanted to give you the birthday party you never had,” Archie said.


    Jughead was interrupted by Betty singing “Happy Birthday” and giving him his birthday cake. He tried to be a good sport as he reluctantly blew out his candles, but it was obvious that he was burning on the inside.

    It couldn’t get any worse.

    The doorbell rang and Archie answered it. On the other side was none other than Cheryl and the rest of the junior class of Riverdale High.

    “We heard there was a party and thought we would stop by,” Cheryl said.

    “But you weren’t invited,” Veronica hissed.

    “Aw, and we brought a keg and everything.” Cheryl fake pouted before turning to Archie. “What do you say, Archie-kins?”

    Archie paused. “Set it up outside.”

    And thus began the pandemonium. Loud Top 40 was blasting from the DJ’s speakers while all of us danced or played drinking games. Y/N lost her friends quite quickly but easily spotted a drunken Archie and Veronica in the middle of the living room. She stumbled over to them before she reached Archie, laughing when she accidentally spilled some of her drink on his shoes.

   “Sorry, Archie,” Y/N called over the music.

   “It’s fine! Wanna dance?”

   Y/N nodded as she, Archie, and Veronica danced together. Somehow, Y/N ended up grinding on Archie while twirling Veronica in front of her. Veronica smiled lightly and leaned towards Y/N.

   “I didn’t know you could dance!”

   “There’s a lot you don’t know about me!” Y/N giggled as she pulled Veronica close before casually switching places with her so that she could dance. 

     Archie didn’t seem to mind as the two of them got really into it, but Y/N casually continued twirling until someone grabbed her. She stumbled for a second before looking up and seeing a concerned Reggie staring at her.

    “Reggie? What are you doing here?” Y/N asked.

    “Cheryl texted everyone about this. Can we talk?” Reggie asked.

    Y/N shook her head. “No way, I’m at this party so I can forget about what happened?”

   “Why would you want that?” Reggie asked.

   “Because I felt bad about what I said.”

   Reggie was stunned by Y/N’s confession but when he tried to probe her for more information, the drunk girl simply begged him to dance with her, which he obliged. Reggie spun her around before pulling her close, smiling at the way she was laughing so much. Then, he did the unthinkable and kissed her in front of everyone. Y/N hesitated before wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him back. Soon, they were making out in front of everyone and neither of them seemed to care. When they broke apart, Y/N’s forehead was resting against Reggie’s as she panted.

    “That was fun,” she said.


    “All right, everyone, time for secrets and sins!” Cheryl called over the music.

    Y/N opened her mouth to respond to Reggie but got tugged away by Veronica and was forced to sit with her and Archie in the living room. Cheryl and Chuck looked much too confident for Y/N’s comfort, plus, she hadn’t realized that she had just made out with Reggie in front of everyone.

   “What was that with you and Reggie?” Veronica asked.

   “What?” Y/N asked.

   “Okay, guys, you know the rules, it’s like truth or dare but you confess something. Ronnie,” Cheryl said cheerfully, “why don’t you go first?”

   “I don’t want to play this stupid game, Cheryl,” Veronica said.

   “Aw, come on, Ronnie, you’re sucking the fun out of it,” Chuck said.

    Veronica glared at Chuck and Y/N shifted in her seat as she glanced at Reggie, who was sitting across the room from her. She felt bad as Reggie continued staring at the tips of his shoes.

   “I’ll play.” Reggie looked at Y/N before looking at Cheryl. “Over the summer, I met this beautiful girl—-amazing hair, body, face—-and she was way out of my league, but I still went after her. We started sneaking around because her friends don’t like me and I was fine with that, but now, I’m tired of hiding it because I’m in love with her even though she’s smarter than me and could have any guy she wants and her friends hate me, but I don’t care.”

    Y/N shook in her seat both from holding back tears and from nerves do to his confession. Foolishly, she wondered for a moment if Reggie could have been speaking about anyone besides her.

    “And who is this amazing girl that’s got our Reggie Mantle head over heels in love?” Cheryl asked.

    Reggie looked at Y/N. “She knows who she is.”

   Chuck glanced between the two and laughed. “Y/N Y/L/N? Really, Reggie?”

   “Shut up, Chuck,” Jughead snapped.

   “Why should I? The Riverdale jock has been sneaking around with this nerd.” Chuck stared Y/N down and Veronica protectively wrapped her arm around her. “Maybe I should’ve taken you out.”

   “Back off, Chuck,” Reggie spat.

   Y/N suddenly felt nauseous and she whispered so to Veronica as she stood. Veronica stood with her and glared at Chuck, but Cheryl blocked their path.

   “You don’t get to leave until everyone has a turn,” Cheryl said.

    “You won’t care about turns when my friend vomits all over your Gucci boots,” Veronica shot back.

    “But Y/N hasn’t told us how she feels about Reggie. Do you love him or were you just using him?” 

    Y/N glanced at Reggie, tears welling up in her eyes even more. Her drunken mind was far too jumbled up to create words, but her heart ache spoke enough for her. She could only imagine how hurt he was as Veronica led her out of the room and into the nearest bathroom. There, she emptied her stomach’s contents before resting her head against the cool porcelain of the toilet. When she was done, Veronica helped her lean back and clean up. Then, Y/N burst into tears, disgusting, hiccuping tears. Veronica knelt to her level and tried to console her.

    “What’s wrong?” Veronica said.

    “I…I hurt him, s…so b-b-badly,” Y/N managed to say between sobs. “H-he t-t-told m-m-me th-that he w-w-wanted t-to be open ab-about u-u-us but I d-d-didn’t want to.”

   “Why not?” Veronica asked.

   “B-because a-all o-of you h-h-hate him a-and I f-fell for him! I-I didn’t want t-to lose any of you.”

   Y/N expected Veronica to treat her coldly, say something classy but snarky, or quietly berate her. Much to her surprise, Veronica hugged her and rubbed her back.

   “You’re not going to lose me, Y/N, I’m happy for you,” Veronica said.

   “Wh-what?” Y/N asked as she calmed down.

   Veronica pulled away, smiling. “Sure, Reggie isn’t on the best terms with everyone, but you’re my friend and I care about you so if he makes you happy, then I’m happy for you.”

   Y/N sniffed. “Thanks, Veronica.”

   “Anytime. Now, let’s get you cleaned up before we get back outside.” 

   Y/N nodded and let Veronica help her clean up. By the time they got back outside, the party had dissolved with only Betty, Jughead, Kevin, and Archie standing near the front door.

   “What happened?” Veronica asked. 

   “Chuck took things a little too far,” Betty said.

   Jughead looked up at the two, specifically at Y/N. “Is it true that you’ve been sneaking around with Reggie?”

   “Yes,” Y/N whispered.

   “And you never told us?” Betty added.

   “No, but what was I supposed to say, ‘Hey, guys, I just finished making out with the guy you all hate and I actually love him too’,” Y/N replied.

   That stunned her friends.

   “You love him?” Archie finally asked.

   “Yes, I may be a little drunk right now, but I love Reggie Mantle. He’s big, strong, funny, and respectful and I don’t care what any of you think.”

   Archie was the first one to hug Y/N. “I’m happy for you, Y/N. But if he breaks your heart, I’ll break him.”

   “And I’ll help him,” Veronica added.

   “We all will,” Betty said.

   Y/N frowned. “So, none of you care?”

   “If he makes you happy, then I’m fine with it,” Betty said.

   “And it might take a while for me to warm up to it but I’ll still support you,” Jughead said.

   Y/N couldn’t believe it—-her friends actually supported her relationship with Reggie. She and Reggie could’ve been public sooner and they wouldn’t have had to hide in the first place, really.

   “Is he still around?” Y/N asked.

   “He’s outside, he was worried about you,” Jughead said.


   Y/N took a deep breath before walking outside of Archie’s house. Reggie was sitting on the first step of the porch, his back facing her. For once, she felt calm around Reggie as she walked over to him and sat down. He glanced over when he saw her.

   “You feel better?” Reggie asked.

   “Yeah, a lot better.”

   “Look, I’m sorry about what I said during that game—actually, I’m not because I love you and I want everyone to know and if your friends don’t like it, screw them because—”

   Y/N cut him off with a sweet kiss before pulling away. “I love you too, Reggie, and I’m so sorry that I hurt you. I was too afraid of what my friends would think and they didn’t care at all, as long as I was happy with you.”

   “And are you?”

   “I think so.”

   Reggie kissed her, making Betty, Veronica, and Kevin feel gushy while Jughead and Archie simply sighed in acceptance. All they knew was if Reggie hurt her in anyway, he would regret it. 

maxwellandlovelace  asked:

Hey! My birthday is March 25 (the big 3-0). I love smutty!everlark (preferably rated E) and Peeta in a uniform. That would be an awesome present, but I'd be happy with anything=) I think you're doing such a great job with this blog. It's a wonderful idea!<3

Originally posted by omgitslish

Grattis på födelsedagen!! Wishing you a wonderful birthday @maxwellandlovelace. To help you celebrate in style, the always incredible @katnissdoesnotfollowback has written this wonderful slice of Everlark, just for you!

All’s Fair

WARNINGS: RATED M for mild language, immature pranks, and smut. Everlark college/military cadets AU. ;-)


“You sure you know how to pick one of these things?”

“Yep,” I whisper as I continue to work quietly. Not as fast as I’d like since my hands are shaking.

“Damn, Everdeen, where’d you learn to pick a lock?”

“Senior prank in high school,” Gale explains to them quietly. “I hotwired the principal’s car and she picked the lock on the hockey rink so we could park it on the ice.”

“Nice,” Mitchell says.

“You scare me, Everdeen,” someone else mutters. A third snorts in response and Gale reminds them to keep their eyes open.

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You Like That Don’t You, Love?

Request: “Can you please do a Newt Scamander smut where either you catch him masturbating or he catches you and its kind of goofy sex. Also can the reader be his assistant who’s a thunderbird? If you can”

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 2514

Warnings: SmUT! Like the most detailed smut I have ever written in my LIFE.


Originally posted by relationshipaims

You and Newt leaned against a wall as you both stood eating a quick lunch, observing all the bustling creatures as you took your well-deserved break. You both had your vision trained on a small black thing, that was currently looking into its pouch with pride.

“How much do you want to bet that my lost necklace is in there?” You asked your companion, taking a bite from your sandwich.

“I don’t want to bet because I know it’s in there. We’ll get it back when he’s asleep.” Newt replied simply.

He looked to his side, lapping up your beauty with his eyes. He only now became aware of the way your arm was slightly grazing his whenever you’d bring your food up to your mouth, sending a pulse that would awaken the butterflies in his stomach. You turned your head, catching him in his stare, and he quickly looked back to the Niffler, a pink hue painted across his face.

“Look, think the bloody little rascal forgot something.” Newt pointed with a wide smile as the both of you had been idly watching the Niffler go about its business.

The creature was scurrying back to its treasure pile, unaware that it was dropping some valuable items from its pouch as it speedily ran into its burrow.

“Looks like break time is over.” You sighed, chucking the rest of your sandwich into your mouth. “I’ll help our little friend out, you go get the feed organised.”

Newt chuckled at your muffled sentence, watching you give him a chubby-cheeked grin and then swallowed your food, heading over to the trail of coins and jewels. He walked over to the side of his shed, where there were dozens of labelled boxes containing bags of feed for all the different species.

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Peekaboo || Baekhyun

Father!Baekhyun X Mother!Reader

Summary: Its not always easy being away from home sometimes. Especially when you have to leave your family behind.


Giggles erupted from the young boy’s mouth as he watched his father pull all kinds of weird faces at him, clapping his hands in pure delight.

“Aiii my handsome boy you’re so cute~” Baekhyun laughed as he smiled fondly at his son. “Who’s appa’s favorite little boy??” 

The baby boy smiled and pointed at himself. “Hanu!” He laughed bubbly. 

Baekhyun smiled and nodded. “That’s right Haneul, it’s you! Appa’s favorite person in the whole wide world!”

Suddenly Baekhyun heard a voice calling out to him from somewhere else. 

“Awww, I thought I was you’re favorite.”

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softly, sweetly

A/N: hey yall so this is my first 5sos written thing! i’m lowkey banking on it being chaptered, so lmk if you want more!! it,,,also doesn’t have a working title yet please feel free to suggest titles

Pairing: Calum Hood x Y/N

Word Count: 1,252

I do take requests!

one | two 

Calum Hood was, to say the least, incredibly attractive. With his strong arms, brown skin, and plump lips, he was anyone girl’s dream, including yours. The problem with this picture was those plump lips of his seemed to be kissing a new girl each month. The second problem within first said problem, was none of the girls he kissed were you. You’d been fawning over him since first year, and now, it was senior year.

This year, you’d decided, you would either get over him or get with him.

“How do you even plan to do that? I’ve tried to get you to date someone else for almost two years! And you never want to!” your best friend’s exasperated sigh came once you’d told her your plan.

“Well, I mean, it’s a rough draft of a plan, okay?” you retaliated sheepishly.

“It’s barely a plan at all, unless there’s something else to it.” She cocked a skeptical eyebrow at your responding grin.

“I said or get with him,” your confidence was blind, but it had some reasoning to it. “He gets with, like, every girl in the school, why not me?”

“Exactly! He gets with every girl in the school. That’s not a good thing!”

You simply rolled your eyes and let her words blow away in the early autumn breeze. The two of you had been sitting on the bleachers of the school football stadium, sharing food and watching the football team. Or rather, you were watching Calum on the football team while your friend ate. Before your friend could voice any more of her doubts, the two of you heard the football team doing their vaguely ridiculous chant they always did at the end of practices. The team began to stream out of the field and into the locker rooms, and once the last sweaty, pubescent boy was in there, you friend stood up.

“Alright, the show’s over. Now, we can go,” your friend huffed, practically dragging you down the stairs. You only grinned and followed.

You knew your friend meant well for you, and her doubts were her way of protecting you. But sometimes she had a point. If he kissed every girl in school, it was liable that you’d become just another girl kissed. Just another rock skipped across the surface until it sunk to the bottom. Part of you knew your fantasies were just that: fantasies. But the other part couldn’t help but wonder ‘what if?’

Your friend drove you home, the two of you occasionally bickering over who controlled the auxiliary cord but for the most part settling to sing obnoxiously along to the song. That was how you arrived home, windows partially rolled down and your noise level turned up.

“I bid you adieu,” you said dramatically and gave your friend a two-fingered salute once you’d stepped out of the car. She drove off with a middle finger and a laugh from you, and you put the key in the doorknob of your front door. You lived with your dad, who was currently still at work, so you were home alone for the time being.

“I’m in deep with this girl, but she’s out of her mind,” you sang to yourself as you helped yourself to a yogurt. Yogurt was quite possibly one of the true blessings given to Earth.

You headed upstairs, singing in between bites of yogurt and using your spoon as a microphone once you’d finished. You entered your room to find your cat on your bed, blinking up at you with mild irritation that you’d woken her up.

“Hello, Kitkat,” you greeted your cat with an affectionate tone before flinging your curtains open to let the sunlight stream in. The cat didn’t acknowledge you, instead opting to move to where the sunlight was the warmest. “I love you too, Kitkat.”

You heard voices outside your window and looked down to see your neighbour, Luke, and none other than Calum himself. The best part of living in this particular house was getting to see Calum around all the time (albeit through your window, but you’d take what you could get). Luke was Calum’s best friend, despite how different they both seemed. Luke came off as much more reserved than popular boy Calum, but you’d seen how he grew more extroverted around his friends.

Only then did you notice you were staring at precisely the same time Luke noticed you staring. He shot a dimpled smile to you accompanied with a wave, and you saw Calum turn to see who he was acknowledging. You locked eyes with Calum, and a blush rose to your cheeks before you pulled the blinds shut on the window.


“Who was that?” I asked Luke, one of my few close friends. He’d been waving to a girl in the window of the neighbouring house. I recognized the girl; she always sat up in the bleachers with her friend during football practices, but I’d never talked to her.

“That was Y/N. How do you not know her name? She’s been going to our school since our first year,” Luke laughed while unlocking the door to his house.

“I dunno. She’s just never crossed paths with me, I guess,” I shrugged it off easily and followed Luke into his house.


“Calum is beside me,” you said into the phone, the excited smile evident just from your tone. “Well, I mean, he’s in the house across from me, but it’s close enough, right?” You grinned when you heard the silence on the other side of the phone before your best friend spoke that meant she was rolling her eyes.

“You’ve been obsessed with him for entirely too long,” your best friend’s voice was singsong with a pinch of frustration. “Just talk to him. It can’t be that hard.”

“But what if I talk to him wrong? I mean, say the wrong thing. You get what I mean,” you stumbled over your words out of nerves. The thought of just walking up and talking to Calum felt awkward and unceremonious. You’d had Calum on a pedestal for so long that it seemed something mundane like ‘hello’ wouldn’t be worthy of his time.

“You’re not going to talk to him wrong,” she reassured you on the other end of the line. You uncrossed your legs from the position you’d been sitting in and laid back flat on the bed. Silence echoed through the room as the two of you each thought of different plans.

“I have an idea,” you said at the same time your friend said, “I have a plan.”

“Can I go first? I’m going first,” you declared, excitement from your idea speaking for you. The idea had struck you and was beginning to blossom into yet another extended fantasy, but the difference between a fantasy and a plan was voicing it.

“Okay, so you know that party they’re having after the next football game? Calum will be there, right? And we’re going. I’ll look super hot, and he’ll notice me!” Determination lit your voice with ferocity that deflated a little when the eye-roll pause came.

“Or you could just talk to him at school instead of when he’ll most likely be surrounded by other girls. You two have that class together, right?”

“Yea, but it’s not as cool.”

“Since when have you been cool?”

“Fair point.”

“You’re going to ignore my idea and drag me along for the ride, aren’t you?”

“You know me so well.”

13/50 - “How can anyone not be afraid of love?”

Fandom: All for the Game/The Foxhole Court
Characters/pairings: Neil, Andrew, Kevin, Nicky, Matt/andreil

A/N: Hope this is okay. I’ve been sleeping a lot so I tried to write this in between during the time I was awake so I hope it’s coherent? Also, I think I’m pleased with the last half or fourth or whatever of the fic. Like, pretty darn pleased. I hope you are, too.

Neil grabbed Andrew’s hand, still reveling in the fact that he was allowed to touch him. He followed him the short distance to the door, ignoring the looks passed between teammates.

“Stay,” Andrew said.

“Why?” Neil tilted his head and leaned in close.

“We won, the team is getting along, they’re celebrating.”

Neil furrowed his brows. “But you’re leaving.”

Andrew shrugged, unbothered. “I’m just tired. I’m going to sleep.”

“Me, too.”



He stared Neil down until finally admitting, “I think I’m getting a cold. If I get you sick, Kevin might kill me.”

Neil snorted. “Okay, yeah.” He grabbed the back of Andrew’s head and pulled him close. Despite his words, Andrew kissed him back, hands coming up to rest on Neil’s waist. Neil pushed his shoulder gently and Andrew stepped back so that his back was pressed to the door.

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anonymous asked:

hii tay, can you write a fic based on the heathens music video?? thanks :)


A knock on the door snaps Tyler out of a deep sleep. He blinks twice, trying to ground himself. He was overwhelmed, disoriented.  He had a bitter taste in his mouth, and sinking feeling in his stomach, but he couldn’t pin point why.   As he rubbed his eyes, he noticed that they felt gooey, like they were being held shut by melted honey. He felt like he was under water, every motion was slowed to half the speed it should be.

Eventually the heavy feeling slowly faded, and he was able to sit up straight.  He pulled himself to an upright position and finally surveyed his surroundings.  His room was dark, lit only by the moonlight shining through the window.  He was startled by another knock, this time louder.

A wave of dizziness washed over Tyler as he hurried out of his bedroom and into the hall.  The knocking continued, growing more and more frequent until he finally was able to grip the knob and hoist open the door.  

Tyler didn’t even have a moment to react before he was being shoved up against the wall, his face connecting with the edge of the doorframe as his hands were being forced into handcuffs behind him.

A voice begins speaking in a stern tone, but Tyler’s having a hard time concentrating on what he’s actually saying.  

“What— what’s—“ Tyler gasps, “I’m— what’s going—“ He can’t seem to form a coherent sentence, even after he’d been all but thrown into the back of the police car.  

It takes everything inside of Tyler not to let out a scream when an officer splays six pictures down on the table in front of him.  They’re gruesome photos, each one worse than the last.  Tyler can’t stand it any longer and eventually squeezes his eyes shut.  

“What is this?” Tyler manages to croak out despite the bile creeping up his throat.

“You tell us, Mr. Joseph,” one of them says with a heavy sigh.

“What?” Tyler yelped, his jaw dropping. “What did I do? I don’t – I don’t understand.”

His head shoots up from the photos when an officer in the corner of the room scoffs loudly.

Tyler turned towards the woman sitting directly across from him.  She has dark hair and a look of sympathy on her face. “What’s going on? Why am I here? What did I do?”

Tyler spit fires questions without even a breath in between.  “Am I in trouble?  What happened?  Why can’t I remember anything?”

Suddenly an image pops into his head.  It’s of him and Josh.  Vaguely, it’s the last thing he remembers.  Like a foggy image, he remembers the two of them had gone for a walk in the woods.  He remembers surveying the back of Josh’s head on the way as he walked in front of him, admiring the bright yellow color.  But he couldn’t pinpoint why they were out there.  “Where’s Josh?” he asks, figuring if the police knew Tyler, they might know Josh too.

That seemed to catch everyone’s attention.

“You don’t know?” The woman asked, a hint of skepticism in her voice.

Tyler shook his head.

“Christ— he’s lying!” one of them yelled.

But the woman held up her hand harshly, shutting him up.

“Is he in trouble too?” Tyler asks, fear flooding his voice.  

The woman stares back at Tyler, and instead of answering even one of his many questions, throws one at him.  “Tyler— do you recognize any of these photos?”

Tyler doesn’t want to look at them again, they made his stomach churn.  He looks away and shakes his head harshly.  

“Look closely,” she instructs.  She places both her hands on the photos and scoots all six of them closer to him on the table.  They’re screaming up at him, even as he stares straight ahead, focusing his attention on the gun and holster hooked to one of the police officer’s belts, he can see flashes of red.

“Tyler—“ she eases.

He bites his lip, everything inside of him screaming, telling him not to look down.  

“We need you to take a look at these,” she soothes reaching her hand even further across the table and touching his arm gently.  He jumps at the contact and rips his eyes away from the gun to meet her gentle, brown ones.  

“It’s really important that you look at these photos carefully, Tyler.” She speaks with such ease and Tyler can’t help but trust her.  They were just pictures, he tells himself, they pose no threat or harm.  Just pictures.

He slowly nods before beginning to lower his gaze, trying to mentally prepare himself for what he was about to see.  But no amount of time in the world could have done that.

It couldn’t have been him.

He couldn’t have done it.

It surely wasn’t him.

It wasn’t.

He couldn’t have killed him.

But even after spending the majority of the night saying those words, somehow, as Tyler was slowly led down the hallway of the state penitentiary, he knew that he deserved to be there.

With four guards on his back, Tyler kept his head down as they led him through the hallways of the penitentiary. You’re a monster, they said, possessed, and after seeing those pictures, Tyler supposed maybe he was. He deserved every name, every scratch, every bruise.  And when he closed his eyes, all he could see was that blood.

Blood, and the golden light Josh illuminated.

He deserved to be shoved to the ground, with his arms twisted behind his back. The scratches on his face, bruises on his arms were small punishment for what they said he’d done.

God, he’d been racking his brain, but he just couldn’t remember what or who or why it happened.  But the blood caked under his fingernails and the sinking feeling inside his gut tells him that he did it.

There’s other inmates on both sides of the hallway wearing identical orange jumpsuits.  They lean against the bars yelling profanities and whistling loudly as Tyler is led down the corridor.  Tyler can’t do anything but stare straight ahead, devoid of all sensible feelings.  

Tyler’s shoved in a cell like a piece of meat, he stumbles before finding balance just as the door slams shut.  Tyler tried to close his eyes, but was blinded, choked, prodded, by that same light that never seemed to leave his mind. It leaked into his skin and covered every inch of his body with guilt.  He could see it now, Josh’s eyes fading from brown to gray.

Tyler pushed up from the hard metal bench claimed to be a bed and locked his hands around the bars of the cell. Things started to brighten as a white, cheery, light flooded through the hallway, making Tyler squint.  When he opened his eyes again, Josh was there, leaning against the prison wall. He smiled, his head tilted, and Tyler backed away from the front of the cell, shocked.  

Josh didn’t speak.  Instead, he cocked his head to the side and looking hauntingly at Tyler through the bars.  His eyes softened, as he looked at Tyler like he was a pitiful, lost child.  He’s not sure how long they stare at each other before Josh let’s out a sad sigh and walks away.  

“Wait!” Tyler yells out desperately, flinging himself forward.  He looks out to the hallway, hoping Josh heard him and turned around, but all he sees is emptiness, with no evidence that there was ever any light at all.  

Late at night when the shadows danced and whispered Tyler would lie awake on his uncomfortable bed.

Sometimes if it was late enough, Tyler would hear Josh speaking in the hallway.  His faded hair was more of a dull yellow nowadays, roots a dark brown, that Tyler would observe when he’d pay visit to his cell.  Usually he’d just stand there, looking at Tyler with that same sympathetic look in his eye.  Tyler tried to talk to him at first, but had given up hope now.  

It had begun to end differently though. Instead of just quietly walking away, Josh would melt into a pile of blood and Tyler would scream until the guards ran in to stop him.

He wasn’t sure how much longer he’d last in this prison.

Tyler was falling apart.

In the middle of the night, Tyler woke up to a glowing gold light.

“No!!!” he screamed, curling his body into a ball, trying to hide from Josh. He couldn’t face him anymore. It hurt too bad, was too much for him to deal with. His soul was in pieces now, never to be revived because you couldn’t resurrect something that was never alive, never fully intact, in the first place.

“Come with me,” Josh whispered, as he wrapped his arm around the bars. Tyler’s face jolted up at the sound of Josh’s voice.  “I’ll get you out of here.” his honey mocha eyes crinkled at the corners when Tyler peeked over his shoulder. “Let’s go back home.”

Tyler shook his head harshly.  “I can’t go home-“ he sobbed.

“Let me play for you, Tyler.”

Tyler blinked back the influx of tears and looked at the image of his tortured soul in front of him.  “Common—“ Josh says.  He grips his hand around the handle of Tyler’s cell and opens the door smoothly.  

Tyler inhaled sharply in surprise. But as he hesitated, Josh began to walk away. As painful as it was to see Josh, it was even more painful to watch him walk away.

Tyler hurried off his bed and sprinted out of his cell, following the illuminated light in front of him as he walked down the corridor like he’d done so a hundred times.  He wove around a corner and didn’t stop until he was in the large room where group counseling sessions were sometimes held.  

Tyler stopped at the door and marveled at the stage in place that wasn’t normally there.  Josh took his seat at the drum set before motioning for Tyler to step closer.  Tyler does.  Because of course he’ll do anything for Josh.  He picks up the bass that’s leaning against the stage and slings it around himself in a smooth motion.  He hesitates only slightly before taking his place on stage beside Josh.  He looks to his right and bites his lip, a sudden wave of anxiety had washed over him.  But Josh returns the smile, and this time, there’s no sympathy behind it.  It’s just a genuine smile from his best friend.  It warms his insides and Tyler begins to play.  And Tyler felt at ease for the first time in a long time.

When Tyler opened his eyes, he was sitting on the floor, four guns pointed at his head. A man talked into a walkie-talkie, saying that they had found him.

They wanted to know how he had escaped his cell. “You assaulted six guards,” they told him as Tyler was hoisted onto his feet and shoved down the hall. Tyler didn’t do it.  He was with Josh.  He didn’t know he did it. It wasn’t him.

Then why were his hands covered with bruises?

His hands.    

His awful, murdering hands.

Tyler is led to maximum security.  Complete isolation.  On the walk there, they pass by a window and Tyler catches a glimpse of the outdoors for the first time in months.

It’s gray, complete overcast.  Clouds cover overhead, creating a desolate, dreary day.  

“I killed the sun,” Tyler says, his voice catching in his throat. “I killed my sun.”

Sex Pollen

Based on a prompt I saw on tumblr. Took it a little too far. NSFW

Honestly the day starts like any other. Kara dealt with some chemical fire at a subsidiary of what she suspects is Cadmus but nothing truly suspicious was going on and noone got hurt so there wasn’t much she could do about it. She had gotten some strange smelling chemical on her at the lab but she felt fine and therefore wasn’t overly concerned.
Both Lucy Lane and Cat Grant were back in town for some pro-alien convention put on by none other than one Lena Luthor which was nice. Kara looked forward to Lucy’s relaxing scent and Ms. Grant’s ever-steady heartbeat that only ever seemed to skip a beat when it came to matters regarding Supergirl or Carter’s safety.

(Kara tried not to think about the fact that in comparison Lena always smelled wonderful and how her heart absolutely raced Supergirl or Kara was near.)

Kara walked into CatCo to go see Ms. Grant and welcome her back and that was when she started noticing the strange looks.


Sure she was used to gathering some attention. She was quite aware that by human standards she was considered reasonably attractive. But the stares she seemed to garner today as she made her way to Cat’s office were bordering on overt leers.

As she was nearing Cat’s office, she picked up a familiar scent. Lucy Lane was walking toward Kara with quite a purpose.

“Lucy! It’s so good to se-”

Kara’s words were cut off as Lucy suddenly pulled her into a nearby vacant office. The lawyer quickly closed the blinds and locked the door behind them. When she turned around from locking the door, she pinned Kara with the most lustful eyes Kara had ever seen anyone give.

“Oh Kara…” Lucy purred with a breathless voice.

Kara felt her own heart suddenly pick up and Lucy’s thumped heavily in her chest.

“God Kara you look so…ravishing today.”

Kara blanched under Lucy’s hot words and gaze. What the hell was Lucy doing.

As Lucy stalked closer, Kara managed to stammer out with a furious blush “Um. Y-yes. Well. Than-thank you. Uh. L-lucy.”

Lucy was suddenly pressed right up against Kara. She reached up and trailed her hands against Kara’s face as Kara suppressed a shudder.

Even with Lucy’s actions thus far, Kara was still slightly taken aback when Lucy suddenly grabbed at her face and kissed her soundly on the mouth.

Oh Rao Kara thought. Lucy began lightly flicking her tongue into Kara’s mouth and pressing the Kryptonian further into the desk in the center of the office.

Lucy’s hands grabbed all over Kara. It was like she couldn’t get enough of the girl. Kara vaguely heard Lucy moan as Kara gently reciprocated by grabbing Lucy by her thighs and hoisting her up to get better leverage.

Wait. This is going way too fast. Kara found herself thinking suddenly.

Kara would be lying if she said she hadn’t somewhat considered her attraction to Lucy before but this still seemed unprecedented for some reason. She pulled back and put Lucy down tentatively, not wanting to ruin the semblance of friendship they had.

She bolted to the door with her superspeed and slammed it shut behind her, wincing as she heard what was likely the window cracking. She could still hear Lucy panting in the office room but the youngest Lane did not chase after her.


As Kara made her way into Cat’s office, her mind swam with thoughts of what had just occurred. Lucy had never given her any reason before to think that she was that attracted to her, why act on her feelings now?

A sudden “Kiera!” rang through Cat’s floor with a sharpness some part of Kara had missed. She gingerly opened Cat’s office and stepped inside.

“Yes, Ms. Grant?” she said softly. As she spoke, she could feel that her lips still tasted of Lucy.

Cat pierced through Kara with harsh hazel-green eyes and pressed the button on her desk that made her glass office doors opaque, something she would use often when dealing with more delicate members of the press.

Kara swallowed hard under Ms. Grant’s roaming eyes. She suddenly regretted wearing a sleeveless shirt. (Almost)

“Come here Kara.” Ms. Grant said in a soft tone, laced with something Kara couldn’t begin to describe.

Ms. Grant stood up as Kara made her way over and met Kara in the middle of her office. She began to run her hands over Kara’s bare shoulders with an utterly enraptured look on her face.

“My my. These arms are not just for show are they, Kara?”

“M-ms. Grant?” Kara was embarrassed by the squeak of her voice.

Cat suddenly grabbed Kara’s hand and pulled her to her desk chair. The CEO sat down in her chair with grace and gave a soft
“Well?” in Kara’s direction.

It suddenly dawned on Kara that Ms. Grant wanted her to sit in her lap. Kara found herself surprised by the throbbing wave of arousal that came over her at the thought of straddling Cat in her own office chair.

Kara gently straddled one of Cat’s thighs, both of them letting out simultaneous groans at the pressure Kara’s weight created.

Kara found herself looking down at Cat warily. This wasn’t how she thought her day was going to go at all but there was a mortifyingly large part of her that was relishing the idea of being in this position with Ms. Grant. It was probably influenced by the part of her that had a huge crush on Ms. Grant at the start of Kara’s job with her.

“Kiss me Kara.” Cat said suddenly. And Kara couldn’t help but oblige, moaning softly as their lips met.

Oh. My. Rao. If kissing Lucy felt good, this felt even better. Cat’s lips were as soft and pliant as Cat herself under Kara’s touch. Kara’s skirt rode up higher under Cat’s wandering hands.

She felt her center being pressed harder into Cat’s thigh and she suddenly broke the kiss to gasp out harshly in thrumming arousal. Kara’s heightened senses meant she got worked up very easily. And between Cat and Lucy being pressed against her within a span of about 20 minutes, Kara was certainly very close to spilling herself all over Cat’s expensive pantsuit.

“Shit. Kara!” Cat cried out as Kara’s squirming forced a strong thigh to be wedged right in the sweet spot between Cat’s legs. A few more soft thrusts and harsh pants against each other’s mouths and Kara felt herself reaching her peak, crying out weakly into Cat’s neck.

Cat followed soon after. The sight of Kara losing herself under her ministrations was too much to bear.

As they both sat there, foreheads pressed against one another, Cat’s desk phone rang out sharply.

Kara’s hand shot out instinctively to grab the phone and picked it up, unconcerned about sounding breathless to whatever middle age white man was likely calling at this time.

“Cat Grant’s office, this is Kara Danvers speaking.”

“Oh well if it isn’t my very own hero Ms. Danvers. I thought you were no longer answering phones for Cat?” A soft flirtatious voice spoke gently into the phone.

“Lena…” Kara breathed out. Her voice still tinged with the arousal brought on by the very woman whose lap she still sat in.

“Lena!” The realization of who she was speaking to brought her out of her haze. She all but jumped out of Ms. Grant’s lap to respond to Lena’s teasing words.

“I..uh, just happened to be in Ms. Grant’s office when the phone rang.” She chuckled nervously. “Old habits die hard I guess.” She swallowed hard as she realized Ms. Grant was still looking at her hotly. The CEO’s orgasm seemed to have momentarily sated her overwhelming lust for Kara at the current time.

“Well it’s funny you answered Kara. I actually wanted to set up an interview with you.” Lena’s near Irish lilt came out softly as she spoke further.

“I figured I would try to go through the appropriate channels for once to get ahold of you.” Kara felt herself smiling fondly at Lena’s voice. The Luthor always had a calming effect on her.

“Can you meet me today? In about half an hour for lunch?” Lena’s words came out in a rush as Kara mind scrambled to process what was happening.

“T-today?” Kara squeaked out. She wasn’t sure what was going on with everyone, but she had been hoping to avoid Lena today so that the black haired girl wouldn’t fall victim to whatever was affecting everyone.

“I-I guess I can make it today. H-half an hour from now? Your office I guess?”

“Yes Kara that would be great!”

Kara could still feel Ms. Grant’s hot gaze drilling into her back.

“Alright I will see you then Lena!”
“Bye Kara”

Kara turned around to face Ms. Grant again. “IhavetogointerviewLenaLuthorbyeMs.Grant” She rushed out in a breath likely too fast for human ear’s to truly catch and sped out of Cat’s office.


After narrowly escaping the clutches and hands of James and some intern she barely knew the name of, Kara found herself finally at Lena’s office.

She walked passed Lena’s secretary, Jess, and Jess stopped her with the most peculiar gaze. The small Asian girl spoke very purposefully.

“Kara. I am so so glad you are in Ms. Luthor’s life. She has become a much happier person since you came into her life and if there’s anything I can do to help you, let me know.”

The girl spoke with such honesty and passion in her eyes that Kara was taken aback and found herself gaping slightly.

“Oh. Well. Okay then. Thank you Jess.”

Kara walked up and knocked softly on Lena’s office door. Jess kept her eyes trained on Kara and gave her an enthusiastic thumbs up when Kara turned around.

A soft “Come in.” filtered into Kara’s ears. Kara stepped through the door tentatively.

“Lena?” Kara called out into the office, not seeing but smelling and hearing the CEO.

“I’m here Kara! I just dropped a pen and I-” Lena’s words seemed to die in her throat as she watched Kara approach her desk. She cleared her throat loudly and moved her gaze pointedly to busy herself with something on her computer.

Lena kept her eyes locked on anywhere but Kara as she spoke about some new invention L-Corp was devising to help protect aliens against attacks from CADMUS. Kara could hear Lena’s heart pounding in her chest.

The Kryptonian flinched as Lena’s smell flitted through the air. Kara was suddenly distinctly aware of how hot the room seemed to become as she realized Lena was definitely aroused because of Kara’s presence.

Kara’s eyes began to roam over Lena as she realized the woman was gripping her desk tightly enough that her knuckles were white. Her own heart rate picked up as she unabashedly stared at the CEO’s soft looking cleavage. It suddenly dawned on her that Lena had stopped talking and was waiting on Kara to respond.

“Oh I’m sorry Lena I am quite distracted. I have had a very odd day to say the least.” What was Kara doing? She was flirting with Lena.

It struck Kara that she wanted Lena to lose control as Ms. Grant and Lucy and literally everyone else around her had today.

Lena still hadn’t taken her eyes off of her computer.

“I said” she started, but as Kara stood up abruptly and made her way around Lena’s desk, the green-eyed girl couldn’t help but pull her gaze towards the blonde haired reporter.

Kara came around to the side of the desk Lena was on and leaned on it, crossing her strong arms across her chest, emphasizing both her toned biceps and generous chest.

Lena’s heart was absolutely pounding. Kara could see the sweat actually rolling down the Luthor’s forehead. Arousal was pouring off the girl in waves.

“Yes Lena?” Whose voice was that? That husky tone was certainly not one Kara had ever heard come from her own lips.

Lena’s hands were clenching and unclenching in her lap. Like her hands had to be doing something to prevent her from grabbing Kara.

Kara surprised even herself with her boldness and she reached up and grabbed the glasses perched on Lena’s face. She pulled them off gently and pretended to study them. Lena just gaped at the reporter’s actions.

“I didn’t realize you wore glasses Lena.” Kara could smell the way Lena’s panties became wetter every time her name crossed the reporter’s lips.

“I-I o-only n-n-need them f-for long p-periods of r-reading.” Lena gasped for air as she seemed to struggle with the simple sentence. Kara hummed softly in acknowledgement and placed them back on Lena’s face, allowing her hands to brush over Lena’s lips as she pulled away.

Lena couldn’t tear her gaze away from Kara. It occurred to Kara that Lena must have miraculous self restraint. Noone had been able to resist her as long as the CEO today.

Ironic she’s the only one I really want. Kara thought. Kara licked her lips as she unashamedly looked at Lena’s.

She couldn’t contain her own self restraint as she leaned over and kissed Lena on the mouth. Hard.

Holy mother-fucking Rao. Lena’s lips seemed to cause a fire within Kara to suddenly spark to life. As Lena began to reciprocate with unrivaled passion, Kara moved to sit in Lena’s lap, careful not to straddle her leg so that maybe she would last a little longer this time.

Kara’s lips moved to Lena’s creamy neck and she began to kiss and bite and purposefully leave her mark.

“Oh FUCK! Kara! Yes!” Lena let out a string of expletives and soft praises to Kara. The alien felt herself warm at the praise being sent her way. She just wanted to make Lena feel good. Wanted to prove that she herself was good.

“What do you need?” Kara asked breathlessly, unable to help the soft grinding motions of her hips against Lena’s.

“I-I need you against me Kara. I want to feel you under me.” Kara felt herself erupt in a small orgasm at Lena’s words. She shook against Lena as the CEO began peppering her lips down the blonde girl’s neck.

Kara stood up and pulled Lena with her. She divested Lena and herself of their underwear and laid down on the couch, pulling Lena on top of her. She could feel the dark haired girl’s wetness on her thighs.

At least we’re both wearing skirts. Kara chuckled to herself softly. She pulled on Lena’s skirt softly until her center was exposed. Lena did the same to her. Lena lifted her hips and pressed her weight into Kara, both of their clits rubbing against one another softly.

Kara let out a resounding groan as Lena gasped loudly for air. The CEO began moving her hips, thrusting her center gently into Kara’s.

Another string of expletives fell from Lena’s mouth and Kara had to bite her lip to keep from crying out loudly enough for Jess to hear. Kara had never felt anything like this with her few other lovers.

Seeing Lena come undone before her, on top of her, was the most erotic thing she had ever seen in her life.

Their wet clits rubbed together deliciously as Lena rode Kara into oblivion.

“Hngh. K-Kara! You’re so good honey. So good at this. It feels so right to have you under me.” Lena called out breathlessly. Kara was barely able to understand her between all of her gasps, but Kara felt herself peak soundly upon hearing Lena’s praises.

Lena gaped down at her as she realized Kara had come from her words. She suddenly thrusted her hips even rougher against her.

“You like that, huh, Ms. Danvers? You like when I tell you you are such a good girl?” It was too much. Kara realized she came again at Lena’s words.

“Fuck. Kara. I-I had no idea you were so-” Lena cut herself off with a loud moan as she was pulled over the edge herself.

She fell to Kara’s chest, hair sweaty and and arms limp. Kara realized dimly that they were pretty much still wearing their clothes.

A beep came into Kara’s ear. She had begun to wear her DEO earpiece all the time for easier and faster communication.
Damnit. I regret that decision now.

“Supergirl. Come to the DEO immediately.” J’onn’s voice sounded very urgent.

She gently pulled Lena off of her, smiling fondly as she realized Lena had passed out after her orgasm. She left her a note on her desk and kissed the sleeping CEO softly on the cheek.


As Kara arrived to the DEO, her sister’s troubled eyes were the first she saw. Shit. Is this sex thing going to affect Alex too?

She landed soundlessly next to Alex and laughed nervously. “H-hey Alex. Golly I have had the weirdest day.”

Alex gave her a strange look and stalked two wide steps to grab Kara’s face.

“I would kill for you. Do you understand? I would betray the entire U.S. government right fucking now if it meant it would save your life.” Alex’s penetrating gaze was almost unnerving to Kara.

Well at least she’s not kissing me.

The connection between Kara and Alex was broken by J’onn suddenly spraying her with some kind of chemical. “Ugh J’onn! What the hell?”

“That should stop the catalyst in your system. You were hit with some kind of chemical this morning at the lab?”

“Oh! Must have been some kind of uh…sexual thing I guess? Some kind of pheromone?”

Alex and J’onn just looked at each other.

“Um. Yeah. Let’s go with that.”

“Okay! Well I hear the police sirens. Duty calls.”

Alex and J’onn stood there in stunned silence.

“Sir I thought the chemical Kara was hit with lowered all inhibitions and self control in humans? It doesn’t have anything to do with sex right?”

“Kara doesn’t need to know that.”

Creepypasta #1125: 40 Acres Of Woods

Length: Short

I’ve lived in the woods my whole life. 40 acres of property, my family house far back from the road. The very definition of seclusion. The only visitors we ever get are the ones we plan on. Nobody has any reason to come down here. In fact, most never even see our driveway from the road.

Basically, I’ve lived a peaceful life here. A small town, everybody knows everybody else, no crime. A town of unlocked doors, that kind of small town. Of course, however, being in the woods meant we did a lot of hunting. Rather, my mom’s boyfriend is the one who did (and still does) all of the hunting. Because of this, we have cameras set up all throughout the woods so he can see if there’s deer or other wild animals out and about. For years all we did see was wild animals.

Then, a year or so, we caught a strange shape on the cameras. Ron called us all over to see if we could figure out what it was. The lens must have been dirty or something, because the picture was really blurry. All I could make out was a vague, tall, dark shape. Ron thought it looked like a bear on its hind legs. My mom, always the paranoid one, immediately started freaking out and saying it was a man, that was a man.

Of course, Ron and I laughed her off. This camera had been way back deep in the woods, on OUR property, there was no way anybody could be back there. Plus, it was freezing cold out (winter in Michigan). Who the hell would be outside, in the dark, in WINTER? After a bit more joking, my mom finally sighed and accepted she may be a bit paranoid. We all agreed she was, as the cameras came up with only wild animals. Peaceful again.

But of course, you’re reading this. Something happened. About a month later, a man started knocking on our door. Now, to get to our house, in winter, you have to hike down an ice covered driveway. You have to WANT to get to our house. Nobody ever comes door knocking to us.

And yet. Against my mom’s wishes, and all logical thinking, Ron opened the door to reveal a man. He looked rough. Poor. To add to that, he was asking for money. At 9pm, in the freezing cold weather, this man knocked on our door to ask for money. We didn’t give him any, closed the door, and watched him walk away. We were all a bit put off. It’s 9 o'clock, there’s snow, freezing winds and ice. Not exactly weather to go door to door in.

Which brings me to a week after that. On our 40 acres of property, we have many deer blinds and hunting stands, which are only ever checked during season. Well, Ron and I went out to check them. Deep back in the woods, checking the last deer blind, we saw it. The busted off lock. I looked at Ron, but his gaze was focused on the lock. Time seemed to slow as he reached forward and lifted off the lock, opened the latch, and let the door open. He shined a flashlight inside.

The light revealed a dirty mattress, several blankets (again, winter), and crumpled food wrappers along with empty cans. It smelled atrocious inside, and if I wasn’t so used to the smells that you come across finding dead animals, I feel it would have been worse. He swung the flashlight to look at the walls, which had a few dusty pictures on them. The hair on the back of my neck stood up. I grabbed Ron’s arm and told him we needed to go. Now.

We latched the door again, and hiked back to the house. Ron called the police, while I walked around the house on a sudden feeling. We had gotten a fresh layer of snow recently. Nobody in my family had recently walked round back of the house, but the snow had footprints in it. Bootprints to be exact, bigger than anyone of us that live here.

He’d been here. Outside of our house for god knows how long. It’s what they don’t tell you about living on a large property. Sure, you get seclusion and privacy, but you can’t keep an eye on everything. You can’t watch every corner. But when the police came back later saying that it seemed the man had fled, you realize. Just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they can’t see you.

Credits to: Vesper_Martini