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What is your opinion on various Voltron ships?

I don’t remember all of ships, but I’ll try to give my opinion on few notable ones.

Voltron itself - 9/10. Great potential, a big variety of weapons. Cons - too many locked functions, product service and warranty probably expired.

The Castle of Lions - 8/10. Nice defence and a lot of functions. Cons - the kitchen and bathroom look terrible after each battle.

Zarkon’s main ship - 7/10. Great design, very big. Cons - evil.

Rolo and Nyma’s ship - 3/10. Ugly design, can’t even fly away from Keith, probably still broken

Ulaz’s ship - 1/10.  Pros - small and maneuvering. Cons - beyond fixing after crashind into robeast.

Critical Role/Hamilton Art Style Preview!

@anodesu (twitter) created this GORGEOUS artwork of Lord and Lady Briarwood for our show by accident, but we had to share. It’s not part of the Chroma Conclave arc, so we can’t use it in the show, but how amazing is this? Our volunteer critter artists are so generous, creative, and talented!

And this is only a sampling of what we already have locked away in our production vault. We can’t wait to show you the rest of it! We’ve gotten custom art from some incredible artists, including @firelystash, Joma Cueto, and frickin’ @tessfowler, just to name drop a few! And there are plenty more amazing artistic critters joining us that we are so proud and humbled to get to share their incredible art with you!

Stay tuned for more updates on the progress of “VOX MACHINA: An Exandrian Musical”!

Cis people are definitely the authority on nonbinary lives. We should listen to everything they say because they are totally objective enough to know who we are. Pink and blue must reign supreme in all things. Gendered products are a necessity of life. Cis is bliss. 👪

HAPPY APRIL 1! Pranks all around!

Don’t listen to the cis and don’t take part in their ridiculous habit of gendering of literally everything. And asking them about nonbinary people is like asking my goldfish about fine wine. They have no clue.

Being nonbinary is a priceless gift. You rock, you’re valid, and don’t ever forget it. Keep breaking that binary. ✊🌈


I forgot the email I used waaaay back when I first made my Cyber-elf RP blog on tumblr. I was planning on kicking life into his muse once more, but now I guess I gotta design a whole new blog for him.


But, here he is. The boi. I’ve had this baby for…6 or 7 years now. His name is Merlin, but everyone calls him Gage. (Because of the word Gauge geddit i’m smart). He’s my poor, poor, sassy, goofball, adorable little baby.

Voltron Theory Time

If anyone remembers that iconic leak of Matt & Shiro some months back, I think that new leak of Pidge finding Matt gives us enough information to finally debunk what’s happening in it.

This was posted as an instagram story by ohlittleasianone aka Kimiko Glenn, who now we know as of season 3, is the voice of Ezor, from Lotor’s gang!

Now, here begs the question: why would Kimiko be there, taking pictures in the recording booth, literally saying that she is “Doin Stuff” (voice acting!) if this wasn’t a scene where Matt and Shiro were fighting Ezor/the other generals? Lotor’s crew are the main villains for now so it’s definitely likely. At the very very least Ezor appears in the same episode. 

Alright, Matt & Shiro are likely fighting Lotor’s general(s). Making the episode of this leak most likely to be in season 4 or 5.

It can be argued that this occurs in an even later season (these girls look like they’ll be hanging around for a while), however something I haven’t seen a lot of people mention is that the art of Matt & Shiro looks completed– and that this is post production work! Hyperbolic Audio does post production recording, there’s a fantastic post about how that all works >here.< Basically: Kimiko probably just had to re-record a line for Ezor, she isn’t dubbing over her, but instead fixing her voice post-production. “Locked update 2017-04-18″ - the episode itself was finished/very nearly finished by mid April. It’s season 4 or 5.

What I’m guessing either is that this leaked scene either happens right at the end of season 4 or around the beginning/middle episodes of season 5. Lotor’s crew are like mini boss battles, they’re important enough to be part of the last big fight of season 4. However it could also be from a fight in season 5. 

Keep in mind season 4 is technically episodes 8-13 of season 3 and so far it has been on the ball about keeping up the pace of the show, having no filler episodes and deepening the plot. ~Theoretically~ it has a fast enough pace to get to a point where Shiro & Matt would be fighting the galra generals in the final episode. However, there’s one big setback to this theory.


is how Pidge seems to find Matt. She’s alone. We can literally see her lion go to the planet where Matt is, alone. 

This has been hinted at right from season 1 and considering how team voltron is a bit of a mess right now I’m not surprised. I’m thinking that an episode may be dedicated just to her finding her brother, and end with Matt becoming another ally to team Voltron by the end. Pidge and/or Matt still have to reunite with the team though, probably resulting in various amounts of team dialogue with Pidge stating her reasons for leaving alone/introducing Matt/his reunion with Shiro. It looks like Pidge & Matt both run into some trouble on the planet too.

What I’m saying is, finding Matt and whatever his role with Voltron will be will take up some time. In a season with only 6 episodes, maybe a bit too much time to get to a point of fighting the galra generals by the end. Still, this is season 3 part 2 we’re talking about, so maybe I’m wrong, it just depends how fast the pace is and how early on Pidge finds Matt.

At least we know for sure that whenever this leak happens, it’s not in the episode where Pidge finds Matt. He has a cool cape and the leaked Matt doesn’t woo

But that’s interesting, because before this pidgey video, people expected Shiro to find Matt as per the leak. But he is nowhere to be seen in this newest leaked video (unless they were leaving it for a surprise but I doubt it, this is Pidge’s climatic goal, not time for real!Shiro to crash the party even though we want it to be) Therefore will the real Shiro show up when Pidge finds Matt? Doubt it. 

So… is the Shiro in this leak the real one? We know that clone!Shiro has the replacement black paladin armour, so yeah, no. 

Clone!Shiro’s the one in the leak.

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We’ve been attacked; please change your passwords

This is an URGENT MESSAGE to all LoE account holders. A short time ago, Legends of Equestria suffered a malicious cyberattack, and we believe that compromising account information has been accessed. We therefore strongly recommend that everyone who used the same password on our forum (and therefore for their game account) anywhere else to CHANGE THAT PASSWORD IMMEDIATELY. This is a safety precaution; we do not store passwords themselves in plain text, but the information that may have been compromised could allow simpler passwords to be brute-forced. 

We are currently locking down all production until we can guarantee the safety of all team members and players, and our forum will be offline until we’re certain that we’re secure. We will require a mandatory password reset on LoE itself for all account holders, but we still strongly urge you all to change your passwords on other services if they’re the same as your LoE password. We can only apologise for this, and continue working until we can guarantee everyone’s safety once more. 

If you used your LoE password anywhere else, for your own safety, please change it IMMEDIATELY.

Skincare Routine

For the past few weeks, I’ve been following a routine derived from the 10-step Korean skincare routine. 

The key to remember is to layer all the products from thinnest to thickest consistencies. I’ve been seeing a huge improvement in my complexion; super excited to see what future results will bring!

Step 1: Cleansing Oil

This is the first step of the “double-cleansing” technique. At first, I was very hesitant to use an oil-based cleanser seeing as my skin type is oily and acne-prone. However, using this in conjunction with a foam cleanser for the next step addresses that issue. I’ve been using the Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Light Oil to remove all my makeup easily. Works like a charm!

Step 2: Foam Cleanser

Not only does the foam cleanser remove the rest of the makeup, it makes sure to also remove the remaining oil cleanser from your face to prevent breakouts. I’m currently using Kracie Naive Cleansing Foam Peach, and I like to exfoliate and further scrub off dead skin using my Konjac activated charcoal facial sponge. It makes my face feel super clean and smooth afterwards. 

Step 3: Toner

Western toners are also known as astringents, which can be harsh on the skin and dry it out. Asian toners are also called “lotions”, and is of a watery consistency. They are meant to act as primers to balance out the skin’s pH and to help the additional products better absorb and penetrate into the skin.  I really like Hada Labo Shirojyun Albutin Lotion. Albutin has a whitening effect on skin as well!

Step 4: Sheet Mask (optional, night time only)

Once a week, I like to use a sheet mask to give my face additional moisture and to target additional problems. Skin masks are pre-soaked in essence, and there are a large variety of masks out there that I can go into further detail in another post. I don’t have a regular brand of skin mask that I’ve been using since I like to experiment with the varieties of different ones. 

Step 5: Serum

Serums also address specific issues such as wrinkles, dark spots, brightening, etc. It’s like a lotion, with thick consistency. Skinfood Peach Sake Pore Serum is great for my acne-prone skin since it works to minimize excessive sebum and large pores. 

Step 6: Tretinoin Cream 0.025% (night time only)

I’ve also been using a dermatologist-prescribed cream to get rid of annoying hormonal breakouts and to improve skin texture. This is a tricky product to use as the side effects include peeling skin, causing redness and dryness for several weeks. It also makes my skin very sensitive to sun. This is optimally applied on completely dry skin, so I usually wait 30min after my previous step before applying tretinoin. 

Step 7: Moisturizer 

For night time, moisturizer is the final thing that locks in all the products on your skin. I just started using the widely popular Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream. Containing 74% of snail secretion filtrate, this product can reduce redness, acne marks, diminish wrinkles, lighten scars, and improve complexion overall. Really excited to see this in action!

Step 8: Sunscreen (day time only)

One of the reasons Asians are known for their incredible skin is definitely due to sunscreen. Japanese sunscreens are highly rated and very effective. My favorite is Hada Labo UV Creamy Gel. With SPF50+ and PA++++, this sunscreen effectively protects against both UVB rays and UVA rays, respectively.

If you have any skincare recommendations, please let me know! I will love to test new products and review them here. :)

Fanfic Favorites

So here are some of my all time favorite fics for the Naruto fandom!

In Good Company by weialala

Words: 198,928

Summary: This will sound a little ridiculous, no matter how Sasuke phrases it. I see dead people is embarrassingly tacky, and I’m half-spirit seems like something Sakura might say when she’s stoned sky high. So he settles for a shrug.

Comments: A Sasuke-centric fic for the ages, and definite fandom favorite. It’s a canon divergence au which breaks off when Sasuke decides to return to Konoha after killing Orochimaru. It’s heartbreaking and hilarious in equal parts, and sucks you in from the very first line. Aside from Naruto and Sasuke’s relationship this fic builds on Sasuke’s other bonds from the series, most heavily his bond with Kakashi which is a personal favorite of mine. There is a second half which is still a WIP, but this part is still satisfying to read on its own.

Indigestion, Expired Milk and Sasuke by Mass_Effecting_Your_Pants

Words: 5734

Summary: “Of course!” Sasuke deadpanned. “I can totally understand how you could confuse nausea derived from consuming off dairy products for locking lips with someone you find attractive. Yeah, Naruto, totally.”

Comments: A Sasuke returns to the village au. Who doesn’t love a good misunderstanding fic? Featuring Oblivious Naruto, Smitten Sasuke, and bad eating habits. There’s nothing more adorable than awkward teenagers trying to navigate Feelings, especially teenagers as dysfunctional as Naruto and Sasuke. This fic is just the perfect combination of hurt/comfort, humor, and teen angst. It gets me every time.

The Earth Doesn’t Move by mostlyharmless

Words: 7780

Summary: Years after Sasuke has come home to the village, he still doesn’t really fit in very well. Naruto thinks maybe it’s his turn to wait for the olive branch. All the ramen is an added bonus.

Comments: This is your classic getting together fic set in a post series au. I think my favorite thing about it is how tender Naruto and Sasuke are with each other without being out of character. It’s a domestic setting, and it’s really the story of how quiet moments can bring people together. Conversations over ramen and bad tv can have just as much, if not more emotional impact than dramatic speeches on the battlefield, and I think this fic really shows that.

No Time for Survival by Sazzafraz (@sazzafraz​)

Words: 89,109/? (WIP)

Summary: A ‘What If’ starting from the premise of Itachi’s apparent demise at the hands of a rebel group attempting to overthrow the established shinobi system. Sasuke is quickly blackmailed into joining and thrust into a world of politics and hard choices, only to discover that his world is made of many threads and choices he could have never foreseen. Featuring the author’s love of world building, deeply maladjusted protagonists and politics.

Comments: Ok, so this one’s a bit unconventional, but it’s also my all time favorite Naruto fic. It has some of the best worldbuilding I’ve ever encountered, and the best characterization. Sasuke is the heart and soul of this fic, and I wish that canon’s Sasuke had had the emotional depth that Sazzafraz gives this Sasuke. The intense and detailed look into the practical side of shinobi politics works perfectly with fully realized ocs to bring the horrors and beauties of the shinobi world to life. Fair warning, at the time that I am writing this post Naruto has not yet actually appeared, but he’s set to make his debut in the next chapter which will probably be published soon, as this fic does update with reliable frequency. I urge you all to give it a try, and I hope you’ll fall in love with this fic as deeply as I have.

Of course this isn’t all of them, I didn’t want to overwhelm anyone with the more extensive list. If anyone is in need of some recs, or has a fic they’d like to share please to let me know!


   *This post will focus on how this placement could manifest positively.*

Saturn in 12th house:  

This placement can make the person feel paralyzed with fear and anxieties. They tend to feel blocked creatively and lack energy. May struggle with depression and sadness. Aren’t confident and may think low of themselves. However once this understand this placement and it’s power they can be one of the most healing and powerful people on earth. After all this depends on how Saturn is aspected and placed.

So what happens with Saturn in 12th house?

  • Once they realize that they have to face their fears and not to allow their fear and anxieties to control them and begin opening up slowly they will become more relaxed and ease with themselves.
  • Realize that solitude is a powerful thing to them and to use it productively, to put boundaries that will save their energy from being sucked by negative or dark auras or entities .
  • To learn that you have to let things just be as you can’t control everything and sometimes things happen just because it’s meant to happen.
  • To realize that since they lacked a good example of authority in their life they should become their own authority, and be tender, wise and comforting to themselves.
  • To outgrow their self destructive behavior and be satisfied and proud of themselves.
  • To help the ones who were misunderstood or mistreated like them and to push them towards betterment.
  • To realize that inside of them they carry a powerful and healing inner wisdom and energy that they can turn too when time gets tough.
  • To know they are people who have valuable views and morals and fight for it as it will help not only them but others to move towards a better future. 
  • To learn how to use their sensitive energy in a smart and productive way instead of letting it get scatter or go to waste.
  • To learn to be more tender and patient with themselves instead of being harsh on themselves.

Saturn in Aries: 

All of this can happen and develop through the self, use of energy and drive. To use the fighting energy and anger that is locked inside in a productive way that will lead to more healing and relaxation. To learn to let the tension and anger through sport or walking. To use your voice and status to defend the right causes and to help the ones who have been wronged. To gain more confidence in yourself and your talents. To conquer your own fears and demons and become a better person. To learn to express how you feel and be honest to yourself and others. 

Preferred hair products for the chocobros!
  • Noctis: A hand, he just slicks his own hand through his hair and bam! Insta-luscious locks!
  • Prompto: EVERY HAIR PRODUCT IMAGINABLE!!! Looks great, but smells like gasoline.
  • Gladiolus: Mud, dirt, "manly" hair products. Combines them together, forming the "Gladio Mix, The Ultimate Smell Experience"
  • Ignis: Simple mixture of one or two hair products bought before the fall. They kind of hold sentimental value to him.