lock nah

DM: You enter what appears to be an empty room. Stone walls, stone floor and a large wooden door on the other side.

Player 1: I go over and try to open the door.

DM: Roll

Player 1: 4

DM: Nah, its locked.

Player 2: I go over and attempt to pick the lock.

DM: Roll

Player 2: 7

DM: Nah, its still locked.

Player 2: …..I knock…

DM: ……..roll.? I guess…?

Player 2: 19!

DM: *sighs heavily* You punch a fucking hole in the door.


an AU? huh.

Where She Went


pairing: daveed diggs x reader

summary: daveed and reader were high school sweethearts who had a bad breakup before they both left oakland. four years have passed and fate (and a well-timed cello concert) bring them face-to-face.

warnings: swearing. that’s really it.

word count: 2,504

a/n: day three of @hamwriters write-a-thon is lit day :-) based on the novel “where she went” by gayle forman which is actually a sequel to “if i stay” but i do what i want. this is in Daveed’s POV because the original book is in the guy’s POV, and i’m planning on posting a second part on POV day so be on the lookout for that. okay love u happy reading

“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for flying with us today and enjoy your time in the Big Apple.”

Daveed unclips his seatbelt as the other passengers begin to file off the plane, standing to grab his carry-on from the overhead compartment. It’s the only bag he packed, because he’s only in the city for 24 hours. Tour starts in two days, and his manager had all but physically forced him onto the plane to NYC.

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Fly me to the Moon

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A/N: Shamelessly saw some really inspiring art. Decided to write it. Probably only a three-four part fluff.

Summary: Rainbow drags Johan to New York for a thing. Johan finds out New York is pretty neat after all. 

WordCount: 3855
Warnings: None that I know of 

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My Top 100 Movies (in no particular order)

55/100: The Mummy/ The Mummy Returns

I love things related to Ancient Egypt, so these movies are right up my alley. I think they are hilarious action movies, and really the highlight f Brenden Frasier’s career.  I love his character and the sarcastic humor.  The back and forth between all the actors is amazing and their characters are so loveable and fun.  I can watch this movie over and over again.  It is so great watching them grow.  I enjoyed the second one just as much, with their hilarious son who acts like Johnathan.  Then there is of course the debut of Dwayne Johnson as The Scorpion King (which still would have been better without the computer animation).  However you will not see me put the third installment up here, I did not really care for it.  It was not clever, it felt like they were trying too hard to make some more money from the franchise, I prefer to think of it as just these two! 

“It’s just a book. No harm ever came from reading a book.”  

femjohn riding a motorcycle. wearing leather gloves. her short hair getting dishevelled after taking off the helmet 

this is obviously what I meant by that post by johnlockandwifi (this one is for you, Rawan^3^) 

anonymous asked:

So since Celestia got addicted to the serum Alicorn, did her mane start falling out and her muscles start locking?

Nah fam. Not everyone has the same symptoms occur to them. Her hair didn’t start falling out but she began having difficulty moving around and had started to see hallucinations, mostly of her sister taunting her and scorning her for what she’s done (because even at her cruelest, Celestia feels a touch of guilt for everything she’s done, she’s just good at completely ignoring it). So the symptom that affects her the most is joint and muscle weakening, something she combats with a number of implants and the use of prosthetic limbs (all of her limbs aside from her left arm are prosthetic, and she has a spinal implant similar to what Hosts help better control the alicorn doses she takes).

It’s gotten so bad at this point that she must take one daily dosage of alicorn to even function properly. And she’s actually not as addicted or as dependent on the stuff as some of the others are. >.>

anonymous asked:

Please continue the taken in au! I want to know what happens next!

Of course I can! I hope you enjoy this next installment! I love the idea of Marco protecting Tom. Because Tom is the scary demon and Marco is the safe-kid human. I just love role-reversals like this. I hope you enjoy!

Read the last one here! https://tomco-headcannons.tumblr.com/post/160172902492/thanks-for-the-nice-message-youre-so-sweet-and

Marco got far enough from his home so that his parents wouldn’t see him take out the scissors that Hekapoo awarded him. He cut a portal open and jumped inside. Marco looked around and saw he was in a dark room with portraits on the walls. All seemed to be of demons that appeared to be royalty, from their attire and stance. This had to be the castle of king Lucifer. And more importantly, the home of Tom.

Marco looked around the castle and ran down the halls. He peeked in every room and ducked away before being caught. He didn’t know what the castle guard would do to him if they found a human lurking around, but whatever it was it wouldn’t be good. Marco slipped behind a statue in the hallway and listened to the guards talk, hoping for some help in finding his Tom.

“Nah he’s locked up.” One guard said. “King Lucifer is angry that he took off. The clarity claimed he was trying to escape again.” He continued. Marco made a confused face.

“Escape? Again?” He asked himself. He took off in the opposite direction and found stairs. If Tom was locked up somewhere it was probably a cell in the basements or lowest floors. At least that’s where they were in movies. Marco ran down the hall and looked around. There were big wooden and metal doors all along the walls. “Tom?” Marco called softly, afraid of being heard by somebody other than the demon.

“Marco?” A confused voice came from down the hall and Marco ran over. Tom was looking out through the barred window in the door and gasped when he saw Marco. “Marco! Oh my god what are you doing here?” He asked.

“I’m here to bring you home! Get you out of here!” Marco told him. He tried to pull at the lock but Tom stopped him.

“Marco stop!” He begged. “Please, I’m in enough trouble as it is. If he catches us trying to leave he’ll hurt you too!” Tom cried. “Just go, I’ll be okay.” He promised.

“He has you locked up!” Marco exclaimed.

“That’s just because I was being defiant!” Tom assured. “You need to go now! I don’t have time to argue.” He was almost in tears. Marco reached through the bars and held Tom’s face gently in his hands.

“Tom, just listen to me.” He begged. “We can keep you safe, bring you home and keep you safe!” He promised.

“How?” Tom asked.

“Not only will your dad not know where to look for you, but me and Star can fight off any bad guy that comes for you! I swear.” He assured. Tom fell back a little bit and Marco reached out further. “I know you miss us. You said yourself. Don’t you want that? To come home, and be safe?” Marco asked. Tom nodded very slightly and moved a little closer. Marco smiled and tilted his head to the side. “See? We can go home, and we can be safe and happy. I’ll even make you gumbo.” Marco offered. “Mom always told me how much you liked it.”

Tom gripped the bars and looked around for a very long time. He wanted to go. He wanted to go so badly. He wanted to run out of here and have Marco take him somewhere safe. But the fear of somebody hurting him, or hurting Marco or his real family was too pressing.

Tom was about to shake his head, until he felt something warm touch his hand. He looked up and saw Marco was giving his fingers a light kiss. “Please come home.” He whispered. Tom felt himself melt and give in. He couldn’t refuse the boy who was offering him everything he wanted. Tom nodded and felt tears spill out of his eyes.

“Great.” Marco whispered.

“The keys to the cell are on the wall over there.” Tom pointed out. “You won’t be able to open a portal in here.” He explained. Marco nodded and ran to the other end of the hallway and grabbed the big iron keys off the wall. He darted back to the cell and threw the door open. As soon as he did Tom bolted out and jumped into Marco’s arms, hugging him so tightly it was actually a little painful.

“Tom! Tommy, it’s okay.” Marco comforted. Tom sobbed and Marco held him close, stroking his hair as his demon wailed. “Shh, Tom, shh.” Marco hushed. He pulled away and held Tom’s face. “I love you, but we have to go.” He told him. “We can’t stay here any longer.” Marco explained. Tom nodded and they were about to leave, before the demon jerked away.

“Wait!” He cried.

“What’s wrong?” Marco asked. Tom bit his lip.

“Marshmallow! I can’t leave without him, they’ll kill him without me to hide him!” Tom explained. Marco nodded, without asking questions, he knew that rabbit meant the world to Tom and he wouldn’t ever ask him to leave it.

“Where is Marshmallow now?” Marco asked.

“You’ll stick out here, we’ll get caught. You go home. I’ll be there in five minutes.” Tom promised. Marco gave him a worried look and tried to follow. Before he could protest Tom continued. “Please Marco, I promise you I’m coming home! I swear! I won’t abandon you. But the two of us will get caught, I know this place I can sneak around and teleport back home.” Tom explained everything. Marco bit his lip.

“You promise you’ll come back? You won’t get scared and end up staying?” Marco asked, worried Tom would run back to the abuse he was used to. But to his shock, Tom smiled warmly and gave Marco a kiss on the head.

“I swear.” He assured. Marco nodded and ran through the portal as Tom took off in the other direction. Marco tumbled out in the living room at home and the portal closed. He got up and stared at nothing anxiously until he noticed his parents were behind him.

“Marco! Where were you!?” Angie cried, clearly worried. She stopped when she saw Marco’s worried and sad face.

“I-” Marco was cut off when a burst of flames collected in the center of the room, and Tom stood there with a fluffy pink rabbit in his arms. Marco’s face lit up and he tackled the demon in a hug. “You came back!” He beamed. Tom hugged Marco back and nodded.

“Of course I did… I promised.” Tom reminded. Marco pulled away and saw Angie and Rafael staring in wonder at the two boys hugging. Tom pulled away and blushed deeply, taking a step closer to the married couple. “I’m sorry for how dinner went… is your invitation to stay still open?” He asked meekly, trying to smile. Before he could process, the couple picked him up in a big hug.

“It’s always open for you, dear. You are always welcome.” Angie assured, kissing his head. “Thank god you came home.”

Highlights of DND last night

“dragonbreath can’t melt steel princesses!”

“I will have you know I am VERY SMART and I MADE THE HONOR ROLL!” “is that a type of sushi?”

the rogue straight up screaming in anguish, in and out of character, on learning the hot bard was happily married

when the rogue picked the lock to tower nerd’s magic greenhouse they had a pleasant chat because tower nerd had used a magic alarm lock but was all nah that was just to be safe before the thing happened, feel free to look around i got cool plants in here! Rogue was so shamed she also went to bed, at like 3 pm, and unlike tower nerd had not almost died in a loving husband’s arms like an hour prior 

“Oh, young monk! I see you’ve retur-” “HI I STABBED A DRAGON” “haha what”

In which Bask went to London to see Jesse Eisenberg!

Okay, I really just wanna scream I don’t even know how to write this because I wanna make it readable too, guess I’ll just do something in between redable and OMG.

Soo: I flew from Sweden and went to London over the weekend to see The Spoils with Jesse Eisenberg! The play was TOTALLY AMAZING! I mean it when I say it’s the best damn play I’ve been to. I just got all sucked into the plot and oh god Jesse’s performance and character was just 100% amazing and to get to see him act live in front of me was just so fascinating and perfect! His voice and body language and aaaaah everything was totally spot on!! I didn’t want it to end. Okay, okay ALL OMG after the epicness and feels of this play. Me and my friend went to the Stage door, hoping them all would come out since my friend is all Kunal and Alfie trash too! And aaaaah god such nervous and all omggg. We got an amazing spot at the front, and aaah it didn’t even take like 5 mins until Jesse came out quickly followed by Alfie and Kunal! OMGGG. So Jesse just came closer to us and we all OMG inside and he was the most adorable and cute and signed all the stuff and then it was our turn aaah, he said thank you so much for coming and looked up at us and signed my pic and then my friends one and aaaah I you know I what did I even say I guess I said thank you so much!! And my friend said the play was amazing and I don’t even know did I say that too!? I should have but you know IT’S HARD TO BRAIN FUNCTION WHEN JESSE stands in front of you in his cute hat and backpack with green bicycle helmet. Aaaah. And then my friend got Alfies and Kunal’s autographs too so she went all OMG too, more than she already was lol.

Okaay, and then we walked away after the stage door all oMG and walked around trafalgar square in heaven of happiness for a bit and then suddenly I just hear Jesse’s voice beside me so suddenly I just walk so close side by side with him for some meters, with some other cast members. And I just omigosh inside again, and well yeah they just walked past us away somewhere in the dawn lol but awsm. And my friend didn’t realize at first so after i just like omg he just walked here beside mee!?!? And then she saw them when they had pasted us.

Man that was hard to write not all in caps lock lol. I’M JUST BEEN ALL SMILING SINCE AND OMG AND JESSE IS SO AMAZING I can’t believe I got to see him and even meet him and aaaah look at the amazing pic he signed, it’s so beautiful! I’m gonna frame that and put it on my wall ♥.
AAAH HAPPY ♥♥♥ (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧