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Name: Ruran Vas (born ‘Locke Rinannis’)

Race: Midlander Hyur

Sex: Male

Occupation: Voidsent/Cultist Hunter, Artifact Preserver (spec. Qarn & Sil’dih)

Personality Type (laid back, militant, high strung, etc.): Introverted and quiet but high-strung and intense. He takes everything far too seriously and has difficulty relaxing, quickly becoming a restless mess if unable to help someone for too long. Despite some things going over his head (humor, flirting), he is highly empathetic, though his social awkwardness makes him a little terrible at verbally comforting those who are troubled.

What does your character look like?: A Midlander of average height with light skin and pale blonde hair. Most of him is hidden by a suit of armor and a white wooden mask, though blue-green eyes are visible through the holes, and some pale chin-scruff can be seen at his chin. The state of his build is difficult to decipher, though when he isn’t on alert, his movements are quite lethargic.

Favorite Hobby: Ruran is notorious for not having a hobby.

Motto they live by: “Give, but give until it hurts.”

Favorite type of Environment: Forests are nostalgic, and he thinks of it fondly, but dusty ruins and tunnels have become his favorite more recently.

Friends: Ruran is hesitant to call anyone friends for fear of attachment, but there are a few he has dared to do such. It’s a strange line that Ruran walks between wanting companionship and knowing he ought to be alone.

Who They Admire: He admires basically anyone who is doing good in Eorzea, but at the top are his parents, his family guardian (Romi), his company leaders, anyone who has healed him, and a few well-known engineers and architects.

What they hope to do 10 years from now: He doesn’t expect to live that long.

Are they single? If not, who is their spouse/partner/life mate?: Ruran is now single, but he has been married once in the past. 

What do they look for in friends?: People who do not pry too much into his personal problems and past, but instead focus on who he is now and distract him from sinking into melancholy. He meshes well with kind, observational, and caring individuals who wish to make Eorzea a better place, even if in their own small ways.

If they walked into a bar and saw a talking slug, what would their reaction be?: Curiosity mixed with a little awe, and wishing to know more.


Usual Playtime: 
(EST/GMT-5 Timezone)
• Monday-Thursday: 8pm - 1am
• Friday: 8pm - Whenever I pass out
• Saturday: All day
• Sunday: All day - 1am

Server: Balmung 

FC/Guild: Charlemend & Lumont «C&L»  ||  Order of Ouroboros «OoO»

Looking for (friends, ships, hate ships, shady connections, etc.): Basically anything. (Except romantic connections specifically, since Ruran is a wreck, and I can’t give OOC promises.) Friends would be very nice, and rivals are welcome! He’s always out and about, doing some job or another, usually in the Thanalans but also La Noscea/Shroud and even northward to Coerthas.

Ruran lives to help people, fight voidsent, and explore the ruins of the Thanalans, which means room for many types of connections: healers, alchemists, adventurers, voidtouched (conflict!), smithies, odd-job employers, architects, mapmakers, dungeon divers, treasure hunters, the list goes on!

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Are We Just Friends?

The two of us, we assume that we’re just friends. Just friends. But whenever I look into your eyes, you tell me that we’re more than just mere acquaintances. Our eyes love to acknowledge each other, always wanting to lock eyes. When we make eye contact, you can’t just tell me you look at all your friends the same way as you look at me. Though neither of us utters a single word to each other, I could tell what you were telling me with every glance you made towards me. And I thought I was shy, too bashful to reach out to you, however, you were also as shy, only communicating to me with your eyes. Though you were never the guy that anybody would ever label as unconfident, always loud and talkative with your close friends. But only with me, you were enveloped in your introverted circle. Why does love have to be so complicated? We know our feelings for each other, yet both are too scared to do anything. Nether less, you wouldn’t consider us just friends right? We share too much enigma to just classify us only as just friends. Let’s just label us as lovers with unspoken words. Because we don’t need words when the heart is purely true since love can be heard even in the deadliest silence. 


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