lock jocks

  • Rachel: I don't think we should be having emergency meetings without all our members, including Finn.
  • Kurt: That's what this is about. Okay, we're having second thoughts about him.
  • Artie: For the record, not all of us are.
  • Rachel: No, we can't kick him out, I just personally persuaded him to come back.
  • Kurt: Then personally persuade him to quit. It shouldn't be that difficult. He's already quit once before. Look, it's obvious that Artie and I don't fit your idea of a proper leading man and honestly I don't care, but he shouldn't be an evil jock.
  • Mercedes: I don't think Finn Hudson is evil. Now his girlfriend, Quinn Fabray? She's a grade A bitch.
  • Artie: Hey, all I know is that when the jocks locked me in that nasty porta-potty, Finn Hudson rescued me. Then after rehearsals, he wheeled me home. He wheeled me all the way home, and he told my mom what happened, and he apologized to her. So he's not evil, not by a long shot.
  • Mercedes: He's never called me fat, I mean that's better than most of the jocks at this school.
  • Kurt: I guess when I got tossed in the dumpster, he let me take off my Marc Jacobs jacket. That was kind of nice.
  • Tina: He is awfully c-c-cute.
  • Rachel: Maybe he's not that different from us? Maybe he just wants to be accepted for who he is and not for what people label him as? And if we start excluding people then we're no different than the people who start excluding us! So far, my time at McKinley has sucked, but not this week. I've made some friends. That's always been really hard for me. I don't know what's going to happen with this club but maybe it'll be something special. Maybe it'll be somewhere safe where we can learn from each other and be who we are, including people who are different from us. When we look back on our time here, we should be proud for what we did and who we included.

Thick Boy Kev fingered his hatchet necklace thoughtfully as he perused the menu at Vegan Arby’s.

“The soy cheese fries, they got casein in them?” asked Thick Boy Kev suspiciously, locking gazes with Jock Trumbone, the cashier in the XXXL Great Milenko t-shirt.

“No,” said Jock Trumbone.

Meeting Sir

After what seems like an eternity, fag was allowed the privilege I’m worshiping Sir in person. Since Sir and fag live in the same state, fag drove to see Sir. Sir gave fag instructions of where to get a hotel, and the plans were made to worship Sir.
Fag is now sitting at dinner while Sir is busy with His friends, but before Sir left, He instructed fag post on tumblr about its experience with Sir.

So here goes.
First, it’s a four hour drive for fag to see Sir. So for four hours, fag was able to stew on how it felt on Sir. It’s ideas and expectations (not that a fag should have any, but Fag is still human after all.)
Fag was instructed to be kneeling naked locked with Sir’s jock on its face waiting for Sir to arrive at the hotel were fag is worshipping Sir.
It was terrifying. Kneeling their with the door unlocked and slightly cracked blindfolded was utterly terrifying.
After was seemed like an hour fag heard the door open and was hoping that it was Sir at the door because fag had no way of defending himself, nor could it see. And yet it was Sir. He walked around fag for a little while, assuming that he was inspecting his fag.
And then he spoke. And it was as if God himself spoke. Sir’s voice is something akin to hearing the sirens. His voice is perfect. Just like the rest of him. Next Sir grabbed it’s head and made fag smell his arm pits. And it was the best smell. The smell of Sir, the smell of a Man.
Sir used it in so many ways. It cleanedSir’s boots, which was glorious knowing that fag was crucial in their purchase.
Sir allowed it to smell and clean his feet and his pits. And then after some time and much service, fag was given its hearts desire. The freedom to worship Sir’s power source. His cock and balls. And it was everything that fag could possibly have hoped for.
Sir is perfect. The perfect specimen of a man. From the color of His soul piercing eyes. The his Alpha Male muscles and his glorious chest and cock and balls, to his wonderful feet.
Sir has truly given fag the best gift possible, Sir’s presence.
And after Sir returns from being out Sir will continue to use fag.

No, that isn’t a detail by detail account of everything that occurred. That would be too long to write. And frankly, fag is selfish and only wants the world to know some of what Sir has done.

However, fag will say this. Sir is the most Alpha male fag has ever met, and fag hopes that Sir continues to use fag for his pleasure.

Thank you Sir @txalphafagbreeder