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So this is the response I got from BBC about the queerbaiting…. apparently John and Sherlock have never shown any romantic or sexual interest in each other, you know like, they’ve never ever flirted over a candle lit dinner, said they cant have any relationships with anyone else because their life together is to adventurous for anyone else to be in their lives. John’s never said that he wants the two people he loves mary and sherlock to be up there with him. Sherlock’s never asked john out on a date (TBB) and John certainly doen’t pick girlfriends /flirt with people who mirror Sherlock or look like sherlock in any way. Sherlocks never said it was always john, no of course not. we must have imagined all of that right? and oh the writers said it wasnt gay, of course we should believe evrything they say right? becuase theyve NEVER lied, said they lie, and enjoy lying for the sake of a show’s plot. We must have imagined all that too. I guess we just imagined the whole thing right? All the winking and smiling and giggling naked in a sheet like a little kid, and everyone on the show thinking theyre a couple, and them not denying it, and all the god forsaken eye fucking. guess we imagined that too. oh well, my bad. a detective who reads deeply into things and is always right. but a viewer who reads deeply into the show using the same techniques as the detective is wrong. of course, it all makes sense now. thank you. 


So @satansfavouritegirl tagged me in I don’t even know what this is and i guess it’s your lock screen, background, last song you listened to and a selfie? Well my last selfies all look like crap and Elas are always so on point so I just take this one where I’m in school - I was so cold that i had to use the scarfs of the people around me as blankets😂 And yes I miss game of thrones a lot. I had feelings 🙈🖤
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The House [Optional RP] {Gore} .:Open:.

*[Your OC/s] is with Sir Relvan was in his default Golden Knight without his weapons, he is bleeding from his right arm and leg, both [Your OC/s] and Sir Relvan are seeking shelter from the heavy downpour and apply something to stop Sir Relvan’s wound, a few minutes of searching for shelter, [Your OC/s] and Sir Relvan sees a huge house ahead, seeing shelter, both of them went towards the house, when both of them got closer, you notice the house has been abandoned for years with the window blocked with wooden planks and the the front door was wide open* Sir Relvan: “Guess the lock has been busted.” *When [Your OC/s] and Sir Relvan went in the door, there was a strong smell of rotting flesh* Sir Relvan: “I don’t like it here, this place feels and smells… Sinister…” *When [Your OC/s] and Sir Relvan faced at the door, it suddenly slammed shut, Sir Relvan went to the door and tries to open the door, the door wouldn’t budge* Sir Relvan: “What the… The door won’t open. Guess we have to spend the night with the smell {with both of us thinking each other as stranger}…” (( { } = Only used when meeting Sir Relvan for the first time in a situation. ))