lock hatters

One of my favourite extracts from Frank Whitbourn’s book on @lockhatters is the description of a 19th century Prime Minister’s technique for hat ordering: “He would halt his carriage in its progress down St James’s Street, alight, stand in the doorway of the shop, shout ‘Hat!’, and drive away. His size and favoured style being known, Mr Lock accommodated his lordship forwith, and the business of government went on.”  

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Have some screenshots I’ve rendered from Ever After High for graphics or themes.

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My collection so far of Ever After High’s webisode specials covers, the new released Epic Winter and Thronecoming. 

Epic Winter is not my favorite special, I find it hard to top Dragon Games and Way to Wonderland but still it had some great character interactions and the animation was gorgeous as always. Can’t to wait to know what is planed next since we are in blank for the future of Ever After High.

I don’t know if I will have time to do more of these soon but If you are interested in seeing any cover please tell me :)

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