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Hey there love your blog. Quick question I'm trying to write a fanasty book where one of the main characters use both swords & guns. A katana on his left hip & a short katana on his right aswell as carrying a desert eagle on his person but he lives in a world where technology & magic exist except firearms are illegal. Is it possible to write scene's where this combintaion works?

The “short katana” would be a wakizashi. It’s a distinct weapon in its own right and was traditionally part of a samurai’s accoutrements, though this is probably the least significant issue here.

The combination works in so far as you remember that real people make really horrible decisions in an attempt to seem cool. The Desert Eagle is a very flashy, somewhat terrible, gun. You carry one as an aesthetic choice, not because you want to actually kill someone with it. It’s big, bulky, unreasonably heavy, and stupidly expensive. The only point to owning one is to say, “look at what a badass I could be.”

The katana is a very flashy, somewhat terrible, sword. Stop me if this one sounds familiar; this is a sword you carry as an aesthetic choice, not because you actually want to kill someone with it, but because you want to say, “look at what a badass I could be.”

In both cases you’re talking about items that present the concept of a weapon far more valuable, lethal, and cool, than the real articles offer. With the katana, there’s also all of the associated cultural baggage. The katana is, literally, a holy symbol in Shinto. If your character is carrying one for religious reasons, that’s one thing; but, if they’re looking for “the best sword,” then, it’s a terrible choice.

It’s also probably worth pointing out that both the Desert Eagle and the katana require two hands to wield properly. Desert Eagles have a “floating mag,” meaning the magazine remains somewhat loose in the grip, while locked. If the operator fails to properly stabilize the pistol, this can result in the pistol failing to feed, meaning it won’t properly load the next round into the chamber, and forcing the user to cycle the slide manually. This isn’t an issue if you’re using the pistol as designed, but if you’re trying to fire it one handed, because your other hand is occupied with a katana, it could easily result in a dead man’s click long before the magazine is empty.

There’s a similar issue with the katana, the design works with the idea that the wielder will be using it with both hands. Specifically you use your index and middle ring and pinky finger on your off-hand to control the blade, while using your main hand for power. The problem with wielding one single handed should be immediately obvious; you can flail around with it, but you can’t really get much value from it that way. At that point, you’d almost be better off with a machete, simply because it would offer a more comfortable grip, and would be easier to swing.

While wakizashi are frequently matched with a katana and sold together, they’re not intended for simultaneous use. The wakizashi had distinct uses, mostly so the samurai would have a blade they could actually use in doors, but it wasn’t supposed to be dual wielded with a katana. Think of it like buying a kitchen knife set, sure there’s eight knives in there, but you’re not going to be using all of them together at once.

I’ll add, I’ve got nothing against a character that has a reason to use a katana. If it’s a badge of office, a family heirloom, a sign of their order or training, that’s fine. It’s the idea that “this is the best possible sword ever,” which I object to. It’s a two-handed sword. It’s not particularly great. It has a dedicated martial style, predicated on using very fragile blades, (and historical katanas are exceedingly fragile).

Finally, if you’ve got a setting where firearms are outlawed, there’s a few problems specific to the Desert Eagle. I mentioned that they were large and expensive, so let’s break those down a little. First, these are massive pistols. A Mark XIX Desert Eagle weighs just under four and a half pounds. For a pistol that is comically heavy. This is also a gun that is over a foot long. These are large handguns. They are difficult to conceal. If you’re living in a setting where owning a gun is illegal, this is the last thing you want to be carrying on the street. (They’re pretty terrible carry weapons in the real world as well.)

On the current market, with firearms that are legal to buy, a used Desert Eagle will set you back at least $1,200 ($1,400 to $1,700 is more likely, for a gun in decent shape). In contrast, if you’re shopping for a solid conceal carry pistol you can expect to spend somewhere between $400 and $500. Even high grade “tactical” pistols rarely break $1k, unless they’re collector’s items (or SIGs). Most “cool” pistols you see on TV probably cost between $600 and $1k.

If you’re wondering why SIGs manage to command higher prices, it’s because (in most cases) they’re remarkably high quality. I’ve had issues with the American produced SIG Sauer P226s, but in general SIGs are worth the money.

The Desert Eagle really isn’t worth the money. As I said earlier, these are guns you buy to show off, not because you’re looking for a carry weapon.

And, all of this is before you step back and apply the economics for a setting where getting a handgun is illegal. At that point, you’re talking about a gun that could easily cost more than an older model car. Those economics skew against you even harder every time your character pulls the trigger.

Desert Eagles come chambered in a couple different rounds. There’s .357 magnum, .44 magnum, and .50AE. (Technically, there’s also .41 magnum and .440 variants as well.) Gun stores aren’t going to stock a lot, but you can buy them if you’re using something chambered for it. Also worth noting, if you’re dropping the hammer on a .50AE Desert Eagle, it will set you back more than a dollar per bullet. (The current, actual cost in the US is ~$1.35 per round.) But, if you’re in a setting where firearms aren’t easily available, your black market’s going to need to focus on rounds they can actually sell. They may keep a little bit around (and would charge way more than the price I just quoted), but once it’s gone, getting your hands on more could be very difficult. In this sense, it would be much safer if your character was using a firearm that matched to the common calibers in their setting. The reasoning is, that your black market may not keep much .50AE around (if they keep any at all), but they probably will stock 9mm, .45, or whatever your setting’s cops use. It’ll cost substantially more than it would in the real world, but it will be something your character can buy. It also won’t leave behind freakishly expensive shell casings every time they open fire. A string of killings involving a .50AE pistol? That will bring the cops down on their contacts looking for someone who’s been scavenging around the black market for those 12.7mm rounds far faster than a few people who got plugged with a black market .45.

To a lesser extent, the katana and wakizashi have a similar issue. Yeah, sure, they’re cool, I guess, but they’re also memorable. If your character is using a sword (and that’s common in the setting), having the cops looking for someone using a guy with a katana will result in a much shorter search ending at their doorstep than someone with a random non-descript sword or even something like a machete.

If the katana is enchanted, then sure, your character is kind of stuck with it (up to a point), but it’s still a weapon they’d need to be somewhat careful about hiding, and more careful about using.

So, yeah, it’s entirely plausible that you’d have a character who thought all of these were a good idea. If you have a setting where they could actually get their hands on them is a different question.

If you’re thinking they could use the weapons together, then no. They could switch between them, but trying to use them all at once would result in wild flailing, and a malfunctioning pistol.

I can think of, at least, one legitimate reason why your character might carry around a Desert Eagle (or a katana) in a setting like you’re describing, and that’s to scare people. If you’re an enforcer for some shadowy criminal organization, then being able to shove a 14 inch, chrome, monster gun up someone’s nose is an effective option (and yes, the Desert Eagle is a model of handgun you can press into someone without disabling it). But, even then, they’d probably carry something far more practical for times when they were there to kill someone, and not just put the fear of Elmer Keith into them.

Depending on the setting (or the organization they work for), then they might carry and use a katana for that kind of intimidation instead. For instance: If they were Yakuza, it would make some sense. At that point, you might reasonably get a character who used that exact set of weapons for intimidation, and would actually use the katana or wakizashi when provoked.

In general, though, there’s nothing wrong with a character thinking this is all a good idea. It’s not. But, if they could afford it, they might go chasing after that concept anyway.


EDIT: As @fox-bright kindly reminded me, it’s the third and fourth fingers on your off hand that you use to control a katana, rather than the first and second. Sorry about that.

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A toddler has shot and killed someone every week for the last two years

  • Toddlers have shot about one person a week for the past two years.
  • The problem speaks to the ubiquity and normalcy of guns in the U.S. and childrens’ access to loaded guns.
  • Guns can be found in one in three homes with children.
  • Around 1.7 million of those children have easy access to loaded guns, which owners failed to lock away.
  • As part of this lobby to promote gun safety laws, the Brady Campaign created ToddlersKill.org, a site which catalogues the epidemic of toddler-led gun violence. Read more
Be Careful  (Tony X Daughter!Reader, Peter X Fem!Reader) Pt 2

Characters: Tony X Daughter!Reader, Peter X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Injury, pain, recovery


Request: Be Careful (Tony X Daughter!Reader, Peter X Fem!Reader) Pt 2

Originally posted by pot8to-chan

You woke up to the sound of a heart monitor beeping beside you. A hand was around yours, keeping it warm as it stroked your skin. You tried to move, a sharp pain going through your tummy, making you whimper. The hand stopped moving when you did.

“Y/N?” You heard, and identified it as Peter, your boyfriend. You forced your eyes opened, and looked around till you saw Peter looking at you with hope in his eyes. A smile cracked on his face when he saw you awake. “Hey, relax OK?” He told you.

“What happened?” You asked him. He sighed.

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Paper Hearts (Part 4)

Originally posted by tbhobi

Genre: Angst/fluff

♡ Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

♡ Length: 3.1k

♡ Summary: It has been nearly a year since you started writing anonymous letters to Jungkook, giving him words of encouragement behind the thin mask of a paper. He never considered you as a possible suspect behind these letters, because you were nothing more than a best friend. And you couldn’t put all the blame on him either, after all, you were too afraid to confess in fear of tarnishing your precious friendship.

Part 1 ♡ Part 2  ♡ Part 3  Part 4  Part 5

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The signs as poisons or toxins

Aries: VX, a nerve agent developed for no reason other than to be a bio-weapon. It causes violent muscle contractions followed by paralysis, asphyxiation, and death. 

Taurus: Deadly nightshade, a plant that can be used as a hallucinogen at low doses. An overdose causes abnormally fast heart rate, loss of balance, and convulsions. A lethal overdose involves a lack of control over heart rate, breathing, and sweating followed by death. 

Gemini: Sarin, a highly volatile nerve agent that’s been used in several terrorist attacks. It can cause effects as a liquid or a gas and leads to tightness in the chest followed by nausea, muscle convulsions, suffocation, and death. 

Cancer: Amatoxin, a toxin produced by several species of poisonous mushrooms. It causes burns where it comes into contact with the body and leads to liver damage and eventual liver and/or kidney failure. 

Leo: Ricin, a protein derived from castor seeds. It leads to swelling and bleeding in the digestive tract, followed shortly by low blood pressure, shock, organ failure, and death. It has also been used in terrorist attacks.

Virgo: Mercury, element 80 on periodic table. Exposure causes burning and itching along with the sensation of insects crawling on one’s skin or skin peeling from the body. Long-term exposure leads to severe brain damage and death. 

Libra: Tetrodotoxin, a neurotoxin found in pufferfish and some other species of the same order. The toxin causes a lack of function in voluntary muscles, including the diaphragm, which leads to paralysis, asphyxiation, and death. 

Scorpio: Cyanide, the chemical compound KCN. Results depend on exposure; low long-term exposure can cause eventual paralysis and increased chance of miscarriages, while high doses result in seizures, cardiac arrest, and death. 

Sagittarius: Strychnine, an alkaloid derived from the Strychnos nux-vomica tree and used as a pesticide. In humans it causes dramatic and painful convulsions that can lead to muscles locking up and organs failing. Those exposed die of either asphyxiation or exhaustion from the convulsions.

Capricorn: Polonium, a radioactive metal and number 84 on the periodic table. It can cause death in extremely small doses, and long-term exposure leads to radiation poisoning, which can cause kidney or liver failure, cancer, and eventual death. 

Aquarius: Arsenic, a toxic metal that is number 33 on the periodic table. Acute poisoning can lead to hair loss, muscle cramping, convulsions, and death. Long-term exposure, such as through groundwater, may lead to nightblindness, organ failure, cancer, and eventual death. 

Pisces: Mustard gas, a chemical weapon used largely in World War I. It causes causes large chemical burns and blisters, including potential internal burns in the lungs. Even when these symptoms aren’t lethal, exposure may lead to severe health problems years later. 

Games | Derek Luh

WARNING: This is smut and it’s very kinky, I’m talking Daddy!Kink and Overstim so I need y'all to be mature pls


Summary: Derek and Y/N decide on playing a game of who can cum first, and to make it interesting, the freshlee boys come over.

It was a normal day of sitting around the house in our sweats and I was lounging on the couch, my head on Derek’s lap. I looked up at him as my blow pop rest on the tip of my tongue as he let out a groan.“What’s on your mind, princess?” He smirked as his calloused hand combed through my hair. “Why don’t you and I play a little game?” I giggled, plopping the cherry-flavored pop into my mouth. His eyes flickered with excitement and he already knew where it was headed. He hoisted me into his lap and stood, escorting me to the bedroom. Immediately I was thrown on the bed and he went into our closet to retrieve my little pink bag of trinkets and delights.

Our little bag was a collection of toys and teases for my pleasure, mostly. But sometimes when Derek was Daddy he wanted to play with them, too. He plopped the bag on the bed and I reached into it to grab something new, a cock ring. It was a remote controlled ring that I knew would drive him mad, if he decided to wear it. I placed it on my tongue as he watched me intently, his eyes darkening. “Baby, I’m not wearing it,” he groaned as I could clearly see the bulge in his sweats. “Daddy, please. Your naughty girl will wear a vibrator in her tight little pussy, and only you will know,” I started as I reached into the bag, pulling out the toy and its remote. I placed the remote in his hand and began to tug down my sweats, sliding the small toy into my dripping core, a moan escaping my lips. Derek’s face was riddled with confusion and amazement as he watched my actions. “No fucking, oh my fuck,” he muttered as she took the ring and stuffed his hands down his pants, putting it on. “This better be fun,” he sneered as he walked out of the bedroom. “It will be daddy, trust me.”

After a little while of relaxing in bed, I felt the vibrations begin between my thighs. I bit my lip, trying to ignore the immense pleasure I was feeling, not wanting to stain my sweats. I quickly hustled downstairs into the living room to find KDL, Nate and Derek sitting on the couch, staring at me in amusement. “Baby, anything wrong,” Derek’s cocky grin glinted at me. “Not at all Derek,” I cocked my eyebrow and he narrowed his eyes at me. He hated when I didn’t call him daddy, it always resulted in trouble. I watched his hand reach into his pocket and I was immediately met with harder vibrations. I let out an instant squeal and Nate looked at me with concern. “Oh, saw a spider, it’s gone, ha” I spat in one word before scurrying into the kitchen. I attempted to prepare a meal, but I instead wanted to have my own fun. I reached into my sweats pocket and turned Derek’s ring on. “Oh fuck,” I heard him mutter from the other room which was followed by laughs. “Yeah, that was a pretty hot girl,” KDL noted and I cocked my eyebrow. I felt the vibrations in my core reach maximum and my walls clenched around it, my legs giving out on me. I fell to the floor as my arousal tore through me and sprayed across our kitchen floor. I looked down and whined, tears forming in my eyes as the vibrator continued its assault on my nether regions.

Derek ran into the kitchen to see the mess I’d maid. I wanted to open my mouth but I was afraid only a loud moan would follow, so I stayed silent. He cocked an eyebrow as he pulled me up out of my wetness and plucked my sweats down. “Oh babygirl, you’re so so naughty,” he muttered against my ear, sitting me on the counter. “I fucking love you,” he smirked and reached between my legs, grasping the vibrator and thrusting it in and out of me. I attempted to get him to stop, which resulted in his hand around my neck. “Don’t run away from daddy,” he spat as I looked into his eyes, tears flowing from mine. He held his grip on my neck as he licked up my neck and sucked harshly on the spot below my ear. His hand working on me below was full of vigor and strength as he pumped me to my second orgasm. I clawed at his back as I tried to fight back moans and tears but his grip around my neck told me to be audible. “Daddy,” I whined as I felt the vibrator continue once more, at a harder pace than before. Derek leaned into my ear and breathed, “play with your clit”. My head fell back at his words; I loved dirty talk. My weak hands went to my core as I used my left hand to spread my folds and my right to massage my clit. “Daddy it hurts,” i whined, tears flowing and evident in my voice. His right hand leaves my core and trails to my face, wiping the tears from skin with his thumb. I felt my end tear over me and he stepped away from me, taking the vibrator with him. “You knew what you were getting yourself into,” he winked and placed the remote in my hands, walking back into the living room. I heard a slew of catcalls and gasps and I blushed. “You’re a wild one in the bedroom,” KDL chuckled as I took weak steps into the living room. The boys smirked at me as they looked me up and down. My tee wasn’t large enough to cover my damp, lacy panties and I looked like I’d been through hell and back, but apparently that was hot. “Oh fuck,” Sammy groaned, his tongue peeking out of his mouth and swiping across his lips.

“Stop staring,” I whined and tugged my fingers through my hair. I stepped over to Derek, falling to my knees in front of him, my legs still weak. “No, you’ve been bad. You’re going to leave me alone,” he smirked and shook his head. I clambered onto his lap and his hands gripped my waist aggressively. My dainty frame was tossed onto Kevin’s lap and he groaned, his hands instinctively falling to my thighs. I huffed and crossed my arms, pouting. “Stop being a bratty princess or I’ll cum in your hair later,” Derek rolled his eyes and grasped the television remote. KD looked over at him and then down at me, all the boys staring in our direction.

“Hey, don’t involve me in this, ” Kevin groaned and shook his head. I whined again and began to wiggle my hips. “You’re a jerk,” I huffed again and Derek glanced at me out of the corner of his eye. “Fucking stop.” He spat as I rotated my hips like only he’d seen me do. Kevin’s low pants began to fill my ears and I blushed, quickly adjusting the little remote in my pocket to high. Derek’s eyes widened as he stared at me, biting at his lip roughly. “Baby, you better fucking stop,” he snarled, his hand gripping the arm of the chair roughly.

“He’s gonna cum in your hair if you don’t chill,” Kevin panted in my ear and I stopped my actions, cutting off his punishment. “You’re so sweet KD, I should fuck-” before I finished my sentence Derek grasped my hair and led me into the bedroom.

He shoved me against the door as his swollen lips attacked my neck. “You’re gonna have cum all in your hair, and on you pussy and all on your perfect little titties.” His words were almost enough to make my juices flow like a waterfall.
Within seconds I was on the bed, him straddling my waist. Derek brought his hand down on my breasts, smacking them harshly. “Holy fuck I wanna cum all in your hair,” he smirked and he ground his boner against me. “Daddy, stop being mean!” I whined and this caused him to stop his actions. “Shut up,” he scoffed and forced his fingers into my mouth.

A blush rose my cheeks as Derek struggled to slip out of his boxers, revealing his rock hard dick in all its glory. I moaned around his fingers as his teased my slit, a look of concentration on his face. “Daddy, please I’m sorry,” I whined around his fingers, looking him in the eye like an innocent girl. He rolled his eyes and took his fingers out of my mouth, aggressively flipping me on my stomach. “Face down ass up,” he chuckled slyly, my ass tooting in the air. His rough hands rubbed over my arse, caressing it like a jewel. Immediately after a large red handprint was present on my right cheek, a pain-ridden moan fleeing my mouth. “Sammy taught me how to do that babygirl,” he sneered before savagely ramming his cock inside my wetness.

I let out a Yelp as he gave no time for adjustment, just thrusting rapidly into my ever-so-sensitive core. “You’re so fucking tight,” he spat as his hands gripped my jawline, pulling my upper half into his chest. Derek’s lips ghosted over my right ear as he filled them with vulgar mentions and fantasies. I was a moaning mess under him; my vision was blurred and I could barely think straight. All I felt was that painful pleasure his overstim provided. He kissed my neck sweetly and bit into the tender skin veiled with sweat; marking his territory was his specialty. I felt myself coming close when Derek pulled out of me, dropping me on my back to the bed. I whined, knowing what was coming next.

He tugged me by my ankle toward him and I weakly took place on my knees in front of him. “Daddy, please not my hair,” I whined and held my locks in a failed attempt of protection. I looked up at him through my eyelashes as he pumped his cock slowly, like the tease he was. He threw his head back and let out a hot moan before gripping my hair with his free hand, he let some of his warm load out on my small breasts causing me to whimper, and followed it with some in my hair. I blushed as he smirked cockily. Opening his eyes to look at my angry, embarrassed ones. “Oh, what? That was disrespectful?” He smirked once more, hoisting me up and tossing me on his shoulders, my heat parallel to his mouth. I huffed and crossed my arms. “You’re so-” before I could finish I felt his lips wrapped around my clit, pushing me closer to my fourth orgasm, I squirmed as he lay on the bed, me sitting on his face. He thwarted his tongue in and out of my dripping cove as I felt my end overpower me. My climax approached and coated his face in an aggressive burst, earning a groan from Derek.

He took my small frame and placed me next to him, kissing my neck sweetly. “I was a little rough, but thanks for handling it like a big girl,” he cooed and kissed my forehead. I nodded and cuddled into him. “I’ll take you to get your hair done tomorrow okay?” He giggled and I huffed. “It was disrespectful!” I whined and he spanked my ass one good time. “Out of all things, I think that handprint on your ass is disrespectful, babygirl. But it’s okay,” he chuckled and kissed my lips sweetly.

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Stupid Mouth

I am sure I have a request about first kisses but I can’t seem to find it. Anyway, here it is… this was born out of a conversatiom with @permanentcross. Hope you guys like it. xx


Originally posted by toasttostyles

Him and his stupid smart mouth.

He swears it only gets him in trouble, ever since he was a kid. He still remembers how much trouble he was in for that stupid pussy joke back on the X-FACTOR and even now, almost 7 years later, he still hasn’t learned how to keep his mouth shut.

It had all started innocently enough, when he had you back at his new house in LA - you had just gotten in after nearly six months of not seeing him and you missed him, oh how you missed him. When you got to his place and he opened the door, you had attacked him with kisses - on his hair, on his temple, quick forceful pecks on his cheeks and a handful of pert little ones on his nose.

It was a habit of yours, the nose kisses - you were the only friend of his that greeted him like this and he was always complaining of how much it made him feel like a kid. You did exactly because of that - because of the little nose scrunch and the cute blush that’d take over his cheeks when you did; because of how much he complained but secretly loved it… at least you thought so.

You had been there for nearly a day and the nose kisses had been constant - in Harry’s head, he hoped this was your way of showing your affection and even though he pretended to hate it, he couldn’t wait for the day when you’d miss the shot and kiss his lips instead. The only problem was that you had a damn good aim and, so far, you hadn’t missed once.

“I really did miss you, H.” You mumbled, a bright smile on your face as you watched him buzz through the kitchen while he made you both some dinner.

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We had an exam this morning and I think everyone in the class failed. I got a 63 and I haven’t really stopped crying since. I have never gotten below an 82 on an exam in nursing school (((an 80 or better is considered passing in nursing school) )) and this is going to massively affect my grade average. I had an A and now that’s gone!!! Now over half the class is failing the course and we have 25 days until graduation. Happy Monday :):):):)

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One shot prompt contest idea: The reader was hired to seduce/get close to Lena by Lex/Cadmus but ended up genuinely falling in love with her

Originally posted by juliawickers

“Lena, I can’t lie to you anymore.”

Your voice trembled as you locked eyes with the woman you had been deceiving for two months.  When you had come to National City with a newly revived bank account and a pile of documents about the Luthor heiress, you had told yourself that business was business and the $200,000 Mrs. Luthor had wired to you would justify whatever you had to do from here on out.

Lena didn’t say anything, but set her pen down on her desk and waited for you to explain yourself.  You shut the door to her office, feeling her eyes on you the entire time, and remained standing at the far end of the room.

“I didn’t come to this city with good intentions.  I came here and applied at L Corp because I was hired to by your mother to get close to you.”

The words tasted badly in your mouth and sweat coated your palms.  You felt sick.  

“Why are you telling me?”

Her voice was emotionless and Lena’s gaze hardened on you.  You could see anything she had ever felt towards you dissipating.  Your chest ached.

“Because I can’t lie to you anymore, Lena.  I care about you and this is the first time I haven’t been able to complete a job.”  You walked towards her desk swiftly and sat down in the chair across from her.  As soon as you did, she rose and went to her window.  

“Am I supposed to feel sorry that you couldn’t go through with lying to me?”

“No, but you need to know that I’m not lying now.  Lena, your mother wants you dead and I’ve been feeding her fake intel for a while now, but you have to get out of this city now.”

“I don’t hide from my mother and I’m not about to start now.”

“This isn’t about your pride!” You stood up from the chair and went to the window despite knowing that she wouldn’t want to be near you.  “Lena, she’s already sent someone.  I was dismissed today, which means she thinks that she isn’t going to need information on you anymore.”

“Then I suppose you should be on your way.”

“I’m not leaving National City without you.”  You hesitated before putting your hand on her arm.  She flinched away from your touch.  “I love you, Lena.  Please, give me a chance to make this right.”

Silence fills the lavish office and you felt panic start to rush through your bloodstream.  

“I won’t leave without you, Lena,” you repeated softly.  She finally turned towards you and you feel an invisible punch to the stomach when you see the way her eyes are watering.  You’ve done a lot in your life, but nothing had ever hurt you like this.  

“Fine, but don’t you dare think that I trust you.”

“That’s fair,” you nodded; voice thick with emotion.  “Can you be ready at the piers by five?”

Lena nodded and you took it as your cue to leave.  Even leaving her alone for a few hours terrified you.  Intel was always your specialty and right now, you had none.  As you walked out of the office, you found yourself wondering whether or not Lena would even show up.  She had no reason to take your word for anything.  All you could do was pray that she would at least hold some faith in you as you packed your limited belongings into the black Audi you had purchased that afternoon.  You weren’t taking any chances about not having enough power or speed to escape a threat in the event that someone caught onto Lena’s departure.  The other thing that you purchased was a 9mm with the serial number sanded off.  


The sun was starting to set by the time you parked along the pier and you leaned against the hood of the sleek black car with your back towards the water.  Your pistol rests against your torso from its spot in the waist of your jeans.  

By 5:07, a taxi rolled up and you straightened your posture when it stopped in front of you.  Your heart hammered in your chest as Lena stepped out of the backseat and you waived the driver off when he went to get out.  The dark haired woman got into the passenger seat of your car without a word as you pulled her single black suitcase out of the cab’s trunk and handed the driver a handsome tip.  You waited until his vehicle disappeared down the street before looking away and putting Lena’s luggage into your trunk.  For all you know, someone could already be tailing her.

“You didn’t notice anything suspicious?” You asked upon reentering the Audi and starting it’s engine.  The machine roared to life and you threw it into drive before heading towards the street.  Your knuckles were turning white from the force with which you gripped the leather steering wheel.  

“No,” Lena answered curtly.

That was the only bit of dialogue between the two of you for the duration of the drive.  You wanted to say something; anything to make the tension lessen or make her hate you less.  But, you knew that no combination of words will make things better so soon, so you turned on the radio and took the first exit ramp you saw out of the city.


“Lena?”  You cautiously touched the sleeping woman’s shoulder, not wanting to scare her, and drew back when she jolted awake.  

“Where are we?” She asked.

“About an hour outside of Metropolis,” you replied.  Undoing your seatbelt, you opened your door and popped the drunk open to retrieve your things.  Lena rose from the car and you scanned the dark parking lot warily; still unsure of whether or not you were being followed.  

“I know it’s not the Hilton, but we’re pretty far from any main roads,” you nodded towards the dingy motel and pulled your bag and her suitcase out.  Lena didn’t respond and you lowered your gaze as you closed the trunk and sighed.  

After checking in under a fake name with one of the IDs in your wallet, you took the key for your room from the disinterested woman behind the front desk and walked to the end of the hall, where your room was.  You had requested one close to an exit, which wasn’t an uncommon demand in motels like this.  

As soon as you unlocked the door, Lena slipped past you and quickly shut herself in the bathroom.  The CEO gripped the edge of the cheap ceramic sink and stared at herself in the mirror; willing herself not to cry.  Nevertheless, her breath hitched in her throat and she quickly turned on the faucet to mask the sounds of her losing it.  

It took a lot for Lena to let someone in.  Growing up in the family that she had been adopted into left little room for affection or trust.  She was a rich, powerful CEO and that meant everyone who put themselves in their circle probably had an incentive for doing so.  

When you had come in for your interview, Lena had realized three things; that you were intelligent, overqualified for the position you had applied for, and that you knew both of those things.  Nevertheless, you had shook her hand and assured her that you were very excited about the possibility of working for her company and that you looked forward to hearing from her.

When you had come into your first day as her new assistant the next week, she tried to keep the usual distance she had with her employees.  But, you were charming and pretty and pretty insistent when you told her that it really wasn’t a bother for you to stay late so often and when you started bringing her dinner she found that she really enjoyed spending time with you after-hours.  

One evening, you had just pulled your jacket on to leave when Lena summoned you over the intercom to come to her office.  When you let yourself in, the CEO offered you a glass of bourbon and that glass quickly turned to several between the two of you.  She had insisted upon you calling her by her first name and you found yourself focusing less and less on getting information out of her as the two of you spoke.  

By midnight, the two of you were still drinking and moved to the balcony outside of her office.  Most of what you told her about your past was truthful; how you spent your entire adolescence in the foster system and did several stints in a juvenile detention center before you turned 18 and got a full ride to Cornell because of your remarkably high SAT scores.  You found yourself respecting your real employer less and less as Lena revealed parts of her childhood.  

It had never been clear to Lena whether it was the alcohol or the sudden vulnerability she felt opening up to you that made her press her lips against yours that night.  The two of you had shed your clothes right there on the floor of her balcony with the sounds of the city below.  Guilt flooded your system and mixed with the lust you felt as her nails dug into your flesh, but you didn’t stop what happened that night and you let it continue happening for there on out.


After a while, you heard Lena turn on the shower and decided to open one of the bottles of liquor you had thrown in your duffel bag.  Giving up your sobriety while potentially having an assassin on your trail wasn’t the best idea, but your conscience was eating you alive at this point and you needed a drink.

Choosing vodka so that the burn would at least serve as some kind of punishment, you opened the bottle and took a long swig from it.  Desperate for some sort of noise to fill the silence that had followed you since Lena’s office, you turned on the TV and paced back and forth with the vodka bottle in hand.

Lena exited the bathroom nearly 40 minutes later, wrapped in a towel and stripped of her make-up.  Her eyes were red and you took another drink, knowing that she had cried because of you.  Out of respect, you turned away so that she could get dressed and continued to sip from the bottle as you stared at the closed blinds covering the window.  For good measure, you had also propped a chair up against the door handle in case the deadbolt and chain lock failed you.

“So, how much did my mother pay you?”

“Is knowing gonna make you feel better?” You turned around and held out your bottle.  After a few seconds and a steely glare, she walked over and took it from you.  

“No,” she grimaced after a long drink, “but tell me anyway.”


“Wow,” Lena’s eyebrows rose and she smiled wryly.  “That’s all it took?”

“I’ve done a lot more for a lot less.”

The alcohol was making you more transparent than usual, but what was the harm in that now?

“So, was fucking me part of the deal too or just a bonus?”

Lena sat on the end of the bed nearest the window and took another drink.  Your hands clenched at your sides.

“It wasn’t like that,” you practically whispered.  Lena scoffed and you heard the vodka slosh around against the glass sides of the bottle.  You began to feel lightheaded.

“How am I supposed to believe anything you tell me?”

“I don’t know!”

Your voice cracked and your eyes stung with the threat of tears.  How in the name of God could you have let this happen?  

“But, I love you, Lena.  I’ve never lied to a client before, but I started feeding your mother false information the morning after…after we got together.  I’ve never bailed on a job before.  I’ve never felt the way I feel about you before.”

Tears streamed down your face and you hurried to wipe them away.  Lena was finally looking at you again and while you wanted to say something else, you were at a loss for words.  Her eyes searched yours for what felt like minutes.

“What’s going to happen after tonight?”

“I call the prison your mother is at and leave an anonymous tip about her hidden cellphone.  She’ll get put into solitary for at least three months for having that kind of contraband and…and if you want I can have a hit placed on her for when she gets put back into general population.  Whoever she hired to hurt you will take off with the money sooner or later after they can’t get in contact with her, and then…things should go back to normal.”

“What about you?”

“I’ll do whatever you ask me to…even if that means leaving you alone,” you admitted quietly.  As much as the idea of never seeing her again made you feel like you couldn’t breathe, you owed her that much.  Mattress springs creaked as Lena stood up, booze still in hand, and walked over to you.  Your pulse sped up.

“I should hate you,” she murmured.  You nodded in acceptance.  “But, I can’t.”

Snapshot: Let’s Get Dirty

A hot and steamy smut inspired by the above picture. Photo edit by @anothermendesfangirl. Enjoy :-)

We had seen the dark clouds of impending doom looming in the sky as we left through the backdoor of the house in Upstate New York, but it didn’t deter us. It had been threatening to rain for hours now, but not so much as a drop had fallen. We were convinced we were going to be safe and make it back from our walk before the heaven’s opened up, but how wrong we were. We had made it to the edge of the woods when it started. First one drop, then two, followed by a vicious downpour. Zoe shrieked making a break for the house.

“Where are you going?” I asked laughing, chasing after her, grabbing her by the waist and spinning her around to face me..

“It’s raining!” she exclaimed, placing her hands on my shoulders.

It had been less than a minute and we were both already soaked through. My hair was hanging over my forehead, dripping water down onto her cheeks, mixing with the rest of the falling rain. “We’re already wet. What’s the rush?” I asked.

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On December 26, 2013, with my first semester of college behind me, I went to the hair salon I had been going to since I was 8. I was there to get my last relaxer. I was born with kinky, coil-y, curly hair, but never let it see the light of day as my mother and I would without fail try to find a way to straighten it. On July 26, which I won’t say is around the corner because I want to convince my self this summer is going by slowly, it will be 1 year and 7months since I’ve gotten a chemical relaxer in my hair. At first, my decision to go natural filled me with courage and fearlessness, but it didn’t fill me with the knowledge of knowing how to take care of my own hair because I’d always gone to a salon to get my hair relaxed and washed. The first month of transitioning to natural hair was a doozy, I subscribed to anyone who had a video titled “Natural Hair” on YouTube, and bought very expensive deep conditioners because I believed that if it cost more it would do more for my hair. Now for all of you girls out there who are transitioning, or maybe you’ve been natural for a bit but feel like it isn’t for you because everything you’re trying to do to bring life into your locks is failing like Bow Wow’s attempts to get us to call him Shad Moss, I dedicate this post is for you! (Disclaimer: Bow Wow, we still aren’t going to call you Shad Moss)

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Welcome my naturalistas! Today I will be talking about deep conditioning. Before you can master the Wash and Go, Twistout, Bantu knots, straw sets, top knot, or the iconic Scary Spice two bun half up half down style, you must learn to properly wash and condition. When it comes to my washday I’ve been consistent with sticking to co-washing, aka Conditioner Only Washing. I incorporate this with my deep conditioning so that I have a no fuss routine and get this, it’s also very easy on your wallet!

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The deep conditioning basics will only call for:

  • Conditioner/ deep conditioner of your choice
  • Plastic bag
  • Cotton t-shirt
  • Hair ties (unnecessary if you want to use bantu knots or twists to separate hair)
  • Spray bottle of water (no need to run your head under a faucet sink)
  • About 30 minutes to spare before you shower
  • By the time you get used to this routine you can add oils to your routine if you’d like, or use a hooded dryer into the mix too, get creative!

To start you want to have your hair separated in parts, you can opt for tiny buns from bantu knots, tiny twists, or put mini ponytails through out with your hair ties.
Take a hair tie down and spritz it with water, no need to get it soaking wet, just maybe a little damp. Then place about a dime size of your conditioner onto the section and make sure it is evenly spread and then twist back up. Repeat this for each section.
Afterwards use plastic bag to tie around hair like a shower cap. You can actually use a plastic shower cap for this, but I stick to plastic bags because they’re so disposable that I don’t have to go to a CVS every time I need to wash my hair.
Now use the 30 minutes to spare to let the water and conditioner heat up from the plastic bag to deep condition your follicles. You don’t need longer than 30 minutes because that’s actually the amount of time it takes for the ingredients to penetrate the hair shaft, any longer and you’d just be wasting time. When time is up just wash like you normally would. When leaving the shower, don’t towel dry, instead rub an oil of your choice in your hair and then wrap your hair with a cotton t-shirt, its not rough on your hair like towel fibers are. As your hair is air-drying you should notice how much softer your hair feels. Natural hair tends to texturize up to a brillo pad feel when not conditioned properly so deep conditioning is your chance to get moisture in.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and would love to hear about a time you tried to follow something you saw on a natural hair blog and it went awry, or you could just tell me what you’d like to see next here on rorytrillmore!

You’re an idiot (Jr.)

For: Anonymous

Prompt:  a junior angst when you don’t come home bc of an emergency and he flares up at you?

So the angst almost immediately turned to fluff… I hope you like it anyway.

Your hands were still shaking you realised. You were standing in front of the door to your apartment trying to fit your key into the lock and failing. You took a deep breath and tried again.

Your brother had scared the life out of you, that’s why your hands were currently trembling. When you’d gotten the call asking you to come to the hospital you’d automatically assumed the worst. It was that damn motorbike, it had to be, you’d told him it was a death trap, urged him to get rid of it, but he hadn’t listened. He never listened. And you were right, the bike was the reason for the phone call. Your brother had been on his way home from work when a car had clipped him and he’d swerved off the road. The hospital hadn’t been able to get hold of your parents so they’d called you instead. They’d assured you over the phone not to worry, that it wasn’t as bad as it sounded but you hadn’t believed that, not until you’d seen him for yourself.

And even when you had seen for yourself that he was alive and well, that the worst he’d suffered was a broken arm and a slight concussion you hadn’t been able to stop thinking about what could have happened. You were still thinking about it now as you made your way into your apartment. The door clicked shut behind you and you kicked off your shoes. You were ridiculously tired but there was no way you were going to be able to sleep, not the way your mind was racing. Maybe you should run yourself a bath first. Yes, that sounded good. You were going to run yourself a hot relaxing bath and… wait…



Your boyfriend was sitting on your sofa. He was not supposed to be sitting on your sofa. He had his own sofa. “What are you doing here?” You’d given him a key, that was obviously how he’d gotten in but that key was supposed to have been for emergencies. It wasn’t so he could wander in and make himself at home when you weren’t there.

“You didn’t answer your phone.”

He didn’t sound happy, not in the slightest. “Sorry…” you mumbled, a little thrown by the hostility in his voice. “… I left it at work.” When the hospital had called they’d used your work number, you hadn’t thought about grabbing your own phone before you left. In fact the only thing you’d picked up had been your keys, your jacket was still at work too, draped over the back of your chair.

“You finish work at five.” Jinyoung reminded you, standing up making his way across the room to stand in front of you. “That was six hours ago. You’re telling me between then and now you didn’t once think about going back to get it?”

“I was busy.” You told him unconsciously taking a step backwards. After the day you’d had Jinyoung should be hugging you and telling you everything was going to be okay. But he wasn’t, instead he was scolding you. And for what? Leaving your phone at work? It just didn’t make sense.

“You were supposed to meet me for dinner at six.” He said next.


“I’m so sorry!” you exclaimed as realisation dawned. “I forgot.”

Jinyoung’s frown only deepened. “I waited for an hour.”

“I’m sorry.” You repeated. You felt awful. You knew how much Jinyoung had been looking forward to spending time with you. You’d both been so busy that you’d barely spoken all week. It had been even longer since you’d last seen each other in person. He had every right to be disappointed.

Unimpressed by your apology Jinyoung’s voice only got louder. “I tried calling but you didn’t pick up. I came to your house but you weren’t home.”

“I…” you said intending to tell him what had happened but the words got stuck in your throat. Your brother’s accident had well and truly shaken you and Jinyoung being angry at you and waving his arms around wasn’t helping. Unable to hold his gaze you lowered your head.

“Don’t!” Jinyoung told you. “Don’t apologise. Saying sorry isn’t going to fix this. Do you have any idea how worried I was?”

“Worried?” You echoed, your head snapping back up. Did he just say worried? He was yelling at you because he’d been worried?

“Of course I was worried. You didn’t show up for our date and you wouldn’t answer your phone. You’d either decided to call it a day and didn’t know how to tell me or something terrible had happened to you. Since you’re strolling through your door without a mark on you I’m guessing it’s the former.”

“You’re an idiot.” You told him, shaking your head in disbelief. He thought you wanted to break up with him. Was he insane? With a sniff you stepped forward and threw your arms around him, hiding your face in his sweatshirt. “I don’t want to break up with you. Why would I?”

Jinyoung froze. “Are you crying?” he asked hesitantly.


He wrapped his arms around you and patted you gingerly on the back. “Stop it.” He told you, his voice immediately softening. “I’m trying to be mad at you.”

“Sorry.” You mumbled as he started running a hand through your hair.

“Don’t apologise.” He said for a second time. “Just tell me where you were.”

“At the hospital.”

As soon as the words left your mouth Jinyoung was taking a step back, holding you out at arm’s length so he could look you over. “Are you okay?” he asked when he’d assured himself you were all in one piece.

“I’m fine.” You assured him, you still felt tearful but you couldn’t help smiling a little. Jinyoung’s brow was furrowed, in obvious concern. It was adorable. “I wasn’t there for me. I was there for my brother. He came off his bike.”

“Is he okay?”

You nodded. “He’s a little battered and bruised, but other than that, yeah he’s okay.” You sniffed and wiped at your eyes. “It just… it scared me… you know? What if the he’d been going faster or the car had hit him not clipped him or…”

“Come here,” Jinyoung said, cutting you off and pulling you back into a hug. “Like you said, he’s okay.” He pressed a kiss to the top of your head and started running his hand through your hair again. “And I’m sorry, you’re right, I’m an idiot.”

Yes he was. Only an idiot would jump straight from ‘she won’t answer my calls’ to ‘she wants to break up with me’. But he gave the best hugs and right now that mostly made up for it. Giving him a talking to could wait until you felt a little more like yourself.

anonymous asked:

Have you heard of the time that Eggman used his controls over his minions cybernetic enhancements to lock up a failed subordinate as a example?

No, my life spent reading the Archie Sonic Comic and then witnessing the whinefest that was started over that incident has in somehow managed to blind me totally to the incident ever happening. 

But since this is the internet and sarcasm can be hard to detect, yes, I recall that precisely.