Want to improve your memory? The “loci” really works, according to science.

  • So how can you improve memory? It has long been believed to depend on genetics, and research has focused on links between recall and intelligence.
  • But a new Stanford University School of Medicine study comparing fMRI brain scans of so-called “memory athletes” with normal folks suggests that great recall doesn’t need to be inherited: It can actually be learned.
  • The loci method, sometimes described as the “memory palace” method, was coined by Greek and Roman orators who had to memorize long speeches without the help of text.
  • The idea  is pretty simple. Humans are better at processing visual information than textual information, so if you want to remember a ton of words at once, pair each one with an image. Read more (3/8/17 12:12 PM).

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Everyday Witchcraft

1. Meditate - still the mind, the breath, the heartbeat, open a channel through which the spirits can communicate if they wish to, listen.

2. Walk - honour the genii loci, notice the changing seasons, observe signs and omens, traverse the kingdoms of humanity, flora and fauna, give aid where it is needed.

3. Divine - build relationships with divinatory tools, sharpen skills, train intuition, ask questions, receive answers.

4. Invoke - the presence of spirits to assist in tasks, to protect on journeys, to grant guidance, maintain connections and uphold contracts.

5. Craft - use the hands to create, to construct, imbue each creation with spirit and purpose, a meal, a potion, a carving, a weaving, enchant the mundane and material.

6. Sing - the old songs, the power songs, the prayers, the chants, to heal, to awaken, to enforce, to ward, sing the sun to sleep and the moon to rising, sing in the bath, at the hearth, in the heart.

7. Read - widely and deeply, old and new, academic and popular, across boundaries and taboos, slowly and with full attention, take notes, research, reflect.

8. Write - record experiences, practices, thoughts. keep journals and grimoires, spellbooks and scripts, remember, elucidate, illuminate.

9. Draw - sigils and runes, symbols and signs. Carve, paint, scratch, blacken, redden, scrawl, in the sand, with salt, in the air, with chalk, ink, blood, charcoal, the mind.

10. Collect - herbs, woods, stones, feathers, bones, teeth, soil, the raw materials of natural magic, fill jars, boxes, bags, gather, forage, wildcraft, thrift, take that which is discarded, value the found over the bought.

11. Observe - the cycles of moon, sun, planets, stars, take heed with the eyes as well as the almanac, feel the sap rise, the birds migrate, the bulbs awaken, the leaves wither.

12. Renew - old spells, old wards, protections, and boundaries. Clean what is obscured, recast what has weakened, maintain what is working, replace what is lost. Tie up loose ends.

13. Communicate - with everything, stones, trees, spirits, the dead, that which grows in the garden and that which visits it, other practitioners, mentors, students, seekers, the younger self, the higher self, the wyrd. 


Bestiary: Genis Loci

A Genius loci is the protective spirit of a place. Genius loci are usually extremely powerful and usually also very intelligent, and nearly omnipotent and omniscient inside the area they inhabit, while others are simply vast, semi-sentient wellsprings of energy. 

They are formed by powerful magical events, and in others they are the results of ley lines, mana pools, or an equivalent.  Very few genius loci of this form are able to move from their native area, either because they are “part of the land” or because they are bound to it.

infants lack something known as object permanence. what this means is that they do not have the ability to understand that something still exists when it is out of their line of vision. this is why they like peek-a-boo, because to them you really do disappear when you cover your face with your hands. now, individuals with borderline personality disorder experience emotional impermanence, which follows the same basic idea that if someone is not actively at that moment validating you and paying attention to you, then they don’t care about you. in the same way that when an infant cries when it drops its security blanket, assuming it has disappeared forever, people with bpd feel panicked when they cannot feel or have tangible proof that a person still cares. they may assume that because you aren’t paying attention to them or saying you love them in that moment, the reassuring things you’ve said and feelings you’ve displayed previously have disappeared permanently.
this stems from our fear of abandonment. every move made is analyzed, our brain constantly asking ‘is this a sign that they’re going to leave? they haven’t answered in three minutes, are they never going to answer again? is there someone better? do they hate me?’ and the progression of thoughts spirals downward rapidly. our brains are something like a paranoid sherlock holmes. everything is a clue leading to abandonment.
this makes it EXTREMELY difficult for people with bpd to maintain relationships. no matter what lengths you go to reassure us, there’s almost always a small part that the minute it’s over feels like it didn’t happen, or it wasn’t genuine. it’s not to say that your efforts aren’t appreciated!! of course they are. but it’s hard for us to cling to them as reminders after the fact.
and reassurance can be a double edged sword. there’s comfort in being reminded, but then we may also fear that we manipulated you into reassuring us, or that you didn’t mean it and only said it because you knew we wanted to hear it, or you felt you had to. emotional impermanence is a longtime struggle, and as real as it feels to us, we often do understand that our fears are irrational. our emotional impermanence and insecurity generally have an internal loci of focus. that is to say, it’s based on ourselves and our cognitions, not you or your actions. and with saying that it’s internally based, not externally, it can be difficult to understand how we can already have forgotten you love us, or already believe your feelings toward us have radically shifted in the 5 minutes since you expressed appreciation. as difficult as it may be to understand though, and as irrational as it may be, these feelings are very very real to us. work with us, listen to us, reassure us when you’re able to. for most people, emotional permanence, to at least some degree, is a given. to us, it can feel like a myth.

zrozumieć człowieka,
który skacze z szesnastego piętra
i w locie krzyczy:
- Nie ma śmierci!

zrozumieć drzewo,
które w samym środku lata

zrozumieć mordercę,
który klęczy nad swoją ofiarą
i płacze.

zrozumieć Einsteina,
który na łożu śmierci mówi:
- Umieram
i nie wiem, co to wiatr.

zrozumieć mężczyznę,
który stoi na czubku Everestu
i mówi:
- Nie wiem,
jak stąd zejść.

zrozumieć kroplę rosy,
która mówi:
- Boję się deszczu.

zrozumieć króla,
który w chwili koronacji mówi:
- Tak oto
traci się wolność.

zrozumieć chłopaka,
który podciął sobie żyły
w stacji honorowego krwiodawstwa.

zrozumieć przyjaciela,
który umarł dwa lata temu
i do tej pory jeszcze nie wrócił.

zrozumieć faceta,
który patrzy w lustro i mówi:
- To nie jestem ja.

—  Mroki
Jarosław Borszewicz
a (growing) List of Water Deities

A water deity is a deity in mythology associated with water or various bodies of water. Water deities are common in mythology and were usually more important among civilizations in which the sea or ocean, or a great river was more important. Another important focus of worship of water deities were springs or holy wells.

As a form of animal worship, whales and snakes (hence dragons) have been regarded as godly deities throughout the world (other animals are such as turtles, fish, crabs, and sharks). In Asian lore, whales and dragons sometimes have connections. Serpents are also common as a symbol or as serpentine deities, sharing many similarities with dragons.

As stated above, this is a GROWING list of water deities that I will be adding to periodically as research and time permits.  I advise that if you become interested in any deities, you check to make sure that their culture is not a closed one.  **AKA: Don’t appropriate.

If you would like to see the list, click below!

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Reverential Working for the Indwelling Powers of a Place: For the Securing of Their Favor, Acceptance, Communion, and Aid in Sorcery; or Else for the Winning of the Necessary Warning That They May Be Hostile or Unwilling to Tolerate Human Presence.

Sincerely offered by the hand of
Malmath DeSavyok
Serpens Est Dux Meus

For the Covenant, and for all else of Reverential Heart.

I. The operant must have a stretch of isolated or semi-isolated land upon which to work. One need not own the land in any ordinary legal sense, but one must spend much of one’s time there. It is best if the operant sleeps there, and dreams there, most of the days of the year. If the operator intends to assay the Sator Table rite in a strange place, a place she is visiting, it would be best if she could sleep on that land for at least three nights before, but again, this won’t be strictly necessary, as all reverential offerings given with an attitude of proper respect should be received by the powers indwelling a place.

II. This ritual working is intended to demonstrate respect on the part of the operant to the range of non-human Persons that indwell any given or discreet region of land. This region will not be a large one; it will extend to small woods or forests, small or large properties that have well-defined boundaries, or areas of land that have become separated from surrounding areas by other boundaries, structures, rivers, streams, barriers, or such factors that have forced the area to become thought of and perceived as a distinctive area.

III. The purpose of this rite is to show respect, and win favor from the indwelling and chthonic powers of a place. That is the primary purpose; the secondary purpose is to increase understanding of the nature of those entities via their communications with the operant in dreams, or in visionary states. The tertiary purpose is, for those who will dwell upon that region of land for a lengthy period of time, to secure the acceptance of the chthonic powers for the operant’s other works of sorcery that will be done on the land, and to secure their active aid with those works, or at least their lack of interference.

IV. The operant will select a place upon the land which is as far out of the sight of human eyes as possible, and which bears as little malformation or deformation of the land by the workings of man as possible. The place should ideally have a sense of peace about it, a stillness or a quiet that is obvious. A natural beauty or features of natural beauty are likewise to be preferred. At that place, on bare earth, a small offering pit is to be dug, with non-metal digging tools if possible, though this is not an absolute. Three well-smoothed or peeled branches, or just very straight branches, each at least 2 feet long, should be placed around the pit in a triangular shape, with the pit being close to the bottom-most of the three branches, the branch which is the base of the triangle. Refer to the diagram that accompanies this working. With flour, white sand, or corn-meal, a mawkin-form is drawn above the pit (as in the figure) and three Saturnian sigils are drawn around the three sides of the triangle, again as depicted.

V. The operant should not create the Sator Table while bearing a heavy heart due to recent negative interactions with other persons. They should not assay the operation, nor create the Table until they have washed their hands, face, neck, and chest with a water made of Birch bark and leaves that have been steeped in boiling water for nine minutes, or utilized some other form of ritual purification that will suffice to satisfy this requirement.

VI. The rite can be prepared at any time, though a properly liminal time will increase its effectiveness, and make communing with the indwelling powers easier; dawn and twilight are the preferred times. Lamps of Art, or a nearby small fire, can be built and used if extra light is desired. Any light so used must be of a natural source, never a mechanical one. The hour between midnight and one o'clock AM is also a potent time for the performance.

VII. When the operant is ready, standing before the table, she must utilize an opening or “breaching” charm to formally ask the Master Spirit who conducts souls from our world to the Unseen, and who facilitates spiritual communication between this word and the Other, to support this work in that manner. Those who have the Elphillock Charm will use it now; those who do not will either create their own spoken charm to this end, or use this one:

“These words are the wind of my body
Turned to sound by my soul’s will.
They will make open the invisible way
Between Seen and Unseen.
It is the Gudeman (Good Man),
The Green Warden of the Given-Ground,
That I celebrate with words.
It is His attention I seek,
His presence I desire.
For His Deathless Spirit is merged
With this Good Earth;
This I celebrate.
Master of the Daimons,
Of the Earth and of the Underworld,
Ancient Serpent supreme in wisdom,
Forever friend of Man,
Helper of all in the Inhabited World,
I beg for your kindness and aid.
Vouchsafe me the boon I require:
Make open the Way between this place
And the Unseen.
Support my Good Working here:
For true respect for the spirits of this place
Underlies my ambition.
Protect me and all the powers of this place,
And let no unwisdom of mine
Ever hinder me nor offend the powers here.
Kindly Folk in the Unseen, Good Neighbors All.
Harm me not, nor wish me ill.
By the beneficent and powerful name
Let this be so!”

VIII. At this point the operant must quiet their mind and body, and strongly enter into the sensation of their body, and feel how that all-around bodily sensation merges with the sensation of the land below them and all around. When enough time has passed for this subtle re-focusing, and without losing that subtle sense, the offerings brought for the offering pit are to be poured or placed inside it. Whole cream, melted or solid butter, tobacco, honey, or fresh-shed blood from your left hand— any of these things singularly, or any combination of them, should be the primary offerings, before any others that might be respectfully given. As the offerings are given, the operant should declare this or something similar to it:

“For the spirits that indwell this place, I give this X. It is for their increase, given to them with respect and reverence.”

The sincerity that stands behind these words must be real.

IX. Now the operant must return to that bodily sensation, and to the peace within, and speak from the heart directly to the powers that indwell that land aloud: the complete certainty that the powers can hear all words said- and the complete certainty that they can detect any dishonesty, and can easily see the sincerity of the heart that speaks the words- must be foremost on the operant’s mind. What the operant says will be governed by the wisdom and discretion of the operant, but the message spoken here must be spoken over the triangle, and “into” or near the offering pit. The message must always be respectful, and always contain a strong indication that the operant understands that the indwelling powers of that land are both venerable elders, and that they exceed the power and understanding of the operant. This position of humbleness or humility is not an empty platitude; these powers, whether they be autochthonic spirits, or the merged spirits of formerly living beings that became interred in the land in times before, have attained a status of great power and inconceivable wisdom from the perspective of modern persons who live daily in our disconnected world. This assumption must be foremost in the operant’s mind.

The operant must display a desire to not only show resect for the Powers there, but request, if they will honor the operant so, to appear to her in dreams, to reveal things about themselves to her, and help her to learn of their nature and learn of their desires, if they have any. The operant must display honest curiosity about the Persons that indwell that land. It is for the growth of her own wisdom that she should learn anything at all from them, even if they appear in some terrifying form to warn her away or reject her and other human presences sternly, as they sometimes can.

This should suffice for the initial performance of the rite. If contact in dreams or visions is made, the rite should be considersd especially successful, though any sincere giving of offerings to the Powers in any place is already a success. If contact is made through dreams, and the dreams are of a friendly or positive nature, further performances of this rite can be done to ask for other boons, such as the permission of the Powers to perform acts of sorcery in their presence, on that land. Permission might be asked the first time the rite is done, if not enough time exists to perform the rite again later, but that is less than ideal. However, one must never let the perfect become the enemy of the good. All acts of sincere reverence are good things.

If a positive relationship is created between the operant and the host of spirits or dominant spirit in a place, acts of sorcerous art dealing just with them can be done in the future; the local Powers or Power can be a potent divination-ally for certain acts of divination regarding the local area or its history, or a potent ally for many kinds of workings. But for any successful working done with the aid of the local Power or Powers, many grateful offerings have to be returned. If one were to fail in that duty, the relationship formed can be degraded. It is important to consider the local Power or Powers to be (in essence) like the “God” of the area, to possess that kind of power within the area.

X. This rite has no technical “finishing flourish.” When the operant has spoken all that needs to be spoken, she absents herself from the Sator Table, leaving slowly and feeling thankful. If the Sator Table rite was done at night or twilight, the offering pit must be closed by returning the earth that was dug out of it to it. If it was done at dawn or during the day, it can be left “open” until night comes, when it must be closed. If a “solid” offering was given to the pit- like butter- it should never be re-opened, for that will expose the butter’s remains. If only liquid offerings were given, within a day another pit can be dug in the same place, for a second performance of the rite. If the rite is successful to a goodly extent, try to utilize the general area where the first Sator Table was made for all future performances of the rite.

© 2015 Robin Artisson