Study You (Elorcan fic Au)

Hey guys! Soooooo over the past couple of days I’ve been making this Elorcan Au. fic. It is my first, so if you have any suggestion on how to improve my writing, let me know. Thank you to @thrxneofglasss for improving my mood when I was writing this. Thank you to @a-court-of-chronicles@a-court-of-fanfiction-and-fandom and @a-court-of-elorcan for inspiring me to write some fic.

Here goes


Title:Study you

College Au Elorcan

Elide leaned on the doorframe of her friends room, her petite frame not at all matching the one of the man she was watching as he rummaged around, looking for his folder of study notes he had promised her.

She giggled as he stood up and hit his head on the bookshelf and swore colourfully. He turned to her and playfully glared, walking to her and staring at her in a way that made butterflies flutter around her stomach and her face grow heated. She smiled softly at him through her eyelashes in an almost flirtatious manner.

Lorcan and Elide were in the same Anatomy class at college and from the moment Elide had laid eyes on Lorcan, there was something there. Elide didn’t know what, but she knew it was something. Something stronger than lust or hatred, and Elide knew that it wasn’t fake. What she didn’t know what Lorcans take was. She just hoped that she’d find out something good. So right now, they were friends. And it was good. Not great, but fine.

‘You know, you really shouldn’t be standing on your ankle too long’ Lorcan said gently, glancing to the strapping keeping Elide’s injured ankle steady. She shrugs softly

‘Wouldn’t make a difference, it still hurts when I sit down’ He sighs through his nose and bending to her height, Lorcan picks Elide up and walks to set her down on his bed.

‘I can’t find the study notes so it may take a while and I don’t want to listen to your whining’ She snorts at this. ‘You’d find them if you bothered to clean.’ It was now he turns to snort. ‘Rowan has told me about the state of your room, so don’t pull that shit’

‘And how did Rowan find out?’ Elide asks, surprised Rowan would bother knowing, let alone, sharing this information. Anyway, it’s not like the information would have any influence on anyone, considering how overprotective her friends were.

‘Manon told Dorian, Dorian told Chaol, Chaol told Nesryn, Nesryn told Lysandra, Lysandra told Aedion, Aedion told Aelin, Aelin told Rowan, Rowan told-’

‘You.’ Elide finished. ‘And why, pray tell, did you bother keeping this information?’

‘Because I predicted this moment and had to prepare.’ Lorcan let out a chuckle before continuing ‘Besides, I think Manon was trying to get the information to all the available men in the school, but since I’m the only available one you know, I stopped the rumour, so your welcome’

Elide laughed before her face changed and she spoke again.

‘We have a test on Monday and I need those notes, so chop chop’ Lorcan turned away from her and continued to search.


Elide was beautiful, or at least, Lorcan thought so. This girl in his anatomy class was beautiful and Lorcan had found himself drawn to her onyx eyes, dark hair and bright personality. He had had feelings for her for almost 6 months so when she showed up at his dorm asking for his study notes, he jumped at the opportunity. However it went downhill when he couldn’t find them.

When she chastised him about the mess of his room, he almost asked if he could add her shirt to the pile of clothes on the floor. But he let something even more stupid out.

Rowan has told me about the state of your room” Rowan, in actuality, had said to stay out of Elides dorm or he would castrate Lorcan. Because God forbid Rowan’s overprotective girlfriend stop meddling.

But he said nothing about Elide coming into his room. But, when the opportunity presented itself, Lorcan couldn’t seem to make a move. He may like her, but he refused to ruin what they had now if she didn’t like him back.


After an hour and a half of Lorcan searching, he gave up, slumping down next to Elide on his bed. He glared across at the wall opposite the two, before turning to her.

’No notes, no study’ Elide looked defeated. The most important test of the year and the only person who had the study notes has lost them. She turned her head and almost flew back at the closeness of Lorcan. If she moved a couple of inches forward, she would be kissing him. She almost shivered at that thought. To have those lips on hers would probably make her day. His dark eyes gazed into hers and seemed to scream we’re fucked. But Elide couldn’t get over how close they were and how Lorcan almost seemed to be leaning in. The tension was killing her.

All Lorcan was thinking was how much he wanted to kiss her, to feel her soft lips on his.

Then it seemed as if he had an idea.

He pulled away from her to stand and walk to the door before he closed it and turned the lock. He then walked back to the bed and grabbed his phone, sending a text. Elide silently watched, paying attention to his back muscles curling under his fitted tee.

She was insanely confused when he grabbed a notebook and pen, handing it to her. She was even more confused when he slipped his shirt off and came back to sit next to her.

‘We don’t have the study notes, so we’ll make some. Draw a simple male body and label it on here. I know your exam is on male anatomy and mine is rather impressive, so go ahead and draw.’ Elide was confused, surprised and flustered all at once. She had to agree with Lorcan about his anatomy. His tanned chest and torso rippled with muscle and Elide had to begin drawing to make sure she wasn’t staring (or drooling).


Elide was still sitting next to Lorcan in his dorm 4 hours later. Lorcan’s shirt was back on (Elide is both sad and happy about this) and they’re studying away at Elides perfect drawing and flawless handwriting when Lorcan slumped backwards, groaning.

’This exam will be the death of me’

Elide laughed as his dramatics as she joined him lying on the bed, turning her head slightly so that she could gaze at his high cheekbones, flawless tan skin, perfectly plump lips and dark eyes.

‘Get over it’ She says, propping her head up with her hand, He looked up at her and smiled the way he only does to her and she falls further into the abyss of her infatuation. All she had to do to kiss him would be to twist a little. And then, as she stared at him, as he smiled, she decided, Fuck it. She was going to kiss him. She was going to kiss the man she’s been wanting to kiss for the last 6 months.

So, placing a hand on Lorcan’s cheek and closing her eyes, Elide twisted down until her lips met his. And then she wondered why she had never done it before. Feeling him relax underneath her, he leaned up to continue to kiss her. It was slow and gentle but the feelings racing between Lorcan and Elide were so potent and tangible.

Finally the two broke apart to catch breath and to stare into each others eyes. Lorcan looks surprised at her, causing Elide to panic and stand up and pace.

‘I can’t believe I did that, I can’t believe I did that, I can’t believe-‘ She whispers. Lorcan stands and cuts her off.

‘I can’t believe you did what I haven’t had the balls to do in six months’ Elide stops.

‘What?’ She asks him quietly.

‘I’ve been wanting to kiss you, to hold you, to captivate you for 6 months. But I thought you just wanted to be friends so I never did.’ He paused, gaging her reaction. ‘Elide, I’ve had eyes only for you for basically this whole semest-‘

He was interrupted by Elide’s lips as she basically flew across the room into his arms. This kiss was different than the first. It was raw and passionate and rough. Tongue and teeth clashing as all their pent up feelings exploded like fireworks. Elide’s cold hands moved their way up Lorcan’s back underneath his shirt causing him to groan with pleasure.

Elide’s fingers grabbed the edge of his shirt and pulled up. Their lips parted to allow his shirt to fly off over his head. It joined the mess on the floor. Then Lorcan paused, pulling away from Elide. She almost pouted from his lack of warmth.

‘Elide, darl, we have an exam Monday’ Lorcan said breathlessly.

Elide leaned in and planted a kiss on the joint between his neck and shoulder.

‘Then’ kiss ‘I’ll’ kiss ‘just’ kiss ‘have to’ kiss ‘study you’ kiss ‘in excruciating’ kiss ‘detail’ She says before reattaching her lips to his. Lorcan groans, moving his lips to her neck. ‘I guess so’ and then he’s kissing and biting, listening to the groans coming out of her breathlessly. Lorcan’s hands are then edging her top up over her head, pausing to gaze at her stomach and chest, taking note of her lacy black bra. Her shirt joins his on the floor.

Then he’s kissing her again, grabbing the back of her thighs and lifting her, carrying her to the bed and laying her down, hovering over her and admiring her. He caught her eye.

‘Are you sure you want this?’ he whispers to her.

‘Yes, Lorcan, god, yes. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t.’ Elide gasped, catching her breath, her chest rising and falling. Lorcan bent to her and kissed her lips, then her chin, neck, collarbone, cleavage, ribs, stomach, navel and hips before gently easing her shorts off of her and kissing the inside of both of her thighs. She gasped and dragged him back to her lips by his hair, causing him to groan, kissing him fiercely before rolling them over so she could straddle him, hurriedly unzipping his jeans and pulling them off. Their pants were next to join their shirts on the floor.

They both looked over each other with lust in their eyes, appreciating every bare inch of each other. Then their lips were attached and Lorcan was fumbling with the clasp on Elide’s bra. She giggled against his lips and sat up, moving his hands and helping him undo it. The lacy black material joined the floor pile as Elide feels him harden underneath her hips. Lorcan pulled Elide back to him, flipped them around and began kissing every inch of her face. Mouth, cheeks, chin, jaw, forehead, eyelids, nose, back to the junction of her jaw and neck, working his way down her neck to her collarbone, leaving bites all along it. He kept working his way down, leaving the bites on her breasts before coming back to her face.

She placed her arms around his neck and pulled him flush against her, like she couldn’t get enough of the feeling of his skin on hers. She worked her hands down over Lorcan’s rock hard abs to the waistband of his boxers, sliding them off him, making him moan against her lips. The boxers joined the increasing number of garments being flung across the room. Elide’s underwear was next, leaving them bare, vulnerable to each other. And, neither of them seemed to mind. The 21 year olds just stared at each other, at every inch of each other, committing each other to memory. They were so close to each other on Lorcan’s bed and neither of them minded.

Then Lorcan moved, slipping inside Elide. She gasped, her nails holding onto Lorcan’s back as his hips rocked against hers, faster and faster until nothing but their moans filled the air, punctured only by his kisses. He loved that he could bring those sounds from her mouth and he was trying to restrain his own sounds until she whispered ‘it’s okay, Lorcan, relax’ in his ear and he let out his own cries. As both Lorcan and Elide reached their breaking point, their loud yelling of each others names were silenced by their heated kisses.

They both cooled down slowly and Lorcan rolled off Elide to rest beside her, staring lovingly at her petite body as her chest rose and fell and she twirled her fingers into his dark hair. He hugged her close to him, loving her bare skin against his and yet he still felt as if they were still not close enough.

‘That was so much better than I dreamed it would be’ Lorcan let out in a sigh.

‘You’ve thought about that?’ Elide looks at him waiting for his answer.

‘God yes, Elide, the thought of you has driven me crazy for forever. Every time I saw you walk into class I’ve wanted to pin you to the wall and take you in the middle of class damn the consequences.’

She just kissed him.

They lay like that for a while in silence as though this was all they needed. After a while, Elide propped her head on her hand to be eye-to-eye with him.

‘Lorcan?’ She asked, gently running her fingers over the tattoos on his chest.

‘Hm’ he encourages her to continue.

‘Will you be my boyfriend?’

‘I wouldn’t have just had sex with you on my dorm room bed if I didn’t want to be your boyfriend, so yes, Elide, I would be honoured if you let me be your boyfriend.’

They lay like that until they fall asleep under the doona, Elide curled up into Lorcan’s chest and for the first time in a while, she feels safe and at home.


The next morning Elide is woken by her outstanding biological clock. Basically, she woke at 7 AM on a Saturday. She almost had a conniption when she saw Lorcan sleeping butt-naked next to her, but the events of the previous night come rushing back and she smiles at him. Pulling his arm off her and kissing him, she stood and grabbed her clothes from the floor before heading into the adjacent bathroom to change. She looks in the mirror, staring at the hickey’s all along her neck and on her breasts.

When she came out of the bathroom, Lorcan was awake and his face lit up when he saw her, standing and walking to her, wrapping his arms over her. She hadn’t realised just how beautiful she thought he was until she saw him naked with the sun lighting up his dark, swirling tattoo and his eyes gleaming.

‘Hey, my dazzling girlfriend’ Lorcan smiled down at Elide, filling her with a warmth she hadn’t experienced before.

She laid a kiss on his lips and whispered ‘Hello, my splendid boyfriend’ She smiled. ‘Are you okay? You’re not sore or anything?’ He asks and she just smiles at him ‘I’m so much better than okay. But I do need to go back to my dorm and change these clothes before I’m doing a walk of shame in front of everyone in the boarding house.’ He nods, completely understanding.

‘Okay, but I’m taking you on a date tonight’ He says as she walks out the door with a slight okay and a smile.

Heading down a floor and into her dorm which she shared with her overprotective family friend, Aelin and one of her distant relatives, Manon. Assuming both were out with their respective boyfriends, she opened the door expecting it to be empty. Instead she saw everyone. Dorian, Manon’s boyfriend was sitting next to her. Next to him was his best mate Chaol and his girlfriend, Nesryn. Across from those four on Manon’s bed was Rowan, Aelin’s boyfriend, and Aedion and Lysandra, Aelins cousin and his girlfriend. Asterin and Fenrhys, Manon’s best friend and her boyfriend, and Connall, Fenrhys’ twin, leant against the wall behind everyone.

They all turned to face Elide when she walked in, bombarding her with worries that she was dead in a ditch and asking where she’d been. Finally, after she tried to calm everyone down, they were all silenced by Fenrhys’ loud whistle. Elide nodded her thanks.

‘I got myself a boyfriend’ Elide said to everyone. They looked shocked. Rowan recovered first.

‘And who is your boyfriend Elide?’ He asks gently, waiting for her answer.

She raised her head and after pausing to stare at each of them individually, she moved to her drawers at the back of the room, grabbed her clothes and walking to the door leading to the bathroom. Right before she entered the bathroom, she turned to them again, staring specifically at Rowan.


Aelin walked up to her.

‘And who gave you that sex hair and the hickey’s?’ She asks. Elide shrugged.


And with a wink, she disappeared in to the bathroom, leaving the people in the room to whisper in outrage and annoyance.