nobodyknowsbutmeandyou replied to your post: Hello, Chicago. Hello!

Rahm stood you up!?

booshbaby replied to your post: Hello, Chicago. Hello!

He was probably stuck in traffic.

Well, apparently he was making last minute preparations for tomorrow night so I guess maybe I forgive him.

lochnessy591 replied to your post: Hello, Chicago. Hello!

Hey you’re in Chicago?! I’m in Aurora! :D

lochnessy591 answered your question: wow, sorry for the inactivity. I went on a church…

you went to a church retreat? nice what’d you do? :P


But really, it was a lot like COR, actually. There were talks and activities and Chapel time and stuff. It was really cool though because it was a day thing, so we went back to our dorms at night, and there were like 8 retreatants (only on the first day though, some of them just didn’t come back…) so you got a lot closer with the people, and there were just these surprises (which are the secrets I’m not supposed to talk about XD) that just made it really awesome. Lots of crying, too. You know it’s good God time when you cry XD

But you will have one of the surprises coming to you soon enough…