Weight Loss Check-In 3


SO July 15-142.2 lbs (64.5 kg)

July 25- 133.8 lbs (60.7 kg)

August 10-131.3 lbs (59.6 kg)

August 13- 127.6 lbs (57.9 kg)


I don’t think I’ve been in the 120’s since freshman or sophomore year of highschool!

Which means 4 or 5 YEARS ago!

And I’m not done yet! I WILL NOT REST until I have thigh gap.

BUT HOLY SHIT. I’ve lost 14.6 lbs (6.6kg). And I’m at a BMI of 19.35.

The current goal is 124.6lbs (56.5 kg) with a BMI of 18.88. But I might even be able to be under that before I go back to school! Which would be AMAZING SAUCE.

Seriously this is amazing. I hate every second of actual exercise (although I’m doing a half hour of Just Dance now and it is SO much fun. I do the Just Sweat ones whew it’s a workout.) BUT GODDAMN THIS IS WORTH IT.

Allllllrighty it’s late and I’m TRYING (and failing) to get back onto a normal sleep schedule.

Night all! <3


I’m kind of still new at the whole idea of “oh hey I can talk passionately at all about all my fandom-y things.

Which means I’ve never been to a convention.

But I reallllllly want to go to one! I want to do the whole thing too! I don’t really have anyone to go with but I still want to go and dress up and lalalala!

SO….does anyone want to offer a newbie advice? I live in Virginia, USA so I probably have to stay along the East Coast. (Though one day I hope to go to the San Diego Comic Convention!)

Help? Please?


Soooo you can all be jealous of my old high school now.

Yeah, those are our teachers.


Monticello High School.

Get at me son.

Nes <3




I’m back at school and life is happy!

Today was the first day of classes and all’s well so far! Although I’m a bit behind I think in Chinese, so I’ll need to work a bit extra over there.

Only problem is that I haven’t worked out in…..four days. AGH. So I need to get back into the routine of things. But we’ll get there!

I’ll post pictures of my fancy new room later (I still have another class). But for now I’m just checking in, since it’s been a while :)

BUT YAY! I hope everyone’s having lovely times at school!

I <3 George Mason!

YAY! Thank you so much to all my new followers (and the ones that are still hanging around!

I’ve tried to go to everyone’s blog and thank them specifically but I’ve been INSANELY busy lately. What with school (I’m taking 21 credits….because, apparently, I want to die) and with ‘Into the Woods’…….I seriously have no time.


So my friends had kind of always joked with me about “emotionally immature” I was and how I had trouble understanding emotions and etc etc. And I laughed about it too, because it was weird that I just can’t understand it or other people like everyone else can….but I never really thought anything of it.

But the other day my friend (who’s training to be a psychologist looked at me funny when I was explaining how I don’t experience emotions the same way they seem to. He kind of said as an afterthought, “You know you might have a form of Aspergers.”

It kind of struck me. So I went online and took some tests just to see if I should even consider this as a possibility. (I was sick in bed and sort of bored, so I figured…why the hell not?) The test is out of fifty points. Getting 11-22 is “average for the general population”, 23-31 is “indicates that one has slightly higher than average autistic traits”, and 32 and above “indicates a high degree of autistic tendencies”. 

I took the test and got a 38. The site recommended that I go to a mental health professional to be officially diagnosed.

Now I know it’s an online test so you can’t put everything into that…..but still. I’m obviously showing autistic tendencies and that’s something that…..I don’t know.

But after I got my score I did research online about Aspergers (I’d never really looked it up before). And….almost everything made sense to me.

Attachment to routines, unadaptable to change, difficulty developing close friendships, a tendency to isolate oneself, difficulty understanding their own emotions and the emotions of others, minor triggers can lead to extreme emotions, talking about subjects excessively, lack of eye contact, repetitive rituals (body movements, habits, behaviors), repetitive and abnormally intense interests, enhanced perception in patterns etcetcetc

The list just kept going on and on with me mentally keeping a checklist.

I don’t……really know what to do. I feel like I should go to a psychologist or something. But I don’t really want to be labeled by this if I do have it. I want to understand I guess. But I don’t want people judging me by this first and then getting to know me later…..if that makes sense.

It’s very confusing. And as I’ve already said….I have trouble with emotions.

And I don’t want to tell my friends really either because I feel like they’ll just sort of blow it off.

I know that I hid stuff like my confusion pretty well. It’s only recently that I’ve become somewhat open with it at all. I hadn’t told anyone until…maybe two months ago?

So….yeah. Any advice? ha.