loch ness mystery


Monster of Lake Champlain

Reports of a giant sea monster living in Lake Champlain have date back to the time Native Americans inhabited the area. Over the years, many people have come to believe that the legend of ‘Champ’ is true, and that he still lives in the lake. The photographic evidence above was take by Sandra Mansi as she vacationed at the lake with her family: 

“The lake started churning. My first thought was scuba divers. But then it’s too much, it would be too big of a group of scuba divers. But then fish, there’s some very large sturgeon and big walleyes in Champlain, so I thought well, it’s a very, very large school of fish. Then the head and the neck came up out of the water, and then the back.  And I watched it turn its head and neck, and look around. When it first came up, its mouth was open and I could see water coming out of the mouth, and I’m feeling like I shouldn’t be there. Because to me, this thing should have been extinct thirty million years ago. But I’m not frightened. I’m in total awe and very calm. Then Tony came back and he saw it and he got all panicky, screaming and hollering at the kids to get out of the water. He helped me up the bank, and when he did, he handed me the camera, and I turned around, and it’s still there. And I picked up the camera and took one shot”

Sandra sent the photograph to a local university to be analysed, where it was confirmed not to be superimposed. An alternative view on the the photo is that it’s a rotted tree trunk, erupting from the water due to natural gases. In 2005, the most recent recorded evidence of Champ emerged on ABC news:

Although both pieces of evidence are authentic, the biggest argument against Champ’s existence is that not one single creature is able to survive centuries without naturally dying. The proposal that this creature exists, or at least once existed, remains a frustrating mystery.


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