loch creran

Although it was evident from the masses of orange seaweed along the shore that this was indeed a sea loch, it was very calm compared with the more exposed lochs that Algy was used to. Everything was hushed and still, muffled by the tall trees and deep mosses. Algy closed his eyes and listened to the tiny sounds of the forest and the water. Before very long, the quiet, rhythmic breathing of a sleeping bird was added to the other gentle noises by the loch …


My wife’s old BMW M3 stopped for a rest. This is just off the A828, north of Oban, which ultimately meets up with the A82 just along from Ballachulish. Scotland has some of the greatest driving roads in the world and if your timing is right you can pretty much have the place to yourself.

When Lindsay sold this car a guy came all the way from Bath in the south of England on the sleeper train, had a test drive, bought it and drove it 450 miles back home. He’s now stripped it out, put a cage in and turned it into a rally car.

Loch Creran, Scotland.