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Not Alone

Prompt/Summary: This is fic number 10 for @mrs-squirrel-chester‘s album challenge.  A bit of fluff

Pairing: Sam Wilson x Reader

Warnings: none, I can’t remember if there was a curse word. 

Word Count: 655

Author’s Note:   I rewrote this one because it was very angsty and to be perfectly honest, I need all the fluff I can get.  So sorry it is late.  But it means you get two fics from me today. 

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anonymous asked:

Okay so I love both of your sentence prompt examples a lot? If you were to write stuff for those, I definitely wouldn't complain. If not, here's an angsty sentence prompt for you; "Lance?!" Keith shouted into the coms, as he stared down at the wrecked form of the Blue Lion. There was no reply, just static echoing in his ears. Gotta have that Klance Content™ (I love your blog btw)

Ahh, what the heck me??? I’ve had this in my draft box for days!! And then I looked at my draft box and was like - what the hell is this?? And BAAAM! IT WAS ANGST FLUFF KLANCE STUFF! XD 

Anyway, thank you so much- I’ll definitely do those prompts too when I have the chance! :D For now, here is the prompt you requested. I usually make these prompts kind of short but I just kept writing and writing with this one. 0.0 I was a really good prompt suggestion. 


“Lance?!” Keith shouted into the coms, as he stared down at the wrecked form of the Blue Lion. There was no reply, just static echoing in his ears

When the side of the blue lion had erupted from the blast there had been a scream.

No one could tell who it was from- Lance, Allura, the team, or perhaps Keith. Maybe all of them had screamed out at the horrifying scene before them.

The side of the haul was imploding, catching fire within the cold grips of space.

It had happened so fast.

Missiles, lasers, and then the Galra ship fired its main cannon.

The blast had aimed for Voltron’s red paladin, dead set on its course until a certain blue pilot intercepted it by throwing himself between the two.


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pixelforestthings  asked:

I've been following your tubmlr for a real long time hahha. Really inspired by your stuff man. Quite a while back you explained how you did your blood particle system. I'm really interested in how you did the blood splatter decals. They look totally awesome! Are they drawn entirely in code? So there are no sprites for those?

The blood splatter decals (I’m assuming you’re talking about the ones in the image) are done completely through code. The way I’m creating them is pretty simple. Apart from the blood spray animation there is also another invisible object flying in the same direction. This object is effected by gravity, so it starts out at a height and then it falls toward the ground. 

Now when the ‘blood object’ is close-ish to the ground it starts randomly spawning blood giblets close to it’s X and Y position with random (yet limited) size. These blood giblets are simply a square texture that is created dynamically through code. They can have any color and they can be set to shrink or not (when the enemies explode, the blood is permanent and does not shrink - this is on purpose to leave more impact at the explosion location). The shrink effect is simply decreasing the size of the texture along with time and then once its smaller than 1 by 1 pixels it’s removed completely so that it doesn’t take up any more memory.

That’s the basics of it. I still need to make it work with walls and not just the ground and there is also a lot where I could optimize my code to make it use less resources but for now it’s good enough so I can move to more important stuff! 


It’s almost that time of year again, buttercups!! Filming of season 8 should bless us May 1st. So in the next coming weeks we should start seeing activity like the infamous “Do Not Mow” signs, actor arrivals, and fingers crossed for more Koi fish rumors! (for the newbies: this is a joke from last year’s pre-game filming thread).

This will be a “pre-game” thread for tracking actor arrivals and other activity before filming starts… As well as a place to genuinely geek out over upcoming filming. News will be added to the OP as it comes in.

Let the good times roll!!

Pre-Filming Activity

- “Do Not Mow” signs are up at Crook Rd. This is near the studio and is a frequently used location.

- “Do Not Mow” signs up in Hampton off Hwy 20. This is the same location where they disarmed explosives and took down the herd in episode 7.9.

- There’s word that there will be filming in Griffin. Exact locations are unknown at this time. One rumored spot is Wilson’s grocery. Exact dates are also unknown but rumored to be somewhere between May 1-11th.

- Do Not Mow signs in Fayetteville off Tyrone Rd and Flat Creek

- Do Not Mow signs are now up in Griffin off 4th St and Solomon St.

Actor Sightings

- Norman was spotted in Peachtree City at a local grocery store on 4/21

- Andy was spotted arriving to Atlanta on 4/22


In honor of Veteran’s Day, meet Lucca, an amputee veteran who served six years in the United States Marine Corps as a Specialized Search Dog. During that time, she spent two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. She led “over 400 patrols,” all of which resulted in no injuries. For her first two tours she was accompanied by her handler, Gunnery Sgt. Chris Willingham.

In March of 2012, Lucca located a planted explosive while she was leading a patrol in Afghanistan with her second handler, Cpl. Juan Rodriguez. While protecting her platoon, a secondary explosive was detonated. Her fellow Marines were safe, but Lucca suffered burns and a major injury to her front left leg in the attack. Cpl. Rodriguez’s quick thinking got Lucca to safety. Lucca’s left front leg had to be amputated, but she recovered quickly and was walking just ten days after her surgery.

Lucca’s injury led to her retirement and shortly after, she was adopted by her original handler, Gunnery Sgt. Chris Willingham. Willingham credits Lucca with saving his life on numerous occasions, and now in her retirement Lucca gets to enjoy her days as a “family pet” with him. She even gets the booth seat when they go out to dinner!

Lucca also makes frequent visits to wounded warriors and veterans at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, where she “makes a dramatic impact on the lives of service members.” Lucca’s “unwavering positive attitude” serves as an inspiration to everyone she meets. Her amputation hasn’t thwarted her enthusiasm and positivity for life.

Lucca’s hard work and loyalty is the reason countless of service members returned home to their families safely.

And now, it’s Lucca’s turn to enjoy all of her days with her own family.

Here is a textbook example of lazy western journalism.

The Guardian recently published an article on Boko Haram. However, the lead image they used was from the Niger Delta. The image is of a pipeline explosion and people on a canoe. I’ve been around my fair share of photo and newsdesk editors, so I know how they think. The writer of the article probably had nothing to do with the image, that was most likely an editor’s decision. The editor probably only used this image because it has an explosion, even though the explosion has nothing to do with Boko Haram and the location of the pictured explosion is not even in the same region of Nigeria where Boko Haram operates. It’s literally at opposite ends of the country. But any picture of an explosion will do.

This is what happens when you don’t have diverse newsdesk editors. No Nigerian (or anyone with a cursory knowledge of Nigeria) would make this kind of mistake.

The same thing goes on with white journalists who are supposed “West Africa experts”, yet they don’t know the difference between Nigerian and Nigerien. Despite these constant mistakes, these white people all have jobs. There are black people who have been fired for far less.


Multiple videos of the massive Tianjin explosion shot from different locations, synchronized.

Magnetar discovered close to supernova remnant Kesteven 79

Massive stars end their life with a bang, exploding as supernovas and releasing massive amounts of energy and matter. What remains of the star is a small and extremely dense remnant: a neutron star or a black hole.

Neutron stars come in several flavours, depending on properties such as their ages, the strength of the magnetic field concealed beneath their surface, or the presence of other stars nearby. Some of the energetic processes taking place around neutron stars can be explored with X-ray telescopes, like ESA’s XMM-Newton.

This image depicts two very different neutron stars that were observed in the same patch of the sky with XMM-Newton. The green and pink bubble dominating the image is Kesteven 79, the remnant of a supernova explosion located about 23,000 light-years away from us.

From the properties of the hot gas in Kesteven 79 and from its size, astronomers estimate that it is between 5000 and 7000 years old. Taking account of the time needed for light to travel to Earth, this means that the supernova that created it must have exploded almost 30,000 years ago. The explosion left behind a a young neutron star with a weak magnetic field, which can be seen as the blue spot at the centre of Kesteven 79.

Beneath it, a blue splotch indicates an entirely different beast: a neutron star boasting an extremely strong magnetic field, known as a magnetar. Astronomers discovered this magnetar, named 3XMM J185246.6+003317, in 2013 by looking at images that had been taken in 2008 and 2009. After the discovery, they looked at previous images of the same patch of the sky, taken before 2008, but did not find any trace of the magnetar. This suggests that the detection corresponded to an outburst of X-rays released by the magnetar, likely caused by a dramatic change in the structure of its magnetic field.

While the neutron star in the supernova remnant is relatively young, the magnetar is likely a million years old; the age difference means that it is very unlikely that the magnetar arose from the explosion that created Kesteven 79, but must have formed much earlier. This false-colour image is a composite of 15 observations performed between 2004 and 2009 with the EPIC MOS camera on board XMM-Newton. The image combines data collected at energies from 0.3 to 1.2 keV (shown in red), 1.2 to 2 keV (shown in green) and 2 to 7 keV (shown in blue).

Image credit: ESA/MPS

This is a mysterious, complex structure called the Keyhole Nebula which lies within the larger Carina Nebula. This region, about 8000 light-years from Earth, is located adjacent to the famous explosive variable star Eta Carinae, which lies just outside the field of view toward the upper right. The Carina Nebula also contains several other stars that are among the hottest and most massive known, each about 10 times as hot, and 100 times as massive, as our Sun.

(Image credit: NASA, The Hubble Heritage Team (AURA/STScI)

May 8, 1916 - Accidental Explosion in Fort Douaumont Kills 650 German Soldiers

Pictured - The location of the explosion, pictured for a French postcard.  The blast completely blew out the concrete floor.

Triumph came for Germany on May 7 at Verdun, with the capture of the French strong-point at Cote 304, which had the Crown Prince raving with glee: “Never since 1914 had I been able to see the fight so clearly!”  Tragedy, however, followed the next day, when an accidental explosion blew most of the German garrison of Fort Douaumont to pieces.  No eye-witnesses survived, but Douaumont’s German artillery officer had been arguing for days that a disaster loomed from the careless way thousands of hand grenades had been stored in the fort. 

On May 8, a platoon of Bavarian soldiers, in casual southern German fashion, were brewing up their morning coffee in the fort by using upturned cordite cases as a pot, and gun-powder scooped from hand-grenades as fuel!  A small explosion resulted, which set off a chain reaction, detaining hand-grenades lying close by, which burst the tanks of a few flame-throwers laying at hand.  In a matter of minutes, the liquid fire from the flame-throwers was flowing across the floor, seeping into the magazine containing thousands of huge 155-mm howitzer shells.

An entire section of the fort blew sky-high.  Those who were not instantly vaporized had their lungs popped by the wave of pressure, or were asphyxiated by fumes in the air-tight corridors.  All lights were extinguished, and panic set in among the survivors, who stampeded for the exits, trampling more of their unfortunate comrades.  In a tragically absurd twist, the men who did make it out, covered with pitch-black soot, were taken as African French troops, and mown down by panicky German machine gunners.  Six hundred-fifty German soldiers died in the accident, including the whole regimental staff of the 12th Grenadiers.  Today most of them still lie within the caved in walls of Douaumont, their fortress and their tomb. 

Rant: Explosion in Ankara

How many of you heard of it? How many of you gave a damn about it? I am not comparing anything but let me ask you something; you were all so concerned about Paris attack. It was a horrible incident. No argument on that. But since it happened in the heart of Europe (I guess so) everyone put French flag on their profile picture on Facebook. Kept talking about it, bands / singers cancelled their shows because of that etc. Don’t get me wrong, this is a really good thing to do. But 3 bomb explosions happened in Turkey in the past 6 months. Which one of them have you heard? Which one caused you to tweet about it, post about it? On Sunday, yesterday, March of 13, there was a bomb explotion in the middle of our capital city, yes my country. There was a fucking bomb explosion in the capital city of Turkey and yet no one talks about it excluding the BBC News, or you know news channels.
I currently live in Czech Republic, which means I am safe. But I am terrified that one day I will hear that one of my friends / relatives died in an explosion. And even though I don’t know any of the casualities I feel terrible horrow and sorrow. There were really young people, who just got their university entrance exam, there were people who were trying earn living, there were people who were trying to do something for their families. This is so painful. This fucking terrorist attacks keep happening and our shitty government does nothing, as usual. Those greedy bastards without remorse… We hope to get rid of them every single time when it’s election day but no… Nothing.
Get back to my point; since the only time you care about our existence is the time there is a UEFA football game, I want to let you know… Terrible things happen. And no we don’t care if we get in your fucking EU boyband, nor you think we are in middle east and we shouldn’t think that a part of us is in Europe. Fuck you and your morals even in this case you still can debate that. 
I don’t expect you to put a Turkish flag on your profil pictures, you wouldn’t do that, anyways.
All I am asking is that this is serious terrorist attack; let’s not make it about us not entering the EU or our location.