location: oceania

Hey, y’all! Since Moana came out I’ve been seeing a lot more talk on Pacific Island folk, but a lot of it has been using the terms “Pacific Islander” and “Polynesian” interchangeably. Polynesia is a specific region of the Pacific Islands, while the Pacific Islands consist of the regions Micronesia and Melanesia as well. Much love from your local Micronesian. 🌸🍃



Hey everyone! Here we are with a couple of smaller spot arts of Pua I painted. Really fun to paint and I personally think this little guy is a great touch in the movie :)!

Thanks for your outstanding response. I really appreciate! More to come and please let me know if you have any questions and or considerations :)!


Grace Mera Molisa (1946-2002) was a politician and poet from Vanuatu, seen as one of the leading intellectuals and activists from the Pacific. She was a strong activist for women’s and minority rights in her country.

She was the first woman in Vanuatu to obtain a university degree when she gained a BA from the University of the South Pacific in 1977. In 1997, she founded the group Vanuatu Women in Politics, aimed at providing help for women who wished to start a political career. She also created the country’s National Arts Festival.