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Nichelle Nichols (B. 1932)

Born in Robbins, Illinois, Nichols got her start on the stage in 1961 with Oscar Brown's Kicks and Co., a musical satire about Playboy magazine. Ironically, this drew the attention of Hugh Heffner who was so impressed with her, he booked her in his Chicago Playboy Club. While still in Chicago, she performed at the “Blue Angel”, and in New York, Nichols appeared at that city’s Blue Angel as a dancer and singer. She also toured with Duke Ellington and in addition to her acting and singing work, Nichols did some modelling. 

Out of all of her accomplishments, her biggest and arguably most important role was that of Lieutenant Uhura in Star Trek. Through this role, Nichols was the first black woman on a major television series who did not play a servant; the prominent supporting role as a bridge officer was unprecedented. Her groundbreaking work on Star Trek not only inspired such actresses as Whoopie Goldberg (and, in turn, Lupita Nyong'o) to pursue their careers, but also inspired astronaut Mae Jemison who became the first African American woman in space.

After the cancellation of Star Trek, Nichols volunteered her time in a special project with NASA to recruit minority and female personnel for the space agency, which proved to be a success.[16] She began this work by making an affiliation between NASA and a company which she helped to run, Women in Motion.[17][18][19][20][21][22]

Those recruited include Dr. Sally Ride, the first American female astronaut, and United States Air Force Colonel Guion Bluford, the first African-American astronaut, as well as Dr. Judith Resnik and Dr. Ronald McNair, who both flew successful missions during the Space Shuttle program before their deaths in the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster on January 28, 1986. Recruits also included Charles Bolden, the current NASA administrator, and Lori Garver, the current Deputy Administrator. (X)


Shapeshifting Bladdersnatch Bird

The Shapeshifting Bladdersnatch Bird is an avian unique to Western Canada  which can take on the appearance of any bird of similar size and weight it pleases. Called the Bladdersnatch because its cry can cause some people to unintentionally relieve themselves the Bladdersnatch is believed to be, in effect, a bird with metamorphmagus powers. How these powers were obtained is unknown as is the natural form of these birds. However after their discovery they were shipped around the world and have been found to have no negative effects on their environments, usually taking on the appearance of local birds so as not to stand out.

Rather intelligent, studies are being carried out on the magical effects of Bladdernsatch feathers in potions, with some believing them to be the step towards the next major breakthrough in cosmetic potions, while their vocal cords in potions have been evidenced to help potty-train toddlers.

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PLEASE READ AND HELP US I know this doesn’t have to do with all of the posts I regularly post, but I need you to know what’s happening in my country, and before you start reading what I want to say I would like to apologize in case I misspell something, soooo…. Here I go.
I live in Venezuela, a small country located north of South America, we are nice, warm, exciting people, but since 1998 everything has fall. The government of Hugo Chavez took power in that year and our country has never been the same since “el chavismo” took over our lives.
Let me explain it to you, we live in a dictatorship, where our elections are compromised, where we CANT find ANY food, medication, construction materials NOTHING, our media has been shot down and we don’t even have channels on the tv that speaks the truth and really tells us what’s happening.
People is dying because they are hungry, because they are sick, because they are homeless and the government just act like NOTHING is happening while actually EVERYTHING is. The military defends the government, why? We just don’t know, they choose to protect an small group of bad people either than defend their own brothers.
On December 6th 2015, we, Venezuelans voted for the new National Assembly and thanks to God we won, but dictatorship is a dictatorship is a dictatorship and on April 6th of this year 2017 the government decided to override ALL the power of the assembly that us, Venezuelans, choose, and since that day pacific concentrations all around the country started, people no matter what age or sex have been staying in the streets for days, only hoping that their actions motivates other people to do the same.
But these people has been assaulted by the militia, throwing them toxic gas and shooting them just to keep our voices shut, but we are not going to stop, because now our scream for freedom is louder than ever. 28 kills in 20 days, most of them were students, today my friend died and tomorrow I’m going to take the street and fight for my country.

[Women] fulfilling a cross-gender role comparable to the male two-spirit were also known in a number of groups in both North and South America. In fact, it was the Spanish encounter with female warriors in rainforest tribes that led to them naming the Amazon River after the mythical women warriors of Ancient Greece.

In North America female two-spirits were known among the tribes of the northern Plains, the Southwest, California and the Pacific Northwest. Among the Cocopa tribe in California such girls played with boys, made bows and arrows, and hunted birds and rabbits. Wearing their hair like men, they also had their noses pierced like them and went to war. Confining their sexual relations to women, they usually had wives. Called ‘kwe'rhame’ by the Yuma Indians, they were described as having muscular builds and dressing like men. A Yuma kwe'rhame who married a woman and set up a household with herself as husband also went to war, where she was known for her bravery in battle.

In other tribes these women might take up traditional male occupations, but still dress as women. A Crow female two-spirit in the mid-nineteenth century achieved renown for her exploits in combat against the Blackfoot, was a highly successful hunter, married four wives, but during her entire life dressed like the rest of the women, except for hunting arms and accoutrements.

—  The Construction of Homosexuality, David F. Greenberg.

Pie as a way to preserve fruits

“Food preservation in colonial North America" 

My family immigrated to North America during the Colonial Period. My grandmother told me that people cooked pies to preserve the food in them. When cooked, the fruit in fruit pies dehydrates some and it helps preserve the fruit. Adding sugar to the pie will increase the length of time the pie can be stored at room temperature, about 3 days. I tried this and it does work, especially with a cotton towel placed over the pie to keep insects off the food. The towel also allows air circulation around the pie.

- Sigrid, USA

* image from a book "Igleheart’s Cake Secrets”, 1922