location: new york city


Welcome to New York. It’s been waiting for you.

Walked around Times Square on this beautiful first day of the year while listening to 1989. I made this lettering of Taylor Swift’s name and I thought I’d take pictures of it where she gave a fantastic performance a couple of hours ago.

Happy New Year taylorswift and all of you Swifties out there! Hope you have a good one!


Polar Bear Plunge in New York

Happy New Year!


feeling just like a little kid on a road trip. always wondering if were there and if you can stretch. trying to catch a break and ending up with broken hearts. the consistent worry of whether or not you’re missing out tonight. you’re just so tired. more tired than you used to be after kindergarten with mulch still in your shoes. more tired than winter mornings. hanging on for things like the purple in the sky after the sun has set. or the way raindrops collect like diamonds on your window. the wind is blowing so hard at your bedroom wall you think it’s out to get you. she’s not. i promise.