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Talk To Me, Chapter 6

I didn’t plan to post this so soon after Chapter 5 but I got excited and churned it out so here it is! I hope you all have been looking forward to this, because it’s a couple hundred words longer than usual!

As usual, thank you all so much for your unending support and love for this! I never thought that a tiny drabble would grow so large! You are wonderful, beautiful people that I cherish. <3


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Marinette bit her lip, struggling against the pressure rising behind her eyes. She clutched her backpack to her chest, the losing design slowly crushed under the pressure. Weeks of her life spent hunched over her worktable, with the needle marks on her fingertips to prove it, had all been for nothing; she hadn’t even placed. Why did she think she had the skill to even come close to that winning design? Why did she even try?

The bus screeched to a halt, the doors breathing open to allow a passenger on board.

“Don’t cry, Marinette,” she told herself firmly, gulping down the lump in her throat. “Don’t cry. It’s not worth it, don’t cry…”

She dug her phone out from her purse, scrolling through her contacts. Chat knew about the design competition she had entered. Gabriel Agreste, her idol, hadn’t sponsored it; she wasn’t qualified for that huge competition just yet. The competition was held by a smaller company whose prize would have surely gotten her at least noticed by the much larger corporation. If Marinette couldn’t even place in an amateur competition, then how was she supposed to make it to the big leagues?

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Trick or treat

Stony Halloween special!! this fic includes - whole team, pre-stony to stony, ticklish!tony, Tony and Steve being insecure babies, and Tony and Steve being flirts, a mystery location and someone I never before had in my fics! thank you to sugar–free–fics and little-miss-stony for inspiration, I wish you guys a safe and happy Halloween, I’m heading to a whole night horror marathon to the cinema, so that will be fun, write to me how you’re spending your Halloween and did you like the fic, and I will talk to you in November!!


Trick or treat

Tony huffed, glaring into the seemingly endless space in front of him, clear sky and stretching fields. 

That was so unfair.

He was the Tony Stark. The prodigal child. The person who discovered an unlimited source of clean energy. He had successfully privatized world peace (okay, sorta, he was still working on that).

If he wanted to throw an obnoxiously expensive Halloween party and invite the half of New York, he should be allowed to, dammit. 

Instead, he was driven into outskirts of New York, out of the lights, decorations, away from all fun to..

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