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Andromeda’s Golden Worlds - Series 1

This is something I’ve been wanting to do ever since the game was announced - space propaganda location posters for all of the habitable worlds. Now that I’ve finally finished the story, I can get started on them!

This is series 1 with Eos, Havarl, Voeld, and H-047C. Series 2 will cover Elaaden, Kadara, Habitat-7, and Aya (feel like it belongs in the lineup).

Prints available at my Society6 store if anyone wants!


Andromeda’s Golden Worlds - Series 2

This is something I’ve been wanting to do ever since the game was announced - space propaganda location posters for all of the habitable worlds. This is series 2 with Elaaden, Kadara, Habitat-7, and Aya. I know, I know; not a Golden World. But! I do what I want. 

Messed around with some shelesh in there, hopefully didn’t screw up the wording; also had to make up a location for Habitat-7 since nothing’s listed in-canon. Tried to keep it poignant.

I loved working on these so fricking much. Prints are available, for both Series 1 and 2.

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Hhhhhh hh. Ok. I’m alive! I swear it!!! Sorry I’ve been gone for a few months I’m back and I’m gonna try to stay back for a while. I hope ah.
Ok so to start off I’ve been off getting stuff up and done for a convention to sell at. That passed in Aug. And now I have these posters I did for a convention coming in 5 days to show ya that I jave on my phone Hhh. If anyone wants to touch base and see I’m not dead or if I owe anyone anything feel free to msg me yo!

Did I mention I liked fnaf? I forgot that in the intro when I started this blog ah.

This poster was created for a book about the history of graphic design. The theme was art museums around the world, and they were paired with a style that originated in the same city as its location. This poster shows the Bauhaus Archiv in Berlin, Germany, where the Bauhaus movement began. The grid is tilted, and only geometric shapes and primary colors were used, in true Bauhaus fashion.

THE ELLEN SHOW: Chapter 14

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“Oh good god.” You said breathlessly as you pull Shawn out of you before falling back into the bed. Pulling up the cover you turned to Shawn. He was out of breath too, and you loved that you had done that to him.

A smile turned onto his lips as he held his eyes closed. You couldn’t help but smile at him as he did. He turned his head and his pretty brown eyes opened up as both of your chests still expanded and collapsed. Slowly he put up his hand and held it.

Confused you gave it a look before you realized he wanted a high-five. The moment you did, you began to laugh, but quickly fulfilled the high-five.

“Nice job.” He said still breathless.

He was giving you a high five for the sex you both just had.

What an idiot?

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