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A Winter Neon Wonderland in Snowy Colorado: The @denverbotanic Blossoms of Lights

For more sights and sounds of the season, open Instagram in select countries to watch videos from around the world. To see more holiday magic, check out the Denver Botanic Garden’s location page on Instagram.

Glittering holiday lights never lose their magic. Since 1988, the Blossoms of Lights exhibit at the Denver Botanic Gardens (@denverbotanic) has offered a neon-hued reprieve from the white Colorado winter. “People are transported to another place,” the Gardens’ associate director of events Allison Kiehl says. “They can forget about the outside world.” The Perennial Walkway is a mainstay in the installation, but the light sticks are a new addition this year. Yes, they look like lightsabers, but Allison promises it’s a coincidence.


YOI x Youme Cafe Acrylic Keychains/Stands + Clear File

Collaboration Dates:
December 16th, 2016 - February 28th, 2017 at various locations

Featured Characters (15 Total):
Viktor (Original + secret versions), Yuuri, Yuri, Otabek, Christophe, Emil, Georgi, Guang Hong, JJ, Leo, Michele, Minami, Phichit, Seung Gil, Seung Gil’s dog

These actually come with both a chain and a stand, so their usage is versatile…and they’re quite big in size as well! Design-wise, everyone also has stars as their hair highlights. Also, secret version Viktor hanging on to mini versions of Yuuri (Had to include a close-up of that) - so cute and meta.

FNaF Sister Location Blueprints

Hey guys,
We wanted to show you the Blueprints of the SL Animatronics. :) We also converted the measurements to european ones, in case you are not familiar with feet and lbs.
Let’s go~

Baby Blueprint:

Height: 7.2 ft / ~2,19m    Weight: 585 lbs / ~ 292,5 kg

Ballora Blueprint:

Height: 6.2 ft / ~1,88 m    Weight: 347 lbs / ~ 173,5 kg

Funtime Freddy Blueprint:

Height: 6 ft / ~1,82 m    Weight: 350 lbs / ~ 175 kg

Funtime Foxy Blueprint:

Height: 5.9 ft / ~1,79 m    Weight: 290 lbs / ~ 145 kg

There is a lot of speculation going on if you can see a child in Funtime Freddys Storage Tank or not. We are still investigating, but still find it kinda odd that they have features like “lurking” and “parental voice sync & replay”.
And Baby has an emergency stop, which is interesting in a way.
Anyway, take care~ :)

- Kuro


Traveling in the Siberian north with @namaste_mb

To see more of Mikhail’s photos from traveling in northern Siberia, follow @namaste_mb on Instagram.

“There is nothing in life that can give me as much energy as northern Russia, with its inhospitable climate and deep forests,” says Moscow-based Mikhail Barynin (@namaste_mb), a documentary filmmaker who first visited and fell in love with the north of Russia when he was 13 years old. “Since that moment, my world has been changed,” he reflects. “I felt how gorgeous nature was there, and its power.” Mikhail looks for film subjects in some of Russia’s most far-flung regions, where people live far from civilization. “It takes me a lot of time to find these people,” he says, “to understand and feel their northern lifestyle. They are heroes in my documentaries, and at the same time, they became my personal heroes. They are happy with a lack of roads, because they feel a freedom in nature’s movements, and its calm harmony.”

Dangers Of Fluoride

The pineal gland has been a topic of discussion for many years, and still remains quite mysterious. From a scientific definition it is a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain, and is sometimes called the “third eye” because it is a light sensitive, centrally-located organ with cellular features resembling a human retina. How you think and feel every day depends on the pineal gland. As the producer of the hormone melatonin, the quality and duration of how you sleep relies on how well it produces this hormone. This tiny organ regulates your daily and seasonal circadian rhythms, the sleep-wake patterns that determine your hormone levels, stress levels, and physical performance. Like a tiny pea-sized pine cone, it’s located in the center of the brain, and is a very unique brain structure because it isn’t protected by the blood-brain barrier.

In ancient times, the philosopher Rene Decartes (1596-1650) described the pineal gland as the “seat of the soul”. This was his explanation. “my view is that this gland is the principal seat of the soul, and the place in which all our thoughts are formed. The reason i believe this is that I cannot find any part of the brain except this, which is not double. Since we see only one thing with two eyes, and hear only one voice with two ear, and so on unite with each other in some part of the body before being considered by the soul. Now it is impossible to find any such place in the whole head except this gland; moreover it is situated in the most suitable possible place for this purpose, in the middle of all the concavities, and it is supported and surrounded by the little branches of the carotid arteries which bring the spirits into the brain”. Decartes theory was never proven, however we do know that the pineal glands functions are absolutely crucial to the every day health and balance of the human body.

In the late 90’s a scientist named Jennifer Luke carried out the first study on the effects of sodium fluoride on the pineal gland. She determined that the gland, located in the middle of the brain, was a target for fluoride. Perhaps because isn’t protected by the blood-brain barrier. This may explain why it’s uniquely sensitive to calcification via fluoride exposure. The gland simply absorbed more fluoride than any other matter in the body, even bones. The pineal gland acts as a magnet to fluoride. This calcifies the gland making it no longer effective in balancing the correct hormones throughout the body.

So…. what exactly is fluoride? And what exactly are we drinking? The substance added to our drinking water is called hydrofluorosilicic acid. It is a toxic waste substance created from the production of aluminum, fertilizer, steel and nuclear industries. It’s not the natural element of fluoride, it’s industrial toxic waste. Industrial practices produce millions and millions of gallons of this liquid hazardous waste. Because it costs these corporations thousands and thousands of dollars per ton to neutralize and dispose of (hydrofluorosilicic acid), they instead sell it to the population as a ‘product.’ How ridiculous is that? Hydrofluorosilicic acid is shipped to your local drinking water supplier.

A whopping 40% of Americans are reportedly over exposed to fluoride resulting in dental fluorosis. In some areas, fluorosis rates are as high as 70-80 percent, with some children suffering from advanced forms. Overexposure to fluoride has also been directly linked to Alzheimer Disease, Bipolar Disease, Circadian Dysregulation, Hormone imbalances, Insomnia, Parkinson Disease, Schizophrenia, stroke, Increased tumor and cancer rate, Arthritis, and increased aging process. In fact; don’t take my word for it heres a video of Dr. Paul Connett, speaking on the dangers involving fluoride .

Despite proven research, fluoride is still being added to every public water supply, and select bottled water brands. Most common crops are also watered with fluoridated water. Even though it’s illegal to dump fluoride into our lakes and rivers. Fluoride is also in your toothpaste; since 1997 the FDA requires all fluoride toothpaste sold in the U.S. to have this warning: WARNING: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN UNDER 6 YEARS OF AGE. IF YOU ACCIDENTALLY SWALLOW MORE THAN USED FOR BRUSHING, SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP OF CALL A POISON CONTROL CENTER IMMEDIATELY. Doesn’t sound very reassuring in my mind. Not to mention the fact that 98% of Western Europe has now rejected water fluoridation… and their teeth are just as healthy as ours. Fluoride is also found in processed sugars, caffeines, alcohol, and tobacco; just to name a few.

Now that we know that fluoride exposure leads to calcification of the pineal gland, the questions remains: what are the subjective affects of these tissue changes for those who undergo them? Prozac may represent an archetypal example of how fluoride effects the personality. This drug contains 30% fluoride and is marketed as an “antidepressant”, even while a major side effect of it’s use or withdrawal is suicidal depression. Modern psychiatry often treats depressive disorders as an organic disorder of the brain, targeting serotonin reuptake by any chemical needs necessary. Fluoride may accomplish their intended “therapeutic” effects by poisoning the pineal gland. It’s in my opinions that Prozac causes a favorable reaction in those who are treated with it because it disassociates that person from psychological conflicts that they would normally suppress in order to maintain the appearance of sanity and functionality in day to day life.

As easy as it is to acquire a calcified pineal gland; it is also easy to remove some existing calcification with natural remedies. Such as: raw chocolate, citric acid, and garlic. These all help to dissolve calcium in the body. Along with obvious methods such as not continuing the consumption of water, toothpaste, or food that has been fluoridated.

Convincing the public that we need to add fluoride to our water supply was one of the most sophisticated cons of all time. It created a multi- billion dollar industry and enabled manufacturers to sell this worthless toxic byproduct of aluminum to local municipalities for a profit.

BTS Peter Pan Theory

Here is my video explaining it clearly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DpQGhRFJO8

On Instagram all of the members except Jin have the hashtags #NEVERLAND. Neverland is a fictional location featured in the works of J. M. Barrie and those based on them. It is the dwelling place of Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, the Lost Boys. They also have the #Young and #Play two more things connected to the Peter Pan Myth. 

(also notice here Rap Monster playing with Marbles, the Lost Boys were always playing with marbles) 


(this also explains why they are all barefoot)

Here are the different Lost Boy Characters.

Tootles is described as the most unfortunate and humblest of the band. Tootles does not have a speaking voice, so he communicates with a large pad of paper.

(LOOK WHO ELSE USES A LARGE PAD OF PAPER, in this teaser photo you can see V with a large pad of paper with words and the members names on it, a way of communicating with them)

Nibs is described as happy and debonair, possibly the bravest Lost Boy. 

(in the prologue Rap Monster is the only one to try to do anything about the situation they were in, writing on the mirror “WE NEED TO SURVIVE”)

Slightly is described as the most conceited of the boys, because he believes that he, unlike the others, remembers what life was like before he was “lost.”

(Jimin is the one who puts the photo of the members)

Curly (“Cubby” in the Disney version) is described by Barrie as “a pickle” (a person who gets into pickles) and has curly hair, hence his name. Curly is also a little timid but has a kind heart. 

(Jhope did have curly hair in their teaser pics, also cubby is the overweight lost boy and we see jhope dealing with body image issues in the I NEED U original MV)

The Twins – First and Second Twin 

(THE TWINS ARE OBVIOUSLY SUGA AND JUNGKOOK THIS EXPLAINS ALL OF THEIR CLOSENESS IN ALL THE MVS AND PROLOGUE) Also the Twins is Peter Pan are ALWAYS together no matter what, in Run when Suga and Jungkook have that fight, that leads to their deaths in I NEED U. The twins ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE SEPERATED.

In Kensington Gardens (a peter pan novel) all children begin life as birds who will then become human upon being given to their parents. In the Prologue, I NEED U and Run, birds are seen constantly. 

The members are always seen looking up towards the sky also, even having a pillow fight with Feathers

The Reason the Lost Boys can fly is because they are back to the moment in their life where they have that ability, the are stuck in time. Try to guess who attempts to fly?

A quote from a Peter Pan Novel. “Mrs Darling did not know, but after thinking back into her childhood she just remembered a Peter Pan who was said to live in the fairies. There were odd stories about him, as that when children died he went part of the way with them, so that they should not be frightened.”


This is why at the end of Run (which is the prologue) Jin disappears, he’s done, he doesn’t go all the way to the afterlife and stay there with them he “[goes] part of the way with them, so that they should not be frightened.”

Another Connection


Fairies are simply small humans with Butterfly wings. We constantly see Jin with a butterfly and after seeing these photos I realized that represents Tinker Bell. 

Tinker bell can die when someone doesn’t believe in her.

The lyrics of butterfly also remind me of Peter Pan’s relationship with Tinker Bell

Butterfly Lyrics:

“All of this seems like a dream”

“Dont try to disappear”<—Tinkerbell disappears when not believed in

“It’s too beautiful so I’m afraid”

“Will you stay by my side”

“I’m afraid that if I let go of your hand you’ll fly away, you’ll shatter”

“Will you stop time” <—Time is Frozen in Neverland


Taehyung also tweeted this song in October (Lost Boys by Ruth B is a song about Peter Pan and the Lost Boys) 

Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QO3ppTYwRYs

Did they ever add Reply-to-Replies back?


To @nefepants 


Hand Unit (Angsty Teen):
Let’s check on Funtime Foxy! Make sure he’s ready for showtime tomorrow.

Source video

Toy Foxy and Funtime Foxy have both been both He and She in the games (He by Phone Guy, She via ‘Ladys Night’ for Toy Foxy), as well as alternating screens in FNAF World, and thus they both use alternating pronouns, which is a perfectly acceptable pronoun choice.

SKYFALL (2012)

This film upheld the franchise tradition of featuring architectural icons and international cities, with sequences on Japan’s abandoned Hashima Island and in both central Istanbul and Shanghai. But for once it was the British locations that were the stars. There were extended sequences in London, and, when it became necessary to escape modern technology and go “back in time” :-), the world’s most stylish and atmospheric Scottish roadtrip.  The Skyfall Lodge, however, was not one of the many Scottish locations featured. It was a set, custom built on a site in Surrey.

not to mention that like, i am currently writing a story in a sense. the left 4 dead maps i’m working on and the locations featured in them have a story to them that unfolds over the 5 maps so, yeah..


SOLDIER OF FORTUNE - 23-year-old British actor of Nigerian heritage, John Boyega photographed by Kurt Iswarienko and styled by Taylor Brechtel - location: Simi Valley, California - featured designers: Greg Lauren, Billy Reid

  • “John who plays Finn in the just released Star Wars: The Force Awakens, has been garnering a lot of attention ever since news of him being cast as the first black Stormtrooper in the Star Wars franchise broke out. About the naysayers, he told the magazine, “It made me feel fine. I’m grounded in who I am, and I am a confident black man. A confident, Nigerian, black, chocolate man. I’m proud of my heritage, and no man can take that away from me. I wasn’t raised to fear people with a difference of opinion. They are merely victims of a disease in their mind. To get into a serious dialogue with people who judge a person based on the melanin in their skin? They’re stupid, and I’m not going to lose sleep over people. The presale tickets have gone through the roof — their agenda has failed. Miserably.”
h/t fashionisto

PSA (please broadcast to people outside the hardcore Twin Peaks community):  The film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me is essential to Twin Peaks, and if you haven’t watched it, you haven’t experienced the whole story yet. [EDIT: But make sure you watch it AFTER the show…]

Much as I love Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, I’m not here at this moment to advocate for its quality. I’m here to offer a helpful reminder of its necessity. There is reason to believe this film is going to be absolutely pivotal to the new series, way more than many of the episodes: that motifs, characters, and locations that are only featured in the film will play a part. Reason #1 is that David Lynch himself made this film not as a cash-grab (as critics cynically thought at the time, never mind that the wise financial move would have been to distance himself from the show at that point in time) but as a passion project because he felt much stuff from the series hadn’t been dealt with properly, and he also had a lot of new ideas he wanted to explore. Reason #2 to believe that is rumors from the set, which I won’t get into detail about, indicate this will be the case (I haven’t read the “big spoiler” that’s been circulating around the internet right now, and I’m probably going to try to avoid it if possible, but I do have a hunch it’s related to FWWM-esque content). And reason #3 is that Mark Frost, the show’s co-creator who was not involved with Fire Walk With Me, has said as much - confirming in interviews that the film is canon and will be reflected in the new series.

Yes, the film is a prequel but, in addition to the multitude of new mysteries and motifs introduced in the first half-hour, it immerses us in an understanding of Laura that the show doesn’t offer, and which will likely be massively important to the new series and particularly Cooper’s upcoming arc. Watching Twin Peaks and skipping the movie would be like watching the Godfather saga and skipping the scenes with Vito Corleone.

So say it loud, and say it repeatedly, as I will now: The film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me is essential to Twin Peaks, and if you haven’t watched it, you haven’t experienced the whole story yet.

(That said, be warned that the film is intense and disturbing; all sorts of content and trigger warnings apply as it deals with the trauma of Laura’s life. That’s another reason it’s essential - without it, Twin Peaks is a quirky twist on the murder mystery genre; with it, Twin Peaks is a subversive transcendence of that genre.)

Charlotte Eriksson is a 24-year-old singer-songwriter-author who has built a career out of nothing in just the past six years.

Today, through the power of social media, she has attracted a global tribe of fans who love what she stands for and the art she creates.”

Having articles like these written about my life and journey is the coolest frikkin feeling in the world. Here’s to creating your own path, according to your own dreams and values, and never letting anyone stop you.  

You can read the full article here >>>