location coordinates


/pol/ analyzes a newly posted Ahrar al-Sham (Islamic Front) propaganda video originating out of the 15km wide Eastern Ghouta pocket of Damascus, a rebel strong hold.  Ahrar al-sham has killed and captured christians and shiite civilians in areas of their control.

The posters in the thread made a scavenger hunt of it and broke the entire territory up into a grid for participants to claim a quadrant and scour their respective area on satellite map programs to try and connect the surroundings in the video to it’s corresponding overhead view.

Eventually, someone successfully identifies the location and the coordinates are forwarded to Syrian loyalist forces for aerial bombardment.

>tfw 4chan is a faction in the Syrian Civil War

Academic word list

The Academic Word List (AWL) contains 570 word families which were selected because they appear with great frequency in a broad range of academic texts. The list does not include words that are in the most frequent 2000 words of English (the General Service List), thus making it specific to academic contexts. 

Group 1

sector • available • financial • process • individual • specific • principle • estimate • variables • method • data • research • contract • environment • export • source • assessment • policy • identified • create • derived • factors • procedure • definition • assume • theory • benefit • evidence • established • authority • major • issues • labour • occur • economic • involved • percent • interpretation • consistent • income • structure • legal • concept • formula • section • required • constitutional • analysis • distribution • function • area • approach • role • legislation • indicate • response • period • context • significant • similar •

Group 2

community • resident • range • construction • strategies • elements • previous • conclusion • security • aspects • acquisition • features • text • commission • regulations • computer • items • consumer • achieve • final • positive • evaluation • assistance • normal • relevant • distinction • region • traditional • impact • consequences • chapter • equation • appropriate • resources • participation • survey • potential • cultural • transfer • select • credit • affect • categories • perceived • sought • focus • purchase • injury • site • journal • primary • complex • institute • investment • administration • maintenance • design • obtained • restricted • conduct •

Group 3

comments • convention • published • framework • implies • negative • dominant • illustrated • outcomes • constant • shift • deduction • ensure • specified • justification • funds • reliance • physical • partnership • location • link • coordination • alternative • initial • validity • task • techniques • excluded • consent • proportion • demonstrate • reaction • criteria • minorities • technology • philosophy • removed • sex • compensation • sequence • corresponding • maximum • circumstances • instance • considerable • sufficient • corporate • interaction • contribution • immigration • component • constraints • technical • emphasis • scheme • layer • volume • document • registered • core •

Group 4

overall • emerged • regime • implementation • project • hence • occupational • internal • goals • retained • sum • integration • mechanism • parallel • imposed • despite • job • parameters • approximate • label • concentration • principal • series • predicted • summary • attitudes • undertaken • cycle • communication • ethnic • hypothesis • professional • status • conference • attributed • annual • obvious • error • implications • apparent • commitment • subsequent • debate • dimensions • promote • statistics • option • domestic • output • access • code • investigation • phase • prior • granted • stress • civil • contrast • resolution • adequate

Group 5

alter • stability • energy • aware • licence • enforcement • draft • styles • precise • medical • pursue • symbolic • marginal • capacity • generation • exposure • decline • academic • modified • external • psychology • fundamental • adjustment • ratio • whereas • enable • version • perspective • contact • network • facilitate • welfare • transition • amendment • logic • rejected • expansion • clause • prime • target • objective • sustainable • equivalent • liberal • notion • substitution • generated • trend • revenue • compounds • evolution • conflict • image • discretion • entities • orientation • consultation • mental • monitoring • challenge •

Group 6

intelligence • transformation • presumption • acknowledged • utility • furthermore • accurate • diversity • attached • recovery • assigned • tapes • motivation • bond • edition • nevertheless • transport • cited • fees • scope • enhanced • incorporated • instructions • subsidiary • input • abstract • ministry • capable • expert • preceding • display • incentive • inhibition • trace • ignored • incidence • estate • cooperative • revealed • index • lecture • discrimination • overseas • explicit • aggregate • gender • underlying • brief • domain • rational • minimum • interval • neutral • migration • flexibility • federal • author • initiatives • allocation • exceed •

Group 7

intervention • confirmed • definite • classical • chemical • voluntary • release • visible • finite • publication • channel • file • thesis • equipment • disposal • solely • deny • identical • submitted • grade • phenomenon • paradigm • ultimately • extract • survive • converted • transmission • global • inferred • guarantee • advocate • dynamic • simulation • topic • insert • reverse • decades • comprise • hierarchical • unique • comprehensive • couple • mode • differentiation • eliminate • priority • empirical • ideology • somewhat • aid • foundation • adults • adaptation • quotation • contrary • media • successive • innovation • prohibited • isolated •

Group 8

highlighted • eventually • inspection • termination • displacement • arbitrary • reinforced • denote • offset • exploitation • detected • abandon • random • revision • virtually • uniform • predominantly • thereby • implicit • tension • ambiguous • vehicle • clarity • conformity • contemporary • automatically • accumulation • appendix • widespread • infrastructure • deviation • fluctuations • restore • guidelines • commodity • minimises • practitioners • radical • plus • visual • chart • appreciation • prospect • dramatic • contradiction • currency • inevitably • complement • accompany • paragraph • induced • schedule • intensity • crucial • via • exhibit • bias • manipulation • theme • nuclear •

Group 9

bulk • behalf • unified • commenced • erosion • anticipated • minimal • ceases • vision • mutual • norms • intermediate • manual • supplementary • incompatible • concurrent • ethical • preliminary • integral • conversely • relaxed • confined • accommodation • temporary • distorted • passive • subordinate • analogous • military • scenario • revolution • diminished • coherence • suspended • mature • assurance • rigid • controversy • sphere • mediation • format • trigger • qualitative • portion • medium • coincide • violation • device • insights • refine • devoted • team • overlap • attained • restraints • inherent • route • protocol • founded • duration •

Group 10

whereby • inclination • encountered • convinced • assembly • albeit • enormous • reluctant • posed • persistent • undergo • notwithstanding • straightforward • panel • odd • intrinsic • compiled • adjacent • integrity • forthcoming • conceived • ongoing • so-called • likewise • nonetheless • levy • invoked • colleagues • depression • collapse •

Return - Part 9 - Jim Kirk

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8

Summary: series following the events of loot– takes place during events of star trek beyond. in this chapter, you’re #TeamScotty.

Warnings: language

A/N: not my favorite part in the least but part 10 is a million times better and this part is necessary to the narrative. also, please continue sending me good energy and luck and juju, angels– i need it

Seated on the bridge with your legs crossed at the knee, you watched Leonard pace, Spock stand almost impossibly still, and Jim lean against the captain’s chair. You almost snorted at the thought that he was only leant there to prevent Jaylah from sitting— you wouldn’t put it past him to do that.

“We should go,” Jim stated in his Captain-mode voice, one hand toying with the loaded belt of his trousers and the other at his side.

“We should wait until we’re absolutely sure,” Scotty argued, his red operations uniform now covered by a black leather jacket he’d found on board. His voice was more certain, more pressing than you’d ever heard it.

“No, we have to get the crew back now. Chekov has the coordinates that can lead us to Krall’s base, so we go.”

“With respect, sir, how do we know Krall was at the base when she called him?” Scotty’s accent seemed to grow heavier with each word he uttered. “Even if he was, we don’t know that the crew is even with him.”

“Or if they’re even still alive,” Leonard said, earning a scowl from you and Jim to which he responded with a shrug.

Spock crossed the bridge to step beside Chekov, the grey fabric of the clean, bloodless outfit he wore swishing with each step. He began fiddling with the console. “Mr. Chekov, can you reconfigure the search parameters in order to compensate for this formula?”

Chekov looked down at Spock’s work and hummed. “Aye, Commander. But what is this formula?”

“It is Vokaya, Mr. Chekov. A mineral unique to Vulcan which emits low-level radiation.”

“I will have to filter out all other energy emissions,” Chekov replied, busying himself at the adjacent console so the sound of high-pitched beeps filled the air.

Leonard, just as confused as the rest of you, spoke up to ask, “Spock, what the hell would a Vulcan mineral be doing way out here?”

Jim nodded. “Yeah, where are you going with this?”

Spock turned to face all of you. “Lieutenant Uhura wears a Vokaya amulet which I presented to her as a token of my affection and respect.”

“That blue thing?” you said, narrowing your eyes questioningly at Spock as he nodded.

Leonard frowned. “You gave your girlfriend radioactive jewelry?”

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Okay, another AU, cause this got on my mind and it won’t leave me and AUGGGHHHH feeelllss~

World: New Sonic 2017 Project (at least, how i envision it -shrug- Way AU though, this was a daydream idea xD)

Couple: sonamy

Summary: What if the new character was a girl, and she thought Sonic liked her and went for a kiss..? What if… it’s too painful to say… but Amy saw and took on a ton of dangerous missions because she couldn’t cope with that reality. Sonic and the team worry about her until Sonic realizes what she thought, and goes after her.

(#worriedboyfriendface lol)


“It’s been so kind of you to help me… I thought this world was lost… but now-” she spun around, turning to Sonic. “I have so much hope! And it’s all thanks to you… and your friends.” she put her hands together and up to her chest, nodding in gratitude.


Amy was asked to go into the forest near the decimated city, she turned on her communicator, “I don’t see him, Tails. He may be with-”


“Hey…” Sonic caught the girl’s attention, as she looked up. “Just… smile.” He beamed, flicking his finger up near his face and then giving her a charming grin. “It’s easy! Just have faith, and there’s nothing that can hold it back!” he then winked and gave her a thumbs up, trying to cheer her up.

She saw something a little differently, and lowered her head.

“Sonic…” she stepped slowly up towards him.


“I’m sure he’s fine, Amy. But we’re really getting some weird Chaos readings over here… it would be really helpful if he could investigate it.” Tails’s voice buzzed over the communicator.

“Em. I’m sure he’d love to get away for a little while.” Amy nodded, continuing to walk.


Sonic searched the girl’s face, not sure why she was closing the distance, but didn’t see any wrong with it; just off.

“You… you have always been so kind, Sonic… I… I feel I should repay those kindnesses.”

“Uhh…” Sonic leaned back, suddenly realizing this was getting too close. “T-that’s okay. I don’t really need-”


Amy moved through the bush, before some color caught her eye, and she moved passed a tree, before freezing in her step.

Her eyes shook.

“Amy? Amy, are you there? My readings suggest Sonic’s locator is stating he’s right in front of you…. Amy?”

Something stopped, a line was cut, a thread snapped.

She almost scraped her hand over her heart, breathing silently and hard as she watched her hero and that new girl…


“Amy? Amy! Is everything al-”

She backed away, tears filling her eyes before dashing away.

Her brain wouldn’t work, but her feet could.

She couldn’t see anything, her eyes were blurry, filled with anger and sorrow and betrayal…


She kept her head low, her voice could barely muster any noise to even cry, but her tears flooded her face.

“Amy? Amy!”

She fell to the ground, silent muffles of excruciating pain she couldn’t stop. Her fingers dug into the dirt, gripping whatever she could to feel something, anything but this awful squeezing inside of her, like a cave in on her lungs and a cloud of thick, suffocating fog covered over her mind.

She gasped for air, before hearing her communicator buzz back.

“Is it an ambush!?”

She clicked the response button… and there was pure silence in the forest for a moment.

Then she breathed.

“W-” she had to clear her throat. “Where was that signal again?”


Sonic quickly, but trying to not jerk the poor girl, moved her away from him, stunned. “A-I-Uh…” he was in a bit of shock, before he shook his head and arms out in front of him. “I-I-I think you misinterpreted me!” he quickly stated, “I don’t… I mean, I didn’t do any of those for…”

She suddenly blinked her eyes, and exclaimed.

She put her hands to her face. “You mean… you weren’t..?”

Sonic once again shook his head, leaning back. “No! Not at all!”

She blushed and turned away, “A-all… all this time I thought you were-!!! How embarrassing!” she covered her face, and quickly turned back to him. “F-forgive me for being blunt with you then! I.. I could have sworn you had different intentions!” She bowed then, “Forgive me!”

He scratched behind his head, chuckling awkwardly as he nodded.


Back at the hub, Sonic looked around, and noticed for a second that Amy hadn’t been around.

He didn’t ask for a few hours, not wanting to trouble anyone and just looked for her while he walked around, but no matter what he was doing, he couldn’t just… naturally find her like usual.


“Amy! Report, Amy!”

Amy staggered towards the bottom of a rocky ridge, and slowly sat down on a protruding rock, panting.

Behind her was a field of hammered robots, one’s head sparked and then creaked as it twitched left a few times, before it’s eyes died out of it’s energy.

“..A-Amy R-R-Rose here.” Amy hadn’t used her voice in a while.

“Amy! You’ve only sent letters for a while through email! I was worried about you… we all are… hey, no one’s going to judge you if you come home empty, so… So, how are you doing?”

“…” she felt the pain rush up again, and started to cry in silent screams she couldn’t help, but she muted the mic so none of the escaping air could be heard.

She composed herself long enough to turn the mic back on, “I’m… I just need a little more time… that’s all. I’ll be home real soon… promise.”


She turned her head from the mic, and then looked up to the stars. Every time… Every time she looked up at them, images of Sonic swarmed her mind.

“I’ll go home… I’ll go home when I get the Emerald.”

She cut off the communicator, and leaned against the unfeeling earth, sobbing.

She wondered… that if she got the last emerald,…

if that would be enough for him.

Would she ever be enough for him?

Was she even for him?

She cried out in silent pain again, only air rushing from her, as she gripped the earth.

“I.. I don’t want these thoughts… I don’t want this pa-ai-ain…” she felt all life draining from her, and slowly fell to the ground, as drops of rain started.

She looked up.

Storm clouds.

She gritted her teeth.

“If I get the Emerald…” her eyes narrowed, as her chest moved up and down in desperate attempts to breathe. “Then I know I’ll still be something to him.”

She turned her face from the rain, pulling her legs in and allowing herself to fall apart.


Finally, he got a little desperate, and went to the living room, looking around and folding his arms, clearly more obvious about searching for something.

“…Hmm?” Tails turned around, seeing his eyes wandering around and his head turning every which way. “Sonic? What’s wrong?” He walked over, “Did you spot a fly?” he suddenly pulled out a swatter, and scanned the ceiling, as if ready to do battle.

“Wha? Oh, no… no, that’s not it.” He continued to look around, dropping his hands. “Hey, Tails… have you seen Amy anywhere?”

“Huh? Why are you looking for her?” Tails blinked his eyes, relaxing to his normal position. “She’s been gone on the Emerald search for a couple days now.”

Sonic’s head suddenly whipped back around to him. “What?! By herself?” he stepped forward, worry clearly on his face.

“W-well, yeah. I asked her to go looking for you, but when she said you were busy, she asked to then take your mission for the Emerald Search up. I warned her it was a bit of an undertaking, but she insisted.”

Sonic’s head dipped down, scanning the floor, “Busy..?”

“I’m not sure myself. My readings said that she was right there with you. You and that girl from before.” Tails pointed, gesturing out as if referring to the girl.

Sonic’s eyes suddenly widened, his mind traced back to that day…

“Oh no…” he wobbled back, fear and concern swiped it’s face across him in waves, as he opened his mouth a moment, before locking his jaw in a sorrowful frown. “You said she was there?”

“R-right in front of you… Sonic? Are you alright?” Tails tried to reach a hand out for him.

“Tails! The readings! I want to know where that Emerald is, stat!”

“A-ah.. I-it’s out in the wastelands.”

“The wastelands!? With the rogue defects?! You sent her there?”

“S-she insisted! She’s reported in every day. She seems to be doing fine, though… I noticed her writing is just… stationary. As if she just doesn’t put herself into it or something…” Tails looked down. “She doesn’t mention anything about herself, she just… writes if she’s found the emerald or any clues to it. Last report, she was really close. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had found it by now.”

Sonic raced over and placed two hands on the sides of Tails’s shoulders. “Tails. Amy’s locator. You have to tell me where she is!”

“W-woah! W-why are you so worried all of a sudden?”

“Please Tails… I think… I think she may be under the wrong impression.”

“The wrong… impression? What are you…” he looked at his friend’s face, and his voice faded.

If Sonic was this desperate, then there must have been a good reason.

Tails nodded. “I can pull her up right away!” he stated, firmly, to reassure his friend it’d be quick.

Rushing to the tech-room, Tails started to type in coordinates and locating passwords.

“There! W-wait, that’s…” Tails watched the mark. “She’s outside!” he exclaimed.

“Well, no duh, Tails. But where outside?” Sonic’s snarky attitude was only coming out from his panic that started to rise within himself.

He knew she was sensitive… if she saw what he thought she saw… her mind would make up things that could really hurt her.

He didn’t want to think of the possibility of her suffering… from a misconception.

“N-no! I mean, she’s near the doors!”

Sonic’s eyes widened, and he bolted outside.

The door swung so hard and fast that a hinge broke off, tilting the door as Sonic scanned the grounds, panting and looking each and every way.

Finally, from over the hill, he saw her beaten and dirty body, arms hanging low, back hunched forward, making her way up the hill into sight, with the storm’s last winds beating upon her.

His heart filled with compassion, just looking at her lowly state, and he realized she had saw.

She had supposed and wrongly judged.

But even still… even still- That pain!!!

His blur moved so fast it was barely a hue of blue in the darkened light around him.

He stopped, just a little aways from her, his arms out and up as if he was looking down at her in complete shock, looking over her state.

She put an arm to her other, hurt arm, and then looked up.

One eye shut in her exhaustion, before she looked back down and straightened herself up, using the last of what muscle power she could.

Her back muscle twitched, and her hair blew wildly in the wind, even her body swayed from being unable to take the chilling whiplash of it anymore.

Sonic swaggered with her, ready to catch her before she regained herself.

She rose her head up, and her look was so strong… so firm.

She extended her arm, as thunder was heard, and there, in her hands, was the last Chaos Emerald the team needed to go Super, and end this war.

She breathed a moment, before closing her mouth and swallowing, attempting to breathe through her nose; the breaths of weariness more apparent now.

Sonic stared at the priceless jewel, the saving grace of their entire purpose…

He then looked up, and reached for it.

His hand wavered to her wrist, and immediately he pulled her to him.

The Emerald dropped, bouncing with a tingle, as it rolled down the hill.

Amy was in shock, as Sonic just pulled her closer, wrapping an arm around her and then holding her head in place against his shoulder.

He gritted his teeth.

“…Sorry… I made you.. worry.”

Her eyelids lowered, the words sounded whispered with a raspy wind behind them, but they meant nothing.

“… I didn’t kiss her…”

Amy’s eyes widened.

“She kissed me.”

Amy’s knees began to wobble, and she moved slightly out of his grasp, stepping back. “W-wh…what?”

“Amy.” Sonic lifted both hands to her face, giving her a dead stare.

Amy’s eyes were empty, before hope and understanding started returning to them.

Sonic’s reflection showed in their glossy shine.

“I didn’t kiss her, Amy… Let this end all… and any other doubts… for good.”

He tightened his lips.

He gently leaned in.

And though she shivered, she took in a breath, as did he, but with more force, and…

“Sonic? Sonic! Have you found her yet? Your lights are blinking over each other, she has to be right there!”

Sonic groaned, leaning back and losing his confidence.

His shy nature making him look down, showing his true fear in the act almost done.

Amy moved her hand to his communicator, since his hands were still on the sides of her cheeks and face.

-Click- “….He’s busy.” Amy muted it then, as his head shot back up to her, looking like he didn’t know what to expect next.

She leaned forward, stepping more into his grasp. “That was a long kiss. I didn’t see you pull away.”

“…I swear, Amy..” his eyes suddenly dropped, such painful sincerity on his face. “I pulled her away.”

“…You still let it last a second.”

“Blame it on my obliviousness, Amy, I-” He stepped side to side, his face dropping as pure misery showed upon it. “I don’t love her.”

“…Then..” she started to choke on her words. “Who do you love?”

He stared at her a moment, before courage returned to his countenance, and he pulled her in.

This time, it connected, and the gentle force and press of that moment made the two of them almost circle their heads forward.

He had silenced all other fears.

They pulled back, mostly for shock of the experience, as rain started to follow the thunder cracks.

Amy kept breathing hard and staring at him, “…W-what’s wrong?”

He looked away, towards the ground, as his hands lowered just slightly.

“That’s just it..” he admitted, before looking straight back up at her. “Nothing’s wrong…”

She sucked in a breath. “I hope you know… I take that as an invitation.” she suddenly leaped back into another kiss, this time, wrapping her arms around him as his hands went right back to the sides of her face.

Bzz…Bzz… Override, successful. Hello? Hello? You guys! Hey! Why did I hear Amy on Sonic’s communicator? Are you both alright? Hey!!!”


“What’s going on here?” Rouge strode up, before angling her body and lifting a leg up slightly, leaning on the edge of Tails’s machines, folding her arms. “…Why are their lights blinking over each other?”

“I.. I don’t know. I overrided the mic but they turned off all communication after that! I hope they’re talking it out… whatever it is. I just want them to be safe.” Tails lowered his head, “And happy.”

 Rouge’s face turned to one of realization, her mouth forming a cute ‘o’ as she rolled her eyes and then smirked.

“Oh… I see.” she started walking away, a sinister knowledge revealing her awareness of the situation on her face. “Yes… a very,… very needed talk.” she mused, before disappearing around the corner. “I wouldn’t be surprised if they took a few more minutes. Let alone an hour. I wouldn’t worry too much, Sweetie.”

“An hour?” Tails turned around, oblivious.

“It’s their first time ‘talking it out’ after all.” Rouge said that in just the right way, but poor Tails didn’t pick up on it. “Give them a minute to… catch their breath.” she grinned from ear to ear.

Preference: Star Wars (The Prequels)

Becoming Friends

Characters: Anakin Skywalker, Boba Fett, Count Dooku, Darth Maul, Jango Fett, Mace Windu, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Padmé Amidala, Qui-Gon Jinn, Sheev Palpatine, Yoda

Warnings: alcohol consumption, mentions of violence and death

Request: “Preferences : SW: The Prequels; you become friend/get closer (every characters you can?)” - anonymous

A/N: ahhhh finally doing another preference, hope you like it ! I didn’t really know whether “getting closer” meant as friends or romantically, so I kinda did a mix of both ! And I linked it to this preference [x] !!

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I like to think that the ah revamp, and more so the loss of the messenger dragons, is a sign of industrialization in the dragon world

Maybe the lightning flights doing? But now clans everywhere can get their purchases instantly just by paying and putting in their location coordinates! No longer a need for a dragon courier when you have magical science inventions that can teleport things

Adventures In Indian Hospitality

There’s a certain beauty that comes with traveling someplace for the very first time. Your fleshy, pink lungs breathe in the new air, as if to contaminate themselves with locational coordinates they’ve never before experienced. It’s even more remarkable when that place is the tree from which your roots grew.

I grew up in a household with a Spanish mom, and an Indian dad; something that wasn’t peculiar at all in my mind. I knew that my dad’s skin was darker than mine and my mother’s, but I never really thought much of it. He was just Dad, my mom was just Mom, and I was just Indira.

I remember the first time I set foot in India like it was yesterday, not December of 2002. My young, tired eyes began to inexplicably water as we exited the jet bridge and entered Indira Gandhi International Airport. I rapidly got over my itchy, pollution-stung eyes as I proceeded to tell every person in sight that I shared a name with the building.

The roads in Delhi were not like those in suburban Michigan. Their image resides in my mental dictionary as the picture defining the word ‘disaster.’ As a concerned four-year-old, I asked our cab driver if he was sure he could drive on the same road that the camels trotted upon and families of five crammed onto motorcycles. He chuckled and nodded his head slightly back and forth, in typical Indian-middle-aged-male fashion, “Beti, everybody here is together.”

One of the most beautiful parts of the Indian culture, which I am so grateful to have experienced, is its sense of unity. In the quaint neighborhood of Ashok Vihar, on the older side of the city, I was greeted with warm embraces and uncomfortable cheek pinches by nearly every person that I encountered. They all seemed to know my name, where I came from, and that I was Har Bilas and Shanti’s granddaughter. This definitely inflated my four-year-old, wannabe pop star, ego.

I was welcomed into everyone’s home, whether it be the next door neighbor wanting to feed me fries, or the upstairs neighbor telling me stories in Hindi that I did not understand, but happily listened to anyway. There was a remarkable sense of community; a family beyond the walls that encaged each individual tribe. Having experienced this hospitality made me eager to reciprocate in any way that I could.

One relatively warm evening, as the sun set, my family went for a walk around a market and shopping area near my grandparents’ home. Since this was my first time shopping in India with my family, they naturally wanted to let me have a good time and pick out a few pretty things to buy to later take home with me to the states as keepsakes. I fell in love with the jingly bangles and mirrored purses, and my grandma bought me some with a smile across her face.

I later spotted a stand selling chocolate, a real favorite in my family, and I darted there immediately, grabbing my tiny grandmother by the hand. “Dadiji, Dadiji can I have one?” As the vendor placed the bar into my hand, I turned to look at my parents to show them my sweet treat. But they weren’t looking.

A little boy, no older than six, was asking them for money. By the looks of his clothes, he seemed to be homeless. My mom and I are always very quickly approached in India by people asking for money. The fair skin is a dead giveaway that we are not from there. I was confused as to why such a young boy had to ask complete strangers for money. Where were his parents? Why weren’t they giving him money?

“Please, sir, I’m very hungry,” he quietly spoke in Hindi, pressing his hands together. My dad pulled a few rupees out of his wallet. But I felt as though that wasn’t enough. I placed my chocolate bar into his hand and smiled at him. His face illuminated in a way that I have never seen repeated in my life. He thanked me, smiled, and proceeded to get on his way. And that was the last time I ever saw him. I hope that today he has love surrounding him and a job in which he doesn’t have to navigate through the turbulent roads begging for scraps of food and spare change.

I haven’t the slightest idea what provoked me to do such a sweet thing. I think part of it must have been that I knew my grandmother could easily buy me another candy bar. But I also had this intrinsic, automatic sense of compassion towards this boy, and I wanted to help him in any way that I could. This small action has stuck with me vividly for the following fourteen years of my life, and will for the entirety of it.

I like to share this story because I would like to somehow restore myself into the person that I was that day: automatically kind and willing to step up to help somebody out. While I think that I am a generally good person, I still leave uneaten food on my plate, from time to time. I can be selfish and greedy. Like any other human being, I’ve been knocked down by the world and by other people many a time. My brain’s automatic response is no longer “help them out,” but “save yourself first.”  I hope to become a version of myself that does a lot of good for others, but also knows how to take care of herself through out the process. This blog will encompass my journey in finding the ideal balance between these opposing, essential traits.

Gift Ideas Master Post!

Hi guys! I just wanted to make a big list of gift ideas/links to things that would make great gifts in a LDR or any relationship!! Hope this helps you/inspires you!!

Homemade Ideas:

  • Matching bracelets (Link HERE to make them!)
  • Matching mugs
  • “Open When” Letters
  • Cookies (Make sure they’re sturdy ones if you’re shipping them!)
  • Scrapbook of pictures/letters/ etc of you two!
  • A nice handwritten love letter
  • If you can knit or sew, hand make them a scarf or something!
  • Playing cards with reasons you love them!
  • Dating “coupons” for when you’re together
  • Decorated, personalized picture frame with a picture of you two
  • A video montage/picture montage to one of your ‘songs’ like THIS
  • Anything personalized with your location coordinates on it (Some really cool ideas on pinterest!)
  • T Shirt quilt (I’ve always wanted to make one of these with Evan and my old shirts! One day!)

Things to buy:

  • Cheesy matching anything (Shirts, key chains, etc)
  • Anything that has to do with their interests/hobbies/anything they’ve been wanting
  • Etsy has TONS of amazing LDR gifts 
  • Watches/Wallets/Money clips, etc (Nice and practical!)
  • Flowers are always a great thing (Especially “just because”!)
  • Tickets for them to see their favorite band/show
  • Plane tickets (Big ticket item but would make a GREAT gift!)
  • Clothing of yours (Sprayed with your perfume/cologne of course!)
  • A nice assortment of their favorite foods/candies
  • Anything to go in a care package (Comfort foods, pictures, letters, little things to make them smile)
  • A “movie night” box: Movies, candies, comfy stuff like that
  • A stuffed animal! Sounds SO cheesy, but Evan gave me a stuffed panda from when he was younger and I sleep with it every night
  • Jewelry! 

That’s all I’ve got for now guys! I hope this helps you out a little when trying to come up with ideas!!

Coming Home, Pt.3

Summary: Bucky sets out to find you with the aid of Steve and Sam. None of them are planning on coming out of this with clean hands.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2251

Genre: Angst

Warnings: Swearing. Graphic violence. (It got real dark, my friends)

|| PART 1 || PART 2 ||  PART 3 || PART 4 || PART 5 ||

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                        Promises, promises
                                                                          …safe out there
                             …you come home to me…
                  I love you…
                                     I love you

His words repeated and echoed throughout your mind, floating untethered as you began to slip back into a conscious state. You were waking up. Your head was spinning yet anchored in place, a heaviness weighed down on you that made you feel sick to your stomach. Your vision was dark and you couldn’t distinguish whether your eyes were open or not. The only sound you could perceive was that of your own heartbeat, beating steadily in your ears. So there’s one certainty out of the way. You were alive. But in what capacity? Where? What the hell happened?  A tingling sensation started to course throughout your body and you could feel your extremities again. You felt a distinct pain emanating from your left leg, dull yet enough to ground you into a more alert state. At least they set your bone back into place and wrapped the limb. You tried to move but couldn’t, you were bound to a chair and the restraints on your wrists chaffed roughly on your skin. There was a slickness there and you realized that the rope was probably coated with your blood, so you halted your movements.

Now that you were fully alert you could sense that you weren’t alone. There was a sudden shift of movement in front of you and in one swift motion, you could see again. Blinking rapidly, you adjusted to your surroundings thankful that the lighting was dim. From what you could tell, you were in a garage or maybe a bunker. Four men were stationed around you, three were standing while one sat before you. He was sitting casually in a backward-facing chair, like a stubborn teenager rebelling against etiquette. He had taken off his mask, fully exposing his sweat and blood stained face. You narrowed your eyes coldly as you shot daggers at him with your gaze, paying the same respect to the other men. You cleared your throat and broke the silence, your voice was steady and harsh.

“You guys are fucking idiots.”

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anonymous asked:

I have a character (A) who needs to find out where another character (B) lives and works. If A has a friend (C) who's resourceful (very good with computers, has money and connections). How would C find out this information (in general; no need for too many details, since it happens in the background) and how long would it take? If it makes a difference, A & C live on the US east coast and B is west coast.

The easiest way in today’s society would probably be ‘facebook stalking’ (or other social media equivalent). People put an amazing amount of information out on the internet without even knowing it. A single picture, a random selfie posted on their wall, and people who know what they are doing can find you using something called ‘metadata.’

Metadata is information that is included in a photograph, hidden from the view of your average person but findable in just a few seconds. It often includes harmless information such as the make of the camera that took the photo, the date, the time, etc. All sorts of things that your computer uses to index the file appropriately.

However, metadata can also contain other information, especially when the device taking the picture has a gps chip in it. What has a gps chip and a camera? Every smartphone ever. But it’s not like anyone uses smartphones.

Originally posted by welcometoyouredoom

Here’s the issue. A lot of smartphones will tack on extra metadata in the interest of preserving information. Data such as your location when you took the photo (you may know this practice as geotagging). Many phone photo apps can tell you where in the world you took that photo, helping travelers sort through their oodles of landscape shots by location. The coordinates saved in the metadata of a photo won’t give you a precise location, but even if it only gives you a five-mile radius that really narrows down your character’s search.

If your characters find character C in this way, it could take a minute to an hour, all depends on how long it takes to find a photo with the relevant information. At that point it can take however long your narrative demands.

However, if character C is not a social media person, or is wise to this and purges all the metadata from any photo of themselves that they upload (a decent habit to get into, by the way), then alternate methods may be required.

Character Moneybags B could pull some strings and get information from the IRS, FBI, or other such three-letter organizations, but that’s not really my area, so instead I’ve got something much more techy: tracking an IP address.

IP (or Internet Protocol) addresses are numbers that are assigned to any device that accesses the internet. These numbers can be tracked to a physical location, bing-badda-boom your characters have found character C.

“But Hacker, how would my characters find this IP address?” That’s actually probably easier than finding a photo with a geotag. Send character C an email that they will reply to. Character Moneybags has connections, have one of their connections root around for the email of character C (again, rather easy information to find, google just loves knowing things) and send them an email that they will likely respond to. Once you have a response, you have an IP address that you can get latitude and longitude coordinates from.

This method would take a wee bit longer, as if they don’t already have character C’s email address it could take a bit of digging and loosening of mouths with bribes persuasion, but again it really could take as long as your narrative desires. Average time might be a week or two, but it could be done in a day or take a month.

There are other methods of course, but these were the ones that first came to me. Both are perfectly serviceable, and counter-able (is that even a word?) if you want an additional obstacle for your poor protagonists.

Glad to be of service :)



When you go looking for breadcrumbs, you may not like where they lead. What truly upsets me is the outrageous and petty little narrow views some of these haters try to exploit. It’s so mean spirited for someone they’ve deemed to be irrelevant.

So what did we learn:

Mackenzie is going to Capetown to spend Easter or longer with her boyfriend. Pretty innocent. Pretty normal.

Mackenzie had a long layover at Heathrow. So the dumb bunny who slammed her for being on the West Coast when THEY thought it was too late in the day to be leaving for South Africa just applied her very narrow views and jumped to a very wrong conclusion. No surprise there. It’s what they do. But had they done that research and learned that Mackenzie is savvy enough to not tell people where she is, only where she was, it’s because of psycho bitches like them who don’t know where to draw the line.

The drinks. I am just like Mackenzie when I travel. When I have flown all night, and have another connection, I always have a ton of drinks in front of me. Call it fighting jet lag, time of day or needing some energy. I always have water, then coffee (because they are the quickest to the table) then orange juice and a Bloody Mary or a glass of wine. I even order this on long flights. I even order this daily at a resort when I’m on vacation. My son even knows to order this for me. So to try to demean someone for a petty offense such as ordering lots of drinks for a long layover, I raise my hand. 👋 I’m also guilty as charged.

The books. Bird by Bird, written by Anne Lamott, not only is a book about how to get started to write, but it’s a great spiritually insightful book written by one of the most gifted writers in our time. It’s funny. It can apply to many things in our lives.

“Bird by Bird” is among my favorite books on writing-a treasure trove of insight both practical and profound, timelessly revisitable and yielding deeper resonance each time. Lamott adds to the collected wisdom of great writers with equal parts candor and conviction, teaching us as much about writing as she does about creativity at large and, even beyond that, about being human and living a full life - because, after all, as Lamott notes in the beginning, writing is nothing more nor less than a sensemaking mechanism for life" - Maria Popova of BrainPickings.org Blog

So why are we even trying to assume or guess why Mackenzie chose this book to read on the plane? Especially because it is such a great read. Anyone bettering themselves in life gets an A+ from me. I’ve done it all my life. Most Outlander book readers are also cut from the same cloth. So shaming ANYONE for learning is a truly shallow and petty thing to do.

Her job. Actors get paid a lot of money. No secret there. It helps to tide them over until they can start their next opportunity. It takes A LOT of coordination and scheduling to get all of the people and equipment and locations coordinated. So if you’ve made millions of dollars you can afford to be patient. She’s got agents and managers to help her out now. She’s got a great resume too. And a great reference in the incredible Meryl Streep. She’s not unemployed. Huge difference. If you are ignorant about how show business works, it might be better to not show your shallow understanding of how it works. The only thing that’s thirsty about actors is waiting for their next role to start shooting. In the meantime, they attend acting classes, observe people, attend other actors shows and they keep learning. Cait has talked at length about the years (yes YEARS) she had to do this work with nothing else to support her. Mackenzie has made enough money she doesn’t need to go find a real world job. She can fly anywhere in the world whenever she likes. And look! That’s exactly what she’s been doing. Good for her!

So is Mackenzie irrelevant or not? Is she just being herself and trying to find joyful things to enrich her life? Absolutely. The mean girls clearly have a lot of issues. They have no morals or standards in which they can live by and be proud of. If they were special, they could immediately find so many reasons to like Mackenzie. If Mackenzie was their daughter they would be so proud of her and her accomplishments. Life is hard. It will beat you down if you let it. Shitty little women cannot do that. If Sam fell in love with her then clearly she’s incredibly special. She’s talented. She’s smart. She’s funny and she doesn’t take things too seriously. I don’t know her. But if my amazing son brought her home I’d be very happy for them. But their relationship isn’t my business. My opinion doesn’t matter.

So why not just be happy it’s working FOR THEM. I learned long ago that just because my husband traveled 36 weeks out of the year we still found ways to keep our romance alive. In today’s busy world, more relationships are unconventional and don’t fit into someone else’s narrow view of what a relationship should be. It works for them. Clearly. Distance and time becomes irrelevant. And we didn’t even have all the options of communicating we have today. I have a similar communication style with my son. We chat, we Skype, he sends me photos real time of his travels. I do the same. It’s like he was sitting next to me the whole time. So let’s stop judging people. Love is love. Be happy they found it. I think the spirit of Easter and rebirth is upon us. And THATS A WRAP! I hope they enjoy Capetown and road trips to the unknown!

Coordinate Locations: Bridges, 1-61 (in order)
  • Bosphorus Bridge, Turkey
  • Castle Eaton Bridge, Wiltshire, England
  • Waterdale Bridge, Edmonton, Canada
  • Erskine Bridge, Erskine, Scotland
  • West Colorado Blv., Los Angeles, California
  • Abdoun Bridge, Amman, Jordan
  • Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, Nanjing, China
  • Overtoun Bridge, Glasgow, England
  • Teatrainy Bridge, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Forth Rail Bridge, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Prince Edward Viaduct, Toronto, Canada
  • Stari Most, Mostar, Bosnia
  • Ouse Bridge, Goole, England
  • Jiu Bridge, Targu Jiu, Romania
  • Sarachane Bridge, Edirne, Turkey
  • Python Bridge, Amsteredam, Netherlands
  • Ponte Fabricio, Rome, Italy
  • El Camino Real, San Fransisco, California
  • Puente de Occidente, Antioquia, Colombia
  • Pont Gustave-Flaubert, Normany, France
  • Rotonda Los Fundadores, Evigado, Colombia
  • Gateshead Milennium Bridge, Gateshead, England
  • Swinford Toll Bridge, Oxforshire, England
  • Pont de Tancarville, Tancarville, France
  • Segovia Viaduct, Madrid, Spain
  • Victory Bridge, Jerevan, Armenia
  • Molja Bridge, Oulu, Finland
  • G5011 Wuhu-hefei Expressway, China
  • Frederick IX Bridge, Lolland/Falster, Denmark
  • Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy
  • Otley Bridge, West Yourshire, England
  • Erasumusbrug, Rotterdamn, Netherlands
  • Mahatma Gandhi Setu, Patna/Hajipur, India
  • Theodor Heuss Bridge, Wiesbaden/Hesse, Germany
  • Mubarak Peace Bridge, El-Qantara, Africa
  • Walterdale Bridge, Edmonton, Canada
  • Brooklyn Bridge, New York, New York
  • Bridge of Awe, Argyll, Scotland
  • Tsing Ma Bridge, Ma Way/Tsing Yi, China
  • Erneside Footbridge, Enniskillen, North Ireland
  • Humber Bridge, Kingston upon Hill, England
  • Ramstore Bridge, Astana, Kazachstan
  • Nuselsky Most, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Pont Neuf, Paris, France
  • Yokohama bay Bridge, Yokohama, Japan
  • Corinth Canal Footbridge, Peloponnese, Greece
  • Rue Des Abliaux, Tournai, Belgium
  • Cahill Expy/Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney, Australia
  • Tappan Zee Bridge, New York City, New York
  • Tower Bridge Road, London, England
  • Varney Bridge, Ennis, Montana
  • Foresthill Bridge, (Sierra Nevada foothills) California
  • Shakespeare Bridge, Los Angeles, California
  • Grand Duchess Carlotte Bridge, Luxembourg
  • West Gate Bridge, Melbourne Australia
  • Eiffel Bridge, Ungheni, Moldova/Romania
  • Aurora Bridge, Seattle, Washington
  • Tanners' Bridge, Tirana, Albania
  • New River Gorge Bridge, West Virginia, USA
  • Ashtarak Bridge, Aragatsotn, Armenia
  • Bridge of Sighs, Miraflores, Lima
SNK Chapter 71 Thoughts

When Keith reflected on why would he set on a path of trying to prove his worth as a hero to humankind (but somehow failed), he attributed it to the inspirational talk given by Grisha Jaeger. 

This would mean if not for Grisha, he might not be inspired to be Survey Corps’ Commander. However, I sense that he has the same sentiment as Eren, who is never content to live his whole life in the “cage” (Grisha might have signalled that to Eren while he’s growing up, who knows? But not all human thinks the same so yeah). Grisha commented on Keith’s “free” spirit: “You are the proof that human like you still retain your free spirit and imagination, you are humanity’s pride”, and “People in the Survey Corps are special, chosen by the Heaven”.

My theory about this is Jaeger as someone who lives outside of the world, took pleasure in knowing that some Walled humans are still ambitious and free like the people before they were being “caged” in the Walled Cities. He says 良かった (yokatta), responding positively to Survey Corps and keith’s spirit of not wanting to be caged inside the narrow Wall.

Keith says “the inside of high Walls is too narrow and small”

The revelation about Grisha came from outside that sneaked into the Wall to obtain Coordinate, gives new meaning to “Jaeger” being “hunter”. @_@

My guess on Grisha Jaeger’s role:

  • He is RBA + Ape Titan’s comrade. I will name Ape Titan in human form as Mr. Key henceforth.
  • He is among the first from the Hometown Group to arrive at the Walled City.
  • He learned about humans and report them to Mr. Key at Castle Utgard, over the past 20 years, since year 830.
  • He lied to Hannes and Keith that he was so drunk he lost his memories. But this is the Hometown Group’s plan all along, and Grisha’s role is to live among the Walled humans and learn more about them. He is very interested in the creation of “Survey Corp” and humans who are driven to venture outside of the walls. He regarded these human highly.
  • After Grisha’s information sharing, Mr. Key then instructed Reiner, Bertolt, and Marcel (who was then eaten by Ymir and replaced by Annie? Or Annie was with them all along?) to break the wall in year 847. The rest is history as we know in the manga.

Side note:

Given how worn out Grisha looked when he was discovered by Keith, it is not an easy journey even though the shifters can transform. It might have taken Reiner and Bertolt some time to travel back in the middle of the journey to report the death of marcel and get Annie joined in. Therefore, my best guess is Annie was travelling along with the gang, so they are a quartet of them ready to break the Wall.

Main Puzzles as of Chapter 71

1. Does Grisha intended to pass the Coordinate to Eren in the first place? Did Carla’s death play a part in a change of plan?

Grisha had ransacked Reiss’ Basement during the Fall of Shiganshina, as part of the Hometown Group’s plan. But after knowing his wife is dead, he was so devastated that he decided to die and passing on the Coordinate to Eren, without letting RBA and Mr. Key knew about his change of plan. This also raised a new question as to whether Grisha told Mr. Key about his wife and son during their meetups at Castle Utgard. He must have been regretted not being able to protect Carla *sobs*

2. How did Grisha know where the Coordinate is and the Reiss Basement?

We don’t know how did Grisha get to know about the Reiss and the location of the Coordinate. My best bet is it took him years of investigation. His desperate look before he fought and ingest Frieda’s spine fluid was not transpired by the death of his wife. This timeline can be confirmed because right after Grisha found Eren, he immediately brought Eren into the forest to pass the coordinate.

3. Where is Grisha’s remain when Keith found Eren?

A big puzzle here for me is, why wouldn’t Keith notice Grisha’s half-eaten remain when he picked up the passed out little Eren? Where is Grisha’s glasses that was supposed to be in Eren’s hand? It’s either: 1) Isayama committed another blunder, 2) this Keith’s testimony that attempted to hide some truth about Grisha’s remain, 3) I really don’t know T_T

 4. The origin of the Coordinate?

Following the second puzzle, Grisha’s desperation might stemmed from the fact that the Coordinate originally belongs to the human outside of the Walls, and he confronted the Reiss for the first time after figuring out where the coordinate is. The First king might have obtained the coordinate through illegitimate or cruel means that caused the people from the outside like Bertolt to accuse the Walled people as “children of the devil”.

 5. Carla’s disinterest in the outside world doesn’t make Grisha loved her any less. Her death even changed Grisha’s decision and affected Hometown group’s plan.

Can you imagine asking your 10 years old kid to revenge for your wife by sacrificing yourself to be eaten? What a cruel decision! 

Carla was against the idea of venturing outside of the wall since the beginning. It is intriguing that Grisha fell for her despite this characteristic, and he even changed RBA’s plan for her death (killing himself by offering to be eaten by Eren because he couldn’t bear living without Carla?).

Puzzle 5b: Grisha wished his son to exterminate all titans following Carla’s death? Do these titans include the shifters?

 6. What is in that damn basement???

What could be in the basement??? The potential of the Coordinate?? How to get rid of the Reiss King spirit and make it a Jaeger thing?? garghhhhhhhhh ( I even thought of Grisha’s 20 years worth of human research note…). How about some serums???

Side note 2

So Keith is the one who tampered with Eren’s 3DMG… this is much like Snape who wants his lover’s son to live on (oh Harry!)… *cries some more*

Kudos to Isayama for portraying a mother’s love so close to the reality. Carla Jaeger is awesome <3

The Final Experiment Chapter 16: What Did You Expect?

A/N: So here’s this! I was going to add the cover photo, but I decided it was too spoilery.

Word Count: 1,224

Previous Parts: 123456789101112131415

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I’ll give the Avengers one thing, they are annoyingly persistent. No wonder the bad guys never win…

They wouldn’t leave me alone, no matter how badly I threatened them, so despite my stubbornness, I agreed to one training session.

I showed up thirty minutes early, boredly twirling a half-frozen knife in my ungloved hand when Nat and Pietro walked in.

“Didn’t think you were actually going to show.” the assassin commented offhandedly.

I raised an eyebrow, surprised that at least someone wasn’t trying to walk on eggshells whenever they talked to me. It was actually a welcome change…

“Oh don’t give me that look.” she said, rolling her eyes. “You’re not going to get any better if we all tiptoe around the situation.”

I shrugged nonchalantly, still fiddling with the knife. Natasha seemed unimpressed.

“Come on. Let’s see what you’ve got.”

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Always You

I never expected Just a Game to become as popular as it did, but with over 400 notes I felt way too grateful not to do something to celebrate. So here is a continuation of sorts of Just a Game. I felt bad about how angsty the last one was, so this one is better I promise! This has major spoilers for Luciel’s route and the secret endings though, so don’t read this if you haven’t completed them. Some of it might not make sense if you haven’t read it yet either. Also, I may not be able to post for a little while after this due to midterms, so I hope everyone enjoy’s this! I should probably have been studying…

First Half: Just a Game

Jumin tried wholeheartedly to forget everything about them. The way they looked, the sound of their voice, their melodious laugh drifting sweetly into his ears. It was the hardest thing he had ever had to do in his life. No. Watching them with another after knowing the blissful feeling of their warmth was the hardest.

He knew that Luciel had been waiting for this moment, just as he had. He knew that Luciel shared that same pain that was squeezing at his heart right now. He knew that Luciel had been supportive as he watched them together, patiently waiting. Yet he still couldn’t bring himself to get rid of the bitter feeling that crept its way into his very being.

They seemed very excited this time. They joked with Luciel, but seemed to tease Jumin endlessly. He couldn’t stand seeing them—not when it seemed as if their own relationship never even existed. He left the chatroom often, especially when they began to make fun of him. He was not mad at them per say, but he couldn’t stand the guilt that arose anytime he began to show anger towards Luciel. This wasn’t his fault after all, Luciel did not steal them away from him on purpose. This was just a game—one that they had every right to enjoy thoroughly and completely. He was just bitter.

Bitter that he didn’t know how they truly felt. Bitter that he had to lose them after what seemed like such a short period of time. Bitter that they would never know how truly and deeply he really loved them. Bitter that Luciel could give them what he never could—the true ending.

Most of all, he was bitter that he couldn’t stop the guilt that came with it all. He was guilty about being angry at Luciel—because he definitely didn’t deserve this anger. He felt guilty that he was being so selfish, they were happy and that should be enough for him. He also felt guilty because he didn’t know what he had done wrong.

Was he too direct with his feelings? The words of the others haunted him day in and day out.





He knew that he had been intense, but how else was he supposed to convey how strongly he felt for them in such a short amount of time? He had feared the worst from the start, he already knew that his days with them were numbered, and just when he had begun to think that maybe—just maybe—they would stay with him, his time with them was up.

He hated thinking back on that moment. Watching everything go blank was like being hit by a truck. The ache in his chest was more painful than any physical injury that he could ever sustain. That’s why he wanted to forget. But he knew that wouldn’t help either. Even if he forgot all of the time they spent together, there would still be an emptiness inside of him that could never be filled. Not by anyone or anything.

He repeated the words over and over: It was just a game, it was just a game. But honestly, he was tired of telling himself that. He knew that it stopped being a game the moment he told them how he truly felt. They may be from different worlds, but to him this was reality—and it would continue to be that way no matter who they chose.

From then on, he adopted a new mantra: As long as they kept smiling. He would go through anything as long as they continued to smile. He would watch them laugh and flirt with Luciel for the rest of eternity if that’s what made them truly happy. It’s not like Luciel didn’t deserve them. He was able to express himself in ways that Jumin knew that he would never be able too.

He knew that they were too good for him from the start. A true angel. If any of them didn’t deserve them, it was him. He was just the obsessive jerk that could only provide help in the form of money. Perhaps Zen had always been right about him.

It didn’t matter now though, he had decided. He was going to fight through the aching in his heart and use his resources to protect that brilliant smile. That’s why he dropped everything at the first sign that they might be in danger. His meetings be damned; he wasn’t going to sit around talking about business while something could happen to them at any moment.

That same desire to protect them is also how he managed to find where they were with only half of the location coordinates. Love was a powerful tool. When he saw that both of them were safe and happy, he backed off. They did not need two knights, and he was not going to take them away from Luciel—no, it was Saeyoung now. He could never bring about the pain he felt to his friend—he wouldn’t even wish that on his enemies.

The rest was a blur to him. They were going to marry Saeyoung, and they seemed so happy. As long as they kept smiling. That was enough to keep him going throughout the day. And a small part of him was happy for them too. Everything had worked out between Saeyoung and his brother, and he knew that the three of them would make a wonderful family. It was the true end—how things were meant to be.

That’s why he didn’t understand why it hurt so much. Not only had he lost them, but he had lost V as well. His last source of hope, his last source of humanity—gone. Was this some sort of cruel joke? What had he done in his life to deserve so much tragedy? Tragedy. That must be it. Was he the lead in some sort of cruel play? Why else would the world be so harsh as to take away his best friend and hold the love of his life just out of reach.

He was definitely losing his mind.

He stayed strong on the outside, though. That’s what he was supposed to do. Jumin had to be the rock, it was the role he was given. Yet this time, when everything faded away, he allowed himself to sob. No one was watching now, the game was over. They had found the true ending; they would be happy. That’s why he thought that it was okay to break down for a little while—he was sure they wouldn’t be coming back anytime soon.

So when the screen flashed to life, and the familiar print filled his vision, he almost stopped breathing.

Day One.

No… no. What were they doing? Why would they come back after finding solace within the true ending? The prologue began.  He was sick of this conversation. He grew agitated; this would only lead to more pain for him. As long as they kept smiling—he tried to repeat to himself, but he couldn’t understand their reasoning for this.

Even so, he was part of this game and he had to carry on. He cursed when it came time for him to call them. Typically, he relished in these moments, but he was not sure how much more his already fragile state of mind could take. Half of him hoped that they wouldn’t answer, yet the other half wished for nothing more than the chance to speak with them again. They answered of course, this was day one, they were used to this routine.

Hello? …You picked up right away.

He began the programmed conversation, but he had so many other things that he would much rather be saying to them right now.

It must be your first time hearing my voice.

He knew it to be a lie, but he didn’t have a choice in this. Strangely, he thought he heard stifled laughter coming from somewhere. It must have been his imagination.

You must know from the name on your screen but I’m Jumin Han.

He felt silly introducing himself to someone that he knew so deeply already, but he pretended as always.

I’m sure you’re glad to talk to me, but no need to get too excited. I only called to hear our new member’s voice, nothing else.

Not entirely a lie. Their voice was like a drug that he was addicted too, it was ridiculous how much he craved the sound.

But I will take just one question. Ask me if you have any.

He would take as many as they wanted, but he couldn’t tell them that. He froze momentarily, he thought he heard that laughter again. It couldn’t be… yet he would know that beautiful sound anywhere. His pulse began to race, what exactly was happening?

How does my voice sound? That’s what they asked. Beautiful, amazing, as if an angel had descended directly in front of him—that’s what he would have liked to say. Instead, he carried on with the script that was preplanned for him.

Do you want me to judge your voice? I didn’t want to go that much into details but… I’ll listen if you want. Talk again, slowly.

He would listen endlessly if he could. He prepared himself for what he expected was coming. He expected to hear his name in that painfully beautiful voice of theirs, yet what he got nearly stopped his heart.

“Ju-min-Han. I wonder if you missed me as much as I missed you…” They chuckled slightly and he swore his brain wasn’t functioning correctly. He had to be hearing things, this wasn’t part of the game. This shouldn’t be part of this conversation—had he actually gone over the edge?

“I’m back now, so don’t you worry, Jumin. I will always come back to you no matter what, because it was always going to be you. It was always you that I loved the most.”

He could feel the tears welling up in his eyes. He didn’t understand what miracle was allowing this to happen, and part of him felt guilty again—what if Luciel could hear this too? Yet, the part of him that was so very relieved won out in the end. He wished he could tell you right then and there just how much he missed you, how he had prayed that this moment would come, but as much as he tried, he couldn’t form the words that he wanted to say. He couldn’t form any words at all actually.

Instead, he thanked every god that he could think of for this moment. Because he knew that he could make it through anything now. Any time that he got discouraged, or felt as if it was too much to take, he would find strength in those words. Those two simple words held so much more power than anything else he could ever imagine.

Always you.

Shingeki no Kyojin 87 (review+theories)

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So this is it: we’re finally landing the last arc with a brand new fresh volume. And fresh volume automatically means introductory chapter in play. These chapters tend to be “boring” in general as they’re supposed to define more or less the contents of the volume. However, this chapter had quite a few points to elaborate as Isayama is quickening the pace to end his series. The last arc is going to be very condensed.

  1. Little Zeke
  2. Eren and Mikasa’s jail time
  3. Kruger the Owl
  4. Sergeant Major Gross

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mercyandmagic  asked:

Something I came across whilst rereading the manga: In Clash of the Titans, Reiner tells Eren it's not necessary to kill the Walled people anymore as long as Eren comes with them. Yet, in the SInagashina arc (insert sob for Erwin), Bertolt tells Armin that they require Eren AND the death of everyone in the walls. Do you think Bertolt was just angry over Reiner's state and exaggerating (he does say *he* decided that), or was Reiner bluffing so Eren would join them earlier? Or did something change

Reiner Chapter 42

Zeke Chapter 77

Bert Chapter 78

RBA’s original mission seemed to have been locate the coordinate and wipe out humanity, but talking with Eren in ch42, Reiner believed Eren was enough. It’s possible Reiner was lying, or simply confused. 

The only thing that might have changed the mission was the appearance of Zeke. His rock throwing, thought spewing monologue made one thing clear - history was repeating itself. This conflict had happened before. Zeke, Reiner and Bert used the phrase “end this” several time. It became Bertholdt’s mantra. The only way to permanently “end this” once and for all was for humanity to die.

Thanks for the ask. It’s such an interesting question, one I hadn’t considered before. I look forward to hearing other people’s thoughts about this.

SNK Chapter 77 thoughts

This chapter thoroughly breaks our heart. Even though we’ve expected some flashbacks after Reiner was hit by the Thunder Spears, we didn’t expect the flashbacks to come from Bertolt. Before I go into details with him, I will focus on Annie and Reiner first.

This chapter reveals Annie to be a much more caring person than she was portrayed up to the Female Titan arc. We’ve seen how Isayama crafted Annie as a kind titan shifter who appears to love humans: 

  • someone who’s seen in pair with Mina during trainee days, 
  • forging a kind of special combat skill bond with Eren, 
  • who says sorry to a trainee corpse (not Mina according to some interviews) during the clean up of Trost, 
  • whose Titan form chose not to kill Armin, 
  • who cried with tears while she failed to secure Eren (spotted by Levi), 
  • she also talked fondly of Marlowe who resembles Eren’s righteousness, 
  • she somewhat cares about Hitch–her MP roommate, 
  • how her Titan form was shocked to find herself crushing human to death while fighting Eren in Wall Sina 

The only thing that was between her and the walled humans are the Hometown mission and the promise to her father.

Adding to the list above, she was stressed out and scolded Reiner when Reiner said they should kill Marco. She cried when Marco was eaten by the Araki Titan.

Through this chapter, Annie becomes the hometown shifter who gets the most involved with the walled humans. We know Bertolt has tried to distant himself from the squad because he knows the emotional baggage that comes with it when they have to execute their grand plan. Despite the clues throughout the Manga, we have no idea how Annie feels about the humans. We judge her based on how cruel she killed the Survey Corps soldiers during the expedition to the giant forest. It is the confrontation with Reiner’s plan to murder Marco that we saw her immediate reaction to harming a human who happens to be their friend of three years. She was truly distressed. Her outright refusal to assist in Reiner’s plan ignited what I call the “racist accusation” of her being a sympathiser of an evil race, and forced to choose her loyalty between the walled humans race and the hometown race. Interestingly, Reiner mentioned her father, in order to reinforce a kind of guilt-by-association accusation. Annie gave in to the threat of having her father and herself branded as traitors (the risk of tarnishing the Leonhart family’s standing in the Hometown) to remove Marco’s 3DMG. That’s all I have to say about Annie.

Reiner is truly controversial in this chapter. He is shown to be the master mind of Marco’s death, arguably while dominantly in his warrior state. We are intrigued when he cried along with Annie, asking why Marco is eaten. I believe that majority of the Japanese Manga inevitably showcase lots of one-sided portrayal or overly simplified characters. We know Isayama is quite an exceptional case given how his complex characters attracted us to his Manga in the first place, but I can’t help but to conclude that he has intended Reiner to be someone who has dual-personality complex in this story. Adding to this characterization, Reiner’s intelligent brilliance has produced different outcomes for the SNK universe when it was paired with different side of him. A smart warrior Reiner figured Marco could reveal their true identities and could therefore potentially foiled their long term plan of locating the obtaining the Coordinate. Therefore, the warrior-Reiner decided Marco must die. (Add the flashbacks of Reiner’s rain story with Marco from Smartpass au and cry a river here. I personally treat Smartpass content as cannon). Warrior-Reiner prioritises his own survival and stayed focus on the overall objective. He may seem cruel but that is for the best for their camp.

A smart soldier-Reiner had saved many of his comrades. Imagine an SNK universe without Armin, without Connie (and his vital village people saga). But I’ll argue that the soldier identity would sabotage Reiner in long run (may already be shown in manga) personally and for Hometown group’s main objective. A soldier-Reiner will not think as straight as he’s supposed to be and would risk his own life in the process. We’ve seen how he risked his life for Connie at the Castle Utgard. He overlooked Armin’s potential as the VIP who could derail their grand plan. He chose not to kill Commander Erwin Smith (whom he addressed so in his internal monologue) who is obviously as dangerous as Armin to their mission. I am glad that Erwin is still alive, but I can’t help thinking that a little soldier in the present Reiner had rendered his strings of actions irrational. Speaking of Connie and irrationality, warrior-Reiner deemed Connie unworthy to be saved by Annie:

And then we know the soldier-Reiner not only saved Connie’s life himself afterwards, even console him and making sure Connie didn’t find out the truth of his village on the spot.

But what got me on the edge of my chair is when Reiner mentioned Ymir, and that they have to capture Krista (yes he still calls her Krista) (asides from retrieving Annie) as a promise to Ymir. Wait, what??? Is Reiner being delusional again?? For all we know, Ymir gave up bringing Historia along with her because she realised if Coordinate remains with Eren then the Wall society might still have hope, and she believes Historia is better off remains to be there! Isayama sensei please explain a.s.a.p. because I can’t handle this information and suspense !@$%^&*(^%$##<?:”|”

Bertolt really makes me tearing up, twice.


I name this panel “Bertolt’s hell, and resolve”


Look at this poor soul’s face. Pure agony and desperation to find his “brother” and to win this war. 

Bertolt’s face looks exceeding young in this chapter. This makes it even more painful to deal with. He is obviously an introvert, but imagining how deeply the Marco incident had traumatised him, to the extent that was all he was thinking about when he melancholically looked at Reiner while assuring their General Zeke of his resolve:

With a deeper understanding of the walled humans due to living and growing up with them, Bertolt’s determination must have had included to end the walled-human’s suffering as well ,and not just the people of his hometown. 

Just like how Jean found a half-eaten Marco, Bertolt is going to see a half-head-blown-off Reiner. But, I do wonder if there’s a miracle awaiting us next chapter:

Is Reiner regenerating here? Or is that the dead body rotting away? The highlighted background sound is something like “PhSyhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu” What does that say about Reiner’s state? 

As Hanji and the squad felt uneasy from the roar, they want to exterminate the whole of Reiner’s remaining body. But of course let’s hope Bertolt’s titan descend would spare most of them from annihilation… hopefully Armin’s warning is still in time.

That said, fingers crossed again for the next chapter T_T