Chers amis, déménageant samedi, je libère mon petit appartement parisien pour qui aimerait le louer à ma suite. Si jamais vous êtes intéressé ou connaissez des personnes susceptibles d’être intéressées, vous pouvez transmettre. Merci !

A louer pour 1 an renouvelable par tacite reconduction, studio meublé de 22m2 (14m2 Carrez) situé au 6ème et dernier étage sans ascenseur d’un immeuble haussmannien entre le parc Monceau et l’Arc de Triomphe (aussi à 15 minutes à pied de la Gare St Lazare et des Grands Magasins). Donc jolie vue dégagée sur les toits de Paris, sans vis-à-vis et Tour Eiffel en prime ! Il se compose d’une petite entrée avec fenêtre sur cour, d’une salle de douche avec toilettes et d’une pièce de vie exposée sud (d’où le petit panorama sympathique) équipée d’une kitchenette et d’un chauffage électrique. Au calme et très bien situé (supérettes et métros à côté), il n’y a plus qu’à poser ses valises (canapé clic-clac, armoire, table et chaises, petit meuble d’appoint déjà sur place).

Loyer charges comprises (eau froide et chaude, entretien des parties communes et gardiennage) : 658,21 €

*Announcement* I am now confirmed and booking for the following cities:

22: Los Angeles, CA
23-31: San Diego, CA

1-4: San Diego, CA
5-11: Albuquerque, NM
12-15: Berkley, CA
16-28: San Diego, CA

1-3: Baltimore, MD
4-6: Washington, DC
7-9: Philadelphia, PA
10-11: New Jersey
12-14: New York City
21-30: San Diego, CA

1-3: Salt Lake City, UT
4-10: Lake Powell, UT (www.dynamicphotoworkshops.com/go)
13-31: San Diego, CA

More Info: www.modelmayhem.com/sekaa
Email: sekaamodel@gmail.com


[Photo by themorty]

Andrew Bird playing and singing in a canyon (and how space shapes music)

Not sure how I missed this, but violinist and singer-songwriter Andrew Bird is recording “site specific compositions…in exceptional natural and urban environments”:

“Ever since I was a child I would test different spaces with my voice or whistle or violin. Whatever sound you make it’s like a giant limb that can reach beyond your fingers and grope the corners of the room. Now when I’m on tour playing a different theater every night we "tune” the room, hunting down the bass traps and the standing waves to give the listener the most even and wide spectrum of sound. There are certain frequencies that resonate while others are lifeless. Sometimes the room refuses to yield and I have to consider playing different songs that will work in that room. It’s a challenge but I enjoy the moments when I must yield to the environment. So I thought it would be interesting to take all this outside where the reflections off the landscape are triggering countless inferences and steering the conversation.“

Echolocations: Canyon is the first in Andrew Bird’s new series, recorded in the Coyote Gulch canyons of Utah. One of the compositions  is called “The Canyon Wants To Hear C Sharp”:

After some experimenting in Coyote Gulch it was discovered that C# creates the most echo feedback, especially when it swoops downward taking on an animal call quality like that of a coyote or bat. 

Oh and speaking of sound and location, here’s a video of a dude singing a song in 15 different spaces to show off the importance of acoustics:

And if you dig that, check out David Byrne’s TED talk about how architecture helped music evolve: 

Anyways, back to Andrew Bird: I’ve been listening to the EP (which is 50 minutes long or so) all morning. Good working music. You can buy it here.

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It Follows
David Robert Mitchell. 2014

20600 Grand River AveDetroit, MI 48219,USA
A to Z Automotive
22101 Grand River Ave, Detroit, MI 48219 USA
322 W Seven Mile Rd, Highland Park, MI 48203, USA
John R Food Market
80 E 7 MIle Rd, Detroit, MI 48203,USA

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