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Quickly : Jack Maynard Smut

(y/n is really close with conor but one night when he’s asleep she goes into the bathroom to find his horny brother)

You and Conor first met on a tinder date. At first you really fancied him, and over the last few months you have both taken it slow but have gotten really close. You have both discussed your commitment issues and Conor totally agrees. You would love to be a in a relationship with Conor, you really would, but you love the freedom of being single. You were a very sexual person and so you have many one night stands. The first time you and Conor had sex was after a night out together – it was such an amazing feeling to finally relieve all of the sexual tension that had been building up between the two of you. Lets just say you honestly struggled to walk the next day.

To be honest, yours and Conor’s relationship was a bit complicated. You were basically together, but sometimes you did get with other people. It did annoy you when Conor had sex with other girls because you did really like him – the jealousy would always bubble through your body yet you couldn’t do anything about it as you also slept with other people.

You both agreed not to kiss anyone in front of each other to rub it in your/his face. Conor always got jealous, too. One time when he caught you kissing a guy at Joe’s party it totally went off – the guy left with a nose bleed.

However, one thing that you really struggled with was Jack fucking Maynard. Conor’s little brother was the most irritating shit you had ever met. He always knew how to get under your skin and how to piss you off. You have no idea why he decided to be a dick to you the moment he met you, but he always has and you’re sure he always will.

It started off with little digs and rude comments that did actually offend you, but as you spent more time with Conor you realised what his brother was actually like. His comments did not offend you nowadays and you would normally tend to say something back – leading to an argument.

Conor normally laughed at your little arguments with Jack, but sometimes when they got too personal he’d have to stop them. Jack knew exactly how to wind you up and you hated it.

You were sat in your London apartment watching some TV when your phone buzzed. It was Conor.

‘What you doing tonight? Xx’

‘I have nothing planned, why? Xx’

‘Wanna come out? Me and the boys xx’

‘Sure xx’

‘Good, get ready and meet us at ours in an hour? Xx’

‘An hour? I cant get ready in an hour!! X’

‘Well hurry then babe ;) xx’

You sighed and put your phone on the side. Walking to your wardrobe, you thought about what you were going to wear tonight. You didn’t even know where you were going – most probably a club.

1 hour and 23 minutes later, you were in an uber on the way to Conor’s. You had chosen to wear a simple black dress. But you were starting to doubt it as it was really tight and showed your chest off a lot. You had to keep pulling it up at the top.

You thanked your driver and stepped out of the car, buzzing the apartment you needed and making your way up. It was quite hard to walk in the shoes you were wearing as they were so high. When you walked in, all the boys were there.

“Hey Y/N!” Joe greeted you as he was the first one to see you.

“Hi!” You replied just as Conor spotted you. The music was up quite loud so it was no surprise that the others didn’t hear you come in.

“About time.” Conor laughed when he reached you, pressing a quick kiss to your lips and wrapping his arms around your waist. His hair was in it’s usual style and Conor was wearing a white t shirt under a black leather jacket along with some black ripped skinny jeans.

“I’m only like 20 minutes too late!” You defended yourself, snaking your arms up around Conor’s neck.

“Mmh whatever.” He hummed and kissed you again. He lightly pushed you up against the front door as the kiss got more intense and that’s when you had to pull away, shooting him a warning look to say not in front of his friends.

“Can we go now? Oh hi Y/N!” Caspar said, sending a small wave to you.

“Hi Casp.” You smiled.

“Right, lets go then.” Conor said quickly before grabbing your hand and opening the door.

“What is up with you?” You asked Conor as you were walking back down the steps of his apartment block.

“Nothing. You just look really good tonight.” He grinned, tightening his grip on your hand.


When you all finally got to the club, Jack insisted that everyone does shots. You all sat in the corner around a large table, of course you were next to Conor. Jack arrived to the table with a tray full of shots as everyone cheered and took one.

Throwing your head back, you downed the shot quickly. The alcohol burned your throat and you pulled a disgusted face. Everyone sat at the table for a while, enjoying their drinks.

“I wanna look for some girls.” Jack told everyone as he slammed his empty cup down on the table.

“Of course you do.” You snorted, not thinking he would hear. But when you saw his eyes connect with yours as he pulled an evil look, you knew he had heard you.

“Excuse me?” Jack asked.

“Nothing.” You smiled sarcastically at him. You felt Conor’s hand go to your thigh.

“Didn’t think so, slag.” Jack replied.

“What the fuck did you call me?” You felt yourself getting more and more angry at him as he sat there with a smug look plastered across his face.

“Oh, you didn’t hear me? I called you a slag.”

“Says you?! Jack you have slept with way more people than I have so I don’t really think you’re in a position to call me a slag.” You argued back, taking a sip of your wine.

“All I’m saying is I know a slag when I see one.” He put his hands up, trying to look innocent.

“And all I’m saying is you’re a dick head. Go find a girl then, like you wanted.” You said to him, wanting nothing more than for him to go away.

“I’d rather stay here and piss you off.” He grinned. For a second, you almost smiled back. You hated yourself for it – but you secretly found Jack very attractive, and when he grins at you like this it makes your heart melt a little.

“Right, well you two can stay here and argue but I’m going to have a good time.” Conor announced as he finished his drink.

You hadn’t even noticed, but everyone else had gone to dance. Conor got up, pressed a kiss to your cheek and went to join the others on the dance floor. For some reason, Jack scooted closer to you on the seat.

“Notice how he didn’t even defend you? Because he knows you’re a slag.” Ouch. Jack’s words hurt you a lot, but you wouldn’t let him know that.

“Shut up.” You mumbled, feeling yourself becoming weaker in this argument.

“You know I’m right. It’s why he doesn’t want you to be his girlfriend,” Jack came even closer. “He just wants you to stick around so he can have sex on tap.”

“Fuck off, Jack, seriously.” You sighed.

“I’m his brother, so I would know.” He added, placing a hand on your thigh which suddenly made your breathing increase.

“You’re just trying to wind me up. Stop.” You replied, pushing his hand off and turning to try and locate Conor. Your heart dropped when you spotted him, dancing very intimately with a brunette. You quickly looked away, knowing that they’ll be kissing any time soon and you didn’t want to put yourself through that.

“See? He doesn’t fucking want you.” Jack growled, his lips so close to your ear. You felt so fucking hurt, the alcohol and Jack’s words were really getting to you and you hated it.

Suddenly, you felt Jack’s lips against your neck. This is the last thing that you had expected to happen. As he kissed and nipped at your skin with his soft lips, your eyes fluttered closed and you felt yourself biting down onto your bottom lip. This was Conor’s younger brother doing this – and you suddenly felt super guilty when you felt your underwear getting damp.

“Jack,” You breathed. “What the fuck are you doing?”

Jack pulled away from you and you almost whined at the loss of contact. He stared at you for a few seconds with no expression, just blinking. You didn’t know what the hell he was thinking but you weren’t sure if you wanted to know.

“I just came over to say that if I were you two, I wouldn’t be doing that. Conor is just over there.” You looked up to see Joe, drink in his hand and a concerned look on his face.

“Don’t know what you’re talking about, mate.” Jack replied as he stood to his feet.

“Just saying.” Joe replied, holding his hands up as though he was defending himself.


The night was coming to an end and you all made your way out the uber. After your little incident with Jack, you decided to spend the night with Josh and Joe, downing lots more shots and dancing like idiots. They both made you laugh a lot, helping the fact that Conor was in the corner busy with another girl. Thankfully, Conor climbed into the uber by himself.

“Hey babe.” He slurred, pressing a sloppy kiss to your cheek.

You almost wanted to push him away. But you remembered the rules, Conor wasn’t doing anything wrong and you weren’t in a relationship. Jack’s words came back to you, stinging a little. As the uber had to fit all of you in, it was kind of like a mini bus and so you had to sit opposite someone. Unlucky for you, you were sat opposite Jack.

“Had a good night?” Conor asked you, rubbing your thigh.

“Yeah it was alright. You?” You replied, sending him a small smile.

“Really?” Jack snorted, interrupting your conversation with Conor. “Of course he did, did you see him with that girl? Mate, she was a solid nine out of ten!”

As Conor laughed at his brothers words, you felt yourself doubting your relationship with Conor more and more – but that was the thing, you Conor weren’t in a relationship. Maybe it was just Jack messing with you tonight or it was your true feelings coming out because you were drunk. You’ll just have to see how you feel about the situation in the morning.

“Stay over?” Conor asked you as the uber was nearing his, Jack and Josh’s apartment block. “Please?”

“OK.” You agreed.

Even though your head was a mess right now, the chance to have sex with Conor was something you’d never turn down. That boy was amazing in bed, you could not get enough. He laced your fingers together and smiled at you when you agreed.

It was a nice feeling to finally get home (to Conor’s) after the club. You had no idea what the time was and you were still feeling a bit drunk. When you all got inside, you immediately went to Conor’s room and got out of your clothes, throwing on a t shirt of his and leaving your legs bare – his t shirt came down to your mid thighs anyway.

You went and joined the three boys in the living room where they were eating a cold pizza from dinner. Josh and Jack were sat on the sofa and Conor was laying down on the rug, next to the coffee table as he was munching on a slice of pizza.

“Is Conor alright?” You laughed, noticing how drunk he actually was.

“Think he’s had a few too many shots tonight.” Josh replied as you took a slice of pizza.

You looked over at Jack – instantly regretting it. Even though he had his phone up in front of him, as though he was on it, his eyes were on you. He looked up and down your body before his tongue poked out, swiping across his bottom lip.

Not only did this make your cheeks go bright red, but it also sent wondrous feelings straight to your core. You tried to ignore Jack as you all finished up the pizza, just scrolling through your phone and watching the TV.

The time was 2:34 when Conor picked himself up off the floor and announced he was going to bed. You almost sighed at the fact that Conor was clearly too drunk to have sex tonight. You probably should have just gone home instead of agreeing to stay round.

“I’m also going to head. Night you guys.” Josh spoke up and you Jack both replied saying good night to him.

About ten minutes had passed and you had had enough of the tension within the room. You wanted to ask Jack why he kissed your neck earlier, but you had a strong feeling he was just trying to mess with you. With a sigh, you got up and headed off to the bathroom to brush your teeth, leaving Jack alone.

You shut the door of the bathroom, not bothering to lock it as you never did. You decided to quickly style your hair into a single French plait before bed, helping yourself for tomorrow. You wiped all your make up off of your face and quickly cleansed it, using a face scrub that was there.

When you started to brush your teeth, the door flew open, revealing Jack in nothing but his boxers.

“What are you doing? I’m using the bathroom.” You told him, having to take the tooth brush out of your mouth.

“Well, you’re taking too long and I need to brush my teeth too.” He replied.

“You’re so annoying.” You rolled your eyes at him, carrying on brushing your teeth.

However, when Jack leaned over to grab his toothbrush, you felt something hard poke into your ass. Your eyes widened when you came to realisation that Jack had a hard on.

“Jack!” You squealed.

“What? It’s not my fault.” He shrugged.

“Well, it is your fault.” You replied.

“No it’s not.”

He leaned into your again, his hard member poking into your ass once again. It was kind of turning you on a little bit – OK, a lot.

“Stop pressing it into me, seriously.” You warned him.

“You’re the one taking up all the room, I can’t get to the sink.” He pointed out, gesturing to the fact that you were in front of him.

“I was here first!” You defended yourself.  You felt Jack’s hand go to the bottom of the shirt you were wearing, pulling it up a little so that your ass was now on show. “What the fuck?”

“I didn’t mean to do that.” He lied, grinning a little bit as he leaned into you more.

He knew exactly what he was doing. He was teasing you – and it was working.

“Jack, what are you doing?” You turned round so that you were fully facing him now, he looked good. His hair was now messy, his bare chest and stomach was exposed which was possibly the hottest thing you had ever seen and his length was so visible as it was straining against his boxers.

“Nothing, why?” He replied, ignoring the fact that his hard cock was against your ass.

“Can you please get rid of that, or do something!” You groaned.

“How am I supposed to get rid of it? It’s not like I can do anything with you in the room.” He defended.

“At least stop pressing it into me.”

When you turned around, trying to carry on with your teeth, you felt Jack’s hands on your hips.

“Unless you wanna help me out a bit.” He mumbled into your ear.

“Are you serious? You’re Conor’s little brother and he’s literally in the room over there. Don’t be ridiculous.” You replied quickly, even though a huge part of you wanted to say yes – you were aching for him at this point, literally soaked.

“Shame. Would have loved to take you right here against the kitchen sink. So fucking hard for you right now, Y/N…” Jack groaned out, pressing his hard on into you once again.

This was when you almost lost it. His words went straight to your core, and you pressed back into him, hoping to get some friction between your legs. Fucking the little brother of the guy you were seeing was such a hot concept to you, and you were so fucking horny right now.

“Fine!” You gave in, dropping your toothbrush in the sink.

“Fine?” Jack repeated, sending you a questioning look in the mirror.

“You can fuck me quickly.” You clarified, grabbing the sides of your underwear and pulling them down your legs before pulling your – Conor’s – t shirt up.

You put one leg up onto the counter, allowing Jack to have a better access to your soaked pussy. You felt his fingers go your exposed slit, collecting your wetness.

“Fucking hell, see how wet you are for me. You’ve always wanted me to fuck me, haven’t you? You’re so dirty.”

You ignored his words as he pulled his length out of his boxers, pumping himself a little before pushing himself into you. His actions made you hiss at the feeling, trying to get used to his size. Both of his hands went to your bare ass, one of them slapping down onto the exposed skin.

As Jack slammed in and out of you, you couldn’t help but watch the scene unfold in the mirror in front of you. Jack’s eyes were screwed shut and he was biting down onto his bottom lip. What a sight.

The fact that you were in the bathroom, being fucked by his little brother than actually laying in bed with Conor right now made you feel a bit guilty. But the pleasure was too good for you to care right now.

Going on birth control was one of the best things that you had decided to do as the feeling of Jack’s bare cock against your skin was amazing. He started to hit your g-spot with every thrust and you had to refrain from moaning out. His grip on your ass was getting tighter and tighter but it felt good.

You gripped onto the sides of the sink as Jack roughly thrusted in and out of your soaked pussy. You copied Jack, biting down onto your lip to try and stop yourself from moaning. When the pleasure got too intense, you felt yourself draw blood from your own lip.

“Y/N, babyyyyy…” Jack moaned, keeping a good rhythm with his hips as he fucked you from behind.

“Oh my god.” You breathed out, trying your absolute hardest to stay quiet.

You felt one of Jack’s hands creep up your t shirt and take one of your breasts in his hand, squeezing before roughly massaging. This only added to the pleasure and you loved the feeling of Jack touching your body. He knew exactly how to handle a woman and it only excited you more. For a second you found yourself wishing that it was Jack you went on that first tinder date with a not Conor.

You didn’t think the sex could feel any better until Jack’s hand left your chest and went to your clit, rubbing his fingers over the skin at an impressive pace. This was when you really struggled to stay quiet.

“Fuck, Jack, oh…” You moaned quietly, even though you really wanted to scream out his name so everyone could hear.

“Conor could never fuck you as good as this, could he?” Jack asked. When you didn’t reply, his hand slapped your ass again before repeating himself, “Could he?”

“N-no.” You stuttered out, your whole body moving with Jack’s as he picked up the pace.

“Baby I’m-.”

Jack calling you baby honestly made your heart melt. You knew exactly what he was going to say as you felt his thrusts getting sloppy before you felt a warm liquid running down the back of your leg. He continued to move in and out of you a few more times, patiently waiting for you to finish.

As Jack continued to work faster on your clit, you felt yourself high your high as your orgasm washed over you. Keeping your mouth shut, you let out a small cry as it was the most intense orgasm a man has ever given you.

“Oh my god, Jack.” You breathed out when he pulled out of you.

You turned around so you were now facing him again. His eyes looked tired and his cheeks were flushed red.

“Thank you.” He said to you as he tried to catch his breath.

You smiled before stepping towards him and pressing a sweet kiss to his lips. Jack’s eyes fluttered closed and savoured this moment with you. You felt your stomach do flips as Jack wrapped his arms around your waist, deepening the kiss. And that’s when you knew which Maynard you really wanted to be with.

Moonlit: Kim Taehyung x Royalty AU

Moonlit: Kim Taehyung

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Fluff/Arranged Marriages/Royalty/Princes

Author: Taettybear

Words: 5.5 k


You ignored Christine’s shrill scream, climbing even higher onto the tree, your hands stinging slightly from the scratches made by the branches you grabbed to hoist yourself up.

The pain was nothing compared to what you were trying to escape from. You looked back down, only feeling a small tug of guilt as you saw Christine, your life long maid’s face staring up at you in horror.


You rolled your eyes, moving to sit comfortably on a branch, hiking up your long, heavy dress up so you could swing your legs.

“Mother and Father will care less. Currently, they are too concerned meeting up with the neighboring Queen and King to even care about their daughter that they’ll be sending off to marry a bratty prince,” you spat, moving your eyes to the horizon where you could see the vast, blue ocean spread.

Your country, although small, it was a place you prided from the bottom of your heart. Located right by the ocean, you were always surrounded by the salty breeze and the sounds of waves hitting the shores.

You loved it there. And you didn’t ever want to go away.

But your wish wasn’t going to come true because you were going to be forced to marry a prince within a month.

A man you have never met.

And this was information you had just learned that morning. And it was the reason why you were having a tantrum by climbing up the ancient apple tree.

“Y/N, are you seriously doing this right now?”

Your eyes shifted down to the ground where you saw a new figure standing beside Christine. 

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feelingsinwinter replied to your post “Today I was reminded that otters keep kelp forests alive and healthy…”

Honey;… I need this XDDD. I totally pictured pissed off otters in the first place. Didn’t even thought of friendly ones xD. You’re a gift, bless you xD.

So technically, I’m on a writing break right now, but because I’m in a crack writing mood, I decided to write the drabble. Just for fun. XD

The drabble isn’t canon to Fragments at Sea, but let’s just say it takes place in a very similar universe. 

Also, a public service announcement: if you ever run across an injured animal/ an abandoned baby animal don’t touch it. Instead call the local animal services (whatever that might be, depending on your location).

Tony’s heart broke with each plaintive cry from the baby otter that he cradled in the crook of his elbow as he walked up and down the beach. It had been forty minutes since he received the call about an abandoned otter on the beach, and twenty since he’d found the darling. Tony’s stomach churned as he mentally calculated how much longer he could search for the baby’s mother before he’d have to take the otter to the aquarium.

The baby otter gnawed on Tony’s jacket in search of milk, and Tony’s heart melted.

Beside him, Bucky all but hissed at the baby. His shoulders bunched up to his ears. The glower he cast was filled with poison aimed at the otter.

“She’s trying to eat you!”

Tony rolled his eyes. “She’s just looking for milk.”

“By eating you!” Bucky stressed.

Tony huffed. When Tony had first volunteered to work at the local aquarium, Bucky–a merman who could walk on land due to a magical necklace he wore–had been intrigued about the aquarium. While Bucky had found the idea of an aquarium a tad disconcerting he’d also been fascinated by it. However, when he learned that the aquarium kept otters on display, his entire tune changed.

“Keep the little jackasses in there for life,” had been one of the kinder remarks to leave Bucky’s mouth.

That was also the day that Tony learned that merfolk and otters hate each other. Otters hate merfolk because the merfolk eat the kelp that purple urchins eat (and otters eat purple urchins, so the otters want the urchins to have a large food supply), and merfolk hate otters because, as Bucky put it, “they’re assholes.”

“Tony,” Bucky whined. He glomped onto Tony from behind and hugged him. “Let’s just leave the squirt alone. It’s the natural way of things.”

Tony flicked Bucky on the forehead. “That’s not how my job works, Bucky.”

“But it’s not your job; you volunteer.”

“It’s my job now.”

“Why are you allowing evil to spread?”

“Otters are not evil. They are a valuable part of-”

A loud bark came from the ocean.

Bucky tensed. “Fuck! It’s the mom. Quick! Hide the baby! We don’t need any more of them.”

Tony elbowed Bucky in the ribs, shoving his boyfriend off him. Tony grumbled to himself as he approached the shoreline. He lifted the binoculars hanging from his neck to his eyes. Bobbing in the water was an adult otter.

The baby otter in his arms thrashed and cried.

The adult otter’s barks grew louder as it approached the beach.

Tony hurriedly put the baby otter into the water and let it swim to its mother. He watched through his binoculars as mother and babe were reunited.

His chest loosened with relief as the mother dragged her baby onto her belly and immediately began to groom the baby.

Twin arms wrapped around Tony from behind again. Bucky grumbled low into Tony’s neck and placed a kiss on the skin he found there. “I can’t believe my mate just unleashed a fiend into the ocean.”

Tony scoffed. He reached behind himself and played with Bucky’s hair. “I’m sure that’s how they feel every time you go back into the ocean.”

Bucky made an offended noise, but hugged Tony tighter. “I am pure innocence and goodness.” His lips curled into a smirk along Tony’s neck.

Tony snickered and leaned into Bucky’s embrace. “Just keep telling yourself that.”

Where We Left Off

Author: bucks-metal-fate
Featuring: Bucky Barnes / Reader
Rating: PG (fluff, a little angst) rating for mention of war injury
Word count: 1800

Author note: This is for @bionic-buckyb for her 5k celebration! Congrats hun! My prompt was Military AU. I wrote The Last Ship fanfic before coming to Marvel so this was a natural choice for me. I am in love with SEAL!Bucky and will definitely be adding to this. I left it open and I have several ideas. This was also my first reader!fic, I hope it’s okay!

(I made the graphic, it’s obviously just general to give feel for the fic)

If you want to be tagged in future fics, let me know! If you wish not to be tagged, let me know : )

Prompt me here!

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Thinking of You

Pairing: Jared x Reader

Characters: Clif, Jensen, Rob (mentioned)

Summary: Your sister takes an embarrassing video of you and it turns out to be the best thing that’s ever happened.

Word Count: ~4,800 (sorry, I let it get away from me)

Warnings: fluff, mention of surgery and anesthesia, mention of mild panic attack symptoms, more fluff

A/N: This is an AU, and it’s fiction, so please, just assume Genevieve is off somewhere, happy as a clam with another man. I don’t mean to offend or disrespect her in any way. Last night, I was talking with the incredibly kind soul @scarlet-impala and she told me about her constant Jared crisis. This is the result. 

*A huge, Jared Padalecki-sized hug and thank you to Lennox for letting me use this - her real-life post-surgery story - as inspiration!!

Originally posted by aborddelimpala

Surgery was over. You had just come out of the sleep you were put into via anesthesia. Your brain was jumbled, but one thing was perfectly clear to you - you loved Jared Padalecki. He was the only concise thought you had. Your brained swarmed with how selfless he was, how much he gave to the fans, and how sweet and adorable he acted every time you saw a video of him.

“We don’t deserve Jared Padalecki, he has given us so much,” you mumbled, sounding more drunk than anything.

You didn’t know that your sister had started livestreaming on facebook right before you said it. She wanted to capture every second of your delirium, and unluckily for you, she caught your confession about the giant man you deemed your celebrity crush. She cackled as she ended the stream, watching you fall back asleep in the hospital bed.

The next morning, you woke up to your phone buzzing like someone was calling you. When you picked up your phone, you saw that it was just a constant flow of facebook notifications. You rubbed the sleep from your eyes as you unlocked your phone. You cursed under your breath when you saw the video your sister posted, knowing it was embarrassing.

When you tapped on the video and let the sound flood the small room you were staying in, you wanted to bury yourself under the covers and hide from everyone. Your face had to be beet red by the time you heard yourself crying over Jared. Looking at the caption she’d posted with it made things even worse.

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- Dipper and Wendy swap hats every year

- Soos and Melody eventually have twins that live in Dipper and Mabel’s old room

- McGucket makes the old Northwest mansion into a mecha because he can…and because Soos hooked him on anime

- Ford and Stan visit the kids for Thanksgiving, which is why you see Mabel making Ford a turkey hand in the credits

- Bill is still kicking around somewhere in Stan’s subconscious, but it’s gonna take him a while to pull himself back together, much less be in a position to do any damage

- Since Soos moved into the Shack, Stan and Ford end up rooming with McGucket whenever they go back to Gravity Falls. Some of the weird creatures end up living in there too. It’s a big mansion.

- Stan still has occasional memory gaps, but he remembers the important stuff - anything to do with his family

- Stan pretended not to remember Ford just to annoy him. Ford is annoyed but hugs him anyway.

- Gideon starts sending his thugs after any bullies, not just ones who pick on him.

- Dipper and Mabel’s parents are understandably annoyed about the pig, but they leave it alone when they realize how much the kids have matured over the past few months. 

- (they are in fact, kind of worried about how much the kids have changed over the summer)

- Bill’s statue is still out in the woods. No one wants to go near it.

- …Except Dipper, who came across it the next summer and hangs out there sometimes when he wants to be alone and needs something to complain at that can’t interrupt him.

- (and if Bill ever meets Dipper again he’s going to have a lot to say about his petty human problems)

- Everyone involved in the circle eventually gets a tattoo of their symbol. They can’t exactly explain why, they just end up doing it on their own.

- Gravity Falls’ location? It’s in your heart.

Terrible Thief (3/3) - (partial)(prehydra!)Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Originally posted by all-sorts-of-smuff

Words: 1653
Pairing: partial prehydra!Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Featuring: Wanda Maximoff, Steve Rogers, Clint Barton, mentions of everyone else
Warnings: swearing, talk of guns, nightmares, Battle of Sokovia
Requested: kinda
Authors Note: HELLS YE PART THREE! Kinda an open ended ending too, lol, have fun :)

Masterlist. Request List.

Part One Two Three Four

“(Y/N)!” You heard your name being shouted and you turned around.

“Wanda?” You whispered when you saw her face.

“I am sorry…” She mumbled and put her hands up to your head.

The room went black.

“Come on, (Y/N)! We are going to be late!” Pietro knocked on your door. Wanda was yelling at Pietro to slow down! because he had too much sugar and was bouncing off the walls.

It wasn’t even super important, you three were just going to the small little community fair. You hadn’t attended one in years, but now that you had someone to go with, it would be something fun.

When you came out of your room, Pietro cheered. “You need to stop eating Wanda’s sweets. They are making you insane. Wanda, are you putting some extra-”

“No, that is just Pietro,” She laughed, “Let’s get going, guys.”

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How to open your chakras 

     So I’ve very recently gotten into chakra opening, and I’ll likely refine or change these instructions later. I noticed that the chakra meditations I have are mainly focused on activating or balancing your chakra, but I wanted to unblock my chakras, or turn them on for the first time, considering I had no previous experience with chakra meditations. So this guide is mainly for people who are starting chakra work for the first time, or have no previous experience with meditation at all. You can do these mediations one after another or break them up over the course of a week. You can also revisit chakras you think you didn’t open successfully the first time, go at your own pace. 

     Chakras have been described as pools of energy in your body, or a stream where your energy flows down. By opening your chakras, you will feel more at peace and become a more balanced person, as well as become better at magick such as circle casting and seeing auras. The method I did was taken from several sources, and I compiled the bits and pieces that I thought made sense. 

     Chakras can be blocked by negative emotion and thinking. This is why I strongly believe that they cannot be opened by anyone else. They might be cleansed or balanced by another person, but for the initial unblocking and activation you must face your own negative emotions and conceptions about the world. It’s a deeply spiritual process that can only be taken by you. 


     First, I made charms, pictured above. They consist of a simple origami lotus with the chakra’s symbol and information written on them in pen. I glued the lotus to a piece of stock paper to make them stronger. I then infused these with what the chakra represents, and wrote keywords on the backs. This is to help focus on one chakra at a time, and to call upon that chakra more easily by using the charm as a focus point. 

     Charms can really be anything, stones or colored beads would work just as nicely. I have a necklace with chakra stones on a quartz wand, but for initial activation, I wanted to work with one at a time. To meditate, get in a comfortable position. I personally prefer lying on my back, because it lengthens the spine and your entire body is a flat, straight line that is entirely supported by the ground. Other positions work too, though, the important thing is that you’re comfortable and your spine is as long and straight as it can be without strain. To help get deeper into a trance, you can also use stones and play trance music, or burn incense. I used amethyst to help me meditate. 


     The first chakra is the root chakra. Hold your charm in one hand and take deep, level breaths. Feel the energy from your charm and from your chakra, located at the base of the spine. This chakra deals with the earth element, and at it’s best promotes feelings of safety and security, as well as provides grounding and stability. Imagine something that represents the earth to you. I imagined myself in a field, with grass and warm dirt beneath me, the smell of soil in my nose. It’s important that wherever you are you feel stable, safe, and secure. Because the root chakra is associated with the color red, I also imagined a red lotus opening at the base of my spine, and a red column of light coming from it. You have now touched your chakra, and it is ready to be unblocked. The root chakra is blocked by fear, and to unblock it you must let go of your fears. Think of what scares you the most, let yourself feel that fear, then release that feeling into the ground beneath you, let the earth absorb and dispel your fears. You can imagine a physical blockage being broken and carried away from your lotus flower as well. Once you feel that you have dispelled your fears, you can move on to the next chakra. 

     The next chakra is the sacral chakra, located at the lower abdomen. It’s element is water, it’s color is orange, and it deals with sexuality, pleasure, and creativity. Hold the charm for this chakra, and meditate. I pictured myself on a beach, with waves rushing over me. I imagined my lotus and column of light too. This chakra is blocked by guilt. Once you get a good feeling for this chakra, think of what you feel guilty for. Think of why what you did was wrong, or how it affected others. Think of why you are still guilty about it. Then, let your guilt go, carried away by whatever form of water you chose to be in. You have now unblocked your second chakra. 

     The next chakras I will explain very briefly. With each meditation you should get your charm, imagine yourself in the element that chakra represents, and imagine a lotus and column of light colored like that chakra and in it’s position. In each chakra, you have to let go of the negative feelings that block that chakra. Some will be easy, some will be very difficult for you. 

 Solar Plexus - Yellow. Fire. Located at the base of the ribcage. Deals with willpower, self, and determination, blocked by shame. 

 Heart - Green. Air. Located on your heart. Deals with love, compassion, and empathy, blocked by grief. 

Throat - Light blue. Sound. (You can picture yourself surrounded by vibrations for this element.) Located on your throat. Deals with communication, truth, and purification, blocked by lies. 

Third Eye - Dark blue or Indigo. Light. Located between your eyebrows. Deals with intuition, psychic ability, and insight, blocked by illusion misconceptions. 

Crown - Purple or magenta. Space. Located at the crown of your head. Deals with the cosmos and unity, the grand connection of all energy and matter, blocked by worldly connections and beliefs. 

Opening this one allows all the energy of the universe to flow through you, so feel that energy flowing from your crown down through all your other chakras and into the earth. After doing this, your chakras are now open. I hope this helps get you started. Chakra opening is a very personal journey, so feel free to do what feels right for you. I am by no means an expert or a final authority figure, and feel free to do your own research. Good luck!

17 Spells (SEVENTEEN x Reader)

Warning: Slight swearing, bullying



Ring! Ring! Ring!

You groaned as you were snapped out of your sleeping spell. Same thing, just a different day, is what you’d say often. Sitting up and rubbing your eyes as you turned off your alarm, you felt the warm sunlight shining through your window. Looking towards it you huffed. It seemed like your neighborhood was never quiet. The sounds of neighbors arguing, loud dogs, or hungry cats… Though, you honestly liked it like that. Swinging your legs over the side of the bed you slowly put your feet onto the floor, hissing a bit at the coldness. It was winter, so your house was going to be like an igloo.

As you scuffled to your door you were bombarded with someone tackling you. You screeched in confusion and shock. “Eh!?”

“Y/N!” By the sound of her voice, it was your mother alright. She was also very excited for you? What was going on? “You were accepted into Hwan Jan Ji High School!”

“Hwan Jan Ji High School!?” You repeated almost in complete shock. The school for talented students from wealthy families? It cost a fortune just to take the test they had to get in. “H-How? Why?” You never remembered signing up for such a thing. And why would you? That school was full of stuck up rich kids that have no idea what it’s like to work. Since you had two jobs to help support your family, it was irritating running into them, hearing their slanter about commoners. Just… Why would a rich school like that request you, a commoner, attend their school?

“Your test scores for the state! They were so great, they just had to have you here!” Your mother began, “They said they’d pay for you to attend there as well!” What? This had to be a dream.. you had to be dreaming. Your mother finally let go of you, smiling from ear to ear. “Y/N.. I know you may be a little nervous.. But I know you can make new friends easily.”

New friends? “Whoa whoa whoa.. I never said I agreed to go!” You said, eyes widening in slight panic. She frowned before she crossed her arms, “Y/N… Are you saying you’re going to throw away your chance of being the singer you wanted to be?” The disappointed tone in her voice made you suck in air sharply.

“Mom… It’s a school full of rich kids, I have no business going there!” You said shaking your head, “Besides, who says I can’t get noticed attending the school I am now.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, darling. But I already accepted it.” Your mother said shrugging her shoulders and getting up. She brushed off her knees as your mouth hung open. How could she!?

“WHAT!?” You yelled, standing up in panic. “WHY EVEN ASK ME IF YOU ALREADY AGREED TO IT?”

“So you couldn’t throw away a chance like this. I knew you’d chicken out, so I said, I wasn’t going to let you. You’re welcome.” She said as she walked out the room. You stood there in your room, almost feeling like you were about to faint or something.

You had no idea what was in store for you at Hwan Jan Ji High School…

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Chapter 119: Midnight Affliction

Note: In light of recent news, whether it is true or just a rumor, I’m not going to take any of it to heart.

Although, I do want say, I myself, am perfectly fine with whatever they decide to do. Rather than being upset, I took it as, I was lucky enough to have been able to be introduced to the novel by the web series. Therefore, that in itself, was good enough for me.

So don’t be too upset or disappointed if the news you hear is not to your liking. I want to reassure everyone, since I’ve been getting tons of messages about it, that I will continue to translate the chapters.

Oh gosh, I’m still pretty positive about things. If it’s meant to be then it will happen, if not, it’s probably for the best !(•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑ But! I do hope this chapter brings you out of whatever sad feelings you may have.

I welcome comments/questions! Tell me what you think about the chapter as well ^^

As always, enjoy the chapter, and look forward to the next one with our oh so adorable boys, Gu Hai and Bai Luo Yin ( ๑ ᴖ ᴈ ᴖ)ᴖ ᴑ ᴖ๑)❣


                                  Chapter 119: Midnight Affliction

Once they returned home, Bai Luo Yin went into the washroom to take a shower while Gu Hai sat on the sofa. He remained unperturbed, his gaze fixated on the fruit tray in front of him. Bunches of grapes were strung together on tray. After Bai Luo Yin finished showering, he came out, only to find Gu Hai still maintaining the same posture. However, in his hands, there were more than one tray of fruits. The grapes that had once strung neatly, were all, one by one, plucked off of its’ branches. The reddish purple juice flowed out, covering the entirety tray.

How astonishingly intelligent of Bai Luo Yin! In just a few seconds, he was able to decipher Gu Hai’s train of thoughts. He clandestinely cursed the boy for soliciting trouble before pushing open the bedroom’s door, readied to go in.

“Come back!”

Gu Hai’s hands slammed harshly on the table. His eyes seething.

Bai Luo Yin’s footstep stopped in front of the door as his eyes swept toward Gu Hai. He asked coldly, “What?”

“Give me an explanation.”

The concern that Gu Hai was alluding to, was none other than, Bai Luo Yin carrying Shi Hui on his back, plucking grapes.

“What’s there to explain? We were dating at that time. It’s normal to do those kind of things. What right do you have to say this to me huh? You slept with Jin Lulu! If you put it that way, then shouldn’t I cut off your manhood huh?”

This time, Gu Hai was the one at a loss for words.

By the time Bai Luo Yin squeezed himself into the room and settled into the sheets, it had already passed 11: OO PM, night time. He shut his eyes, exhaustion had long consumed his entire being. Abruptly, a pair of annoying legs stretched toward him, hovered above his legs then rested right on top of them. Those legs rubbed against his legs, molesting them. They continued to rub until his scalp became numb. Eventually, he couldn’t bare it any longer and angrily rebuked: “Let me sleep in peace!”

Gu Hai placed his hands on Bai Luo Yin’s head and turned it toward him. In the darkened night, those pitch-black orbs were immersed in brilliant rays of light, that would undoubtedly, frighten anyone.

“Can’t you talk to me a bit nicer?”

Bai Luo Yin exerted all his strength into his hand and grasped Gu Hai’s wrist, “Haven’t I been talking to you like that?”

“Yeah, you’ve just continuously been having this attitude with me.”

Gu Hai was nearly pulverized by Bai Luo Yin’s chin.

“Who don’t I have this attitude with huh?” Bai Luo Yin’s brows pinched together.

“You don’t have this attitude with her!”

Bai Luo Yin had already known that Gu Hai would sought out trouble again. And although he had mentally prepared himself for it, he was still extremely infuriated by Gu Hai.

“What kind of attitude did you see me have toward her? When she stood and waited outside of class, did I go and accompany her? When we ate, did I pick any food for her? Or are you saying, when she got into the car, I stopped her from leaving?”

Gu Hai’s eyes were wrapped up by Bai Luo Yin’s dark orbs, before he managed to stress out each syllables, “If I wasn’t there, you would definitely do that.”

Bai Luo Yin flared up. Enraged, his fist smacked into Gu Hai’s chest.

“Get the fuck out of here!”

“You’re telling me to leave?” Gu Hai’s elbow cruelly pressed against Bai Luo Yin’s lower abdomen.

Bai Luo Yin kicked Gu Hui’s calves several time and shouted, “Yeah, that right, fucking leave! I don’t want to sleep with an unreasonable person!” *

Gu Hai grabbed tightly onto Bai Luo Yin’s shirt collar and pulled it toward him, asking: “You don’t want to sleep with me, you want to sleep with her? You want to fuck her, don’t you? You fucking asshole, you want to fuck her?”

The blood in Bai Luo Yin’s entire body boiled, causing his blood pressure to risen. Every ounce of patience he once held within him were exhausted, as his fist swept across Gu Hai’s face. This time, the strength was more powerful than the previous. Gu Hai thought that his nose and his heart felt the same grievance.

I only said one sentence about her, and you really went as far as to use such strength? Who has hit me, Gu Hai, before? Bai Luo Yin, in my entire life, I have only suffered under your fist.

Gu Hai’s bizarre way of thinking was the direct consequence that provoked the two of them into a fight. They gripped onto each other’s hair as they wielded their fists at one another other, feet kicking around. The bed was torn apart, from the top to the bottom. They fought on it until they both fell off and once they reached the floor, they continued to scuffle.

Actually, they weren’t entirely willing to fight. Comparatively, it was Bai Luo Yin’s hands that held more strength in them; quite a bit more forceful. The reason being, was due to, Gu Hai’s extremely harsh and sarcastic mouth. If he didn’t say anything, perhaps Bai Luo Yin would just hit him a few times, then he’d eventually stop. But unfortunately, Gu Hai incessantly provoked Bai Luo Yin.

Ultimately, Bai Luo Yin, deeply angered from embarrassment, let his feet smashed right into Gu Hai’s crotch.

That last kick made Gu Hai utterly disappointed. His eyes saw nothing but red as he stood up, turned away, and walked toward the door.

Bai Luo Yin’s chest tightened. He swiftly stood up and caught hold of Gu Hai.

“Let go,” said Gu Hai coldly monotonous.

Incapable of backing off, Bai Luo Yin wrenched Gu Hai by the collar of his shirt and pulled with all his might, dragging him toward the bed.

After he got him on the bed, he pressed his entire weight on Gu Hai’s body. Both hands, unwaveringly, held down on Gu Hai’s shoulder. Breathing heavily, Bai Luo Yin’s mind was already lost in a state of confusion as he stared down. Beads of sweat from his forehead, continuously dripped, every single drop landed on Gu Hai’s bared chest.

Their eyes interlocked and with their gazes intently fixed on each other, neither uttered a single word.

After a long period of silent, Bai Luo Yin suddenly lowered his head, releasing the strength on the lower half of his body. He laid on his stomach on top of Gu Hai before his head nestled on the spot right below said boy’s clavicle. All the sweat from his face rubbed onto the left side of Gu Hai’s chest, drenching it. His hair scattered loosely alongside Gu Hai’s ear, teasing it.

His breath a harsh rasp in his ears and his heartbeats sprinted, excessively, toward the same location.

“Gu Hai, in your heart, am I, Bai Luo Yin, such a despicable person?”

In that instant, Gu Hai’s stiffened body, loosened a bit. Actually, when Bai Luo Yin held him down, his heart had already melted into a pool of liquid.

The moment he heard the slight grievance in Bai Luo’s question, that minute temper he held within him a split second ago, had already flown elsewhere. His big hands gently caressed Bai Luo Yin’s hair, massaging them before he faintly replied, “No.”

“Then why are you being stubborn?”

Gu Hai frankly said, “I don’t know.”

“Then, can you have a bit more trust in me, okay?”

Gu Hai didn’t respond as he sealed Bai Luo Yin’s lips with his own. He could feel Bai Luo Yin’s sincerity as their lips mutually sought out one another and continued to intermingle.

In truth, he believes in Bai Luo Yin unconditionally, believes in his character, believes in his conducts, believes that his own intuition wasn’t so poor. But…then why was he still tormented by it? He, himself, couldn’t clearly say why either. Perhaps it was all for the sake of being impervious to reasons.

Half an hour later, as if nothing had happened, they gathered up the quilt from the floor and shamelessly embraced each other as they fell asleep.

The next day, after independent studying class was over, Bai Luo Yin quickly went straight to Yang Meng’s classroom.

Yang Meng was pleasantly surprised as he walked out toward Bai Luo Yin and patted his shoulder, glancing askance at his mocking eyes, asking, “Could it be ah…how is it that you’re looking for me?”

Bai Luo Yin pulled Yang Meng into a corner and began to interrogate him, “Did you tell Shi Hui my cellphone number?”

Yang Meng paused for a second before asking in reply, “Why are you suddenly asking me this?”

With just hearing this, Bai Luo Yin’s suspicions were pretty much answered. He faced Yang Meng and whacked him three times on the head.

“You fucking…she came back!”

“Can’t be?” Yang Meng was extremely astonished, “She…she…she actually came back?”

Bai Luo Yin’s eyes darkened as he indignantly rebuked, “This is all your good doings.”

“Shit Yin Zi, you’re too cool! With just one phone call, you got her to come back. Your talent is no small matter!” Yang Meng cheerfully patted Bai Luo Yin’s shoulder, “Say, did you come to thank me?”

“I should fucking thank your grandmother!” Bai Luo Yin cursed between his gritted teeth, fuming with rage.

With a mischievously cynical smile still smothering his face, Yang Meng continued to say, “Don’t pretend, you’re actually really happy huh?”

Bai Luo Yin took a deep breath and sighed. He turned, readied to leave.

Only then did Yang Meng realized that Bai Luo Yin’s complexion was truly unpleasant. He chased after him and explained, “Actually, I didn’t want to tell her, but she persistently begged me. You already know that I am softhearted. And it didn’t help, that she was on the other side, crying so miserably. How could I be so heartless!”

Bai Luo Yin let out a long sigh before he stopped and asked, “What did you talk to her about?”

“I didn’t say much ah. She just asked me about what’s been happening recently so I told her honestly. Oh that’s right, I especially mentioned your new status as Major General Gu’s stepson. He he he…”

Bai Luo Yin’s entire face became green. The traitor standing beside him, as if unafraid of death, fearlessly continued to implore, “Yin Zi, to tell you the truth, you two can reconcile. Since she came back for you, you should think about it for a bit, she would definitely stay. When you two broke up, wasn’t it because of the distance? But now she’s back and distance isn’t a problem anymore. You still won’t seize this opportunity huh?”

“We didn’t break up because of the distance. It’s because we were never right for each other.”

“What makes you not right for her?” Yang Meng’s eyes were twinkling. “Because your family financial circumstances are difference? There’s no differences now! Her dad may be a government official but your stepdad’s status is higher than hers!”

Bai Luo Yin stretched out one of his hands, “That’s enough, don’t say anymore.”

He raised his heels and left.

After he returned to his classroom, the cellphone in his schoolbag kept on vibrating. He took it out, only one message displayed on the screen. It was from Shi Hui.

“Do you have some free time tomorrow afternoon? Come out and chat with me, I’ll be leaving in a few days.”

Bai Luo Yin didn’t realize it as he directly tossed it over to the person behind him.

“Give it back to me.”

With just one look at the message, Gu Hai’s heart froze up.

You cunningly despicable guy! You deliberately threw this difficult problem at me. If I don’t response to this, I don’t trust you. If I response to this, I am intentionally making it difficult for myself.

“Should I reply back?” asked Bai Luo Yin,

Gu Hai hesitated for a bit before asking, “Do you want to go?”

Bai Luo Yin genuinely said to him, “I want to go.”

Gu Hai laughed until his face became numb, “Then just go, don’t let her good intentions be shattered.”

Bai Luo Yin smiled faintly, “Then you go back first.”

Gu Hai had never thought that, by just typing the word ‘okay’ on the cellphone, was such a difficult task. This kind of feeling, was exactly the same as sending one’s son to the battleground. Whether he came back or not was just one aspect. But more importantly, would he himself, be alive or not, waiting for him to return.

After sending the message, Gu Hai passed the phone back to Bai Luo Yin.

Then, from the seam of his tight lips, he squeezed out, “I believe in you unconditionally.”

The corner of Bai Luo Yin’s mouth perked up, “Thanks.”


*I don’t want to sleep with an unreasonable person!” * - don’t want to sleep on the same bed

The original novel is written by Chai Jidan

I do not own any of its’ content

I am merely a amateur translator/editor


Pairing: Dean x reader

Prompt: based on the song “Here We Go Again” by Paramore, the reader and Dean are both tired of fighting, and when Dean leaves for a case, that was your cue to leave as well.

Warnings: angst, fluff, fighting, language, sad Dean, angry Dean

A/N: This is my entry for @d-s-winchester‘s song fic challenge! I hope y’all like it!

Tags: @latinenglishfandomblog, @teamfreewill-imagine, @faith-in-dean, @ofglendower, @bkwrm523 (message me if you want to be tagged in future fics!)

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“I’m tired of this!” you screamed, slamming your hand down on the table.

“Well, you should just follow my rules and this wouldn’t happen!” Dean fired back, his eyes dark with anger.

“I am not a fucking child!”

“No, but you’re also not strong enough to handle threats!”

“Here we go again. Why do I have to explain this to you? if I wasn’t there, you wouldn’t be here now and we wouldn’t be fighting!”

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I want to sincerely thank the people who have been with us for two thousand one hundred and ninety days and tell you I love you. I will sing for a long long time, good night 🌙 Yoseobah, sorry for stealing your photo. Location: In your heart  by @bigbadboii on Instagram  [trans@yongjunna]

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Strangers- Michael Clifford

tbh idk how i feel about this I hate not ending things happy (spoiler alert?) so feedback would be gr8!

“So you’re really just going to miss the party of the year because you’re afraid of a two second encounter with your ex-boyfriend?” Your friend Haley drew herself up to her full height, about four inches taller than normal in her stiletto heels and placed her hands on her hips, trying to look at intimidating as possible.

“I told you guys to go without me.” You protested.

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“Hey mommy it’s Jocelyn, Jocelyn as in your daughter. Twenty-three, brunette, yada yada yada….don’t say you don’t know who this is because you do….mom please just try to think harder…” Jocelyn waited for an answer after she’d asked her mom to think about who she was but all she got was a doctor on the other end of line saying her mother needed to rest. Feeling agitated, she dropped her phone. “Fuck.” She mumbled and wiped away a tear before she bent down to pick it up.

If english isn’t your first language reblog this with how you translate Killian’s “love” and what does it litteraly stand for

im very curious and i thought maybe the fandom needed a distraction from this day of waiting and excitement 

What If I Never See You Because We’re Both On A Stage (Michael Clifford)

This is very, very loosely based off of the song “Waiting Game” by Banks. Listen to it here.

There will most likely be a part two to this, if I get enough response. Enjoy :) 

“As if it were that fucking easy, Michael,” you hissed back at him through your iPhone. He was currently playing a show in God knows where, while you were in just as much of a random place yourself, playing guitar for your own band. Michael had somehow decided that he could magically fix your loneliness and isolation by having you listening to one of his newer, not yet released songs.

“Why not, y/n?” Michael sighed in defeat, not wanting to argue but feeling that this conversation was headed that direction anyway.

“It’s not the fucking same, Michael. Listening to your voice in a god damn song will not cure the fact that I haven’t seen you in months,” your anger was flowing freely, unable to be confined.

“Babe, you know I want to see you more than anything. But our touring schedules are so fucked, we literally cannot see each other.” His voice sounded sad, but distant. He was hiding his vulnerability by his logic. You two knew this would happen. You knew that touring would put a strain on your relationship. You knew it and you fought your instinct to run away from the struggle, but you loved Mikey with every inch of your soul. You needed him too much to be this far from him.

“Maybe we shouldn’t see each other at all then,” you scoffed, gasping at your own harsh words. “Mikey, I, fuck. I didn’t mean that,” you tried to create an explanation for yourself, not finding one despite your best efforts.

“No, y/n,” Michael breathed, doing his best to keep him voice dry, though there were tears forming in his eyes.  

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