Dylan had been on the island for almost a month now and he tried his best to keep his emotions in. The redhead had been claimed and then suddenly sent back to the cells to be watched over by guards and rented as if he were a piece of furniture. He would be the first to admit that his home life wasn’t the greatest, but it made this place look like a paradise. Usually, he was stuck with a few other slaves in the same cell, but for once he was by himself. He laid with his body facing against the concrete wall on his cot. Silently, he cried, although every once and awhile you could hear him whimper and try to hold back his tears. He hadn’t been broken yet, but he knew that if he could somehow figure out a way to escape, he would make them pay, all of them!

Submission: Controls for SL

So I have a theory about the mechanics of the game. In multiple screenshots from the steam page, we see that control panel with the power symbol and a lightning bolt. Also, there are several dark windows where some body could definitely sneak up on us. So, my thinking is, one of those buttons will turn on a light to see what’s up, and the other one will send anybody we see back to wherever they started (hence the “get back on your stage now”).  However, and this is just a flat out guess, I’m betting the lights/get outta here button will have some sort of cooldown, so we’ll have to use a combination of audio clues and whatever defense systems at out disposal to decide when to send ppl back.

Also, we have yet to see any security cameras, so maybe those lights will represent the 4 main animatronics, and we’ll have to keep going back to that room to see where everyone is.

I dunno, I could be wrong, this is just an idea.

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Can some of your UK followers help me? I used to get PIP (Personal Independent Payment) for my ADHD but since I've turned 17 I had to re-take the test/interview and I didn't get accepted. Is anyone still getting their PIP?

UK followers?

I know they’ve made the regulations stricter and are denying people for very little reason because ableism is rampant in the government, but that’s about it.