My favorite blogs and why

Bismillahir rahmanir rahim

I’m not going to make a long list of all the blogs that I like or follow, I’m making a list of the top blogs that inspire me to be a better person and post things that have helped me to go through my day without forgetting Allah and His mercy. There aren’t many people in this world that you encounter and think, “Subhanallah, they’ve been blessed.” Blessed with what though? Insight, beautiful souls and intellect that goes beyond books, classes and Google .. intellect that comes from the heart and past experiences. These people are people I will never unfollow or forget.

(Also not in any particular order, I respect them all equally)


  • I can only start by saying, mashallah. It’s rare to find someone that comes off as such a humble and respectable person. From the first time I started following her I knew there was something different about her than other bloggers. She opens your eyes to a deeper meaning to religiousness and spirituality. When Dalila writes, she moves people no matter what walk of life you are coming from - her words can touch you and they beg you to learn more, look deeper and be more understanding.


  • I don’t know what to write about, Saghira. I’ve known her for a long time and although we don’t spend much time together due to busy lives and distance, each meeting with her brings me closer to being the person I aspire to be. She brings out the best in whoever she is with. Wallah, I have never felt as content as I have every time I’m around her. You know she will never dream of judging you, she tries to understand your point of view and then shares her own. She knows more about Islam than I could possibly learn within the next few years and much more than she cares to disclose. She’s one of the strongest people I’ve gotten to know as well, not only emotionally but spiritually. She jokes around and will be happy to just spend the day talking about nothing but I’ve sat with her while she discussed Islam and women with a Sheikh in front of hundreds of people and brought them to tears. May Allah continue to bless you.


  • Needless to say, Dee is outspoken and well loved on Tumblr. The ones that have issues with her are the ones that are threatened by a woman that won’t sugar coat the truth to make you feel better. How sincere of a believer must you be to dedicate a blog (http://thebeautyofislam.tumblr.com/) to Islam. Not only that, but all of Islam - not only what people want to read or believe. I think that Dee encompasses one of the true teachings of Islam: Respect. Not just respect for those like you or that believe similarly but also those that are nothing like you but still your brother/sister through faith or humanity.


  • Samira is a maniac. She’s loud, opinionated, short tempered and at times rude but if you listen to what she’s screaming, you hear the message behind the crazy. She’s constantly fighting for equality in faith, government and life as a whole. When I first met her my first impression was that she was obnoxious but then the more I listened to her speak the more I saw that her outspokenness was the only way people would listen. She told me once, “People will ignore you so long as you allow them to but the moment you put your message directly in their face and don’t allow them to avoid it, they have no way to sidestep the issue. We’ve allowed people to sidestep the problems in this Ummah for too long. Now it’s time to throw them in their faces.”


  • Isam is not only here because he’s my brother, but also because he’s been my teacher. We’re not far apart in age but I’ve learned more from him than I think I ever will from anyone else. He taught me that losing everything and everyone is not the end of the world, that you can rise up from the ashes of your life and become something more than you could ever imagine. Without him I don’t think I’d have made it through losing my mother. He has always been the guy that accepts you for who you are and never tries to change that. If you do something wrong he’ll let you learn from it. He hasn’t been on Tumblr much because he’s busy being a dad but when he does come back I’m sure my dash will be filled with more of his tomfoolery insight.


  • Although I don’t have many conversations with her, I can honestly say her posts on my dash say more than any conversations could. An activist that knows what she’s talking about and cares for people from every part of the globe. I look forward to seeing her posts and learning more  through them.
Mabrook :)

I just wanted to make my own “congrats” post to Samira and Naseem on their engagement! May Allah bless you both with a lifetime of happiness and craziness. You guys are such a beautiful couple, mashallah and you won’t throw your cuteness in us single peoples faces as much as your brother/sister (in law) Isam and Carmen, hahaha.

Anyway I am really happy for you guys and can not wait to see what beautiful children you make a beautiful wedding you have.