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Megan Hiatt was last week’s sister of the week. She is a senior at OSU and an enthusiastic Aries girl. Her favorite color is pink, lavender, and certain shades of blue. Some of her favorite past time activities include napping, watching movies, and going to concerts. Megan’s favorite memories from Chi Theta Phi have been getting the best little in the world and representing Chi Theta Phi in the FIJI Diamond Cup and shaking her booty to Beyoncé with her sisters. We love you Megan!

Seen on Oregon State’s yik yak feed. People continue to misunderstand that Greek life is so much more than national, housed Greek organizations. There are sororities and fraternities dedicated to music, design, art, LGBT, volunteering, religions, cultures, and so much more. It’s all about having a group of people by your side that support you and that you can call family. You may not like all of them but you can respect them and work to get to know them. Educate yourself before you make yourself look like a fool. Greek life is so much more than the narrow definition that you imagine.

These lovely ladies competed in the FIJI Diamond Cup last night and their dance was awesome :) And our Diamond Megan’s talent and Q&A were spectacular as well! Overall, as a local sorority it was a great experience to be able to donate to the Beauty Foundation and be more involved in the Greek Community as a whole. Thanks For the opportunity FIJI! 

I can’t believe I only have 2 more weeks left of being an active in Chi Delta :( going through all my stuff to figure out who I want to will things to is so bittersweet…it’s time to go thought…it’s been a wild ride and an amazing journey. 


Love my custom local sorority gear :) Chi Theta Phi is a design and human environment majors (and others) focused sorority at Oregon State University. The flower tank is from a local company, The middle sugar skull style tee is from Greek Ink Press, the sweatshirt is from Jenna Benna & co and the pillow is from Sororitee.