Be a Smart Local Sorority: Academics

We go to college to get the education first. Having your sorority build in an academic plan of action will not only help your membership thrive (we know members leave for reasons like my grades are low or I am failing classes), but will also keep members engaged in your chapter. Here are some ideas to consider when building an academic plan:

1. What steps will be taken to ensure members GPA remains within your sorority requirements? Your local sorority can set a number of study hours each week, have grade check though out the semester to check progress of sisters grades, hold or go to workshops as a sorority for note/test taking strategies. Next in meetings offer a study tip of the week, recognized members who received good grades on major exams/projects, announce drop dates for courses, or hold a sorority study group session.  Try not to schedule events on dates/times that exams/projects are due.

2. What steps will be taken if members GPA falls under your sorority requirements? Your local sorority can develop a more member-to-member academic plan to get the sister back on track. This could include mandatory study hours, reduction of sorority events being attended, finding out the main cause of grades slipping (lack of basic study skills, motivation, poor time management, poor attitude, too much partying/socializing, or learning disability). You can also have the sister prepare a schedule of due dates and exams and help her prepare for these. Lastly try to advise sisters on deadlines to drop a class with a withdrawal or change from credit to audit, pass/no pass.

3. What steps will be taken to encourage members to go above your sorority requirements such as making the Dean’s List or 4.0 GPA? Incentives are great for this! My sorority reduces due amount if sisters are above a 3.5 GPA and if you are at a 4.0 its reduce dues and one free pass to skip an event. Take sisters out, give prizes once a month out to eat for good grades. Announce members who are admitted to honor societies. Publicize chapters academic achievements in the campus newspaper. Challenge another local sorority academically for a pizza party for the chapter that has the highest grades!

There are so many other ideas to share so if you local sorority has a great way to keep grades up please feel free to let us know! Good luck!