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I just ate the most delicious locally grown apricot. It tasted so damned yummy, I'm going to eat another one!

Do it! I believe in you.

No, I don’t want a Starbucks mug! I need a mug that tells people ‘I’m 100% locally grown’.

white woman, in Boulder, who is a daily regular at the 28th & Pearl Starbucks on the mug her mother wanted to buy for her

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This post isn’t very relevant to what I typically talk about, but something I feel strongly about is the welfare of the small guys. And after Hurricane Irene, a lot of these people’s livelihoods were entire wiped out.

Dozens of farms from my hometown and surrounding areas were completely destroyed from the flooding, and are still flooded. I know you New Yorkers might not think this pertains to you, but I know you all enjoy your tasty organic produce from the local supermarkets. Well, a lot of those veggies come from my neck of the woods, much of the produce you all find at the Union Square Market comes from the Black Dirt Region. These farmers need your help now. So take your time, visit their website Warwick Farm Aid, and see if there is anything you can do to help out these people and their families.

How the Black Dirt Region typically looks:

How it looks now:

And yes, those are all onions floating. Every single harvest was destroyed.

scallop-style king oyster mushrooms in a miso-toasted sesame glaze. hand-cut yellow squash pasta tossed in a creamy cilantro-basil-red jalapeño pesto.

‘scallops’ were inspired by a Matthew Kenney recipe.

pesto is: raw tahini, coconut nectar, cilantro, basil, garlic, red jalapeño, fresh lime juice, ginger, onion powder, nutmeg, & sea salt.


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