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Veganism is bad for the environment

Agriculture, e.g. growing fruit and veg, actually requires more space than many cow farms or chicken coops. Demand for all-year-round fruit and veg is causing widespread deforestation, which in turn is the leading cause of animal extinction. Veganism would only increase this demand, worsening the situation. Not only are the space requirements unpractical on a large-scale, but they’re also bad for the environment. If you really want to help the environment, then switch to eating locally grown produce and buying meat from farms which treat their animals well, e.g. no battery farming.


La Minga, Organic Cooperative Farm in Louisville, Kentucky

Nelson Escobar brought the idea of small cooperative farming from his home country. He started La Minga, a 15 acre farm, as a place where a collective of farmers can each grow a different variety of vegetable crops and at the end of the season can all share the produce and thus all benefit from the diversity of the group. People grow for one another and help each other and the community in providing locally grown fresh produce. A Minga is an ancient traditional form of collaborate community work organization originally from Bolivia and Peru.

Desired for their labor, rejected as neighbors. Farmworkers in California face hostile communities
California had quintupled its use of foreign guest workers to pick strawberries and other crops, but growers and cities struggle to house them

“Increasingly fond of locally grown produce, Californians are far less enthusiastic about locally housed farmworkers. They have deployed lawsuits, hastily written regulations — and, apparently, the torch — to segregate thousands of seasonal workers to seedy roadside hotels and crowded housing in cities where affordable shelter is already limited.“


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We’ve officially gone GRASS FREE in order to increase the number of crops we grow!

Be sure to get your free, locally sourced produce grown using organic practices right here in DETROIT’s North End community EVERY SATURDAY from 10am-4pm at 7432 Brush St. Detroit, MI 48202

We also host open volunteer workdays during the same time!

No need to sign-up in advance, just show up and stay as long as you want!

All ages, abilities, and group sizes welcome!

Business and Pleasure

for: Erin @blacklungsblueeyes

by: Ashley @justanchorandhope

Estefania knows better than to mix business with pleasure. After a few too many chance encounters and the date from hell, she knows she shouldn’t get mixed up with Harry Styles. Still, she has a hard time saying no. Their tangled web of casual sex and unwanted feelings is tested when Estefania finds herself struggling with addiction—an addiction that nearly gets the both of them killed.

word count: 7,360

warning: mentions of sex, drugs, and alcohol

main pairing: Harry Styles/OFC

It doesn’t feel like Halloween. There’s no crisp of fall in the air, no crunch of leaves beneath feet, and no caramel apples to be had. There is, however, a half of a pumpkin smashed in the alley, its guts spewed across the gum-riddled street. It’s rotted and smells of death, which may be the most autumnal thing of all. 

Everything was dying.

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  1. Trying to avoid using pronouns of  on your significant other or admirer. 
  2. Trying avoid discussions on race, religion and inequality
  3. Trying to be more more transparent.
  4. Trying to be more neutral
  5. Embracing Diversity
  6. Opening my eyes and now awake
  7. Cautious
  8. Noticing things I didn’t notice before
  9. No longer willing to depend on the media or institutions to educate and cultivate me.
  10. Nervous about Global Warming, Pollution, The World, Economy, The New World Order, Secret Societies, GMOs in our food, Pharmaceutical Companies misleading and poisoning consumers.
  11. Avoiding simple minded people who stuck on pop culture but ignoring what’s going around them that will impact their lives.
  12. Fickle about some new celebrities some people consider be talented actors, singers, divas, legends when the bar has already been set very high.
  13. The Down fall of RnB & Hip Hop
  14. Noticing Idle Minds and lost souls.
  15. Wanting to be more to myself more now than ever and enjoying it but networking with liked minded individuals.
  16. Choosing Organic Local Grown Produce over conventional mishandled toxic produce.
  17. Watching our countries democracy fall.
  18. Choosing American made products.
  19. Reading the labels and ingredients of the products ( Cleaning agents, body care products, etc ) I use in my home.
  20. Avoiding television programs that brain wash us and use mind control.