locally grown produce

Hung out with friends serving locally roasted coffee at the farm to table organic locally grown produce shop with friends that I was supposed to go hiking with before the rain started. We are the epitome of hipsters.


La Minga, Organic Cooperative Farm in Louisville, Kentucky

Nelson Escobar brought the idea of small cooperative farming from his home country. He started La Minga, a 15 acre farm, as a place where a collective of farmers can each grow a different variety of vegetable crops and at the end of the season can all share the produce and thus all benefit from the diversity of the group. People grow for one another and help each other and the community in providing locally grown fresh produce. A Minga is an ancient traditional form of collaborate community work organization originally from Bolivia and Peru.


New Video! Made DIY Summertime Recipes today with some locally grown produce & daily fresh baked bread from Walmart ☀️🍊 #ad


i got an idea or two and made up a handy list for first-time vegans, or for old vegans, or for anyone who finds it hard to make shopping lists/know what to get. i consider most of these staples–we get them every time we do a shop. when you’re at the store, either get these things, or the next best–but definitely let yourself explore. check for sales or coupons, look for organic or locally grown produce (but also try pineapples and coconuts and tangelos), and see if your favorite brand names exist as generics. 

i love love love when someone expresses interest in going vegan, and they’re like, “i’d do it if i just knew more”–i can work with that! let me be a resource!

the transition to veganism and plant-based eating does not need to be hard, and really, going vegan was one of the best decisions i’ve ever made. being vegan made me a better/creative cook, a more careful cook, and it really encourages broadening cuisine styles and flavors. better tastes, better economic and ecological impact, and it saves thousands of lives every year. xx

We’ve officially gone GRASS FREE in order to increase the number of crops we grow!

Be sure to get your free, locally sourced produce grown using organic practices right here in DETROIT’s North End community EVERY SATURDAY from 10am-4pm at 7432 Brush St. Detroit, MI 48202

We also host open volunteer workdays during the same time!

No need to sign-up in advance, just show up and stay as long as you want!

All ages, abilities, and group sizes welcome!