Danny Lawrence Positivity Week:

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As the only superhero in Metropolis, Danny Lawrence constantly has her hands full, especially when an inquisitive coworker named Laura Hollis takes it upon herself to find out who “Supergirl” really is.


The werechild had wrapped up a package nice and neat, a cute little Christmas scarf inside he’d bought from a local gypsy. He tied the bow and jumped through a portal, landing in the Citadel jail and running around frantically trying to find the Councilman.

When he was brought to Max’s cell, he snarled the guard Rick away and smiled at the inmate before him.

“H-hi, Maxi!!”

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Bellarke+Clarke's new neighbor is smart, charming, and handsome. Unfortunately she's also pretty sure he works for the local crime ring. Bellamy's falling for Clarke unfortunately he's an undercover cop investigating her for ties to local crime ring

I’m sorry this took so long!! It warped a little bit from the original prompt, but I hope you enjoy! 

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Clarke should have sold her parents’ house in the oldest, wealthiest suburb of Arkadia as soon as she inherited it. But with her parents both gone, it’s all she had left of them, so she decides to keep living in the big old mansion at least until she finishes her residency at Arkadia Memorial. 

And by the time she realizes that the Wallaces are moving in next door, it’s too late to sell. No one wants to buy the house anymore, or any house in the neighborhood, and that’s how Clarke gets stuck living next door to the biggest crime family in Arkadia. 

She’s mostly convinced herself it’s not so bad, now finished with her residency and working as a general practitioner in the smaller clinic across town. In general they’re quiet neighbors, and their yard is tidy. She keeps the shades closed at night so she’s not an unwilling witness to something that would get her thrown into the witness protection program, or maybe killed. So, not all bad, she tells herself. 

Clarke does have to interact with them a little bit, whenever she makes house calls to check on Maya’s health. Cage’s little sister is in remission, but still needs check-ups; Clarke counts herself grateful that Maya is the only patient Dante has insisted she see. She has no desire to become a mob doctor. 

But Maya is sweet, and young, and Clarke is pretty positive that her brother and father keep her far away from any of their less-than-legal proceedings. That means that Clarke is kept away from them too, and the only “employees” of theirs she ever meets are the men who serve as Maya’s bodyguards.

The newest one is the bane of her existence. All the others until now have been always older, always stoic, and always utterly unattractive to Clarke.

Bellamy is only a few years older than Clarke, he always has a smirk and a wink ready for her, and from the moment she first met him, Clarke has wanted nothing more than to jump his bones. 

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John 8:32


Jax was beginning to think he and Lyla should have spontaneously never come home. The last few days had been exhausting. The morning after they got back, he got to Scoops with Bobby showing him the newspaper had suspicions about local gangs being tied to the school shooting. That had ended with one of the Byzlats getting run down by someone, who had turned out to be someone who lost his kid in the shooting. But now today’s paper was about that and how the guy had killed himself. Jax knew about that one, since they were there until the police showed up, but now Nero was out at least.

But, he was at odds with his mother. His mother was pissing him off. she was constantly getting too involved, asking him questions he wouldn’t answer.  He needed to stop by Diosa to talk to Nero, and he sighed when he saw his mother’s car. He peeked his head in the office, to say hello to his wife, with a tired sigh.

“Hey, you having a good day? I don’t even think I talked to you when I got home last night and was gone before you got up.”