the crooked spire of St. Mary’s Church and All Saints in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.. 

The church was built in the 13th century and the spire was built straight, but they used a lot of “green” wood, then added 32 tons of lead, which is what caused the twisting.. of course there are many myths and legends of why this spire is twisted.. Here are a few..

“SHOD DEVIL: The story asserts that a magician persuaded a local blacksmith to shoe the Devil. The man was so nervous that he drove a nail into the Devil’s foot. The Devil flew off howling and, as he was passing the church, felt a twinge of real agony. He lashed out savagely with his foot which caught the Spire and twisted it, leaving also a footprint on one of the buttresses.

VIRGIN: A story of Chaucerian flavour. The spire was so amazed to hear of a virgin being married in the church that it developed its intricate twist in an attempt to see such a wonder with its own eyes. In a slightly amended version the Spire owes its twist to its admiration of a virtuous maiden of such beauty entering the church that the spire bowed in admiration, and could not resume its normal position.

INCENSED DEVIL: Some attribute the deflection to His Satanic Majesty. The legend goes that Lucifer, after a long day’s journey, alighted for a moment on the apex of the Spire. It so happened that midnight mass was being celebrated and that the abundant incense from below so irritated his unholy nostrils that he gave a violent sneeze. He managed to keep his hold with his claws and tail around the Spire; next morning, however, the damage was there for all to see.”

Mr. Yagi

Cowritten by @aoimikans

Ai worked front desk on the top floor of Might Tower with Hikari for nearly seven years. There were three staples of her usual day: a rabid group of ever-changing media personnel, All Might’s rooftop entrances and disappearances behind the Might Gate , and Mr. Toshinori Yagi.

Mr. Yagi was hired after All Might’s vacation following his fight with Toxic Chainsaw. It was rumored Yagi was replacing Sir Nighteye. His uncanny knowledge of every coworker - their birthdays, their favorite foods, the names of their pets - seemed to point to a similar quirk.  

The notion was quickly dashed due to Mr. Yagi’s poor health and his own round-about admission that he was Quirkless.

Regardless, the man was a fast friend to everyone in Might Tower.

“Good evening, Ai, Hikari,” Yagi greeted, exiting from his usual staff door. He carried a wide box, and he set it on the front desk with a grin, “Happy International Doughnut Day!”  

“Again Mr. Yagi?” Hikari said, giggling, “That’s the third obscure holiday this month!”

“Well, there’s plenty to celebrate,” Yagi chuckled, opening the box and offering the sweets inside, “Besides, you all work so hard. Might as well have fun every now and then.”

Yagi wheezed a laugh at his own joke and coughed, quickly reaching into his breast pocket for his handkerchief.  

Ai smiled fondly and nudged a box of tissues his way, “Thank you Mr. Yagi - oh! Is that a s’mores doughnut? Don’t mind if I do.”

Yagi grinned behind his handkerchief and took a few tissues, wiping his mouth and chin.

“Good choice,” he rasped.

Breaking News in Musutafu!

Yagi jolted, twisting to look at the large television screen on the lobby wall.

“Off to alert All Might?” Hikari grinned knowingly, munching on her own butterscotch doughnut.

“You know him,” He laughed, shaking his head and edging toward the Staff door, “No room for personal time.”

A giant villain is making an unwelcome splash at Ushimitsudoki Aquarium and Water Park.”

“No rest for the weary,” Ai said.

“Don’t I know it!” Yagi rushed to the door, pulling on his tie, “Keep the doughnuts!”

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theymustbehereforthesheep  asked:

I just wanted to let you know that I LOVED your recent drabbles!! Also... I absolutely do not want to make it seem like I'm telling you to write something, but I saw your tags on the Victuuri Superhero AU one talking about the idea you'd come up with involving Yuri as "Shadowkat," and I am DYING to know more about that idea of yours, it sounds so good!

omg ok so @farashasilver​ and i were talking about a superhero au and basically

  • yurio is shadowkat, a superhero with cat-like abilities 
    • super agile and flexible
    • the ability to blend in with shadows
    • can jump off tall buildings and land on his feet no problem
  • these powers begin manifesting when he’s going through puberty 
    • ”mila. mila i’m DYING” 
    • “that’s puberty, yura” 
  • turns out the reason yurio got these powers was because of medical experiments done on him as a kid
  • he was dying of a mysterious childhood sickness and his grandpa nikolai once worked for nikiforov tech and he begged viktor (or rather, at the time, viktor’s guardian yakov – who later is just viktor’s alfred pennyworth i guess) to save him
  • viktor did ofc and yurio recovered well but then puberty and BAM superpowers as delayed-action side effects lol
    • “wait you mean to say not everyone suddenly gets the ability to bend their arm backwards during puberty?”
  • nikiforov tech keeps tabs on yurio medically through sending doctors to check on him once in a while but once the powers start manifesting viktor swoops in personally and is like how about you learn some responsibility for those powers yura
    • “excuse me i am SHADOWKAT,” says yurio
    • “uhhuh,” says viktor, giving him a super high tech suit with training wheels ala tony stark in spiderman: homecoming
  • yurio doesn’t hate viktor so much as be perpetually exasperated by him like you are perpetually exasperated by an eccentric rich “uncle” whose idea of being a good guardian essentially amounts to giving small children high tech weapons to teach them responsibility 
  • oh and also he’s engaged to local goody-two-shoes superhero yuuri katsuki who once stopped a speeding train with his bare hands and then said (and yurio is just so Done about this) that anyone could have done that
  • and viktor is completely gaga for the fact that yuuri is super strong and has seemingly endless stamina 😏😏😏
    • also, like, viktor used to come from the tony stark school of “throw money at your depression in the hopes of making it go away” so having someone like yuuri in his life is making things a loooot more bearable
    • also also yuuri is pretty much bottled sunshine with a great ass so
  • yurio will never admit he’s actually kinda happy about how happy yuuri makes viktor because he is shadowkat, goddammit
    • “you’re not allowed to tell the world you’re shadowkat until at least your eighteenth birthday,” says viktor
    • yurio flips him the bird. “can i at least tell my friends”
    • viktor rolls his eyes. “you already told them haven’t you”
  • yurio also has a crush on this seemingly dark broody senior at his school, otabek altin, who lowkey looks like he doesn’t give anyone the time of day
  • (especially not loudmouth jj leroy who is asb president, of course, and his cute band geek girlfriend isabella yang)
  • (that’s at least 80% of the reason why he likes otabek)
  • turns out otabek altin just is trying to work up the nerve to ask edgy sophomore yuri plisetsky to homecoming but that’s no one’s business
  • also yurio might have saved his life as shadowkat once or twice
  • they probably have a spiderman/mary jane thing going on 
  • anyway yurio and yuuri (and viktor with his high tech superhero gadgets ala batman and iron man i guess) gotta save new york from a new terrible threat
    • which may or may not be originating from another Edgy Teen who had gotten exposed to the same medical treatments as yurio but… fell through the cracks
  • also stan lee cameos as a uhhhhh idk figure skating commentator

Ichigo - strawberry print to visit KawaiiPH Creators’ Market. This is one of the purchases where I throw down money first, then think ‘what the heck for?’ when I am probably the least Sweet-inclined in our comm. But those strawberries made me weak. And it’s for kids, but that’s never stopped me before >w>

  • kimono - Seiko Matsuda (it’s okay, I don’t have kids anyway)
  • underskirt - Little Dipper
  • obi - wrapped one of my lace scarves around my red tsuke obi because I had nothing else that matched
  • flowers - ToxicKitty and handmade (by Nick from our local comm)
  • shoes - Mel
  • all else (blouse, belt, blue sash) various offbrand

The car clashed embarrassingly with the neon lights that came from the bulbs that were hooked from over the diner roof. It made Eddies eyes burn and caused him a few minutes of rapid blinking to adjust. But he kept his palms flat against the hood, kicking his feet back and forth. His eyes watched the motion, sparing his own shoes a sideways glance. His mother had spent at least an hour tearing apart one of the local shoes stores for them not a week ago. But the dirt was already spreading from the underside and would only get worse. He would continue to silently wonder how Stan kept all of his shoes pristine when they walked the same Barrens, he would never actually voice such a useless question. He darted his eyes across the swirled font that went round the entirety of the building. ‘Pizza-Soft Drinks-Pies-Hamburgers-fries’  all foods Eddie had heard lectures against….at least twice…each. He sighed and rolled his head back, cracking his neck in the process. From his view, he spotted his friends huddled round the circular table, a red and white umbrella spouted from the center. He’d assured them that he was just in no mood to watch them eat when he was so full…which was a lie. Well, he was in no mood but not because he was full. In fact what his mother fed him was something he could barely regard as semi-filling. But as it seemed, Eddie had a new health hang up every week and his latest was being sick to his stomach for no reason leading him to lose his appetite. 

It wasn’t easy to be ignored in the Losers club…not at all. Each of his friends spared him a fleeting glance or two, hoping he’d feel better or join them. He could tell they were all aware that he wasn’t openly sharing all to what was bothering him. And they all had that look in their eyes like they were waiting for him to gently put his heart back on his sleeve. Eddie would wait patiently for it too. He heard some rustling and glanced up in time to catch Richie excusing himself. He approached Eddie a little skittishly but pushed his glasses, that were so thick you could drink coke from them, up his nose.”Missin’ some good chucks, Eds.” he began with a chuck of his own.  

Eddie nodded and then shrugged, Richie looked around for a few seconds before noticing a shiver run its course up Eddies back. Slowly, he slumped his personalized jacket over Eddies shoulders. In black fuzzy lettering across back read ‘Tozier’ sewn by Mike as a gift. Eddie made a face to suggest it had cooties but didn’t shrug it off…it was pretty cold. For a moment he thought Richie would sit down next to him but instead Richie held out his hand and Eddie took it. He only moved them to the inside of the car and turned the heat on. He turned the radio on, Eddie recognized the gesture as one of Richie’s own hang ups, a distaste of silence. He had expected him to listen to that am comedy station he liked but as if the presence of other peoples humor threatened him, he quickly switched to a music station.

 “Y’know Eds if you don’t eat enough than there won’t be much skin for me to pinch on your cheeks.” Richie chuckled and threw his head to the side to face Eddie on the bench seat. so he’d noticed. 

Eddie clicked his tongue “Maybe that’s a good thing.” he smiled but then shook his head. “It’ll pass in a week or so..y’know the drill.” they all knew the drill. He glanced in the rear view mirror, glimpsing briefly at the rest of the five still at the table. Their heads snapped back to each other as if Eddie wouldn’t notice they had been watching. He rolled his eyes with a smirk. The radio peeked white light into the dark red of the car. The interior seats blended it within their own white scheme, but it reflected nicely on the red trimming. Richie cleared his throat and Eddie cocked his head to his side, expecting another joke but was soon to find out how wrong he was. 

Instead, Richie’s lips were flat against his. Eddie might call it the shock of his life, had he led a normal childhood to teenage life. It was warm…and wet. Eddie screwed his face up in confusion and Richie pulled off. Eddie chuckled to himself and Richie seemed to take offense or maybe he was just worried. 

“That wasn’t a joke, Eds.” 

“I know. I know” Eddie settled his giggling and turned back to Richie with a smile. “I just know what my new hang up is gonna be.” 

“What?’ Richie asked, clueless, Eddie enjoyed the look on his face momentarily.  

“You.” Eddie was almost embarrassed to utter something so cheesy but it lit Richie’s face up immediately so he wouldn’t take it back. Eddie allowed Richie to awkwardly scoot closer and not so subtlety put his arm across the bench, just so happens Eddie was next to him. He rolled his lips and took a glance out the windshield and the neon lights glimmered over the car hood, maybe it wasn’t so clashing but appealing. 

I made a point to shop at the local kids’ shoe store today because it is locally owned by women.  At the very least, I’d get a baby gift for our nephew, but BWALP needed bigger shoes too.  SO, 3 pairs + gift later, we’re checking out, and I said, “Oh, by the way, today is International Women’s Day, and I wanted you to know I came here today in honor of that, so I hope you had a good day.”  

She smiled really wide and said, “I’m going to give you 10% off.” 


Where Were They Before The Coven

21 year old Seokjin
Local goody two shoes of his hometown, the perfect husband just for the fact he’s gay
You could find him helping old ladies around the market

19 year old Hoseok
Bright and cheerful dance teacher for the children’s class, everyone’s bound to have gotten a crush on him at some point

really sorry if I haven’t posted the answers yet, but I’ve had to do a couple of things and traditional takes up a lot of time😅
Hope you like these

New wig from@belachixdollworld!
I was planning this wig for another doll but OMG what can I say!

Leilah looks so amazing in this wig!!! I swear she looks great in every color!!! I think the darker roots work so well with her and they make her look more realistic. What do you think? Do you like this wig on her?

Also the quality of the wig is amazing!!Very soft, with a beautiful natural shine and very realistic thickness. I definitely recommend her wigs, they are great!!!

List of things;
Beautiful dress is made by@goodbyeyouhellome.
Socks by Plumeblanche.
Necklaces made by me or from a local store.
Shoes by taobao.

anonymous asked:

Has Weirdo ever been spotted walking with the kids in their neighbourhood while Ben is at work? Has she ever been seen picking up baby food at the local Tesco? Has she ever taken the boys to the local clinic for their check-ups and immunizations? Has there ever been a nappie delivery van seen at their house? How about buying shoes, or cute little outfits from the local boutiques? It is just not possible to have kids in London and never be seen with them!

So many questions, and I’m here to answer each and every one of them!

Has Weirdo ever been spotted walking with the kids in their neighbourhood while Ben is at work?

No, but then again she doesn’t walk.  If you’ll listen to the Nans, she floats.  If you’ll listen to the Skeptics, she stomps.  Off.

Has she ever been seen picking up baby food at the local Tesco?

No, but I don’t expect an avant garde artist to do anything so mundane as picking up baby food at the local grocery store.  She was photographed (blurrily) buying parsley that one time she was spotted by someone posing as a skeptic on Tumblr at an open market in the general Hampstead area though.

Has she ever taken the boys to the local clinic for their check-ups and immunizations?  

No, but I suppose the nannies take care of such mundane tasks.

Has there ever been a nappie delivery van seen at their house?

Not that we know of, but then again the only time we heard of a van being parked in front of Ben’s flat, it was when the dead ficus was being moved out.  Interestingly enough, no paps were there to photograph a van moving Weirdo’s things into his flat.  Not even with the heavy speculation (and all of the hounding from the press that PR would have us believe Ben was/is the subject of) that was going on regarding the secret girlfriend back in the day. 

How about buying shoes, or cute little outfits from the local boutiques?

No shoes and no outfits.  No toys and no teethers.  No rattles and no pacifiers. 

It is just not possible to have kids in London and never be seen with them!

You’re being unfair Nonny; it is entirely plausible.  No one in the greater London area would be able to pick Weirdo out from a lineup.

– Herringbone Classic Sailor Lolita Outfit –
Size: Regular MSD |  Model: Elys (Iplehouse JID Cordelia)

  • Detachable sailor collar with brooch
  • T-shirt with lace and pearl details
  • Skirt with button and lace details
  • Lace pantyhose

My first hand sewn outfit for BJD! Thankfully I have a friend who cosplays that can teach me this stuff. The bow is a normal hair-clip, the underskirt is made by a local hobbyist and the shoes are from Iplehouse.