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A Time for Grieving

It was late when Keenan had finally began making his way home. He had wanted to get Portia a gift, as he usually did when he came back. It was a sort of funny little cycle. He would tell her he was leaving on some adventure, and she would pout. But she would let him go, and he would come back to her with gifts. He knew he didn’t need them to make her happy, but he liked doing it anyway.

He decided on jade pendant, fashioned by local Pandaren. The craftsmanship was excellent, and green was Portias favorite color. That was why she loved Keenans eyes so much. As green as the forests he wandered.

He smiled at the thought, as he journeyed home. The lights on the street guided his path, and he hummed happily. But, as he rounded the corner onto his street, he saw something that made his heart drop.

There were guards around his home, walking in and out, conversing. He broke out into a sprint, running passed a few until he was stopped at the door. He tried to look inside desperately, “This is my home you fools! Where is my wife? Where is Portia?”

The two guards blocking his path looked at each other, before one spoke up, “I’m sorry, sir. There was a break in. Your wife…she was caught in a struggle. We responded to reports of screaming.” Keenans ears began to ring, and he looked past the two men to see his Portia, prone on the floor.

He pushed past them, walking slowly towards his love. The gift box fell from his hands, the pendant tumbling out and clattering across the hardwood floor. He fell to his knees before her, his eyes swelling with tears as he petted her hair back out of her face, and laid beside her.

The guards let him have his time with her, before the body could be taken away to have funeral arrangements made. Keenan was watching life in a daze. Was this real? Could this just be a horrible nightmare he would wake from?

He waked to Thier mantle, where his first bow sat above the fireplace. He ran his hand over the wood and…something was there. On the other side of the bow was a letter.

Keenan turned it over, seeing no markings of any kind. It wasn’t even sealed. He flipped it open and poured it’s contents into his open palm. It was a peice of parchment with just one sentence on it.

“You ruined my life, now I’ve ruined yours.”

He dropped it and headed through the door, grabbing his bow along the way. He knew exactly who this was. And he knew exactly what he would do to him.