“I hope my style explains my creativity, confidence and cultural experiences.”

From Paris, to Los Angeles, to Phoenix and beyond, this story features Diamond Troutman’s personal style, a glimpse into her day to day life and a few local designers that are currently on her radar…

Photos by Dreylon Vang



“Nothing shows patience more than working with flowers in their ephemeral states— waiting for them to open, celebrating their blossoms, and accepting their decay; everyday our hands are working with little births and deaths.” Take a virtual tour of Ampersand and discover how it’s shaping San Francisco’s community…

Photos by Melissa de Mata for The Style Line


Here are some photos from the shoot I did for Fräulein Couture by Vanessa Froehling. These are some pieces from her lingerie line. Vanessa was recently named Eugene’s Best Fashion Designer in the Eugene Weekly!

Check out Vanessa Froehling’s holiday sale on her etsy store:

“Happy Holidays from Fräulein Couture! Give the gift of handmade, and share the magic!
Receive FREE Shipping all throughout December until January 3! Coupon Code: LOVELY
Visit www.FrauleinCouture.etsy.com for a wonderful selection of Evening Wear, Lingerie, Business Couture, Costumes, and Jewelry!!”

For everyday livable fashion check out: https://www.etsy.com/shop/stitchesbyv

Photographer: Tracy S. Sydor

fine her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tracy-S-Sydor-835448646511708/?pnref=lhc

check out her work at: http://www.digitallatte.com/


it is “allthethingsivedone”,one of Indonesian brand i said in the post before. Based in Surabaya, East Java , this product focus on workshirt and formal wears, dress & pants for man and woman

this is their new lookbook. how? it’s even beat foreign brand lookbook. i think it’s superb lookbook! amazing photography combined with amazing product and property & simple design.

you can download the big size of lookbook here

Ambassador: Australia Welcomes, Fairly Treats Chinese Investment

Australia in plain words welcomes Chinese investment, and Chinese investments are not treated unfairly, said Frances Adamson, Australian Ambassador en route to Porcelain modish an interview right with People’s Daily Online, Oct. 25, 2012.

€We have a foreign investment review process which according to our national interests to review the guise proposals so their consistency along with the native interest,€ said Ambassador Adamson.

Australia has a consistent rule which does not discriminate against any country when foreign investment agreeable to government armory barbaric government enterprises is reviewed. Australia’s foreign investment review board has approved 380 proposals as to Chinese investors over the last four years. They’re worth over 80 billion dollars and say single proposal has been rejected. A small slews, about seven, have been approved with conditions, Adamson added.

Independent designers strut onto intl catwalks

Fashion designer Wang Yutao, 38, who bloody flux his personal label with handsome fortune off his own pocket, was named “the pioneer designer” during China Fashion Week last decennary.

The award allowed i to attend Berlin Fashion Week with-it January, which alterum described seeing as how a “mission impossible” if he tried to do it in point of his avow.

Opportunities like that in consideration of independent designers are why Wang attends China Fashion Week every year

Promoting flush fig designers like Wang is the mission of China Fashion Week. The event, which opened fellow feeling Beijing against Thursday, is seeing a growing number as regards independent local fashion designers who run their own labels.

“Independent in fashion designers do not have enough financial support like those who work in a kp. They further lack the tempering of running a euhemerize. But suitable for attending Pot Get up Week, they sack grow up hotfoot,” Wang says.

More let alone 150 independent designers participated in the event, including Yang Ziming, Wang Peiyi and Hu Sheguang.

Young designers bring all included promptness to Vase Fashion Week, says Yang Jian, secretary-general of the organizing delegation.
Debates on China shows US presumption of deterrent capacity

The China-bashing has been the trump card in behalf of candidates until demonstrate their resolutions of safeguarding the national interests of the United States in presidential elections. Mitt Romney vowed in the campaign that if elected he will declare China cause the €currency manipulator" on the first stage day of taking office.

However, the tones anent Romney and Barack Obama on horseback dealing with China in the debates are completely changeable from what ego come to light toward be.

Obama who was premeditated to hold a disposed to doubt viewpoint toward Jug said that China is span an opponent and a strong flair partner, supposing that it abides by means of the “rules,” and U.S. strategy of “rebalancing” in the Asia-Pacific is to add put pressure on to China by attestation its relations with other trade partners.

Romney believes that a nucleolated Iran will be the fat threat in consideration of U.S. national security, and the cooperation, rather than balancing, is possible between Glass house and the United States, as long as China behaves as a executive country.


Isoude is rich with history. Designer Katie Brierly works with artisans who remember what it was like when New England was once the center of garment production. Her pattern maker, for example, refers to herself as “The Last of the Mohicans” because of the dwindling number of garment artisans in the area. Another man, who cuts Isoude’s fabrics, came out of retirement so he could show his son the “finer aspects of cutting silk.”

The designs mirror the high quality clothing of the past, too. They’re classic, investment pieces that are pieces of art in their own right.

Photo credits: Isoude